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The Western-World Healthcare system is CORRUPT – the Giant Pharmaceutical Companies who are nothing more than glorified drug lords, have infiltrated everything from our Journal Publications and “Peer-Reviewed” Science, to our Training Hospitals, Governments, Media, Unions, Health Administrators, Doctors, and Regulators.

Excuse my language – I’m a little mad with the censorship after trying to get through to you for so long — and now we’re almost out of time to let you know and you’re probably ‘already gone’ but I have to try.

Have a look what they recommend vs what people who ‘give a shit about your health’ recommend:

Politically-Regulated Policy only Listens to
‘Science’ that supports their own Agenda.


“Those who CARE about you”

“Preventative” healthcare governed & heavily-regulated by “Policy” created by people who have never treated a covid patient, who do billion-dollar deals with these giant pharmaceutical companies, and using Computer Modelling (that has never been right) & “Corrupt Pharma-Funded Science”

“Preventative” healthcare governed by Experienced Physicians, Health Scientists, and “Common Sense”

Masks – Indoors & Outdoors
(That make you breathe in your own filth all day, which causes “symptoms” that may make you feel like you might have COVID, that keeps “fear” in front of your face 24/7, that de-humanizes you, that makes you never see a ‘smile’)

Use Toxic Sanitizer all day in-between every customer and wash your hands.

Lockdowns / Isolation / Social Distance

Leave the elderly by themselves without family or friends (or trusted advocates to look out for them).

Testing with a PCR-Test that cannot tell the difference between Flu A, Flu B, RSV, or in some cases, the Common Cold but dangerously – there are different ‘protocols’ in healthcare for each – and more importantly – it cannot tell if you are infectious– and can only detect an RNA particle – it’s not even testing for the ‘virus’.
“Gold” standard is just a bullshit word used to trick people’s minds into believing that “Gold” must be “Accurate/High/World-Class/Top” – but Gold Standard = just good “Marketing”

Closing Small Businesses for almost a year > keeping the ‘busiest’ and ‘most-crowded’, ‘Big” business open, providing big business- which they are invested in – with Job-Keeper payments. Destroying small businesses and keeping them in a constant state of stress, debt, despair and worry.

Closing Parks, Schools, and Gatherings

Increase Stress & Fear with all day, everyday, with non-stop reporting on Cases and Deaths and Illness and “Get the Jab!” marketing campaigns and fear campaigns.

Make people terrified to hug or visit their family, make grandparents terrified of their grandchildren, make kids feel like walking diseases, and make the public so scared to be around ‘unvaccinated’ people that they cut off relationships with people they’ve cared about forever…. “because the tv tells them to”.

Daily Movement / Exercise

Daily Sun Exposure & Vitamin D3

Eat foods high in Zinc, Vitamin C, Quercetin and a healthy organic diet with a variety of Fruits, Vegetables, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Legumes, Whole Grains, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs, Spices

Stop eating Junk Food / Drinking Soda

Stay away from bread, chips, alcohol, and ‘pantry’.

Lower stress levels, keep calm, get enough sleep.

Happy people, don’t get as sick as those living in terror & poverty – the immune system is stronger when you are not in ‘fight or flight’ mode. When you are stressed out – the body suppresses the immune system to “deal with the enemy”

(…if a Tiger was chasing you – your body suppresses the immune system to deal with the crisis/danger – once the ‘stress/fear’ is gone and you are feeling ‘safe’ again, the immune system functions again)

Do not undervalue the power of happiness, love, and a low-stress life – which is the very opposite of what they are doing to people with this constant lockdowns and laws and advertising ‘cases’, etc).

Learn more about:
Stages of Disease and what you can do to Prevent & build immunity and what to do if you get worse.

Don’t trust me? Would rather listen to a doctor? Here’s a collection of what “successful” COVID doctors around the world are using: https://c19protocols.com/

“What should I do if I feel sick?”
“Agenda-Driven Policy”

“What should I do if I feel sick?”

Wait in line for 6 hours to get Tested, around other sick people and those exposed to sick-people all day, to see if they can miraculously detect an RNA particle, “that cannot tell them if they are infectious”, which magnifies a particle to the point where it could be anything at all, and give you a result – of which Australia is running the cycle-threshold at 45 which is basically a JUNK result, which many journal publications, health scientists, and lawsuits have already pointed out.
How we test in Australia is 100% political.

Isolate, Mask up, call your contacts and get them to isolate, wash your hands, open a window, call us or go to hospital if you get worse.

Daily Sun Exposure / Vitamin D3

Zinc, Vitamin C, Quercetin, L-Lysine

Eat Healthy & Organic & stop eating Junk Food, and stop Drinking Soda or Over-burdening your digestive system with Complex “Fake” and heavy, oily, sugary, junk foods.

