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Unravelling the Web of Globalization & the Totalitarian Control of Humanity by Rebecca Walser

23 Feb 2023 Rumble | YouTube | WalserWealth | Download 26min Telegram-Clip
(Presentation starts around 5min mark)

From YouTube Description Box: “There’s a coordinated global effort to put humanity in a box of totalitarian control. The pandemic might have accelerated it, but for decades, the chess pieces have been moving into place to lock all of us into complete subjugation. Global events have been manipulated so laws can be morphed to achieve the ends of certain global powers. When individual laws are shifted slightly, you don’t notice what the real intention is, but now that everything is lining up, a grim picture has started to emerge. They are out to control the circumstances and outcomes of human populations, and no one is safe. In this episode, I connect all the dots of global events, totalitarian control, diminished rights, and the end of freedom worldwide.”


(From Timestamp: 05:36)

So, let’s start with the very beginning – a hypothesis. I’m trying to lay a framework for you guys, so that you can understand why what has happened has actually happened, and so, I’m going to begin to challenge your paradigm a little bit by letting you know that there are legitimate people who care about this planet and believe that the overpopulation of the Earth is a systemic and, basically, an extinction-level problem. In other words, if we don’t control our overpopulation, we will run out of natural resources for everyone else, and we could potentially face human extinction.

Obviously, that’s an extreme example, but I just wanted to give you a couple of examples. You can see here, in April of 2009, in Science Daily, we had a paper about the worst environmental problem – overpopulation. Here’s the Sustainability For All Global report on the causes and consequences of overpopulation, and they discuss that when the global population hits 8 billion, we could face severe consequences. (01) (02)

See also: “We Are Nice, But We Are Just Too Many” (Clips)

So, I want you to start seeing a framework in your mind – that there is a group of people who have a global concern, and we must immediately deal with human overpopulation because it is just too much for the Earth’s natural resources, and we could potentially face extinction-level events.

Here is another example of the effects of human overpopulation, specifically talking about fresh water, species becoming extinct, and us losing our life expectancy because the Earth won’t be able to sustain us. (03)

So, that brings me to the framework that we’re going to go through today. This is going to be a framework, an Etch A Sketch of the Global Arc of power that is multidisciplinary. In fact, it is now so interconnected and intertwined that it can’t exist outside of its interconnectedness. Specifically, we are looking at three areas and three disciplines.

  1. The first one is the global economy, macroeconomics, economics, microeconomics, how to make money in the world, and certainly how to help investors. Now where we are at this present time, we’re really at the point of central banks. That, of course, the head, the top central bank of all central banks is the Bank for International Settlements, that’s the global entity, and in the United States, of course, it is the Federal Reserve, which was a private corporation chartered in 1913 by the Federal Reserve Act that Congress passed. So, that is the first arc of global interconnected power that we are going to be quickly going through because that is something that you guys know I have been laying out for you multiple ways, but we will go through that because I have a feeling a lot of people are going to forward this podcast to friends and family who have never watched Crashes and Taxes before, and they won’t have any idea what I’m talking about. So, we do have to cover that because it is an essential framework of the Etch-a-Sketch. (04)
  2. And then we’re going to go into global security, military, and defense mechanisms that specifically have been framed a certain way.
  3. And then we will move forward into global health. At the international level that is the World Health Organization in conjunction with the United Nations. And then, of course, in America, that is the Department of Health and Human Services.

So, what I’m trying to present to you is that these three disciplinary areas have intersected and merged actually into one group of global, etch-a-sketched framework of what the future holds for the world. That seems really hard to believe, but it is impossible to have the level of global coordination that has happened, that we have witnessed now for the first time, without the interconnectedness of these multi-disciplines.

Specifically, we’re going to cover what is this global organization, and it is a consortium obviously of multiple groups, a lot of NGOs, a lot of actual governments, and a lot of governing bodies that are not really elected, like the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and these public-private partnerships.

So, let’s talk about global organizations, and we’re going to talk economics first, which obviously involves, in this framework, the creation of money, the distribution of wealth and finance, and financial control.

Then we’re going to look at military and the development of irregular warfare off the battlefield and into every part of global civilization.

