Victoria Introduces New Pandemic Bill which is ‘The End’

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I know that eventually the truth will come to the people, but I’m scared of how many people will be harmed along the way and all the lives that may be destroyed along the way while we wait for the truth to reach them as the media is evil and causing division, terror, and hatred against anyone who calls them out on their lies.

They have lied to the people, convinced many of them that they are giving you the truth, and those who have figured them out are now the new target and it’s scary that the people are still able to be persuaded to turn against their own neighbours, friends, family and community because they were scared and don’t understand what is actually going on.

What’s worse is that just as those who “trust the media” are promised that it’s all over… and the headlines want to make the people think that everything’s ok now…

…the worst ever new law has appeared and everyone will be out “celebrating their freedom”, not realizing that this is just the beginning of the end for Victorians.

Drone footage – Stop Pandemic Bill – Melbourne

RISE UP! Stop Pandemic Bill – 13th Nov 2021 – People who have never attended a protest before in their life are turning up for this one, some travelling as far as Shepparton. Victorians know that no one person should have this much power.

What is this new Pandemic Bill?

Victorians Must Watch – New Pandemic Legislation – End of Democracy

Ryan Smith MP – Member for Warrandyte


Louise Staley – Member for Ripon

Steph Ryan – Member for Euroa


Richard Riordan MP 

Shadow Minister for Local Government and Resources

Richard Riordan | Discernable

David Davis MP – Victorian Shadow Treasurer

Victorian Bar calls out the “Rushed” Bill and states they were never consulted

Even the Victorian Bar said that they were not consulted (yet were listed as one of the stakeholders consulted) and call for a reasonable period for discussion and debate over the provisions.


Dear Members,

Over the past 24 hours, the Victorian Bar has become aware of a bill to amend the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2020 (PHW Act) in respect of, amongst other things, pandemic management. 

The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 (Bill) has been made available on the Parliament of Victoria website only this afternoon.

The Minister of Health’s Bill Summary claims the Department and an “Expert Reference Group” (ERG) undertook targeted consultation and names the Victorian Bar as one of the external stakeholders “consulted”.

This is a gross misrepresentation. The Victorian Bar was not consulted.  The President of the Victorian Bar participated in a 45-minute Microsoft Teams meeting organised by the Department of Health on 28 June 2021.  The ERG and numerous other parties also attended. 

The broad issue of the declaration of pandemics was raised. There was no further contact.

The Victorian Bar was never provided with a draft Bill.  Two members of the Victorian Bar Council were registered to attend a 1 hour “consultation workshop” with the ERG on 28 September 2021 about the “development of a new pandemic specific part of the PHW Act.”  This workshop was cancelled at short notice and never rescheduled.

It is unclear why a bill related to issues of management of future pandemics is being subject to a rushed and/or severely curtailed consultation process.

On an initial reading of the Bill, the Victorian Bar has grave concerns about some of its content.

The overriding concern is that the Bill confers on the Health Minister what is, in a practical sense, an effectively unlimited power to rule the State by decree, for an effectively indefinite period, and without effective judicial or parliamentary oversight:

  • The Minister’s power is available when a pandemic declaration made by the Premier is in force. It can be expected that such a pandemic declaration will be in force for the foreseeable future.
  • The scope of the power is extremely broad. The Minister may make “any order” that the Minister “believes is reasonably necessary to protect public health”.  The content of the orders is effectively unlimited.
  • The Bill expressly allows the Minister’s orders to discriminate on the basis of an attribute within the meaning of the Equal Opportunity Act These attributes include, among many others, political beliefs.  Thus, the Bill enables the Minister to make orders targeting people on the basis of their political beliefs if the Minister believes this is reasonably necessary to protect public health.
  • The practical ability to challenge these orders in the Supreme Court is likely to be very limited because the Bill confers a very broad discretion premised on the subjective belief of the Minister that the order is “reasonably necessary”.
  • The orders are subject to disallowance by Parliament only if the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee recommends it. The Committee can only recommend disallowance on narrow grounds, effectively confined to the order being beyond power or breaching the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act  The Committee has no power to recommend disallowance because it disagrees with the order.  Further, the government of the day may have a majority on the Committee, as is the case presently.

The Bill also contains many other problematic provisions, including conferring very broad power on authorised officers without effective review or oversight, granting police power to enter premises without a warrant and abrogating privilege against self-incrimination.

The Bill confers powers that can be appropriately described as draconian in authorising virtually unlimited interference with the liberties of Victorian citizens.  Yet the Bill lacks the appropriate checks and balances to ensure the proper exercise of these powers. This represents the biggest challenge to the rule of law that this State has faced in decades

A reasonable period for discussion and debate over the provisions of this Bill was and is necessary. There is simply no excuse for pushing it through in the way it has been.

Christopher Blanden QC

If you want to do something – use the Pen

(They want “Riots” to destroy the rest of the economy
& to bring in a new military to begin the final take-over…
so use the ‘Pen‘ not the ‘Sword‘) has setup a way to explain the bill, be able to automatically find who your members are by postcode, and email them direct from the site. VIC Freedom Keepers also has a few other links.