If sick, stay home, rest, relax, take it easy, eat healthy, take care of yourself. Lower your stress levels, and get deep restorative sleep.

Daily Shower, or Bath with Epsom Salts.

Stay hydrated and nourished; fresh coconut water, fresh juices, fresh fruit, nourishing soup, green tea.

If regularly around contagions (or people who have recently been vaccinated with either the flu shot or covid shots) or highly-stressful workplaces, or your immune system is low – take doctor-prescribed Ivermectin or HCQ (along with vitamins and zinc) as a preventative.

And other “practical and common sense health tips we’ve used for centuries”

How to reduce your viral load to prevent worsening illness? “Agenda-Driven Policy”

How to reduce your viral load to prevent worsening illness? “Healthcare”

Australia: Nothing (Isolation)

Overseas: Gargle with povidone iodine

“One size fits PLANET” Protocol.
For everyone – no matter age – health status – medication – living or working situation.

NAC = “Do not Use”
Vitamin C = “Not Recommended”
Vitamin D = “Do Not Use”
Zinc = “Do Not Use”
Ivermectin = “Banned”
HCQ = “Banned”
Aspirin = “Not Recommended”
Azithromycin = “Do Not Use”

Gargle at least 3 x a day

Nebulizer with Saline, H2O2, Iodine, etc.

Diffuser with Essential Oils (eucalyptus, frankincense, peppermint or tea-tree, etc.)

Vitamin C, Sulforaphane (Broccoli Sprouts)

Bromelain or Pineapple Juice

Bromhexine, Ivermectin, Baicalein, NAC, HCQ, Fluvoxamine, Doxycycline, Famotidine, Favipiravir, & many other options.

Eat high L-Lysine, Sulforaphane, Luteolin, Selenium, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin foods

Luteolin, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9), Bromelain, Vitamin B12, Melanin & Vitamin D, Zinc

Alpha-lipoic acid, Zinc/Quercetin Aspirin/Ivermectin/L-Lysine, Zinc/Quercetin, Zinc/Green Tea, Zinc/HCQ

ELIMINATE High-Arginine Foods:
Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Pumpkin seeds, Spirulina, Squash, Oats, Walnuts, Wheat, & any Supplements that include Arginine (like those found in muscle-building protein shakes), etc.

Completely avoid animal protein, sugar, wheat, & caffeine

Aspirin / Blood thinners to prevent clots

Anti-inflammatories to reduce inflammation


Acetaminophen, Loratadine, Azithromycin, and many other protocols that can reduce severe disease depending on your own health status, comorbidities and individual situation.

Plenty of Fluids, Fresh Fruit or Freshly-made Veggie Soup

Hospital Protocol governed by
“Corrupt Pharma-Funded Policy”

Hospital Protocol governed by
“Physicians that want you to live”

Remdesivir – “Consider using”

Dexamethasone – “Recommended”

Mechanical Ventilators

Vitamin C = “Not Recommended”
Vitamin D = “Do Not Use”
Zinc = “Do Not Use”
Heparin = “Conditional use”
Ivermectin = “Banned”
HCQ = “Banned”
Aspirin = “Not Recommended”
Azithromycin = “Do Not Use”
Nitazoxanide = “Do Not Use”
Fluvoxamine = “Do Not Use”

Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19 – Last Updated 29th September 2021



DO NOT GIVE Remdesivir
– kidney & organ failure & no benefit if past viral replication phase

High-Dose Methylprednisolone

Avoid Early-Intubation – Ventilators only to be used if patient demonstrates excessive work of breathing.

Vitamin C
Dual Anti-Androgen Therapy
Vitamin D
Anti-Inflammatories / Anti-histamine
Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, etc.

Focused on reducing viral replication, anti-inflammatories, avoiding clotting, and high-dose corticosteroids





Compassion, Understanding, Love for Humanity,
Desire to Help, and an Honest &
Genuine Care for People
with no conflicts of interest
or hidden agenda.

(who have actually read the other publications recommended by those who have succeeded in preventing disease – that don’t include a global-takeover as the end-goal)

I’m not a doctor… but I’m allergic to corruption:
I can tell the “Good guys” from the “Bad Guys”.

6 months fulltime learning about the virus, and getting all the latest publications from health scientists and clinical trials all around the world since the beginning of the pandemic – in other words – one person working fulltime doing what 30 committees with other agenda’s SHOULD HAVE been doing instead of whatever the hell they are doing which has NOTHING to do with HEALTH.