And finally, we’re going to look at healthcare specifically and how it’s been globally coordinated and centralized with planning and care protocols that are designed to further the unified global goals.

Now, I want to explain that in America, these things are perfectly explainable, sort of meaning that in a silo, you can see how all of these things that I’m going to reveal and go through with you have actually occurred and have actually happened, but when you step back and you frame it as an Etch A Sketch and you put it all together, you realize that you have truly, probably an unstoppable human web that it would be extremely difficult without help from God to really deal with. So, I don’t want anyone to think that I am discussing the potential nefarious nature of some elite group of people at the very top that have sort of coordinated all of this. I’m not going to that sort of extreme view. You can think whatever you want.

I am always going to be based in facts and data. In fact, I think for this presentation, we have over 50 source reference documents that will be delivered with this presentation, so you guys can see all of the information that we will cover. So, whether it was created by this global group of elite people or not, I do not care. I want to show you where we are now based on everything that’s happened., and so, just from the United States perspective, I’ll just give you a framework.

Two areas that you can really start to see how this has been enabled. The American people accepted this and did not push back as we went, and now we’re just so far down this rabbit hole. Specifically, I’m going to talk to you about, obviously, September 11, 2001, 9/11. For America, that was the beginning of what we call the “Global War on Terror”, and we accepted a lot of new legislative powers and statutes and a lot of new actual power by both the president and a lot of other groups, which we’re going to lay out, because we felt like we were being threatened globally, and we needed additional security measures and protections.

A lot of people, and we’ve seen that over and over and over, and Ben Franklin actually warned about it, you know, and a lot of patriots, founding fathers, warned about this, that people have a natural inclination that will give up freedom and give up liberty if they feel they need to be protected by their government, and that is exactly what happened after 9/11, understandably so.

The next thing that I would say is that we started to see a new kind of birth of a global disease or a virus or whatever, and in 2003, which was very shortly after 9/11, we got SARS.

That was the beginning of the movement of legislation and additional powers into the arena of healthcare, and that has since just blown up completely. So what we’re really now discussing today, in a nutshell, is the globalization and the militarization of finance, economics, militaries, and healthcare together, so it is a consortium of control in an Etch A Sketch framework that basically has now put us into a situation where we have never been with such diminished rights ever, in the history of mankind. That is what I’m going to lay out for you today.

This is exactly what I’m talking about: the global economy actually merges into healthcare law, the financial economy actually merges into healthcare law, and so it’s a lot of information.

I’m giving you just a quick example here. I’m not going to really go through Basel III, but I want to let you know that Basel III, which are the regulations for the Bank of International Settlements that they send out to all central bankers on how and what tier assets, tier one, tier two, tier three, and this is just the latest example that Basel III was updated and went into effect on June 28, 2021, where gold moved. (05)

We’re talking about central banks holding gold reserves, and those reserves used to be held as a tier three asset and wouldn’t be dollar for dollar accountable. They were discounted, and they were moved to tier one assets where they were dollar for dollar accountable. That was because Basel III really beefed up the liquidity requirements after we had, you know, quite a lot of problems in 2008 and 2009. A lot of the Dodd-Frank, all these things that happened, the Bank for International Settlements was changing Basel III, and so you can see that there are frameworks globally that affect us.

Let’s talk specifically now, and we’re going to go through the financial topics. This is more of a recap for people that don’t watch Crashes and Taxes. If you’ve never watched Crashes and Taxes, I wanted to make sure I go through this so that you can understand what is happening on the global banking front and macroeconomics, so that you can understand how that is then transitioning into this framework of control that we’re talking about.

So you can see here that I have this Central Bank digital currency. Central Bank digital currency is basically the exact opposite of what we call decentralized finance or DeFi for short. DeFi was really the invention of currencies on the blockchain, a distributed ledger that was not able to be changed. It was audit-proof, if you will, and unless you had a fork, which I won’t go into because that’s really beyond the scope, with very rare exceptions, you have just an absolute, complete digital blockchain audit trail. That is decentralized finance that really came out and got people used to the idea of currency on the blockchain. But central banks absolutely hate decentralized finance, and the reason they hate it is that they have no control over it. They want central control, and they want to have digital currency, but they want it to be direct digital currency.

