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Covid Quarantine Camps, or Prison Camps, or Concentration Camps, or Re-Education Camps, or who the hell really knows – some say it’s for the vaccinated when they get sick, but seems more likely for those who the government deem dangerous to the agenda, i.e. people letting their communities know what is really going on; people who still have the capacity to think for themselves

I really wish I had more clones, to let you know everything, every post I do is just a tiny summary of everything that is going on because there’s just so much, and the public is just so far behind because they are stuck in Covid-Lala-Land, and because I’m “also” behind on what’s going on, I am hurrying to do a post to try and document “that” thing, and then trying to keep up with all the hundreds of other things coming in.

There are different camps and different experiences depending on who you are. We have uploads from people who stayed in nice-looking hotel-like quarantines, where they get good food, and although they are still sort of treated like disease-carrying lepers, the public are brainwashed to believe these camps are a good thing, and are “keeping them safe”. There’s also some horror stories of those who are locked up and going crazy, treated like scum-bags, or even dying in the camp and not getting assistance.

We have the “media shiny version” and the real-life experiences of people that don’t make the media cut, such as forced PCR test on children that causes a blood nose, or letting people out at “midnight” – like the disease has some kind of “timezone” it complies to and other ridiculous rules that make no sense – including locking up close-contacts – despite their vaccination status – it’s all gone a bit Whacko in the world, and I wish I could say Australia was immune, but unfortunately is one of the worst countries to be in right now, albeit try and tell some of the sleepy “essential workers/tv-watchers” what is really going on – they think they have gone back to “life as normal” or something, even though they are triple-vaxxed, and still checking-in everywhere and wearing masks, and not noticing that it’s the vaccinated getting sick because the tv won’t tell them.

‘Aussie Govt Villains Rounds-Up “Close Contacts” into Camps’: Rumble | Odysee



Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings

Australia - Unknown location

AUSTRALIA – unknown location

Update from someone building the quarantine camps in Australia shared on FB. Mentions a “gas pipe” connected to nothing – What the actual fuck? Rumble | Telegram

Australia - QLD


Couple finds a scary-looking Prison that hasn’t been used yet in Brisbane, Australia. Apparently it was built in 2017 and is located right near the airport and Double-Fenced and Electrified.. Rumble | Telegram

It’s unknown whether this will be used as a Covid Camp but the video is a sharp contrast to the others promoted to the general public:

(one camp for people they hate, and another for International travellers?)

Queensland to build new quarantine hub near Toowoomba’s Wellcamp Airport | 7NEWS | Aug 26, 2021 | YouTube

  • Toowoomba community kept in the dark about Queensland’s regional quarantine facility– Aug 26, 2021 – ABC
    • Toowoomba community leaders say they were kept in the dark about the Queensland government’s expedited construction of a regional quarantine facility at Toowoomba.
    • Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the project for a 1,000-bed quarantine facility on vacant land near Wellcamp Airport today, with earth movers already working in the background.
    • Toowoomba Regional Council mayor Paul Antonio knew nothing of the plan and learned of it from a press conference he was not invited to.
    • Construction is underway, with 500 beds available by the end of the year and a total capacity of 1,000 by March.
  • Qld Covid-19: Toowoomba 1000 bed regional quarantine facility to go ahead – Aug 26, 2021 –
    • The Queensland government has gone it alone to build a new regional quarantine facility in Toowoomba, without telling the Prime Minister.

Update: March 2nd, 2023 – government is not renewing lease for this… I guess, positive news? I could find better uses for $220million but they don’t give me such funds to make decisions on behalf of Australians… RebelNews | DailyMail

Australia - NT

AUSTRALIA – NT (Howard Springs)

NT went full-“DanAndrews aka CCP aka Nazi” and rounded-up 38 indigenous Australians WHO WERE “CLOSE CONTACTS” into quarantine camps using the ARMY for crying out loud in November. Rumble | Twitter

Then, three children were arrested for ‘escaping‘ from a COVID camp. All the hoopla on the media making them out to be the same as ‘dangerous escapees on the run’ – even though NONE of them had COVID, as proven by tests conducted in the camp and upon their arrests. They were arrested and placed in the camp after being identified as coming into “close contact” with someone who did have COVID. This is the madness. This is the trap. This is the PSYCHOSIS of Australia.

Seriously. Australia has a disease “of the mind”.

Psychopaths are in charge, and the public are obedient-zombies.

In December, a woman died in the NT Quarantine camp and was only assisted by the staff “after she was dead”.

And Australia just let it happen, cos we’re pathetic.

We are beyond pathetic.

“Do what you will with us and we will comply to anything you say, no matter how brutal or obscene.”

