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Here we go. I was curious how they planned to sell “Robodogs” to the general public in order to get them to accept them into society. It turns out they are being sold to the public as “clean up litter dogs,” and yet, in other news, you can see them weaponized, taking “telepathic commands” from Australian soldiers, yelling pandemic orders in China, and performing PCR tests and patrolling the streets in the USA.

I came across this post today, which answered a question I long had as to “How are they going to sell it so that the people think it’s a great idea”.

“Walking the streets of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, two dog-botics, aptly named scoop doggy dog and clean-up, have successfully collected littered bottles and cans from the promenade, to be recycled instead of potentially ending up in the ocean. The robotic dog technology uses mechanical manipulation and camera detection intelligence to produce a series of custom-trained actions. As part of the Veolia trial, the dogs were taught to recognise waste in the street, and act by picking it up and disposing of it safely out of the natural environment. (01)

Boston Dynamics calls them names like “Spot” and “Fluffy”. Wow, reminds me of Google’s innocent-sounding “Do no evil” we-are-a-moral-company-lie doesn’t it? :) (02)

I’m not anti using these “tools” for the good of humanity, but I’m very concerned about the “anti-human” aspect of how they can be deployed and used against us, something, which is already in the works:

Here are the ways they have been implemented that I found today: (I’m sure I’ve missed some).

(I’ll splice some videos together tomorrow, all links to videos and images in “references” at the bottom of the post)


The Australian Army have deployed “AI ‘Robodogs” from Ghost Robotics that look like the “military Wraith robots”, that follow “Telepathic commands” from Soldiers. “A graphene biosensor at the back of Sergeant Robinson’s head was ready to detect brainwaves from his visual cortex. When Sergeant Robinson concentrated on a particular flicker, the biosensor detected corresponding brainwaves and signalled an amplification circuit. An artificial intelligence decoder translated the signal into commands, which the robot dog then followed.” (03) (04) (05) (06)

In Western Australian, the W.A. police force are the first to get a “Spot” for their “Bomb Response Unit.” “…that officers can send in to help find and defuse bombs.” (Seriously, where are all these fu*king bombs they want us to be scared about? Sick of being lied to.) (07) (08)

In Australia, a robotic dog that uses an arm to open doors and pipes is tasked with maintenance work at a Snowy Hydro power plant (09) (10)

In South Australia, SA Power Networks are training Spot to do Powerline inspections (11) (12)

In Sydney, we have the new Veolia “litter” dogs cleaning up Bondi Beach mentioned at the top of this post, and the Sydney Zoo tested the animals reactions to “Sparky” the Unitree Robodog to “to see how different animals would react” (more likely a “marketing” gimmick to go viral to promote sales). (13) (14) (15) (16)

In Northern Territory, a new $34,000 robotic ‘dog’ (Spot) fitted with infrared night vision is being trialled at the Port of Darwin undertaking container inspection to detect planted biosecurity risk materials. It was also fitted with a gamma sensor and conducted radionuclide counts over a mine rehabilitation site. (17)


In Shanghai, China, a dog with Loudspeaker walks through the streets shouting pandemic measures, “wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and check your temperature.” etc. during lockdown (18) (19) (20)

China also showed up synchronized control of dancing cyber-dogs at the China’s Robot Expo in August 2022 (21)

China also showed off robot dogs that are mounted with machine guns and deployed by drones (22)

China also has an “assault” robodog that can be transported by drone, with automatic weapons. “Chinese private military contractor Beijing Blood Wing Technology Co, Ltd. has demonstrated its robot assault dog equipped with a machine gun that can be transported using a drone.” (23)


In Europe, they are trialling “Spot” to sniff out hazards at their Nuclear Site (24) (25)

In France, they tested a variation of Spot as well as massive robodogs in Military Exercises (26)

In Germany, a Police Robodog was posted to Twitter.

In the Netherlands, Dutch Police started using Boston Dynamics Spot in April 2021 primarily as a means to enter potentially dangerous drug labs “to conduct an “initial observation,” before sending in humans”. “Officials claim Spot could one day enter crime scenes and take DNA samples.” (27) (28)

New Zealand

In New Zealand, it’s being sold to “herd sheep” (although the video they released was like 2 seconds and didn’t actually show the thing herding anything, it looks more like it was “placed” there for a marketing op). (29) (30) (31) (32)


In Singapore, Robot dogs patrolled parks telling people to socially distance. “Let’s keep Singapore healthy,” “For your own safety and for those around you, please stand at least one metre apart. Thank you,”, and also has another 2 robots named “Xavier” that patrols for ‘undesirable’ public behavior, like smoking, hawking, or “flouting” COVID-19 rules (33) (34)

United States

In a Boston Hospital, U.S., “Dr Spot” has been used in an ER department to screen coronavirus patients, and even performed procedures on them such as assessing their vital signs, TAKING A NASAL SWAB, and placing an INTRAVENOUS CATHETER”. FML. (35) (36) (37)

In New York, “Digidogs” were employed in December 2020, and sold to the public to “save lives, protect people, and protect offices,” and according to their internal paperwork, they are written off as “situational awareness cameras.” In May 2021, after public backlash, apparently they ended the contract with Boston Dynamics, so using them as Police Dogs straight off the bat isn’t going to go down well with the public. (38) (39) (40) (41)

In Massachusetts, “Spot” is working with the police to “navigate potentially dangerous situations” (42)

In New York, U.S., “the fire department procured two of the $US75,000 ($104,115) quadrupeds and plans to deploy them “occasionally,” leveraging them in especially dangerous situations where it’s harder for human responders to deploy.” (43) (44)

At the US Army Trade Show, a Robot dog was fitted with a Sniper Rifle “capable of precisely hitting targets from 3,940 feet away.” (45)