My Summaries as I was researching:


VS “Bad Guys” with Ulterior Motives & Conflict$

Masks Outside + Lockdowns + Separation from Family/Friends for almost 2 years + Home-schooling Stressed-out Kids + Sanitizing with Toxic Chemicals all day + pushing an Experimental Biological that is still in Ongoing Clinical Trials that IS NOT WORKING + NO EARLY TREATMENT recommendations + Wrong Health Protocols if you get sick.

This is how millions of people including doctors and health scientists were forced to ‘wake up’ to the corruption of the health industry during the pandemic – just KNOWING THIS – will shift your mindset to help you move onto the next phase of “realization” to what is really going on. I had been posting since APRIL 2020 different things – that are still working NOW – based on my previous studies learning from past pandemics – but was censored by their new AI-System that completely obliterates ANY working treatment in favour of Global Population-Control Agenda.

Everyone who has been “trying to help you” has been silenced and gagged since the beginning.

At first I thought it was because I have no letters after my name, or that they were being understandably cautious about preventing misinformation during the times of a pandemic. However, not being able to share everything I’d learned when studying the ‘last pandemic’, and not being able to help my friends & family lose the fear, and being ‘isolated’ so unable to speak to them in person, I made it my mission to learn everything about it – to pass on “censor-friendly advice – “peer-reviewed journal publications” that would help people understand the virus and know what to do- I even had to do online university courses (that medical doctors and health professionals use) to understand any term or mechanism I didn’t fully understand and I would study it until I “understood”.

I dedicated myself to the ‘truth’ knowing the stakes were high if I was wrong (knowing I already had a distrust in the pharmaceutical industry due to spending most of my life under their so-called-‘care’ and living most of my life in hospital and on oxygen before I finally woke up) but even though I knew that the ‘drug’ industry was corrupt, I wasn’t willing to risk my friends and families lives on a ‘guess’ – I needed to know everything about this virus that I could find.

I have personally studied this virus and pandemic more than anyone I know – so that I could explain it and know exactly what to do for us to protect ourselves… and I was following every study that was coming out across the world – completely ignoring anything “conspiracy-sounding” to ensure I was only in the accepted narrative of actual published studies because it was too important to ‘get wrong’, but even when I found published journals that would help people – they were ALSO being rejected/censored.

Then I found out – that it wasn’t just “little me with no credentials” being silenced – it was leading doctors and health scientists all over the world. It was people actually working with and successfully treating COVID patients that were saying the same thing as I was. Noone could get past these new “pandemic-censors”.

No voice from anyone with working treatments – even those most qualified – nothing could get out that would help people remove the fear and know what to do if they got sick or even what they could do to ‘prevent’ getting sick.

No other treatment other than “get our new experimental created-in-66-days-from-a-computer-database vax” was allowed.

That’s how I and millions of others ended up realizing something more sinister was going on, and it’s horrible and it’s evil, but this is where we’re at. I discovered way too much about how entangled this corruption goes and how much of an impact they have on everything to do with our lives, including why they really need this jab into ‘all arms’.

Standing on our hill now, begging people to see the truth, so that they can save their life and the life of others who are caught up in the largest planetary-wide war/conspiracy we’ve ever seen.

Please wake up, and fast. We risk everything to show you the truth. These people are very powerful and very evil :(

The Good Guys are “everywhere” trying desperately to reach you – to warn you and to help you – but the AI-Pharma-Funded Fact-Checkers and Google, Facebook, Mainstream Media, and everywhere you would normally look are blocking them out and destroying their reputation in “real time” – THIS IS MILITARY-AI-CONTROLLED WARFARE – to try and get this new technology into the arms of the entire world for a completely different agenda – which even if it was about a pandemic IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

WHY does ANYONE think putting something so new and untested with completely unknowns — into every single person in the world after a 2 week trial… how is that a good idea? And now they’ve started on the kids, pregnant & breastfeeding mums and starting trials in the babies? Why oh Why oh Why are not every single healthcare professional in the world realizing how crazy that is?

This is completely new technology – NOTHING LIKE YOU’VE EVER SEEN BEFORE – SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF WHATSOEVER – Especially those working in healthcare – how could you buy into this B.S.?

Please break-free from this “Trust our Corrupt and Cherry-Picked Science” MADNESS — this “Safe and Effective” TRILLION-DOLLAR Marketing campaign – these absolute LIES and realize that corrupt people have the megaphone and are deleting the good guys for their own reasons that has NOTHING to do with health! PLEASE HAVE EYES TO SEE.

There are hundreds of thousands of them trying to reach you – ALL are censored – not just the few I randomly selected to add to this post – HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TRYING TO REACH YOU.