Catherine Austin Fitts has done an incredible job with the Solari Report on this, Going Direct Reset, talking specifically about the elimination of commercial deposits and consumer deposits at third-party commercial banks, and that we will all have a direct account directly in the United States with the Federal Reserve, and that is what that is. (06)

Now you can see here that I’m mentioning very briefly the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. In March of 2022, almost a year ago, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding, and that Memorandum of Understanding advanced what they have published, and you can look this information up for Agenda 2030. (07)

The World Economic Forum, which is a non-governmental organization, an NGO, and their big thing under the direction of the founder of Klaus Schwab is that they want the public-private partnership, and so they rely on private corporations doing things that public entities that have limited by citizens’ protections and laws could not do. So they set out a framework of how can we get this done. We can’t do it here, but we can marry in the private partnership, and we will get it done this way.

The perfect example in the United States of this type of thing is the Twitter file releases that have happened since Elon Musk took over Twitter officially, where we have since found out that there was actual direct communication at multiple levels of local, state, and federal government agencies communicating with Twitter directly on what information should not be remained on the platform and be publicized and what information should. Then also taking down information which we’ll get to later about topics that they just didn’t want, they wanted to control the public conversation, and there’s a legal reason that that happened that we are going to go through.

So the point of this is that I think that they had expected these things to sort of take until 2030, and the rollout deadline would be 2030, but because of the events of 2022 and the acceleration of the financial events of 2022, and specifically what we’re talking about is Russia invading Ukraine and the West retaliating by kicking Russia out of the Swift International payment system, that alone really started the acceleration, if you will, of the dedollarization of the world.

China had already done a substantial amount of work on the infrastructure of their Belt and Road along the OPEC nations. OPEC plus includes Russia, and so there was already a lot of coordination along this Belt and Road infrastructure and other things. But once they moved Russia out of Swift, the BRICS nations sort of have coalesced, and now we see a lot of other nations joining or moving towards that consortium and nations that are quite problematic.

And so specifically, I’m talking about Saudi Arabia. For those of you who have not listened to this podcast, we basically had a securitized agreement with Saudi Arabia that was entered into and negotiated between the King of Saudi Arabia and Henry Kissinger in February 1974. Since that time, we had an agreement where we would be their military brief, and they would then basically keep the OPEC nations and OPEC plus Russia agreed to just transact crude sales in U.S. dollars. That basically gave us a quasi-Black Gold oil standard for the backing of the U.S. dollar. As not, you know, in any way, to be, it was, it had backing of some kind that when we came off the gold standard in ’71, we had inflation, we had problems, we needed intrinsic hard assets to continue back the validity of the U.S. dollar. And so, we entered into the Petrodollar arrangement with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia announced in January of this year, 2023, in Davos, Switzerland, that they are open to transacting the sale of crude oil outside of the U.S. dollar.

So, we are looking at the de-dollarization of the world. We are looking at the de-dollarization of the Petrodollar, the loss of the Petrodollar, and of course, then the end of dollar hegemony.

So this is a Forbes article, and I want to just point out some dates to you here. You can see that in April of 2022, Central Bank digital currencies are about control, they should be stopped. (08)

I’ve explained multiple times that these are really the end of currency as we know it, and the beginning of what we would call a voucher system that is completely controllable by the government.

Here is a MarketWatch opinion from June of 2020, so this is a little bit older, and this basically says Central Bank digital currencies would increase the government’s grip on money with few benefits for the rest of us. (09)

So, basically, we’re talking about small incremental differences in transaction speed. If you have Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, you know all of these things about faster payment processing is ridiculous. It’s just like saying we need 5G to be faster, like you won’t even humanly notice the speed differential. There are other reasons for these things that are beyond just convenience for humans.

