7000+ C19 Patients (0 Deaths). Cause: “Allergen to Spike Protein Man-Made Poison” [Testimony]

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Dr. Shankara Chetty is a General Practitioner with a Natural Science background in Genetics, Advanced Biology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry.

Dr. Chetty has personally successfully treated well over 7,000 Covid patients in South Africa since the beginning of the pandemic with on-label drugs. He investigated early on to devise a treatment regime to prevent people becoming critically ill and set up a tent in his parking lot where patients could be out in the sun and fresh air where he began his own clinical study, and through meticulous observation and examining each one of them personally, he was able to discern the nature of Covid-19 as a two-phase illness with a respiratory and an allergic phase.

Dr Chetty’s Tent in Car Park

From listening to his testimony, I feel like there is a couple of things going on – there is the normal flu/cold like illness that each of us go through as our standard detox process due to our normal daily exposure to chemicals and toxins, and that those who are less-exposed and have a more clean lifestyle, probably have mild symptoms and those with toxic lifestyles and medicines probably have more severity, and then, it seems we have some kind of extra poison that is being implemented – the spike protein being the ‘poison’ that some – maybe by design or otherwise – are more allergic to the poison than others.

The Covid-tests cannot differentiate between the illnesses and they aren’t testing for allergens, so, everyone – including health professionals and governments and the general public, are lumping everything into being the same thing and using the wrong protocols, and it certainly explains why many thousands of doctors globally have figured out treatments that work, and why there are some members of the public that deny a more serious illness altogether, thinking it’s “just a cold”. (01) (02) (03) (04) (05) (06)

This mass-confusion and multiple-illnesses with various differing causes and treatments is something I’ve suspected since the beginning, and it’s why I spent so much time in the PCR-test and protocol research, thinking there were various things that people will dealing with but only one thing being diagnosed & blamed, but it wasn’t until watching these latest videos with Dr Chetty, that I realized that this doctors first-hand testimony of personally seeing, testing and creating bio-markers for each, and observing and treating thousands of patients, that we can start to differentiate more clearly about what is going on with why some are more effected than others (other than the obvious comorbidities that we’ve been assuming), and be able to diagnose and treat more efficiently – whether we are having the standard detox that our body goes through, or being exposed to a poison, and what else we can do to help others as well as ourselves in this global war. (07) (08)

No matter your beliefs, where you’ve researched thus far, and what you’ve concluded from your own studies, I highly recommend watching his testimony to add to your arsenal of knowledge, as what you have researched, needs to account for this doctors personal experience with over 7000 patients and blood work:

Dr. Shankara Chetty testifies before the German Corona Investigative Committee, Session 82, Dec 10th, 2021. View Fullscreen on Odysee or Rumble (Mirror)

Testimony notes:

Vaccines and Breakthrough Infections

How Dr Chetty Sees This Pandemic

Vaccinated after Covid-Infection

Omicron and Children

Q.) We have heard of Germans living in South Africa for a long time, and one of them travelled from one hospital to another in order to find out if the hospitals are really overwhelmed with this new Omicron variant, particularly if there are so many children, and each hospital was almost completely empty. How can that be?

A.) I think this is fear-mongering. I’ve been seeing the Omicron variant and hundreds of children through this pandemic. I’ve not had a single child progress into the second phase of illness, and seeing as how the second phase is where all the mortality resides, it’s clearly understandable that children are not at risk of mortality – their immune systems are not mature enough for them to develop this kind of Hypersensitivity response. It’s almost a protective-mechanism. Children being exposed to new environments are given a bit of latitude to tolerate them, so their immune-systems are learning, so you don’t have this overreaction. But once a child reaches “maturity” (not a specific age), the immune system changes, and then they are at risk of having hypersensitive reactions. Now, understanding that, children are not at risk. So I don’t see the need to vaccinate children; they have a robust immune system and the ability to learn, and they are not super-spreaders or putting anyone else at risk. The vaccination campaign is an irrational push to scare parents into believing their children are at risk in order to justify vaccination.

What I’m seeing with Omicron – there are a few changes that have occurred. Patients are not having the typical upper-respiratory symptoms that we’ve seen with the other variants. They are presenting more with fatigue and headaches, and some have gastroenteritis symptoms. From what I’ve seen, it is a mild variant. There are no hospitalizations or critical illnesses that seem to be associated with it, and even for those patients who ‘turn’ on the eighth day, it’s a very mild turn that can be easily suppressed with the right, appropriate medication. So this is a very mild variant; this is what we would expect with a pandemic. Viruses have no will to kill their host; a dead-host is of no benefit to a virus, so as the pandemic evolves, there is an expectation that virus variants will become more contagious but be less pathogenic and cause far less illness; that is the trend in general infections, and so when Omicron surfaced, it was expected.

