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How does the truth compete when they own the media / all the technology, have an unlimited budget and have covered all their bases? Where they can literally ‘direct a nation’ to turn against those who are calling them out?

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Aussie Media # 1 Vaccine Stocks

Aussie Media # 1 Vaccine Stocks


Media: Funded by Pharmaceutical Companies

Media: Funded by Big-Pharma


TedTalk: Manipulation of Media Messages

TedTalk: Manipulation of media messages

Wow this is from 2015… If you are struggling to understand how “all the media is saying the same thing” and that when you do your own research you find all Social Media networks, Search Engines, Journal Publications backing it up, this is a great summary that explains “how they do it”:

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada

Trusted News Initiative (COVID Censorship)

McCullough on the “Trusted News Initiative”
(COVID Censorship)

Watch full interview: Video from Episode 3: Vaccine Pushers “Driving False Narratives”

Peter McCullough, MD, MPH “We don’t have anyone that has even seen a COVID patient actually giving opinions on TV.”

“The Trusted News Initiative” Objective:

  • Crush early treatment because early treatment was not in line with the World Health Organization & the CDC
  • Crush anything on Vaccine Safety in order to promote the vaccine – they didn’t want any Vaccine-Hesitancy


The great gamble of COVID-19 vaccine development – Peter A McCullough – The Hill

Learn more about the Trusted News Initiative (TNI)

Orchestrated Artificial Intelligence & Social Media Comments

Orchestrated AI & Social Media comments and accounts created to attack and shape the emotions and narratives.

There are full centres operating this way, where they do this all day long.
Many by Click farms orchestrated by CCP China & Russia

The evidence was getting too big for this post, so I’ve moved it to it’s own post here – be sure to check it out!:

Covid-Bots Manipulate Public Opinion & Govt Policies

Click Farms & Marketing Campaigns

Click Farms & Marketing Campaigns

Full-time creating “meme’s” and information for you to share to “debate” your “truther” friends and make you feel intelligent for having something to share (that you know nothing about because you didn’t do the research). And the marketing campaigns – work WITH the Tech Giants – so only their marketing campaigns ever get to your screen. Only one narrative allowed.

Chinese Click Farms

Chinese Social Media Disinformation Campaigns

Chinese Social Media Disinformation Campaigns

Millions of Social Media accounts were from CCP China – which has grown exponentially – but at the beginning of the pandemic, it was China and probably all those behind this Agenda that was creating millions of social media content calling “Genocide” and abusing anti-lockdown governors, and praising and sending “support” for China & Italy for their lockdowns.

The evidence was getting too big for this post, so I’ve moved it to it’s own post here – be sure to check it out!:

Covid-Bots Manipulate Public Opinion & Govt Policies

“Close the schools!”
“You care more about money and business than people’s lives!”
“Test all citizens, order them to stay home!”
“Stop the genocide!” This Policy is Mass-Murder!”
“What is your social care plan, genocide? – Disgraceful human being”
“You will be jailed for life – Selective Genocide – Nazi!”

China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign

Russia and China had joined forces to manipulate tweets and amplify false claims and disinformation about the coronavirus – Twitter refused to act.

Government Feuds With Twitter Over Claims China is Exploiting Coronavirus

Facebook Games Network to Dictate/Direct Public Opinion/Beliefs

Facebook have figured out how to “game” their network to control people and become a “dictator” of directing opinion & beliefs

“I have blood on my hands” – Facebook Whistleblower

“Hurting People At Scale” Facebook’s Employees Reckon With The Social Network They’ve Built

Tell people to Stop Thinking

They’ll even straight up tell you not to think to get you to not look, to make you feel like a ‘bad citizen’ if you look – when the only thing they fear – is that you will figure out what they are up to and they’ll no longer be your “one source of truth” and they’ll no longer have power to control & programme your mind.

See also: Why Do So Many Still Buy Into The Narrative? – Psychologist POV

Lockstep WHO-Media 'The Vaccine Safetynet Workshop'

Lockstep WHO-Media “The Vaccine Safety Net” workshop

15-16 October, 2019

See Tabletop Exercises

Billboards, Headlines, Fake Professionals, Interviews, Books...

Constant Headlines, Billboards, Ads, Stories, Fake Health Professionals, Videos, Interviews, Books, Comments—

to Keep people in a State of Fear, Panic, Division, and to reiterated safety & efficacy despite data to the contrary, and to get these jabs into all arms.

Antivaxxers - Neo-Nazis - Selfish - Weaponizing the Narrative

When noone wants the jab, we make headlines interviewing those who “want” the jab, to make it seem like you are the minority holding everyone back or that you have been given a “Golden Opportunity”.

What about those countries that don’t have it available? etc. “Antivaxxers” “Neo-Nazi’s” “You’re selfish” “Putting everyone in danger” etc. Truth doesn’t matter to these people – corruption, evil agenda’s and mind-control. They don’t report the truth, they don’t allow any data that contradicts the agenda, only one narrative allowed.