Some Australians seem to have lost their souls, but they are trying to give the illusion they are good people by putting up their little “I complied with tyranny, I am a compliant slave” images provided to them by their masters. Yeah good on you – signed up for something you know nothing about and now chasing your friends and family around with a needle because you have Dory-brains that can’t take 10 minutes to read or learn anything, but are first to get out your pitch fork and believe everything the media tells you and turn against your fellow man.

Try as we might to help people see outside of the fake-reality given to them by these globalist-scum-bags, we can barely reach you because some of you are becoming nasty demonic psychopaths yourself. Crazed. Overtaken.

Then 5 minutes later, I sigh. I know it’s up to us to help wake the rest up, to have compassion for their fear. It’s just so hard when they are nasty though. I’ve been able to wake up anyone that sort of already had their suspicions but was just “following everyone else” and didn’t know where to look for the right information. It doesn’t take long for those who still have their minds, but how do you reach the ones that have soaked up the entire thing and don’t question at all?

Australia - WA


August 11th 2021 – Father doesn’t believe the narrative & has concerns about his kids. Forced to get a ‘psychological assessment’ via Ambulance to Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, Western Australia.

Verbally told he’s had a nervous breakdown, on paper “a personality distrusting disorder” of some sort. Held against his will pending an assessment.

Why and how? Apparently my wife has reported me – because I have a difference of opinion than her as to the covid-19 situation and everything that goes along with it. This is what is happening. Apparently I’m the mad one.

Australia - VIC


Covid Quarantine Victoria – PDF

Victoria Government Gazette
Tuesday 8 February 2022
Letter to Resident about Mickelham

CLG News reports: Construction is under way at Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience — the unwieldy name given to the new quarantine facility in Mickleham — with the camp set to open by the end of the year. A community engagement session was held earlier this week on progress of the fast-tracked 1000-bed accommodation site for returning travellers, however residents were told that builders would not be delayed by any consultation process. Earthworks have begun at an empty paddock in Melbourne’s north, which sits next to the federal government’s pet quarantine facility and is about 300 metres from homes… The centre can be extended to 3000 beds but will be operational as soon as 500 are ready later this year.

Don’t forget the “Permanent Pandemic” bill everyone was protesting in Melbourne whilst the media told everyone it was “Fringe, Antivaxxers“. The world is asleep. Australia is asleep. We need help but every country has the same problem – globalists who control the media have sent every country broke and used it to take-over the governments. Let alone all the other crazy looney shit these guys are up to.

Wonder what the media are selling our sleepy citizens about the “fringe antivaxxers” in Canberra and around the World right now, trying to take back the country because they know what’s going on?

New Zealand


“All cases are to be managed in a Quarantine Facility” “This will apply to any cases and also close family members who might be at risk” “You will get your test done or you have to stay” “Someone can’t refuse to be tested – they have to stay indefinitely” – Telegram Video



Dr. Theresa Tam – Canada Checkpoints / Quarantine Camps – Dec 2020 – YouTube

Randy Hillier Member for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston – YouTube | Telegram

Footage from the Canadian parliament, MPP Randy Hillier questioning asking why isolation
camps are being built “for public health AND OTHER RELATED FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS

Trudeau is a World Economic Forum Recruit – placed there – along with half his cabinet.

Massive Freedom Convoy going on right now in Canada and Trudeau says:

I like that this lady has the balls to stand up and tell him “You sold us out to Globalists”

Not only is Trudeau a globalist puppet, the Canadian government gets a kickback for every Pfizer and Moderna shot via the licencing of the lipid-nanoparticle technology that both of them are using.



Additionally, the legislation would “require an individual who has been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease to complete an appropriate, prescribed course of treatment, preventive medication or vaccination.” In other words, it gives the government the authority to detain anyone exposed to COVID-19, and if they’re unvaccinated—vaccinate them.

There is no reference to what types of contagious diseases qualify.

The bill claims that no one will be held for more than 60 days, however, the language allows for the maximum detention time to be extended. After 60 days, the court is allowed an additional 90 days to consider the detention of a person, a cycle that can last indefinitely.

  1. BILL A8378 – Authorizes health commissioner to develop and supervise the execution of a program of immunization against COVID-19 for state aid to schools; requires immunization for attendance at school
  2. BILL S6495 – REQUIRES “IMMUNIZATION” of certain post-secondary students for COVID-19.
  3. BILL A2240 – MANDATORY FLU VACCINE for persons attending daycare
  4. BILL A08398 – Prohibits organizations from accepting any nonmedical exemptions to an immunization requirement; removes religious exemptions
  5. BILL S3041 – Permits any child 14 years+ to have immunizations administered without parent knowledge or consent.
  6. BILL A416 – Relates to the “removal” of anyone deemed “potentially” dangerous to public health. The governor may order the removal or detention of a person or group to be detained in an “appropriate” facility



