Honduras went from 70% Covid Mortality to Zero Deaths at a National Level

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With only 125 critical care beds for a population of 9 million people and only 18 Adult & 27 Paediatric Critical Care Specialists, Honduras was getting slaughtered by Covid and had a 70% mortality rate – they had to think outside of the box to get on top of things, and with early treatment, public messaging, working in teams with the government, the media, and the public, they were able to create and implement a successful protocol to conquer Covid in one of the poorest countries that had one of the worse case fatality rates in Central America.

Watch Fullscreen: Interview with ICU doctor from Honduras, Dr Fernando Valerio – Streamed Live: Dec 19, 2021:
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Download the Presentation PDF
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Notes from Presentation on Treatment:

Research Articles:
A multi-mechanism approach reduces length of stay in the ICU for severe COVID-19 patients. Published Jan 07, 2021.
PubMed.gov | PLOS One | PMC | DOI | Direct PDF Link

Early multidrug treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) and reduced mortality among nursing home (or outpatient/ambulatory) residents. Published Aug 01, 2021.
Pubmed.gov | Elsevier | PMC | DOI | MedRxiv | Direct PDF Link

People who go to the ICU without early treatments are the ones that are likely to die. Noticing this, he removed himself from the ICU to go down to the Covid Clinic to treat the patients himself – and those patients that were treated early (within the first 3 days) – none of them died – he hasn’t had any deaths of Covid from patients that he treated early since December 2020.

The only person that died, treated herself with steroids too early (which he says is something really bad to do: “no one should take early-steroids”), and that her Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine was stopped by another physician, and she got worse, was admitted to the hospital and died.

Early-Treatment Protocol (MAIZ):
(Mouthwash, Azithromycin, Ivermectin, Zinc)

This protocol was turned into a Covid “Kit” that was given house-by-house to every adult that had symptoms. If they didn’t have symptoms, they were given just Ivermectin. The close-contacts were given MAIZ if they had symptoms, and if they were not symptomatic, they were given Ivermectin. This was done on a National Level in the hot spots of the biggest cities, with many teams of doctors going house by house. This, in one of the poorest countries in the world.

After Day 7 if no improvement: (MAIZ A-A-A):
(Mouthwash, Azithromycin, Ivermectin, Zinc) plus (Anti-Coagulation and 2 x Anti-Inflammatories)

They also opened triage centres where people could come to get the MAIZ-A-A-A protocol. If patients had elevated inflammatory markers after day 7 – they would treat them with steroids, anticoagulant, quercetin and zinc, and the sickest were sent to the hospital.

Inpatient Treatment:
Dexamethasone (5 x higher than the recommended dose) or Methylprednisolone (Anti-inflammatory steroids)
Colchicine (Anti-inflammatory)
Tocilizumab (Anti-inflammatory rescue)
Ivermectin (Immunomodulation / IL-6 inhibition)
Zinc (Anti-Viral) and Quercetin
Azithromycin (Anti-Viral)
Low molecular weight heparin or apixaban or rivaroxaban (Anticoagulant)
Hi flow oxygen and pronation* (Oxygenation)

* They stopped Incubating patients (putting them on a ventilator) – instead they changed to high-flow oxygen or CPAP and increased the dose of the steroids if the patient was fatigued, because patients were dying on the ventilator. He says the moment you incubate patients, you produce damage which would induce more thrombosis, so he avoids incubation as much as he can. The mortality in the ICU went from 70% down to 40% and then to 15% in the first wave of the virus.

Outpatient Treatment:
Sodium hypochlorite + Hydrogen Peroxide as mouthwash/nasal spray (Anti-septic)
Azithromycin (Anti-viral)
Ivermectin (Immunomodulation / IL-6 inhibition)
Zinc (Anti-Viral)

Additional Outpatient Treatment if not improved after 7 days:
Prednisone (Anti-Inflammatory)
Colchicine (Anti-Inflammatory)
Rivaroxaban or Apixaban (Anticoagulant)

Delta Variant Protocol:
Prednisolone (and not Dexamethasone) – because it’s cheap, very potent, blocks/de-activates the genes that catapult inflammation, and decreases platelet activation – platelets are one of the ‘bad guys’ of the disease.
If no improvement: Methylprednisolone

He also advocates for:
Vitamin D

How did this country get past the policymakers to make a decision to save lives – when it went against the advice of the World Health Organisation?