I want to be cautious, because we know that the virus is “manmade,” so if Omicron was another one of the variants that they made, there might be a sting in the tail, so I want to be cautiously optimistic.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

What was the need to use mRNA Vaccines?

Spike-Protein Poison Vectors

Covid-illness is not caused by coronavirus itself.
The primary pathogen of covid-illness is the Spike Protein.
Coronavirus is just a vector to bring the spike protein in the body, as is the vaccine.
We’re dealing with 2 vectors.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Mainstream Media and the Facts

1hr 11min – Great analogy for mainstream media and the facts.

With the Spike Protein – I was taken to task for calling it a toxin or a poison. If I have to understand what I see, the facts are the facts, and I have to try and take these facts and try and understand and make logical sense of what’s transpiring around me. Now, from what I see, I’ve got to draw a picture as to what’s going on around me. Now I asked a simple question:

If you got up one morning and found someone in your home and Mainstream media told you that he’s there to visit you and keep you company.

So you believe that and when friends come by you tell them: now this guy is here to keep me company and he’s here just to visit…

…but that doesn’t explain your missing television, the car missing from the garage, and your front window broken in your house.

And so as much as you wish to accept that, and tell everyone that he’s there for a visit, you might start to justify the missing tv because you start to realize he’s probably a burglar but it makes you a fool to admit that, but once you do admit that he’s probably a burglar, then all the facts start to make sense.

So that’s what I have to do with the facts that are in front of me.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

The Spike Protein
Most Well-Engineered Human Poison ever made

1hr 13min

So when I look at the Spike Protein, I know that it’s an engineered protein of the receptor of the virus that causes it to move from the bats to the human being. So I’d expect that was a feat of engineering to get the receptor changed, but when you look at the complete protein structure and you start to realize the pathogenicity of this protein, I don’t think nature would conspire to find all the bits of protein around us that would probably kill human beings, and then in one mutation, put them all together on the spike of a new virus that miraculously jumped from a bat to a human being and became the most infective human virus we’ve seen in a long time.

So I’m of the opinion that the Spike Protein is likely to be the most well-engineered human poison ever made; that’s what it looks like.

Now, a can of insecticide on my desk is toxic, but it’s a can of insecticide. The day that I decide to force my family to drink it, it becomes a poison.

When I look at what’s going on around the world—the mandating of the vaccines, that whole game—I think this is a global mass-poisoning, and until I have any other evidence that paints a different picture, that’s what I suspect we’re dealing with, because the vaccines have absolutely no scientific basis, yet they’ve been punted as a health intervention.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

What about Novavax and Other Vaccines?

Mass-Formation, Global Reset, and Vaccine Passports

When I look at it sometimes, it’s just a play on words—it’s just fear-mongering. I’ve looked into the psychology of what’s happening around me, and yes, it is mass-formation; it is an opportunity they are taking to reset society; there are economic agendas, there are social agendas, and people are so hypnotized, they don’t actually see it.

They’re convinced of a foe they can’t see. We were told the safest place for us was jail, so we gave up our freedoms, closed our businesses, and went and sat in jail, hoping to be a little safer from an airborne virus. We’re at a point now when we want our freedoms back, and to get our freedoms back, we have to take a vaccine. So we weren’t put into jail for our safety, we were put into jail to curtail our freedoms, and so we were herded like cattle into a pen, and the only way out is through a dip, so vaccination or you stay in jail.

Society doesn’t realize that this has more to do with the curtailment of their individual freedoms than any healthcare intervention, and unfortunately it’s brought out a lot of pre-existing prejudices in people, so suddenly now you take a vaccine and you think it gives you blue blood, where you’re allowed to sit at the front of the bus and I’m relegated to the back, but I guess in 6 months time, when your vaccines have expired, you’re going to have to come sit at the back of the bus with me with your side effects in tow. I think people are just being coerced, and they don’t realize this is something that will have grave consequences for their freedoms in the future.

If we implement the digital passport system—the passport is illogical in any way—we’ll be issuing vaccine passports to people who haven’t actually demonstrated an immune response to the vaccine, so we should be issuing “immune” passports. Every patient, whether they have immunity from a natural infection or a vaccine-induced one, deserves a passport to be free in society—you’re immune to the illness.