Here is The Conversation, which is an academic publication. This is August of last year. Central Bank digital currencies could mean the end of democracy, and that might sound hyperbolic to you, but what a central bank digital currency means is that they 100% see everything that you earn, they 100% see everything that you spend, and they can also turn off your access. (10)

So, what the equivalent of the Supreme Court of Canada just recently ruled from the trucker protest that was happening at the beginning of last year in Canada, and the government actually shut down bank accounts, and this, their version of the Supreme Court just ruled that that was perfectly within their right.

So, if you can imagine that you have their bank accounts and you have to go out and get everyone’s license plate, follow who they are, get their banking account shut down, give a central bank digital currency with digital IDs which are a requirement, a prerequisite for a central bank digital currency, we all must have a digital ID, then you understand that you are locked into a controlled grid of finance, and you won’t be able to do anything without permission. And this is where we start to bring in the other disciplines and the other acts that are consolidated into this really digital jail, if you will.

Then, here we have a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace article from January of 2020. The paper basically talks about multipolarity in practice, and this was before Russia invaded Ukraine, obviously by two years. (11)

And you can see that we’re talking about Russia’s engagement with regional institutions, so Russia and China have been working towards a de-dollarized alternative for, I would say, at least probably close to 20 years.

Then we have Modern Diplomacy, and this was published just at the end of last year in December of 2022, and this is a BRICS reserve currency. For those of you that don’t know, BRICS is the Consortium of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. We now have many other nations since the kicking out of Russia from the SWIFT West payment system that are moving towards BRICS, and there’s so much information to cover that I’m not going to even list them. (12)

Here’s another article from 2022 on BRICs’ role in the global systemic transition to multipolarity (13)

In other words, no longer having dollar hegemony and one global reserve currency. Other countries are saying “enough of this,” especially after the United States weaponized the dollar against Russia last year. This did not have extreme success as Russia is domestically focused on their own production and energy, so the withholding of imports, which is not working due to their alternative system, is not really helpful.

In July 2022, Global Research published a paper on the Accenture for research on globalization, a non-profit organization focused on geopolitics, global economy, and multipolarity. BRICS plus provides alternatives that nullify sanctions. This is exactly what happened when the West sanctioned Russia, but because Russia has built alternative payment systems, they were largely not impacted by the West’s sanctions. (14)

This brings me to the foreign policy essay on the rise and fall of the US financial empire in January 2021. (15) The end of dollar hegemony is explored in American Affairs, which shows that the US dollar’s hegemony is looking fragile. (16) The Guardian also published an article in April 2021 on the same topic. (17)

I want you to understand that the end of world dollar hegemony may be a good thing, as suggested by an article from November 2022. (18)

To conclude this economic section, we have a global system that over-stimulated economic stimulus post-coronavirus economic shutdown, which happened globally, so there was coordination. We shut down voluntarily, and this had many implications. We stimulated the economy with approximately 30 trillion dollars in local currencies outside the US, which was too much to absorb, resulting in inflation. The central banks then raised interest rates, and there was a concerted effort to move us economically towards central bank control.

I was in London in 2021 when they announced they were going to the US Central Bank Digital Currency, and China announced the digital wuon, which they had been working on and would come live soon. The FED now platform for the digital dollar is currently in beta testing with several banks and Mastercard, and it is expected to be operational by May or July of this year.

This is a push globally to move us economically to be controllable by central banks, which is a problem for the US because we have enjoyed being the world’s reserve currency. This means we have lived off about double our tax collection, and we can spend about another double that from what we sell to the public. If that changes, those purchases will no longer need to happen, and there will be an immediate impact on the dollar.

The end of the petrodollar and hegemony and the beginning of multipolarity and two world reserve systems are the new financial grid, and they want to push us into central control directly with them because things are going to get a little bit ugly, economically.

This brings me to the Bank for International Settlements which is the Central Bank of central bankers, and the Federal Reserve.

We’re going into new areas that will be revelational for our Crashes and Taxes audience, and we have not covered before. Some may say that this is outside of my wheelhouse, but as a lawyer and academic, there is nothing that I cannot research and understand. You should all understand that this is not outside the discipline of finance, as it is about the ability to have the economic resource to control outcomes and circumstances of human populations. It is 100 percent financial. It is all now intricately related and interconnected, and so that is what we will be going through.

References (LinkTree | PDF)

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