How was this country able to get the right treatment into the population, rather than what is happening around the western world where early treatment is blocked and banned, with doctors across the world losing their licence to practice if they dare to give the right treatment to their patients?

Discussed in detail in the interview, but to summarize – other than being hammered from being severely limited in terms of hospital resources in comparison to the population, Dr Fernando Valerio believes it was because of three things:

1.) The government got sick. Many of the politicians, the president of the court, the first lady, and ministers all got sick and needed their treatment.

2.) They came together as a team. The other thing that helped was they made a team – a team effort of all the doctors in Honduras, and they made the recommendations “as a team”. Their team brought up the best evidence “at the moment” to treat their population, they created presentations backed by data, they published an article on PLOSone, all of which gave them a lot of credibility, and unlike our doctors and scientists in the Western World, they were actually listened to and their expertise and advice were respected.

3.) They got help from their media. Unlike what’s happening in our corrupt western-world media, the media in Honduras believed in them. There were tv shows that very strongly recommended the protocols given by the physicians on the frontline, and a very popular influential media show were helping them to broadcast to other physicians in the rural areas, with a weekly show, updating the population all while they were learning on the frontlines.

The media in Honduras put their education videos on tv for the public and rural doctors to view.

Shame on you Australia and other UN-Agenda countries!

This is what happens when mainstream media don’t “cancel” doctors who are speaking out about early treatment and when governments listen to and respect the expertise of their frontline workers instead of allowing big pharma to pay off our committees and health authorities.

Our media and policymakers focused on fear and tyranny. How many lives could we have saved if that strategy had been implemented across the rest of the countries who are instead following the globalist-agenda-driven protocols from WHO, CDC, FDA, TGA, UN, WEF, World Bank and so on who are using “COMPUTER MODELS” and “Tabletop Exercises” for the Agenda-21/2030, The Great Financial Reset and Population-Control Communist agendas, instead of learning about the stages of the disease and helping people with early treatment – something that has been advocated since the very beginning from caring physicians all over the world?

It’s ridiculous that our health advice on early-treatment in Australia is “Sanitize, Isolate, Mask up, Clean your house and Get your Close-Contacts locked up too” and only this week with Omicron added “Paracetamol, Staying Hydrated, and Throat Lozenges” to their health advice – it’s just unbelievable to me. Australian health advice also suggests “frozen meals” that can be reheated for an easy dinner – are you serious right now? Just unbelievable. Devastating for anyone who has lost loved ones – it was completely unnecessary – and noone will listen to us because the corrupt media is telling people that anyone not following the agenda are Trump-Supporters or Q-Anon or Antivaxxers or whatever word they make up this week to scare people into thinking they are doing something “wrong” if they don’t listen to the ABC and that they are a “Good Citizen” if they do.

All these UN-Agenda-Countries such as ours are taking advice from psychopaths instead of from those that care. The best doctors in this country – the ones that have stood up to this insanity – are the ones facing court to fight for their licences – and the media labels them as “Antivaxxers” or “Spreading Misinformation” to scare the public away from early treatment. Do they want people to die? Well – you make up your own mind, I know where I stand – but it took me ages to accept because it’s just horrific to think about.

It’s unbelievable to me that the real heroes are silenced and shamed, and those that continue to tout big pharma recipes like Remdesivir (which can cause multi-system organ failure) and Ventilators (which many never come off or recover from), or are ‘excited’ about new “Pfizer or Merck antivirals”, or who have gone “Vaccine-Crazy” with no knowns about anything – short-or-longterm – when we’ve had the answer all along without the complete destruction of our economy with the high price-tags and high cost of permanent lockdowns and business and school closures, the destruction of lives and our way of life – permanent mandatory boosters in a permanent pandemic – that these people who have harnessed the fake-narrative or are profiting from it without a care in the world about researching better options – are still being worshipped, financially rewarded, and praised in the media.

What an insane, upside down part of the world we’re in right now. Shame on you all.

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