When all forms of passive didn’t work, they tried bribing, offering lotteries and gifts, and now have resorted to lockdowns, threats and mandates.

There is only evil behind this agenda – it is not about health – they blocked/censored all the ‘health advice’, all the doctors who had working treatments since the beginning, and only gave health advice that would make you sick – with one goal – get this jab into all arms.

It should be obvious for all to see by now but I understand now the power of the media to control the world and who is really behind this war.

Make sure you 'rubbish' their ridiculous claims

Make sure your stories “rubbish their ridiculous claims” – DailyMail Editor


Change of Language as a way to Manipulate how People Think

George Orwell, in his book 1984, described how a forced change of language can be used to manipulate how people think. The new language was called Newspeak.

An example of this in modern climate ‘journalism’ is how The Guardian instructs journalists what words to use when describing the climate subject.


  • Do not talk about “Climate Change” (what had already been changed from Global Warming). Instead, talk about a “climate crisis”, or “climate emergency”
  • Do not call scientists “skeptics”, but “climate deniers”
  • Use “global heating” and not “global warming”

Link: ‘It’s a crisis, not a change’: the six Guardian language changes on climate matters “A short glossary of the changes we’ve made to the Guardian’s style guide, for use by our journalists and editors when writing about the environment” Oct 16, 2019 – The Guardian

Clearly what they did with phrases like “Antivax” “Covid deniers” “science deniers” – which is all planned-out in the Tabletop Exercises (specifically see the “WHO” ones specific to their “Decade of Vaccines” campaigns.

COVID Corruption MEME's

CIA Operations: Mockingbird, Paperclip, MK-Ultra

A Darker Look at who is Behind the Media
Out of Shadows Documentary

  • CIA Operation Mockingbird – how to “create fake stories” to manipulate the population

The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. They’ve been “programming” us our whole lives – used to create a culture and influence our society. We only trust because we think the gatekeepers have our best interests in mind. The problem is, they don’t.

  • CIA Operation Paperclip – Top Nazi German Scientists secretly brought into the CIA for Medical & Psychological Experiments on Human beings.
  • CIA Project MK-Ultra – Mind Manipulation – controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will, using Mental, Physical, and Sexual abuse as well as drugs like LSD.
  • PizzaGate and more.

CIA = Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Hollywood, and Planetary-Wide Mainstream Media – Radio, News, TV, Movies

Rockefellers Bilderberg Speech in 1991 Explains the MEDIA

David Rockefeller, 1991, Thanks Media for Covering the New World Order’s ass.

Rumble | Telegram

David Rockefeller, billionaire, CFR, founder of the Trilateral Commission, June 1991, Bilderberg meeting:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

David Rockefeller, 1991

Learn more:


All your Keystrokes sent to China on TikTok

Big Media and Big Tech Lockstep Psychological Weapon

The Media & Big Tech are a Psychological Manipulation Weapon “Designed”, “Controlled” and “Directed”

Google “Do No Evil” slogan?
Psychological manipulation to get you to “Trust”

All to get access to the most crucial weapon and most valuable data.

  • You Trust them with your email
  • You Trust them with your documents
  • You Trust them with your searches
  • You Trust them with your photos
  • You Trust them with your location
  • You Trust them with every keystroke
  • You Trust them with your connections and contacts
  • You Trust them with Everything
  • Looking up cures? Looking up political information? Looking up any topic at all? They know more about you than YOU know about you. They know how you think, what you buy, what your political motivations are, what you’ve done wrong, what you secretly search, what you say, who you talk to, what listen to, what you watch, etc.
  • They use this information, to control, enslave & manipulate you.
  • They control what you see, what results and information you find, to manipulate ads and connections, to get you to “hate”, to get you to “vote a certain way”, to turn you against their enemies, and to have complete control over what information you get.
  • Do no evil? They ARE the very definition of Evil.

Wikipedia: Changing History on-the-fly

Wikipedia – Let’s Change History “On-the-fly”

Let’s re-write history and completely re-write information in real-time. Let’s “digitalize” and “change” history in a time when people no longer go their shelves anymore to look up information – they’ll “google it”.

Who controls Wikipedia?

The Rothschild Foundation and more –

Woke-Media & Cancel-Culture

Further Reading

Legal Action vs WHO, Fact-Checkers, Media, Censorship, AI, Gates...

Indian Bar Association vs World Health Organisation, Ivermectin, Fact-Checkers, Media, Censorship, AI Algorithms, Gates, Fauci, Vaccines – Legal Action

 Indian Bar Association vs WHO | Adv. Dipali Ojha with Rajiv Malhotra
* Ivermectin
* Fact Checkers
* Media Blackout, Censorship, and AI algorithms
* Gates Foundation
* Fauci & Wuhan Lab
* Vaccines

Advocate Dipali Ojha of the Indian bar association and a team of young indian lawyers have issued a legal notice to the world health organization over their blatant campaign against any alternative treatments. Her legal action against WHO comes after the tweet from Soumya Swaminathan, WHO chief scientist, who issued tweet against Iver-mectin backing it with a link, that was declaration from a private company. The team of indian lawyers seeks to make available all possible affordable options to the masses and hold the highest authorities accountable for their directives , and suspected submission to big pharma lobbying.