Dr. Daniel Nagase – What happened when he tried to Save COVID Patients

The Impact of Censorship in Fight against COVID-19 – Senator Ron Johnson

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon – C19 Vaccines Weaken Immunity by 60%

Aussie Nurse – Melbourne Emergency – 20 Vax Patients per Hour

Aust. Prof. Edward Steele – Immunologist – Pharma + Gov Lies & Jabs CAN’T work. Sept 21 2021

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi – message to the UK Government and BBC – Sept 2021

Pulmonary Nurse – Covid POLICY Kills Patients, PCR Creates Pandemic

Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee (Treatment)

Hidden Camera – Doctor Admits Ventilators Killed COVID Patients

Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower – Secret Recordings – “Vaxxed Filling Hospitals”

Dr Judy Wilyman – AHPRA – Australian Doctors Gagged

Nurse – Melbourne – Truth About COVID Vaccines & AHPRA

Lawyer Anna de Buisseret serves notice on COVID Vaccinators

Vitamin C D Zinc for preventing & treating COVID/Viruses – Aussie Professor

Vaccines don’t mitigate the spread – Ignoring the Real World Data
Support Aussie Qantas Pilot speaking out against Forced Jabs
Dr. Rochagné Kilian Exposes Health Care Corruption
Canadian MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about Censorship of Doctors & Scientists CPAC June 17, 2021

El Salvador COVID Patient Kit – Ivermectin, Vit C D Zinc Aspirin

Michael Yeadon – ex Pfizer – end of human freedoms & debunking Antibodies, Variants, Passports

Aussie & US Doctors RoundTable on COVID-19 – Sept 26 2021

Aussie GP Speaking Out About COVID Jabs – Dr. Peter Johnston

Senator calls out “Health Policies” that “Ignore Science” for Political agendas

Dr. Lee Merritt – Military Vaccine Injuries – Former Navy M.D. & Surgeon

Indian Bar Association vs World Health Organisation – Legal Action

Pat Cash: We don’t know Long-Term risks & Vaccine Passports – Tennis Player

Australian Nurse of 40 years – VIC NSW QLD – COVID Cover-up

“The ICUs are full of vaccinated people” Italian

AHPRA Silenced Australian Health Professionals

Australian Doctors Gagged by AHPRA

FDA CDC WHO is hiding Ivermectin from you – Dr Paul Marik FLCCC

Ivermectin – Corruption Revealed – Profits over Patients

Vaccinated are 6.72 times more likely to get COV!D than Natural Immunity
Clive Palmer calls out “Pharma-Funded” Australian Government & Health Regulators

Pandemic Response Experts Kept Out of Covid Taskforces

NZ Doctor – Look beyond the “Safe & Effective Mantra” and ask some questions.

Dr Damian Wojcik: My Deep Concerns About The Covid-19 Vaccination Roll-Out in New Zealand

Dr Sean Brooks Scary Warning “Getting the Vaccine will cause your death”

33000 doctors and personnel in Canada refuse the jab.
Dr Mike Yeadon – Testimony to Israel Rabbinical Court
Dr Vladimir Zelenko – Testimony to Israel Rabbinical Court
Zelenko: I’m not concerned about the Delta variant
Rand Paul – Natural Infection vs Covid Vaccination

Experts ignoring Science (Warning Mass-Vaccinations) & Political Fact-checkers

Ex- World Health Organization – Vaccinated are at risk of Variants, Not Unvaccinated
New Zealand – Dr Matt Shelton MD – We Have to Come Out

Irish Dr Gerard Waters Refuses to Give COVID Experimental Jabs or Tests

Canadian Doctors: “Join The Right Side of History”
Dr Jane Ruby – Testimony to Israel Rabbinical Court
Dr Peter McCullough – Testimony to Israel Rabbinical Court
Dr Dan Stock Specialist in Immunology & Inflammation says CDC & NIH is ignoring Science
Senate Committee – Dangers of COVID Vaccines – Mr. Hall

Once you’ve processed and digested that this has been completely treatable from the beginning – and that everything on the media and social media is a deliberate psychological fear-agenda and absolute lie – you are now ready to proceed… to trying to understand how this could possibly be happening.

One of the reasons why it’s working so well is because they own the media and everywhere you’d look for answers – including their own fact-checkers and fake-doctors and fake-interviews and fake-experts. They have been ingenious – actually brilliant – in planning this. WE are at war. They just didn’t announce it on the news – because the news is the weapon. Once you no longer have this ‘fear of death’ hanging over you – if you are ready to find out what is going on. Join the rest of the millions of people who already know and are putting the pieces together by downloading uncensored networks such as Telegram, and find uncensored search engines and uncensored video platforms.

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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