Australian Emergency Department Doctor Warns of Myocarditis in Children

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Recently a brave Emergency Department Doctor came forward and posted a video highlighting the visual difference he was seeing between a person’s heart who had been diagnosed with Myocarditis and a Healthy Heart. (01)

And this doctor, whose face was blurred to protect his identity, said:

I’m a practicing doctor in an Emergency Department, and I must unfortunately obscure my identity on account of the governing regulatory body being on the prowl for those speaking out against the national COVID vaccination program (02) (03) (04) (05) (06) but I am blowing the whistle. I’m increasingly perplexed at the continued government backing of a medical intervention marred by serious complications in the young – when there are zero benefits this treatment offers them:

The phase III Safety trial for 5 to 11 year olds featured a mere 600 or so subjects receiving the test substance, and in that six month preliminary study, there were no reported serious adverse side effects from it. The study then goes on to say there are always serious complications that can arise thereafter, but these are unpredictable. (07)

Well since we’ve actually seen an overall spike in the number of cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in the young since the beginning of the COVID vaccination program, and exclusively following administration of the Comirnaty (Pfizer) and SpikeVax (Moderna) ‘vaccines’, one can logically put two and two together and surmise that the vaccine had something to do with these serious complications.

Why are they serious complications? Let’s delve into the science of the conditions. Prior to these experimental treatments (08) under an emergency authorization (09), myocarditis was typically caused by viral infections and virtually unheard of in the under 40 age group. They cause an infection of the hearts muscle cells called myocardial cells, and this in turn causes an inflammatory process that impedes the normal function of the heart, thereby reducing its efficiency and leading to symptoms similar to that of a heart attack, chest pains, shortness of breath, and if left long enough, can lead to acute heart failure characterized by a cough, wheeze, fluid on the lungs and even death. The more severe the case, the more elevated the cardiac enzyme called troponin is found in the bloodstream. It only appears there when the heart muscle cells have leaked that component into the bloodstream from cell death due to inflammation caused by the offending agent.

In a normal, healthy heart, you see a strong squeezing action of the ventricles that pump the contents effectively out into the systemic circulation. In a heart suffering from myocarditis, the walls of the heart are not moving as vigorously as with a normal heart, and therefore the efficiency is greatly reduced. This leads to blood backing up into the pulmonary circulation, where it pools and leads to wheezing, coughing up frothy, white phlegm, and this is a significant risk to the patient’s life.

Pericarditis is another life threatening condition where the sack lining the heart is inflamed, causing a physical constriction of the heart, also reducing its efficiency by forcibly squeezing the heart when it’s trying to fill with blood. This in turn can cause heart cell damage and death.

Since the advent of these messenger RNA vaccines, we have seen the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis well beyond that expected, and now as the Pfizer shot has been approved for over 12 year olds and soon to be given to children as young as 5 years old, we are seeing myocarditis and pericarditis in these children after receiving the Pfizer inoculation.

As much as Pfizer, Moderna, and the media will have you believe this is rare, I have diagnosed these conditions in young men and women after getting the Pfizer and Moderna, especially after the second dose. These cases are typically associated with an elevated troponin level – and remember, that means heart muscle cell death. Furthermore, the inflammation caused on the heart does not stop until the vaccine effect wears off. This could be two to three weeks after the jab. Who knows?

The only treatment we can offer is anti-inflammatory medication that does not stop this process.

If we are aware of the risk however small, it is very significant with these vaccines (that don’t prevent infection nor transmission of COVID). They carry an inherent risk of permanent heart damage whilst providing absolutely no benefit to the child nor anyone else. Why should we subject our children to these shots?

Parents, you might think that the vaccine offers your child freedoms – even if you know it provides no health benefits your son or daughter, but what good would that school excursion be if they suffer from a reduction in their heart function for the rest of their lives and will almost certainly shorten their lives if they do get this increasingly found vaccine complication?

Doctors, you might be concerned about your career progression or your future opportunities should you tell the truth about the unexpected post vaccination injuries that are occurring before your very eyes, but being complicit with the unnecessary harm that we are unintentionally causing, when we knew better, or were convinced of the hierarchical narrative, does not absolve us of the ethical duty to protect our patients. (10)

Politicians, you might believe that these concerns are statistical aberrations, but let me tell you, they are under-representing the severity of the problem these vaccines cause, and these are real people – they are permanently affecting – not just statistics.

Stop the mandates and discrimination based on medical status. It is unnecessarily harming people in more ways than one.

What you can do if you Get Sick

Before you vaccinate your children:


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