China Compilation (Covid, Camps, AI, Population Control) – Rumble | Telegram

1.) Beijing Olympics – February 2022 – Even Masked, the Tracking Machine at the entrance knows who you are
2.) Kids QR Code School
3.) Women refuses PCR Test
4.) Force Vaccinating Kids
5.) Kids Wearing QR Codes
6.) Quarantine Camp
7.) Another Quarantine Camp – not all camps are the same
8.) Dr. Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center For Disease Control and Prevention interviewed by a NBC reporter. Asked why the data from the Wuhan market has not been released for public examination, and he replied: “They didn’t isolate the virus, that is the issue.”
9.) China 5G Rollout – AI can read human emotions, facial recognition, headbands on children to measure their level of attention – which is sent to parents and teacher, cashless-economy “pay with faces”, chipped-uniforms
10.) Image of WHO’s General Director Tedros and China’s Xi Jinping – Tedros: Wiki | WHO
11.) Quarantine Camp in Henan Province
12.) Image of World Economic Forum – China’s wheel
13.) Quarantine Camp Compilation
14.) Klaus Schwab – leader of the World Economic Forum – talks about the Global Agenda then praises and introduces China’s President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping’s to open the Davos Agenda (Twitter)
15.) Buses arrive in Tianjin China to pickup Covid Positive people and transport them to camps
16.) Another covid quarantine camp in Hebei province.

This twitter account has additional China Camp videos with locations

China is a globalist’s wet dream and the model they are initiating throughout the world, especially Victoria, Australia – whilst our sleepy citizens applaud our governments for “keeping them safe”.

Fully-Vaccinated Locked-up

Fully-Vaccinated Locked up

The world has lost it’s freakin’ mind. This isn’t a covid camp but something we should be aware of – that it’s about control, not about health.

Hong Kong’s government is enforcing a mandatory 21-day quarantine on all Cathay Pacific crew returning from Frankfurt. The move comes after three pilots who operated cargo flights from Germany were confirmed as positive Covid cases. ALL STAFF TESTED NEGATIVE FOR COVID POST FLIGHT.

HEALTHY people are being LOCKED UP for 21 DAYS on a Layover and the WORLD STAYS FAST ASLEEP AND COMPLETELY Fucking Insane.

This is happening all over the world, because everyone has gone psychotic. Fully-vaccinated, negative-tested people are being quarantined. Don’t think for a second that complying with this NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, will give you freedoms. It’s surface-level safety – an ILLUSION.

I have videos of Australians:

  • fully-vaccinated Australian man who visited and checked-into a Nursery on his day-off, and got deemed a “close-contact” and taken off to a quarantine camp.
  • on the Australian mainstream media was a newspiece of a couple – fully-vaccinated and tested negative 6 times – was still prevented from seeing their newborn baby for 9 days in Queensland – SMH | ABC | Kidspot | News
  • on the Australian mainstream media was a news piece of a man – fully-vaccinated – who couldn’t cross the border to see his dying father News
  • another fully-vaccinated in Adelaide denied access to her dying father until she cleared “another” covid test – father died while waiting for results 7News
  • Australian aboriginals taken off to quarantine camp to be vaccinated against their will, and other Aboriginal communities being paid and bribed $200/shot to get it, and then after the vaccine went through their tribe – their community – which had had NO COVID CASES OR DEATHS before the rollout, started having their first Covid Deaths.

I would be here all day listing all the examples where it’s NOT ABOUT VAX/ANTI-VAX AND YOU NEED TO WAKE UP.

Evil is in charge.


Still think the Vaccine is Safe?

11 mins. Featuring Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie, concentration camps, athletes, adverse reactions, Omicron, Nazi’s, and more. Rumble

Pfizer/Moderna = Communism = World Takeover? Rumble | Download Vaccine Contracts

Every post is important, every bill is important, every law-change is important, I would have to reference over 1000 things going on right now – please, we need everyone out of “covid-lala-land” to turn off their TV, drop their beer, and get all the citizens of the world’s “minds back”. Everyone on the planet – all hands on deck is needed – All of us. Please, please, please wake up. Start wherever you are, but start, for crying out loud.



I’m not very politically-minded, I detest reading all these laws and watching parliamentary hearings, but I have downloaded hundreds of hours of parliamentary sessions over the past 2 years just to try and get an understanding of their pandemic-discussions, and to try and figure out why they were lying to the Australian people, as well as to find out what they really say (that isn’t reported on the media), and every time I’ve done it, it’s been painful.

We have evil in control of our country. Someone who is more politically-minded will know everything that I’ve missed here, but you can download everything that I have so far, to at least get a summary of the things that alarmed the hell out of me. I’m not very good at explaining the law-changes, but I’ve included notes and speeches in some of the folders which gives you a much better understanding of how concerned Australians should be – especially the “opposing views” in the readings.

These are the 2 folders that contain most of the Covid Camp related files:

Covid Camp Files & Covid Law Changes




More Downloads

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