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I want every individual to make their own informed decision about what goes into their bodies – you decide what’s best for you – I will never try and stand in your way. I’m just dismayed that there is all this censorship to what is working, the alternatives, and to people being aware of what to look-out for if they happen to get one of these ‘side-effects’.

I want people to just know everything they can know – all aspects – not just the enticement of ‘free donuts’ and ‘hero saving lives stature’ before they make a decision… AND I want people to have the freedom to be able to make an informed decision for themselves – no “FORCING” should ever come into legislation – informed consent is what I am advocating. No ‘great divide’ or ‘pick a side’ needs to happen, but spending time lately seeing what the mainstream message is, I do see a great-divide being cultivated. What is missing is “transparency of information”.

These stories are not being shared, alternatives aren’t being shared, information about the mechanisms of how it works, how they were developed and the affect on our cells aren’t being shared, potential life-changing side-effects are not being shared, pros and cons are not being openly shared, only one narrative is ‘allowed’ to be shared and any questions or concerns you have are being oppressed – usually by each other, but mostly by the social media giants who have decided to pick a side and erase/censor everything else.

I joined the COVID Vaccine Victims group (which has since been removed by Facebook). In one week it went from 14k members to 53K members. I took the screenshots there were 53k members. The next day it was 62k members and the next day it had grown to 76k members. Their concerns should matter, we should be caring and be informed about risks as well as how to prevent or keep an eye on warning signs by reading what happened to them.

After FB removed them, they created a really great website (but I just went to check it and unfortunately it’s no longer up). There is a smaller Facebook group that is more private that seems to be the original admin of the first group. The Telegram group is difficult to navigate, but it’s available here.

I believe their stories need to be heard, if nothing but to help us recognize that these are real people, not just a ‘statistic’, and it might help someone know what to look out for, what to be aware of, and do some more research to learn about the risks and/or benefits and alternatives – don’t just hold out your arm without first knowing what you are holding your arm out for. Health professionals who are administering these vaccines and citizens alike need to get as up-to-date as they can to make informed decisions.

AZ causing blood-clots made front-page news the day before yesterday and I still heard “… but people get blood clots and have strokes everyday…” I guess, when it’s an unnamed statistic, a person you don’t know, a someone else, an “over there”, when it is just a “name and age, or a number”, you can justify why that ‘unknown’ person statistic must’ve had this coming to them – their underlying conditions – their age group, because some – maybe even the majority of them will absolutely be because of these underlying conditions.

BUT… we are offering this TO the most vulnerable – TO the people with these underlying conditions – TO the people in this age bracket. So we can’t just dismiss it. This should be why we need to be way more informed about the risks and what to look out for.

And for the ones that have been affected, that know these people, that loved these people, they will never know for certain if it was their time, but they certainly don’t believe it was. They know that their loved one got it because they wanted to stay safe and prolong their life – they wanted to feel protected – noone is taking it thinking it might make their situation worse.

Millions now have taken it so we can now start to know more about what to look for. We’re learning more and more about how it reacts, and when it kicks-in and what it’s affects are on people with underlying conditions, but everything is still in the trial phase, so it’s important to be attentive and observant, to understand the risks for yourself and more importantly for our elderly and the most vulnerable.

Now we’re discovering that it’s not just AZ, but all of them that can cause clots/strokes/blindness, etc. and that being infected can cause them as well! – so maybe they are ‘damned if they do, and damned if they don’t…” (… some choice…) but my concern is choosing to give this to our most vulnerable for their protection – without them being able to make informed decisions about the risks and what to look out for. Like knowing “ok these are the risks if you take it, these are the risks if you don’t take it, and “these are the alternatives”.

Information like this is not even widely known-about because the stats are reporting that it’s rare – but as you can see – most of these are actually disregarded as being unrelated because of the underlying conditions so are not being reported as a possible side-effect… so the data they are working with and that everything is being reported on, are not including the ones that have been discounted as unrelated, even though, it ‘could’ be a factor. It should be included so that we can see if it is more common than what the statistics are saying, or so that the practitioners can be more ‘careful’ with our most vulnerable, and taking care to share with them the risks, the warning signs and what to look-out for, and the steps to take.

