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Concerns about 5 doses per vial with mRNA technology. Some people might get more/less microns than others. Two ingredients listed in FOI were not listed on TGA database. Manufacturing methodology changed.

Senator Gerard Rennick just walked through TGA’s Freedom of Information Act FOI 2389 with Dr John Campbell and it’s something he doesn’t get to do in his short speeches in parliament so I thought I’d transcribe the video and put it on several posts. Video and document on First Post

The amount of Spike protein produced in you and me might be completely different, so the dose becomes completely unpredictable.

That’s exactly right, and if you go back to that 2389 series, it’s either Dash two or Dash three, where they talk about the number of doses in one vial.

So, one vial of the vaccine had five doses, and to administer it, you need to turn it up and down ten times-you can’t shake it too vigorously or the mRNA will degrade, but this is something that’s stored at negative 70 degrees. You can defrost it for a couple of days, but how do you know when you’ve got five doses of 30 microns in that one person, when all five people have used that particular vial?

How do you know that each will get 30 microns of the dose?

So, what happens if one particular person got, say, 90 microns because the person was in a hurry because, as you know, there are lots of people getting the vaccine at one time, and that person happened to weigh 60 kilograms versus someone that’s only got 10 microns and weighed 120 kilograms? So, yet again, some people will be getting a lot more mRNA than others.

It beggars belief that given the risks involved with this vaccine that they didn’t have one dose per vial, so that you could ensure an even distribution of the mRNA or the lipid nanoparticle-encased mRNA per person.

And another thing that I found quite staggering was that there were two ingredients listed in this document that were not on the TGA’s ingredient database. That just seems inexplicable.

That’s right. So there are four lipids involved in creating the lipid nanoparticles. Two of those lipids had never been used before. And it’s interesting, I asked the head of the TGA and estimates about these lipids, and he described these lipids as the same as the lipids you’ll eat in a steak or sausage at breakfast. Well, that’s not true at all.

One of the Lipids are actually ionized which creates its own, by definition that’s not really a lipid. It’s all phospholipids or ionized, but a lipid, in its pure sense, the word isn’t ionized at all. So yet again, you know, we’ve been, I’ve been misled by our own regulator about the potential risks of those lipids, which in itself is a concern.

The other thing is when they manufactured this vaccine, they changed the manufacturing methodology and how they did it. I’ll have to read it out because it’s on page 19, so it’s a bit over my head as well, but page 19, third paragraph, “Several manufacturing process changes for the vaccine, including production scale, were introduced during development. The proposed commercial scale manufacturing processes is including the use of linearized plasma DNA template for mRNA production, whereas in early development phases, PCR amplification of DNA template was used.”

So that then begs the question, that if they’ve used a plasma DNA template, how have they filtered the DNA plasma out of the actual 37-litre batches? So in the trial batches, were 300 mils, the production batches were 37 litres, so I think that’s a difference of about 100 times off the top of my head in terms of scale. How have they managed to filtrate those DNA plasmids out of the actual concentration so that it didn’t get into the vials and that’s not being injected into the body as well? Now, they may have been able to do that, I don’t know, but yet again, another risk that in my view hasn’t been adequately tested before giving it to billions of people.

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