URGENT – Submissions Needed Immediately to Prevent Social Credit System in Australia


Your consent to the legislation is implied if you don’t submit your “NO”.

This is time critical so please make it a job for today.


Source: https://t.me/c/1139964726/473038

STEP 1. Click the link below and “Go to the submission form”


Individuals can skip the word document submission and just type in the text box.

Fill in your details – you can be anonymous if you like, you just need a valid email address.

STEP 2. Keep it simple. One sentence stating you agree or don’t agree whatever is your choice.

(You can make a detailed submission if you like, but it is not necessary – just speak your truth, speak from your heart, and let them know that NO, you do not want this.

STEP 3. Submit

STEP 4. Go for a walk and get some sun and fresh air

(Loads a remote folder, you can download via zip or view each file separately)

Feel free to add your own example submissions for others to use by commenting/uploading to telegram on this post.

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Other important laws that have changed in Australia while everyone was focused on the pandemic:

Is this the future you want?

Or this?

I just joined Gettr and I highly recommend it - it's the best alternative to them all so far:


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