Now we don’t want to acknowledge natural immunity, and we’re handing out passports without testing for immunity conferred by a vaccine. The reason is that if we developed a test to show who is immune, we’d probably find that the vaccines failed and very few people who are vaccinated are actually immune.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

/// Comment by Dr Wolfgang “They are sequencing our genome as well, so they will find out who will be allergic so that the next time they want to fear-monger, they can intelligently focus on a certain group.

Different Variants Target Different Ethnic Groups?

The first wave primarily affected black Americans in the United States. They thought it was a lack of access to medical care and that sort of thing, but here in South Africa, I saw the exact same thing. In the first wave, the majority, if not all, were black patients. I didn’t have a single white patient or Indian patient. I thought it was because they didn’t have the ability to isolate, and it ravaged the black community.

In the second wave, I noticed it was mostly Indian patients and Indian patients of “Indian” origin, not the Muslim community.

When we got into the third wave, it seemed to be primarily the Muslim and white communities that were affected. So it seemed, like the different ‘variants’ had an ‘ethnic’ propensity.

We are dealing with a well-engineered virus and a mandated vaccine. I would say that the person who made the virus is the same person who made the vaccine. They understand fully what the effects are going to be. When you engineer a virus, you don’t have to only engineer its effect; you can also engineer a pattern of mutations, and so after every so many cycles, the virus would change or mutate according to pre-determined parameters, so the mutations affecting sub-sets of a community might have been pre-planned, this might be a kind of ethnic-cleansing, in that different variants have a propensity for different populations.

Here in South Africa, I saw the Indians affected in the second wave, and if you remember, the second wave in India, was the most deadly, so it looked like that variant had the highest propensity for that ethnicity. So it looks like there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye, but I think if we understand we’re dealing with a burglar, we’ll figure it out a lot sooner. (Referring to his mainstream media analogy at 1hr11).

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Spike-Protein, Variants, Man-Made in a Lab + Caution with Omicron

When you look at the original virus, we knew that it was made in a lab, it has no ancestry, so you can’t trace back the mutations to get to that point. So we’ve got an inventory of coronaviruses through the ages, and we can see how they’ve changed, mutated, and evolved, and suddenly you have this virus that doesn’t have an ancestor. It’s definitely made in a lab. Mutations have a definite time-process, so we know that it takes so many years for a mutation to occur in certain species, and we use that when we analyze genetics to work back in time to see when divergence of species actually occurred.

We’re dealing with a virus where, in one fell swoop, with Omicron, we have 50 mutations in the Spike Protein, and nothing leading up to it. Usually when you look at mutations, they occur one at a time. You get one mutation, which would become the dominant strain if it gave it an effective advantage, and then you get another mutation, and so you can look at them evolving one at a time. It is very unusual to have a variant with so many mutations in one spot that it gained a selective advantage and, of course, no mutations elsewhere.

If you had a high rate of mutations, the high rate of mutations would influence the entire virus, and that high rate of mutations would lead to a lot of variants that don’t actually have the ability to infect, but that’s not what we see. We see variants that have changed drastically and have an even better ability to actually be contagious, which I find a little strange. With Omicron, we need to be very cautious—manmade or not, there is a process of natural selection, so let’s pray that Omicron is a natural selective process of a man-made virus that has taken away its epigenecity and will give us long, robust, natural immunity.

However, we’ve got to entertain the thought that Omicron might be another man-made variant, and if that is so, we’ve got to try and understand what the long-term effect of that is going to be. So with a milder variant, we might drop our guard and allow it to spread worldwide, but we might, in a few months’ time, realize the gravity of an Omicron infection. My concern is that there have been so many mutations in the furin cleavage site of this new variant, and that might give it the propensity to spread to different tissues or, more importantly, breach the blood-brain barrier, and if that occurs, I would expect to see neurologic effects, which might be deferred, maybe a few months down the line, and so we’ve got to be very cautious about classifying it as a mild variant; we have to understand what this new type of Spike Protein can actually do. Caution is always warranted.