Are people being informed of the risks in advance – BEFORE they decide to take it or not? I don’t want to post because of the controversy, and yet I can’t NOT post because how can anyone sit on this after they have read these heart-breaking stories. I don’t want to post knowing friends work in the health industry, knowing friends have got the jab, knowing friends have diverse opinions and theories going way beyond what I’m covering here, or knowing people believe this is THE solution to life returning to ‘normal’.

But.. if knowing that it ‘can’ happen, and “what to look for”, and if you know how long to stay vigilant for after you take it so you don’t brush off something that doesn’t feel right… then it may be helpful. It might save your life, it might save the life of a loved-one.

In case you read through and didn’t get the memo: This is not an anti-vax post. I wouldn’t dare after peaking into what has been drummed into us for over a year, and I’m not even sure if I ‘stand in any box’ on this, I am still needing more information. This is a… “Would you know what to do if this happened to you or a loved one?” post.

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Zip File Contains:

  • 29 screenshots for mRNA shots (Moderna & Pfizer)
  • 27 screenshots for Viral Vector shorts (AstraZeneca & Johnson and Johnson)
  • 33 screenshots where they didn’t mention which shot they got

There are:

Here is a clip of Australian parliament (uploaded May 28, 2021) talking about the 11k adverse events & deaths reported to the TGA due to the vaccines & that there is no evidence that there is any underlying medical condition “it appears out of the blue, whether you have an underlying condition or not”.

Here is a collection of news articles containing deaths of frontline workers who took the jab:

This document (last updated May 25, 2021) is regularly tracking vaccine injuries & deaths around the world (UK, EU, USA, Israel, and some India & Italy) reporting 13% deaths occurring on the same day as vaccination and 43% of deaths within 3 days of vaccination. An Israel newspaper is reporting that the death rate per vaccine dose as 1 death reported per 35,000 shots (in comparison to the ‘normal flu shot’ which reports 1 death per 9 million vaccines). [View on Google Docs]

This video reads out individual VAERS death reports day after getting the shot:

This video from the USA Senate Committee discussing 30 people a day dying from the COVID vaccines & that these vaccines have not been formally approved by the FDA, and noone can be required to take the vaccine.

More COVID-19 vaccine deaths, than all the vaccine deaths for the 15 year period between 1997 and 2013. Plus almost a thousand heart attacks and over 8000 hospitalizations. This is not about vaccines in general. In 1976, there were 45 million people vaccinated for the Swine Flu, 53 people died – and the program was immediately halted, because it was considered too risky. A law passed in 1986, which created a compensation programme, which shields vaccine manufacturers & the medical personnel who administer the vaccines from liability.

This video is a compilation of news headlines of people who have died after the vaccine, 3 tik tok personal videos of severe injuries, and a desperate plee to stop staying silent from a health care worker from a nursing home.

Why are we not being shown the adverse side-effects? Because they don’t want you to have any doubts, so that people don’t fear the vaccine. But their lack of transparency, and their suppression of those who have been harmed is creating the doubts and concerns. On the one hand, you have the general public who have no knowledge of the risks, attacking people that are hesitant (who have valid concerns) are treating them like they are vermin-carrying-granny-killers, but in reality, they are treating everyone like fools. You’re allowing people to get vaccinated, without transparency about the true risks of what could happen to them. Those who are hesitant want to know the true risks, and how best to prevent this from happening to our loved ones. We need to know that the vaccine is safer than the virus – not through secrecy and omission, but in transparency and education.

Do you know what to look for, do you understand how it works, and are you making informed decisions?” Have you been made aware of how your particular underlying conditions may be affected by either choice? Are you ‘in the know’ of what could happen whether you take it or not? This is a ‘call for everyone to ‘want to be’ more informed’ post. This is a.. “I don’t know what else to do but need to share this” post.

This is a “plea for transparency and open-dialogue” post.



It turns out that the mRNA vaccines also obscured the truth about their efficacy too and know that there are effective treatments.

Update: New paper just published Jun 24th, 2021 (comparing risks vs benefits of the new vaccines), concludes:
“The present assessment raises the question whether it would be necessary to rethink policies and use COVID-19 vaccines more sparingly and with some discretion only in those that are willing to accept the risk because they feel more at risk from the true infection than the mock infection.”
This lack of clear benefit should cause governments to rethink their vaccination policy.” (01)

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