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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 6 of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Farewell and closing


If there were many Aarón’s, if there were more Aarón’s they wouldn’t have done what they’ve done to us. But we still have the capacity to reverse this situation.

Each one of us is a real time bomb, not precisely because of graphene, but to communicate this knowledge to other parts of the world. I am aware, as I say, that among us there are doctors, healthcare providers, pharmacists, each one of us must act according to the knowledge acquired.

There is a lot more knowledge that La Quinta Columna’s research has discovered, necessarily we refer to our channel and to our live transmissions to see this huge amount of investigation that we’ve carried out, and always, and this is important, from the point of view of observation, following the scientific method. We claim from La Quinta Columna, the scientific method, which is observation. Whether it being a tool like the microscope, a technique such as micro-raman, electronic microscopy, whatever, we don’t want papers and scientific articles, unless it’s just to collaborate what we’ve already seen through the microscope, for example.

And with Aarón, we have understood the entire process, the intrinsic nature that underlies this operation. Many times we wonder who really has done all of this to us, what perspective, even of time do they have to dominate the human being like this?

Little or nothing really matters to us, whatever nature they have, but what is clear is that they are doing it against all human beings, and what is clear is that we have to bring about a change. We must not be obedient. Once we see that the governments only follow supernatural entities that are above the interests of human beings, it’s quite the opposite.

Once we see through the microscope what’s there and what is happening and they keep going, is the world really in the hands of human beings? Or is there some factor here that we’re missing? As you know in the forbidden zone, we’ve started to talk about this factor, and what today seems to be a lucubration, a hypothesis, a suspected hypothesis or a barbarity, perhaps tomorrow we will be certain.

No matter how difficult it may be for us to believe what we’re going to see or say. It may seem crazy when we said that all this was inside the injectables, but we have to show it publicly without any shame you see, to effectively corroborate that this is being done on a massive scale, and as we’re talking here, this product is being applied to millions of human beings, including children. Many of whom will die, vaguely based on the toxicity of the material and everything we’ve studied.

I have to comment that indeed there are people who have not been able to come, one of them, passed away, and two others at least that I know in spite of the fact that they were great success, but we’re talking about another thing, have not been able to come because they’re attending a funeral.

This makes me consider, in a pilot sample, there are about 400 of you here, how many people have to be missing and dying, so that at least three out of 300, and some have not been able to come here because they’re attending the death of a family member, this is not normal. We don’t notice how people disappear around us.

As today is Father’s Day in Spain, and my father somehow used to say, Ricardo, who puts an end to all of this? Well, somehow we are going to lay the foundations to put an end to it all.

My father, to some extent, only represents one of the many cases of people who have died in similar circumstances, the phenomenon of arrhythmias, and I believe that it is the best tribute that we can give him, aware that from some part of the plane, as we want to call it, he is listening to us and we’re aware that regardless of what may happen, here we are going to give, we are going to set the bar high. The human species is an intelligent species. It has the ability to think for itself and not through a television screen.

This is very important. We are rational beings. We can make mistakes. We have virtues and defects. We have emotions, which is precisely what they want to annihilate, the emotion of the human being, and to get emotional, to cry, as I have done, to some extent, to be afraid, which is also necessary to get depressed, all that is “being human” and everyone… any attempt to repress any kind of will leading us to be emotionless, is precisely what they call transhumanism.

You are already seeing what is in the transhumanism and The Fourth Industrial Revolution. A covert smoke screen, which is being made precisely with a nanotechnology injected into the injectables, of course, with serious health consequences and with fatal damage for everyone, but they do have this objective and they are going to push forward no matter what, probably an agenda signed a long time ago. As Aaron has rightly said, this is not new.

Here there is a global perspective of the whole operation. Probably they have been preparing the ground through institutions created in the 1940s, etc. I am going to play an introductory video of Humania, according to the information given here today, as I say, the investigation is much more extensive, but you will be able to understand what the ultimate goal of transhumanistic operation is, for which it is necessary as Dr. Sevillano says, to have this interface. Humania is a movement that we have created in La Quinta Columna, in full defence of the human being, the human being, the intelligent species that there is in our planet, which somehow is being attacked on all fronts, by all means, in a multifactorial way. What is done to him is precisely to make him sovereign, to tell him you are the sovereign, you are the one in charge here, the human being, to blame him for all the evils generated by others. You are the one who contaminates, you are the one who spreads, when it is really about climate geoengineering, when it is really a matter of intoxication and mass poisoning.