Timestamp :

00:00 Intro
01:14 Interview Start
02:03 Dipali Ojha background
03:58 Why did Indian Bar association sue WHO ?
11:08 WHO Scientist Twitter statement against treatments
13:04 History of Ivermectin & Big Pharma profit motive
16:30 Can 8 billion people get vaccine ? options for poor countries
20:19 Dipali Ohja explains indian Protocol & Lawsuit
23:44 Media blackout on Ivermectin
24:20 role of fact checkers
25:20 AI bias in social media

26:40 Where was the lawsuit filed?
27:10 Dipahli ojha explains cause of 2nd legal notice
32:38 Effects of legal notice
34:50 Many solutions to the crisis
37:14 Diplai ojha explains the Public Interest Litigation
38:52 Rajiv explains the two lawsuits in one
40:54 Challenging Compulsory Vaccine & civil rights
42:28 Role of Gates Foundation , Fauci & Wuhan lab funding
46:50 Dipali Ohja explains WHO’s compromised investigations
48:40 Vaccine and complementary treatments
50:24 Role of AI in information bias
51:19 Closing statement of Diplai Ojha

Indian Bar Association | Download Legal Notices | Video Source

  • Legal Notice issued to Facebook claiming Rs.500 crores as compensation for its acts of deleting the posts explaining adverse effects of corona vaccines and for restricting the user’s account several times
  • Criminal Writ filed in Bombay High Court against violation of rights of unvaccinated persons
  • IBA’s legal notice against forced and coercive vaccinations
  • Formal Complaint filed by the Secretary General of Human Rights Security Council (HRSC) against Dr. Soumya Swaminathan and others for their conspiracy and serious offences committed against humanity in COVID-19 pandemic
  • Legal notice for Contempt served upon to Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Dr. Sunil Kumar on June 13, 2021
  • Legal Notice to Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist WHO

See also:



Digital/Social Media Platforms - What did you actually agree to?

Did you know you agree to all of these things to be tracked by these companies when you sign up? Bank & Credit card Details, Computers, phones, connected TVs and other web-connected devices, mouse movements, bluetooth signals, nearby Wifi-access points, beacons, mobile phone masts, GPS location, photos and image-meta-data, other devices nearby your network, cookies, activities off the network (websites you visit, purchases made, ads you see) whether or not you are logged in or not.

Find out what you agreed to

Where can you get truth when truth is controlled?

Where can you get the truth when they control everything?

You get it from realizing they are doing, and looking outside the Trust News Initiative and anything they control. Then you have to use discernment there as well – because there is misinformation everywhere. You don’t suddenly get “only truth” when you go off their networks. You need to research and discern everything.

Use alternative video platforms (boycott YouTube, Vimeo). Use alternative networks (there are many, I suggest starting with telegram to get the most in-real-time information, while you figure out what other networks to use.

If you use Chrome, start by installing the DuckDuckGo extension so that you can still use the same browser with less-censorship for your searchers, and better yet, use operating software or a browser they don’t control.

A complete reform is needed

A complete reform is needed.

I’ve learnt so much about the media that it would take upwards of 60 posts to explain how they’re connected to everything and how everything has been designed to manipulate us – from the very first radio and newspaper and magazine – to now the television, Hollywood, and all our social networks. All designed to manipulate and control society. It’s a weapon, and never before has it been so powerful as they have completely censored independent media and any journalist that leaves to speak out is hit with the same weapon. Only one narrative allowed.

If you want to scroll through my folders so far, feel free. I don’t have time to do blog posts about it all, but I need to get the very basics to your consciousness so that you are aware of this and can hopefully use this information to start questioning what they are telling you – to start questioning whether you’re actually getting the truth, to start questioning why the whole world is only getting one message right now and that you are not listening to the ‘experts’, and that you need to get off all mainstream sources of information right now to discover what everyone is trying to let you know. Working treatments, more accurate information about the pandemic, and about what is really going on.

Understanding the Media’s role in this – is probably the most important thing, and I highly suggest you take an interest in it because it’s literally “programming” everyone’s minds. And the only way to de-program is to learn the truth.

It’s endless. The above is but a drop in the ocean – a “quick sample”. The media is a weapon being used to control the consciousness of the planet – to pretend we have ‘enemies’ like China, Russia, etc (who are fully onboard & playing their part in the agenda). This is literally the biggest crime against humanity in the history of all wars. We really need you awake now.

See also: Fact-Checkers – New Mind-Control Weapon

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