There are just way too many articles to list on one page, and I’m not sure how best to try and organize things so that important information is laid out in a series now that I have spent the past couple of years researching the “Octopus” that has taken over our world, and have a much better understanding of what’s important (that I didn’t have at the start of this when I was just naively “researching the safest jab for my mum”). I’m thinking of a wiki, a book-like format, or a knowledgebase and am researching the best (free) options to do that (eager to hear of anyone else’s suggestions). This is the workaround in the meantime (not ideal, but better than what it was).

I just joined Gettr and I highly recommend it - it's the best alternative to them all so far:


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Thank you to the people who are supporting me to save the website. I'm still without proper internet as apparently there was an equipment failure at the ISP-level that they are waiting for a replacement part for. Best way to reach me (but my internet is as slow as an old dialup modem right now): (email | telegram | SMS +61408036323 | gettr )