[Comedy/Truth] The Narrative is Crumbling – 16 Reasons Why (JP Sears)

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Why the COVID “Narrative is Crumbling – 16 Reasons”: JP Sears Hilariously shows why CNN is in Full Panic as Fauci & the CDC recently are admitting they all Lied for 2 Years

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1.) 3:00 Fauci admits kids are hospitalized “with” Covid, as opposed to “because of” Covid

2.) 3:22 CDC evades question about deaths “with” Covid, as opposed to “from Covid”

3.) 4:25 CDC changed their recommendations when someone tests positive to 5 days isolation

4.) 5:30 CDC says these tests are not actually authorized for the purpose of evaluating contagiousness

5.) 6:50 FDA asked court for 75 years to keep Pfizer’s safety data concealed from the public (they lost and have to provide in 8 months)

6.) 7:30 Joe Rogan interviews two of the most credible doctors #1747 Dr Peter McCullough #1757 Dr Robert Malone (Transcript)

7.) 8:00 Dr Robert Malone’s interview was so important, Congressman Troy Nehls submitted the transcript to Congressional Record so that Big Tech can never restrict people from receiving the information

8.) 8:30 Supreme Court blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandates for Large Employers

9.) 8:37 A few months ago, the media through Joe Rogan under the bus, smearing him for successfully using Ivermectin. What they did was wake up a dragon. Now Joe Rogan is more dedicated than ever to exposing their lies. Each episode of Joe Rogan now gets 13 x the viewership than CNN – making it the # 1 source of news in the world

10.) 10:15 Fauci almost told the truth about a partnership with a certain group of Chinese Communists

11.) 10:30 YouTube has deleted a video of Dr Satoshi Omura speaking about the benefits of a “horse deworming drug” – YouTube believes he’s not a reliable source of scientific information on the medicine he won a Nobel Prize for

12.) 11:00 Facebook admitted in court that the Fact Checkers “Facts” are not “Facts” – they’re merely “Opinions”

13.) 11:17 Twitter’s stock prices are down 50% from a year ago

14.) 11:30 Freedom Fighters gather all around the world

15.) 12:15 NT Chief Minister locks out the Unvaccinated from Working

16.) 12:30 New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caught dining maskless in DeSantis Florida

17.) 12:56 Brave Canadian woman stands up to Justin Trudeau

“You sold us out to globalism – you are not working for Canada – you are working for your Globalist Partners, I Wonder how much they’re paying you to betray Canada. What do we do with traitors in Canada Mr Trudeau? We used to hang them for treason, and you are doing that very same thing to us now. We know what you are doing.”

18.) 13:30 Project Veritas James O’Keefe has come out and said

“We are meeting here with various Senators here in Washington D.C. after the Anthony Fauci hearing this morning with the Department of Defence documents that we released. Let me just say that I’m not suicidal. I love my life.”





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