I examined the patients with Omicron very closely, understanding that perspective. Everyone talks about headaches and fatigue, but the headaches are atypical. Patients complain of a vibrating sensation in their heads in addition to the headache, and I’ve begun to see patients complain of strange visual symptoms and the sensation of a fan blowing on your eyes; that’s the best I can describe it for now. These are the kinds of symptoms we need to look into more closely to get a sense of what’s going on, and only time will tell us if we’ve fully recovered from Omicron. We need to be cautious because we’re dealing with an engineered pathogen.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Testing for Risk Factors

Hypersensitivity has been conclusively proven. This is Hypersensitivity Immune-Mediated Pneumonitis rather than a Covid Pneumonia. There was another paper—I think it was in China—a research paper was published where they looked at the exact Immunoglobulin E subset for the Spike Protein, and found a correlation between those levels and the severity of illness, so clearly that’s how it works. The higher the level of IgE, the more allergic you’re likely to be. Now IgE testing is done commonly for other allergies. My aim is to push for the development of a Spike Protein specific subtype of IgE, and if you identify with that sub-type, then you could do a quantitative test on every patient to see who first of all has this sub-type and the levels. Those that have the subtype are prone to having a reaction on the 8th day, and those with high levels of the subtype are prone to having a severe reaction. That would be one of the most important risk-stratifcation tools we could ever have, more important than whether you are diabetic or hypertensive. It would tell us exactly who is going to react on the eighth day.

I wanted to do this in June last year. I’ve approached a few universities for help, but have received no response; after all, they’re funded, so they’d be more inclined to look into vaccine efficacy rather than anything that would solve the problem.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Q.) /// Dr Wolfgang “Is there any chance to have a scratch test?”

A.) That’s what we were going to do, but you see, we’ve got mRNA vaccines; if they had spike protein vaccines, that would be a simple thing. It would be simple to scratch the patient’s skin and apply some spiked protein to see if it flares; this is a simple way to determine allergy. We don’t need to go through the genetics of things; all we need to know is who will react, and to do that, every time the spike protein changes, we simply test who is allergic to the new type of spike protein.

But what I’ve seen so far, is that it seems to be the same kind of sub-set, so I think it’s almost like a mixed bag of nuts if you’re allergic to nuts. Some are allergic to walnuts, and some are more allergic to peanuts, but you’re allergic to nuts. Different types of nuts may cause varying degrees of allergy, but you are allergic to nuts.

Just from that perspective, the mixing of vaccines is a dangerous thing because you might be allergic to peanuts but not to walnuts, but a bag of mixed nuts poses a unique risk to you. A mixture of vaccines poses a unique risk to you as well. We need to be cautious about mixing the vaccines.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Vaccinated might be Compromised

Q.) If we’re lucky Omicron will lead us out of this catastrophe without the other side even wanting this to happen, but if we’re lucky – this is a “natural selection process of a man-made virus, so that it more or less eliminates itself, right?”

A.) We’re dealing with two different types of people here, even though I hate to distinguish: the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. The unvaccinated, when they get this infection, will develop a wide, robust response to the omicron variant, which will hold them in good stead in the future.

However, those patients who are vaccinated, were they infected before or not? We know that the vaccine damages your immunity, and so the question that needs to be asked is “Do vaccinated patients, when they are exposed to a natural infection, have the ability to develop a robust, broad, natural response?” and if not, are they going to be the sub-set of population that are going to be prone to reinfections?

Developing a vaccine that gives you a non-neutralizing antibody-response is almost a distraction from a good immune-response. So when you are in contact with the virus, your immunity looks out and sees that you have soldiers fighting it, even though it doesn’t recognize that the soldiers are ineffective. Because it thinks you’re fighting the virus, it won’t mount a full, robust response.

Vaccinated people might be compromised in our aim to get herd immunity, and I think that’s a big issue, and that’s the reason for the “Pandemic of the Vaccinated.” Besides the side effects and things we see, they may be the subset of the population that leads to the perpetuation of this virus.

In any event, coronavirus will become endemic, we will never eliminate it from our environment. It has other animal hosts (dogs and cats and other vertebrates), and so we’ll never eliminate it. We’re not going to vaccinate every animal on the planet to try and eliminate this; it doesn’t need to be eliminated; it will become endemic.

The problem is with the vaccinated forcing selection away from the vaccine, we might see more severe illness, there won’t be the general trend towards milder illness. You can have a vaccinated patient incubate the virus and have a more severe variant suddenly become more contagious, because it’s not the natural selective pressure that you’d put on a virus.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Very few people on the planet actually understand the immune-response to a natural coronavirus infection

Q.) /// Dr Wolfgang “There are two vaccines in clinical studies that are self-spreading – because the virus is amplifying, is replicating, and so you can just infect your neighbour with a vaccine – what do you think about that?”

A.) Now we’re building bee-hives.

This is the issue as well. The fact that I understood that on the 8th day we’re having Hypersensitivity, and the fact that the rest of the world was chasing a virus, tells me that very few people on the planet actually understand the immune-response to a natural coronavirus infection, and that is where we failed in trying to treat this.

If we do not understand the bodies natural response to the virus, what right do we have to influence the immune-response of a planet through a vaccination programme – we are running blind – it makes no sense at all.

