Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – to Australian Politicians

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Dr Vladimir Zelenko talks through how he came up with his Covid Protocol in the NY outbreak and how he came to the conclusion that COVID is pre-meditated mass murder.

Clip From “Covid19 Experts Meet the Australian Politicians” Christmas Day Zoom Forum
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Don’t blindly follow anyone

Covid-19 Outbreak

The New York outbreak, his practice went from 50/day to 200-300/day during outbreak, which patients were in danger, and how he came up with his Covid-19 Protocol

Spike Protein

Vaccines target the Spike Protein. Variants had Spike Protein changes. Prevention of virus getting into cell was mute given the changes. Better approach is to shut down the pathway of the Protein to get into the cell, as it’s a common pathway for all the variants – whether it’s Omicron, Delta, Influenza, RSV, Marburg or whatever is to come.

Zinc & Early Treatment

Zinc & Zinc Ionospheres (HCQ, Ivermectin, ECGC – Green Tea extract)

Early Treatment with Anti-Viral protocols reduces Hospitalizations by 85% of patients.

Covid-19 Disease-Phases

Covid-19 is 2 different disease phases – there’s a viral phase which noone dies from, which lasts around a week, and then there’s the pathogenic, catastrophic immune-response where the body’s immune system releases a cytokine disaster which destroys human lung tissue and causes blood clots. That happens after a week or so of having the virus. If we reduce the viral load early in the disease process, you eliminate the complications. Much more efficient and common sense to get rid of the virus early rather than having to deal with the complications in the lungs and blood clots later.

Illogical Treatment Recommendations

Early Intervention is the normal medical common-sense for viruses and cancer, but suddenly with Covid-19, our government is still to this day recommending delaying treatment and according to the NIH, only if the patient is in hospital and hypoxic (low oxygen) should treatment be initiated.

Not a Natural Event

Trust is very important. There’s conflicting opinions and I think it’s important to know who to trust, and who not to trust. Allow me to express my viewpoint – you don’t have to believe me. This is not a natural event.

BioWeapon, NIH, & Dr Ralph Baric

This was a natural virus that has been manipulated over 20 years by very clever scientists, first of all to make it infectious to human beings (gain-of-function). Ralph Baric in North Carolina – he published it, he got a patent for it. In 2015, in China, Dr Ralph Baric – funded by the NIH, published a paper, that they had figured out how to augment the lethality of these types of viruses.

We have to ask ourselves, “Wait, Dr Baric, isn’t he the one that in 2010 wrote a paper that published the efficacy of Zinc and Zinc Ionophores against Coronaviruses?”

“Isn’t he also the one that was involved in every single step of making this weapon of mass-destruction?”

This is a weapon. A bomb. It’s also an antidote to the bomb. Made by the same people.


Also it turns out that Dr Ralph Baric was part of Gilead’s team to develop Remdesivir. Hmm, interesting. It raises a lot of questions I think.


So I personally don’t trust an organization like the NIH which tells you “don’t treat people until they have lung damage”


I personally don’t trust an organization like the FDA who have revoked the emergency use of HCQ, and you look at that document and you see that the basis for the revocation is a paper published by Lancet that HCQ kills people – and the problem with that paper is that it was based on fraudulent data – and the paper was retracted – for Fraud. A few weeks after its retraction, the FDA revokes emergency use authorization using that retracted fraudulent paper as it’s basis for revocation. Someone want to explain to me what that means?

Vilification of HCQ

I stumbled upon the cure, I got the attention of the President of the United States – he made it pretty public, and then we saw the same governing bodies started vilifying and suppressing knowledge about HCQ – saying it’s going to kill you, you’re going to drop dead. That didn’t make sense to me – the drug has been around for 65 years – it was FDA-approved for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Malaria, and it’s given to pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and some people live on it their whole entire lives for chronic diseases.

My Red Pill Moment

Has anyone ever seen a negative outcome using HCQ with Azithromycin? The answer was in the entire nation – zero outside of the Intensive Care unit.

I have to keep my patients alive and I’m seeing some nefarious and malevolent messaging from the government, that was my “Red Pill” to open up my mind to trying to realize what’s going on.

Governing Bodies

My point being, we should not trust the governing bodies that:
– made this weapon
– made the antidote
– suppressed the antidote
– vilified, marginalized and scared the hell out of the public and threatened doctors for using it
– and then when Ivermectin became obvious that it works as well, the same process of vilification happened

So it seems that there is another agenda here.

