C19 Victims


Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them

Vaxxed have lower immune function & Boosters ineffective

Published in the Virology Journal of BioMedCentral (BMC), Kenji Yamamoto (Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Center of Varicose Veins, Okamura Memorial ...
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Dr Mark Trozzie

Dr Mark Trozzi ‘If you want to survive, do some homework’

"If you want to survive, do some homework... If your doctor isn't being investigated or suspended, then Run!" ~ Dr ...
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Autopsies: Evidence for Jab-Related Harm & Death. (Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt)

Eight German pathologists, physicians and biologists and one physicist are working together looking at autopsies and biopsies of those suspected ...
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#RealNotRare – Compare Vax-Injured Stories

Just came across another COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Reaction website called #RealNotRare (RealNotRare.com) and this one interviews each with the following ...
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Senator Rennick “This is no longer about COVID” End the Mandates.

"Because the vaccines are not fit for purpose, they should not be mandated or required, period—by an employer, by a ...
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QLD Senator: Truth Bombs “We won’t let you get away with it”

"We are coming for you - we have the stamina to hound you down and we damn well will" Queensland ...
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Fully-Vaxxed 9/10 Hospitalizations & 4/5 Deaths

If this data doesn't concern you, then you should probably trade-in your brain. How in the hell are we going ...
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Death of Shane Warne from suspected Heart attack sparks Vaccine Debate

Although we'll probably never know if Shane would still be alive if he hadn't of taken the jabs, dying of ...
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[Moderna] Over 100 School Staff called in Sick after 2nd Shot

Kaneland High School had an emergency day off after 125 Staff members called in sick after receiving their second Moderna ...
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[Funeral Directors] speaking up about Covid and Boosters

Funeral Directors sharing what they are seeing with vaccine deaths, sharing first hand experiences with death certificates and families, and ...
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[Police Standing Up] Chantal Uren – Former WA Police

From Chantal Uren (via Senator Gerard Rennick)This is my story…My name is Chantal, I'm a 37 year old Police Officer ...
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Sudden surge in cancer within weeks of C19 Jabs?

Personally I've heard of people in my town getting sudden onset of cancer a few weeks after their 2nd jab, ...
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Senate Hearing – Jan 24 2022 – 3 Military Whistleblowers on C19 Vaccines – “Our soldiers are being experimented on”

"Attorney Tom Renz - Senate Hearing - Jan 24 2022 - 3 Military Whistleblowers on C19 Vaccines - "Our soldiers ...
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Jab Injuries Australia

Just came across an Instagram channel that is When there is RISK there must be CHOICE. REAL people, REAL stories, ...
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13yo Maddie de Garay [Update 9 Months Later] Permanently Injured from Pfizer Trial

Maddie De Garay was 12 when she enrolled (along with her 2 older brothers) in the Pfizer Phase 3 Trial ...
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[Rant] More Vaccinated than Unvaccinated Deaths in Australia

What the hell is going on? Has everyone taken the Kool-Aid? Serious question. Vaccinated or Not Vaccinated - You can ...
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Australian Emergency Department Doctor Warns of Myocarditis in Children

Recently a brave Emergency Department Doctor came forward and posted a video highlighting the visual difference he was seeing between ...
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Robert Malone MD explains his Moderna Injury and how to check if you had a Toxic Batch

Robert W Malone, MD is the original “inventor” of mRNA and DNA vaccines. He explains how 5% of the batches ...
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Open Letter to SG Prime Minister RE: Mandates

Well written letter to the Singaporean Government about vaccine mandates: Open Letter to Prime Minister Lee Dear Prime Minister, It’s ...
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Pfizer Deaths – Kids (VAERS)

People pretending this isn't happening? Humanity has gone? At what point will this be more real to those who deny ...
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