I think a lot of it is because Science has been going in the wrong direction over the past 50 years, and I think that direction has been too greatly influenced by finance. Scientific discovery is stifled by Big Pharma itself.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Science & Medicine has been hijacked by Big Pharma

Comment /// Dr Wolfgang “Just forbid the patents and everything is solved”

When you look at scientific discovery, if you’re testing a drug you know nothing about, against a population that is diverse, then in examining the effect, you will get a bell-shaped curve – the majority will have what we see in the centre of the drug, you have a tail on one end with side-effects and a tail on the other with no effect, but our focus is always on the centre of the bell, because we’re trying to understand what this drug does, and that is what Randomized Clinical Trials are meant to do – show us the consistency, but that doesn’t give us any new information, it just clarifies what we want to understand. Now, when we look at coronavirus, here we’re dealing with the effect of a virus against a population, but it’s not that we have no knowledge of a virus, there’s a huge amount of knowledge surrounding what a virus does, this is not the first virus in history, so again, when you look at how this virus influences this variable population, you will get a bell-shaped curve; the majority have the symptoms grouped in the centre, and a tail on either end with the unusual kind of symptoms.

Now where scientific breakthrough lies, is not in the examination of the centre of the bell, but in the understanding of the tails. So the greatest scientific discovery throughout history were made by doctors coming together at the doctors lounge at the end of the day, discussing their unusual cases and trying to make sense of it, and that is where new discovery lies – not in any randomized clinical trial, but unfortunately, that’s a construct of the pharmaceutical industry, and they’ve transferred that to the medical profession, very illogically, so unfortunately like we’ve seen in the vaccines, it’s a comment that sounds crude but doctors have been ‘well-trained’ by pharmaceutical industry over the past 50 years on how to “shine shit”, and that’s what they tend to do.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Most important priority is the Spike Protein antidote

Comment // Dr Fuellich “Most people will not have the ability to set priorities – they’re chasing everything at the same time, which doesn’t make any sense – you have to set priorities, and the most important priority that we can see right now, is probably the Spike Protein – many of the other things, may be worth chasing as well, but not now. Let’s first go for the real danger that we can see – I think that’s the most important thing for people to understand.”

Reiner, that is the focus of my work right now. Covid is no more a challenge. I don’t have patients that demise from Covid. The Spike Protein is what’s going to cause all the pathology I’m expecting to see over the next 5 years, and so the understanding of that spike protein and how to negate it’s effects is going to take centre-stage whether we like it or not.

Unfortunately, this is man-made. Remember that the only way to have been exposed to the spike protein prior to vaccination was through exposure to a coronavirus, and when you got that virus, and got over that infection with early-treatment, you would now be immune to the vector ‘coronavirus’, and so being immune to the vector would prevent you being exposed to the spike protein in future, because the vector can’t get into you.

Unfortunately, now we’ve vaccinated a large proportion and they are walking around with the spike protein and so ‘they’ are the new vectors of the spike protein. So I guess the vaccinated are now the new coronavirus that’s exposing us to the spike protein, and so we’re going to have this long-term exposure, and the understanding of its biological effects short-term, long-term is vitally important.

The diversity of what we see with the spike protein is mind-boggling. I don’t think that there will ever be a pharmaceutical intervention that is going to solve this problem, simply because pharmaceutical interventions are far too narrow in their target. The diversity of injury that we see requires products or chemicals that have a broader diversity of action, and have the ability to get the body to ‘self-correct’.

I as a doctor would not be quick enough to tell you what’s wrong with you when there’s this diversity of things happening in your body, but I’m sure your body knows what’s wrong, so the nutraceuticals are going to prove to be the next big thing, in that if we understand their biologic effects, and how we will influence the pathways of the spike protein damages, they will be the next best thing in trying to solve the problems with the spike protein, and that is the kind of research I’m being involved in with a few researchers and pharmaceuticals around the world, to try and figure out the right mix that could actually help us negate the effects of the spike protein.

It’s a difficult task in that if the poisoner realizes that we can fix his poison, then he might change the poison, and if humanity starts deliberately poisoning itself it makes my job that much harder. So, tough times.

Dr. Shankara Chetty

This has taken 2 days and nights to transcribe due to my current health issue, but I have thoroughly enjoyed learning this extra information from someone with extensive first-hand experience with thousands of people and think this is one that is extremely important information.

Learn more about the committee: https://corona-ausschuss.de/en (09)
Dr. Reiner Fuellmichs English Telegram channel: https://t.me/s/ReinerFuellmichEnglish (10)

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