As we just demonstrated important and revealed today, we didn’t come here to give a talk. We came to really see what was inside the injectables and to see exactly what the material is and what it does. We leave you all with Humania.

HUMANIA: Help us to let the world know.

Rumble-Eng | BitChute-Eng | Odysee-Spanish | Rumble-French (4min)

The human being is in danger. Everything that defines him as a species, such as his intelligence or sensitivity, to our capacity of voluntary interaction with the environment is at serious risk of being lost very soon and forever. In fact, the process has already begun and only those who have designed it, together with some of its executors know about it. La Quinta Columna made up of free human beings from all over the planet is on a mission to reveal to the world, the premeditated plan that lies behind the events driving us in a near future, to the integral loss of our very nature.

This project is the transhumanism also known as The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Three characteristics define it:

  1. Universal
  2. Involuntary
  3. Harmful

It is already being applied to all human beings without our consent and with serious damage to our health, including death.

To this end, four parallel operations have been set in motion:

  1. The health care crisis
  2. The deployment of artificial intelligence with its surface and satellite networks relying on supercomputers
  3. The Ukrainian war with its political and economic consequences
  4. The climate change.

These four operations have as an ultimate goal to transhumanize a large part of our species within the shortest period of time. From La Quinta Columna, we wish to bring together all human beings aware of this situation in a movement of consciousness that we will call Humania.

We do not want any other thing than the awareness that we are in danger and for this we offer you the evidence. Everything starts from the optical microscope observation of the contents of the vaccines to be accepted very soon, if not enforced upon the entire population. What they contain is likely to form a brain machine interface and to be modulated from mobile phone antennas.

We have thus neuroscience developing an interface introduced by deception, trickery, and coercion to all humanity. While implanting a whole planetary network of antennas with the collaboration of all governments of the world.

And on the other hand a war and climate change that will reset the economy, politics, and our way of life to the point of ultimately subjecting us to the interests of transhumanism.

We do not know who are the ones doing this to us. We do not know what they are trying to get by doing this – but they are doing it.

A large part of humanity is collaborating in its own destruction and doesn’t know it. Humania has arrived for the entire world to know. We want to keep being humans. We want to live in harmony with our ecosystems and with our fellow human beings. We want to take advantage of our entire scientific and technological knowledge, to put an end to diseases and misery in the world, but they will never allow it.

Humania will help us to defend what we are and what we want to be. It is hour of humanity. Help us let the world find out.


This is one of the many videos that we have made about Humania. The clearest as possible so that everyone takes consciousness of what is at stake here. Here, we are not talking about a conference where we may be dealing with topics that may be more banal. We are talking about the fatality, the loss of existence of the human species. I will not get tired of saying this. We do not find enough words to say or narrate what is the degree of evil that is behind this operation towards the entire human race.

We put all our effort in exposing it and in this sense I am going to close today’s conference.

Later we will have the opportunity to take some photos too and talk as much as we can. Saying something, the future is not written. Somehow we create and write it ourselves.

We are a strong species, when the world is coming to an end, we find a way to keep going and for the first time in centuries what we want, is just what we need. Despite the disaster, we help each other, we adapt, we survive, we recreate normality, but also there are those who do not construct, who do not contribute.

Hyenas that pray on the weak have made the world bleed, but we are not alone. A few brave souls have sworn to protect us and to save what is left. They unite us, they remind us that we are one people. They are shield, are light, but if that light goes out, who will save us? The tragedy is invisible. People look the other way, run away from it if they can.

It is hard to realize you are a part of this, that your purpose is hidden at the bottom of all this pain. Someone has to be there, to pick up the pieces, to fight, to try to unite what has been broken, to stand up, our own life. We have no rules, no limits, our job is to protect what is left. We are your comrades, we are your neighbours, maybe we are even friends. When we are called, we leave everything. We are The Fifth Column.(La Quinta Columna)



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