Stop the Bill MP Campaign contains Example Emails and is a very explanative document that shows many ways we can do something and gives you the brief background of each MP. Includes a list of phone numbers, physical addresses and emails of the MP’s and includes contacts for radio stations and newspapers. SOSBiz – Fill in your details and you will receive an automated email with all the info on how to contact the target MP’s, Media etc

Email MP’s

Vic Parliament Petition

Petition the Governor

Send a message to the Independent and Minor Party Crossbench MPs who are undecided and encourage them to stand with Victorians and block this Bill.

David Southwick MP

Contact SARC

SARC is the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee. They scrutinise every Bill and do a compatibility statement of human rights for each Bill that is introduced to Parliament.

Please send an email to:

To Whom It May Concern

I, ___________object unreservedly, to the proposed PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELLBEING AMENDMENT (PANDEMIC MANAGEMENT) BILL 2021.

It is a massive over reach of powers by the Victorian Government, particularly as matters dealing with Biosecurity is solely the domain of the Commonwealth, as stated in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, Chapter 1, Part V, 51 (ix).Subsequently, it is the Biosecurity Act 2015 that governs Australia with regards to all things of a Biosecurity nature, including Human Biosecurity.

Only a delegation of powers by the Director of Biosecurity/Human Biosecurity to the States under the Biosecurity Act 2015, and an intergovernmental agreement, allows for the States to enact any legislation at a State level, and any such legislation can not exceed that of The Biosecurity Act 2015.

Therefore, the proposed Emergency Powers Bill 2021 is an attempt to take control with absolute and blatant disregard to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act as well the Biosecurity Act 2015.

The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 can NOT be allowed to pass.

Yours sincerely,


__ November 2021

Post Code:________

They want to break down society – they are doing it all over the planet. The planet has been divided up. Australia has been divided up. Victoria is another “country” compared to other states – it’s all about the collapsing of society – across the entire planet – a global takeover. This is just a USA talk-show version of Victoria but it goes so much deeper and more evil than this.

Please don’t take too long to question your programming, to question what the mainstream media is saying, to look into everything with new eyes.

Explore my blog for primer’s – start with treatments so you can remove the fear of the pandemic and know what to do if you or a loved one gets sick, investigate the many expert panels and hearings from around the world (that go unreported in mainstream media) – here’s one from a couple of days ago that I’m watching right now put together by Senator Johnson but there are Australian and FDA panels too, and then once you have removed the fear of getting seriously ill without a jab and know what to do if you got the jab, move onto The Great Reset and go from there. Not a conspiracy theory – really happening. If you know me, reach out for a primer over the phone or in-person. If you don’t know me, please learn all you can from where you’re at and get telegram to find people in your own town to explain missing pieces.

More MP’s opposing Bill

Catherine Cumming MP

My full contribution to the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 below I didn’t know where to start with this bill. If I said everything I wanted to on this Bill, and covered everything that is wrong with it, it would have taken far more than my allocated time.

David Limbrick MP

Facebook | Rumble

Georgie Crozier MP – Shadow Health Minister

Today, I rose to speak on the Andrews Govt’s extreme pandemic legislation that they want to use to bring back lockdowns and which will further strip confidence to recover and rebuild Victoria after a disastrous 20 months.

Facebook | Rumble

Rodney Barton MP

Facebook | Rumble

Matthew Bach MP

Facebook | Rumble

Wendy Lovell MP
Not yet uploaded but should also be available soon at:

Facebook | YouTube

Clifford Hayes MP


Bernie Finn MP

Facebook | Rumble

Bev McArthur MP

Facebook | Rumble

Gordon Rich-Phillips MP

Every time we’ve sought to declare a bill as Urgent, it’s been done with the unanimous support of the house. Never before have we been in a situation where there has been a contested attempt to make a bill an urgent bill. The House in the past have recognized when bills are genuinely urgent. This is not one of those situations. This is a highly contested bill, with enormous ramifications for the people of Victoria.

Nov 16 2021

Facebook | Rumble

Nov 16 2021

Facebook | Rumble

Tim Quilty MP

Facebook | Rumble

Melina Bath MP

Facebook | Website | Rumble

Jeff Bourman MP

Around the 3hour mark
Maybe he’ll upload to his Facebook at some stage:

“Explaining Pandemic Bill Process”

Craig Ondarchie MP

Craig talks through how the bill went through the lower house, who voted it in, and the next process of it being debated in the upper house, and who we need votes from for it to not be passed.

Facebook | Rumble

Debate Speech:
Around the 4:13 mark
Maybe he’ll upload to his Facebook at some stage:

Mums, dads, everyday Australians rallying at Melbourne Parliament everyday against this never-ending “Lockdown Bill”

6 Nov 2021 – Melbourne – Compilation

6 Nov 2021 – Melbourne – Craig Backman – ex-cop

13 Nov 2021 – Melbourne – Sky News

14 Nov 2021 – Melbourne – Crowd Footage

16 Nov 2021 – Melbourne

16 Nov 2021 – Drone Footage

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