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BigBird Marketing C19 Vaccines to Kids and More (Video):

Compilation of the various “COVID-19 Vaccine Marketing to Kids” videos (see video timestamps below).


Video Timestamps:

00:00 BigBird Tweet
00:03 BigBird & Friends encourage kids to take a covid vaccine to “stay healthy”
00:58 Pfizer Ad tells children taking the vaccine makes them “superheroes”

02:29 If BigBird Told the Truth (someone created a lie-detector video)
03:31 Creepy Microsoft Cartoon aimed at “QR Codes” for Kids
05:28 What it looks like in China when it’s “not a Cartoon”
05:42: CDC Study showing Pfizer Heart Inflammation Reports
05:45 John Stokes Myocarditis – Pfizer
06:10 Ernesto Ramirez – Son Died “enlarged heart” after Pfizer
07:12 Daughter Died – Pfizer
07:21 Children are going into schools without parents consent and getting vaccinated with a trial drug where noone knows the outcome or long-term effects
07:40 NZ Doctors warning of COVID-19 Vaccines in Kids
08:35 Leigh Dundas Human Rights Attorney about removing informed parental consent and turning schools into vaccination centres
09:33 UK – uploaded by Uncle “My niece had her second child last month. She resisted being vaccinated through the pregnancy until a month before the baby was born because she would need a caesarean section and the hospital and doctors told her they would not allow her into the hospital unless she had the jab. Well, you guessed it – she complied and the result is that the baby is back in hospital. Needs a brain scan as they cannot fathom what is causing the jitters which are getting worse. Apparently every test they have done has come back negative and they admit they have no idea what is causing the problem, so they are transferring him to the Great Ormond Street hospital to do further investigations.
09:56 Heart Inflammation – Pfizer
10:16 Roy Butler – 23yo – died from brain bleed after COVID-19 vaccine.
10:19 Speaking on the NSW kids who died from the COVID-19 vaccination rollout at the stadium.
10:53 Clip from Our Voices Matter – Interviews with Australian Victims of the Jab
13:11 Friend’s 12yo daughter heart problems after Pfizer
13:45 Julie – Lost her movement and strength in both arms and legs, couldn’t walk, stuttering, seizures and cannot communicate & no hospital knows whats going on.
13:53 USA – Little Sister died from first shot
14:47 – School board hearing “CDC, FDA, Fake News is lying to us about vaccine being safe and effective, urges everyone to speak out and protect the kids.
16:00 Concerned Father stating facts about COVID not effecting kids and they should not get the vaccine.
17:02 Leeds parents outside Costco trying to wake up other parents
17:52 Someone made a cartoon of Fauci being a Snake trying to entice children to get the vaccine out of Mowgli – The Jungle Boy
20:47 Snapshots of Pfizer Kids Myocarditis

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