Purdue Uni is trying to make their AI Robodogs have human emotions and are selling it like “rovers” that might one day be able to find survivors in collapsed buildings & other natural disasters (46)

The US Air Force has used “autonomous” Robodogs at it’s base for 2 years, and the US Space Force also wants to deploy patrol robodogs. “The Air Force says the robots can operate in a wide range of temperatures and are equipped with 14 sensors to help provide situational awareness.” (47)

In Hawaii, they’re using robodogs to patrol homeless camps, scan their eyes, and to take body temperatures to make sure none of them have a fever, and if they do, they will “intervene” as part of their covid public health tyranny. They have two-way cameras equipped with artificial intelligence. “Aside from taking temperatures, Spot was also used to disinfect the site and remotely patrol the areas.” and apparently paid for by the CARES covid funding initiatives. (48) (49)

NASA has also been sending teams of Boston Dynamics’ robotic dogs into caves to see if they can one day be used to search for life on other planets.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), have deployed Border Control Robo-Dogs “There are many types of illegal activity that happen in the harsh border zones.” (50)

At the Association of the United States Army’s 2021 annual conference, they had the Ghost’s quadrupedal robots “armed” with a custom gun by Sword International. “It seems the gun itself (dubbed the SPUR or “special purpose unmanned rifle”) is designed to be fitted onto a variety of robotic platforms. It has a 30x optical zoom, thermal camera for targeting in the dark, and an effective range of 1,200 meters.” (51)

Back in 2019, MIT presented an army of tiny, ‘virtually indestructible’ cheetah robots that can backflip and even play with a soccer ball (52) (53)

In an Unknown Location, a video surfaced with Machine-Gun Robodogs (54)


In the Ukraine, “the U.S. sent a robot dog to clear mortar rounds and cluster munitions in previously Russian-occupied areas in the suburbs of Kyiv.” (55) (56)


RoboDogs – Military and Police (Australia, USA, China, Russia, Europe)

Rumble (692mb) | Telegram (109mb)

Robodogs – Australia & New Zealand

Rumble | Telegram (86.8mb)

Robodogs – Covid

Rumble | Telegram (26.3mb)

Robodog – Collection of Different Types (Industry, Non-Military, Pets)

Rumble | Telegram (119mb)

So some of these sound really good, and some of them sound terrifying. “Spot” can be “controlled remotely from another country” for one. lol. I mean FML. (57)

In today’s Robodog search, I saw many posts about Robocops and all sorts of different Robots being used from serving food, to driverless cars, to watching traffic, to Chinese Military and Australian military and war use, to patrolling “undesirable behaviour such as smoking, hawking, and flouting COVID-19 rules,” to replacing warehouse workers (a warehouse worker robot named “Stretch” has already sold out), an AI autonomous drone will replace security guards, robots have been deployed in pharmaceutical labs and factories, humanoids with advanced vision, robotic masseurs, nurse robots, and more. (58)

This is a billion dollar industry, and just one of the manufacturers, Boston Dynamics, was sold to Hyundai for $1.1 billion, the insurance industry alone is predicted to spend $1.7 billion on robotics systems in 2025, and the global inspection robots market, of which robotic dogs play an increasingly prominent role, could be worth $US13.94 ($19) billion by the end of the decade, according to Allied Market Research. (59) (60)

See also:

My concerns are obviously “foresight” related… I see where this is going, lol. Do you?

Police and Military might find it useful in the beginning, but how long before they replace them all completely with machines that work 24/7, obey all orders, and don’t need a weekly wage, super, insurance, and all the rest. We’re all “useless eaters” to these psychopaths.

Of course factories are going to love this new technology, it will replace the workforce. Now imagine how many millions of people in China will be out of work? Imagine the millions of people around the world who will be out of work. The paper mill factory in country Victoria, where the majority of the town’s families worked, closed down. Will the entire little town now have to move to the city to survive?

Schools will be replaced by “one world digital education.” Factories and Nuclear facilities will benefit a lot from these things. Unmanned Buses, Trains, Truck, and Car Drivers. Food Servers. Health system replaced by AI drones. Mining and Farming jobs are already being replaced. Fire Fighting. Keeping us in our little 15 minute cities.

Do you think they’ll ever pause to think before they go too far? Will they know when to actually stop things when they can be abused? Or do you see that these people cannot be trusted, and we’re the ones that are going to allow it to happen. Our “consent” to things getting out of hand is how things get out of hand. They’ll keep going until we say no, that’s always been the way it is. They throw it at us, and they “pause” and “pivot” and try another way when we say no, but they’ve been training us to just “go along” with everything, no matter how absurd. They’ve infected our humanity with fear, technology, drugs, and propaganda. People can’t think clearly anymore; they can’t question; and they comply even when it goes against their moral compass.

This is happening at a rapid rate, and the same crew has designed it all so that they “create” their version of an ultimate society, one where they own and control it all, and you have nothing but to beg to be their slaves. They are the ones behind every single “solution” they want you to implement, and it will be dictated by policies, because corporations already control governments. Everything about the UN’s Agenda 2030 has been corrupted by these large, psychopathic corporations, and above them, a small group of self-professed “elite” is driving the whole thing, creating a dystopian world where we are imprisoned, mind controlled, eating bugs, or culled; there are rules for the “poor,” which is everyone except “them.” YOU’VE ALREADY STARTED EATING BUGS. Don’t be so nave as to think any of us are immune if you comply; lots of the changes are already here or already funded and in motion. We will be building our own prisons. Agenda 2030 has been hijacked by the World Economic Forum and their “new dystopian normal” of humans merging with machines and “saving nature” by turning us into digital slaves. To be frank, it’s fu*ked. And some of us might not be around to see the results of the mess, but your kids will.


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