Mass Psychosis

Mass Psychosis. Anyone who has studied psychological warfare knows that if you create prolonged fear and anxiety, and you isolate people from their loved ones, most people “go nuts”. And when they’re in that state of mind they become very gullible and very easy to manipulate.

No “Hope” allowed

Anything that had potential to reduce the fear in the world, to help people re-integrate into society or give them hope, was immediately vilified. So whether it was HCQ, Ivermectin or Early Treatment, that was suppressed.

Digital Identifier

Why? Who is benefiting from Global Psychosis? In 2016, Klaus Schwab said “7 Billion people will be tagged with a digital identifier within 10 years, by 2026”.

Medicare & Social Security Collapse

What’s 2026 – what’s going on there? That’s the predicted date – it was 2028, now it’s 2027, that there was going to be a huge, economic disaster, wherein in the United States the Medicare and Social Security systems are going to begin to go bankrupt, it’s going to destabilize world economies and the financial structure in the world is going to change.

Risk vs Benefit

I realized this has nothing to do with medicine. If you do a risk vs benefit analysis, it’s based on three factors:

I know how to Amputate, doesn’t mean I should

The medical necessity – do we need them? “If you come to my office with a runny nose, doesn’t mean I should amputate your hand. Even though I know how to do that, it’s not medically necessary.” Just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I ‘should’ do it, unless it’s for the benefit of the patient, and the risk is worth it.

99.998% of Children Recover from Covid

According to the CDC, 99.998% of children recover from Covid with no intervention. According to Dr Michael Yeadon, the vaccines are one hundred times more lethal to children than Covid. The Covid vaccines are 100x more deadly to children – I actually think it’s a little more – than the actual virus. So I don’t see a medical necessity to inoculate children of such a high risk potential.

Vaccines Produce Inferior Antibodies

Hundreds of papers show that natural immunity is much more robust and diverse and much more effective than vaccine-induced immunity. So why would I inject someone to produce dangerous, inferior antibodies when they have superior antibodies?

Risk-Benefit High-Risk Group

The real risk-benefit analyses goes into the high-risk group which depending on which country you live in as to the mortality rate. I’m not anti-vax, I’m just anti-stupid. I analyse each therapeutic on its own merits to see if it’s worth it. We, with the right clinical approach can reduce the mortality by 85% in the high-risk population. Proven. So we can reduce the 7% mortality rate to about a half a percent. That’s really the more appropriate analysis.

I am telling you we can reduce mortality with therapeutics to about 0.5% depending on which country you are in – in a high-risk population.

Pre-Meditated Murder

What is the mortality from the vaccines? These vaccines are a big problem. In Oct 2020, the FDA presentation on slide 16, they list all the side-effects, neurological, heart attacks, strokes, terrible side effects. And if you look the VAERS – the vaccine adverse events database, there’s a 100% correlation to what the FDA said to its scientists two months prior to the rollout. Two months before the vaccines were deployed. There’s a term for that, pre-mediated first-degree murder. Genocide and Crimes against Humanity.

Great Reset / New World Order

We need to understand that the whole point of the global fear is to motivate a change – a great reset or a New World Order – from a perspective of Totalitarian control. This has been known and predicted 30 years ago. Social Security & Medicare is going to crash. The people that have a vested-interest in the American and World economy, knew and saw this was coming, and they were at risk of losing great amounts of wealth and power. So they figure out a very, very clever way that when the system collapses, whatever is left standing will be under their control fully, giving them the ability to maintain their wealth and power.

Patent to Measure & Transmit Bio-Data

Israeli company that got a patent from the United States August 31st – it’s 50 pages of complex nanotechnology engineering, and it describes technology that already exists in these vaccines, that possess the ability to measure internal and physiological data – heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, and then transmit that data to a third-party with your location.

It seems, that implanted technology on a nanoscale in these vaccines is the ability to accomplish a tracking connected to a matrix or a grid of the people that are vaccinated.

Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals. This patent describes using vaccines as a delivery mechanism of nano-technology that measures your biometric data (heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature) and transmits it with your location to a third party.
Patent 11107588 – August 31, 2021

Patent to Link Biometric Data to Cryptocurrency

There’s another patent, owned by Microsoft – this one I remember by heart, it’s pretty easy to remember:
WO 2020 060606.
It’s an International Patent that describes the linkage of biometric data to Cryptocurrency. That’s interesting, because right now, how do we do commerce? We have our Apple-Pay or we tap our credit card – I don’t remember the last time I paid the toll to another human being (I use Easy Pass). So, those are external sensors that allow us to do commerce or travel. Now imagine that kind of sensor becomes integrated into your body in a way that it can’t be extricated. I can take my Easy Pass and throw it out the window. I can’t do that with something injected into my body.

CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. This patent describes technology that enables a person who is transmitting biometric data to interact with a cryptocurrency system.
Patent WO2020060606 – Owned by Microsoft March 26, 2020.

What if you don’t want to be tagged?

Let’s look at the potentials for abuse here. What if I don’t want to be tagged with a transmitting device? I don’t want to. Well, I’ll be excluded from the ability to do finance/commerce – I can’t buy bread. Everything is going Crypto – paper money will collapse. Even more nefarious is whoever is in control of the system, now has data of my internal-temperament. They know my heart-rate, my temperature, my respiratory rate. What if they don’t like what I say? Then they don’t have to put a bullet in my head – they can just restrict my ability to use commerce, and I can’t buy bread for my family.

So what this really is – is the mark of the Beast. It’s about tagging humanity and now using that ability to enslave us. This has been planned for decades.

Organized Resistance

Organized Resistance. We say we will not participate in this plan to enslave us.


Q.) Craig Kelly MP: Do you think Zinc with HCQ/Ivermectin will work just as effective with Omicron and other variants?
A.) The different variants are just different ways that the virus can enter the cell, but once it’s there, it’s irrelevant, it will use the same highway for replication, so if you detour/block that highway, Zinc & Zinc Ionospheres work just fine.

The Cure to Tyranny: Quercetin

Q.) Senator Malcolm Roberts: How effective is Quercetin relative to say Ivermectin?
A.) When HCQ got blocked, I needed to Innovate. I found on the NIH server, that Quercetin with Vitamin C is an effective Zinc Ionosphore. It was over-the-counter and I thought “Oh my God, I’ve just found the cure to Tyranny”.

Moronic Doctors that delay treatments

There’s two reasons why people die from Covid: One is the Moronic doctor – Moronic is the same letters as Omicron – the Moronic doctor that delays treatment and allows for complications to develop.

Tyrannical Government that blocks access to Medicine

And two is the Tyrannical Government that blocks access to life-saving medication.

Covid-19 Treatment

But now I can say go and get Quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, and you’ll be ok in most-cases.

Ivermectin vs Quercetin

By way of analogy, consider Quercetin as a 22 calibre pistol, and Ivermectin as a 50-calibre machinegun. In the higher-risk patients, I’d prefer to use Ivermectin or HCQ because they’re higher-risk and I don’t wanna play around. So if that’s an option that’s what I do, but if that’s “not” an option, I’ll use Plan B, because it’s better than nothing and it does work.

Digital Identity Bill in Australia

Senator Malcolm Roberts – Australia is introducing the Digital Identity bill. This is not fantasy. This is real. Covid is just the foreplay, the real act is the Digital Identify Bill. That brings in the Social Credit System, Digital Currencies, and Control – it’s exactly what you said. It is insidious. The end goal is being under control by Major Corporations – the basic Elites. Electronic Control and complete Currency control and a Social Credit System.

Modern Day Slavery

Slavery has always been the most lucrative commodity in Industry throughout history. This is modern day slavery.

How to tell Good from Evil?

Difference between “Good” and “Bad”. Whoever’s increasing fear and encouraging human isolation is the embodiment of evil. Whoever’s giving hope, optimism, faith, is the opposite. This is a war against God consciousness. All totalitarian regimes always try to eliminate houses of worship and God consciousness. Why? Because if I bow down to God, I’m not going to bow down to them. So by using fear to take my consciousness, and have it be co-dependant on a cult almost, on the government and corrupt sociopaths and false Gods with the false golden calf of this vaccine, it’s a way to slavery.

Senator Malcom Roberts: Significant parts of the Digital ID bill have been lifted directly from the World Economic Forum. Copied and Pasted.

I’ll leave you with this question. Bill Gates thinks he’s a prophet. In 2015 on a Ted Talk said that Global Warming is a major threat to the world and therefore we need to reduce carbon emissions, he gave a formula, and said that the world’s population needs to be reduced by 15% through he use of vaccines. Now, last year, the same sociopath said 7 billion people must be vaccinated. So here’s my simple question:

“Why would I take a vaccine for my health from someone who is financing and supporting them, and believes that the world population should be reduced?”

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