Contagion-Myth Theory

Starting to get a bit clearer and learn more as time goes on. I can see that I hadn’t really grasped how they could “fake a contagious virus” at the start of this journey, but more and more I’m finding more evidence with more logical explanations than a virus. I wanted to create a page to collate these as well as direct people to a page with ‘possible alternative explanations to what is making people sick”. You can see that even though I went “science-direct” in the first year of “COVID”, even “mainstream science” doesn’t support jabbing the arms of the entire world with an experimental injection, that even if the story was as they said it was, even “science” had natural solutions that were far more effective and beneficial, and that we never needed even a medicine if it was what they said it was. Anyway, without providing my ramblings, this page is just for the posts I’ve already done.


[Biochemistry] Mineral Deficiency as Cause of Dis-ease

This is an intriguing video I recently discovered that builds on the "there is no virus" theory and argues that ...
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Dr Yanowitz’s “Connecting the Dots” Story

Damn, I was about to do a post on Dr Yanowitz's video looking at his own unjabbed blood under the ...
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Dr Robert Young “Covid-19 caused by radiation poison”

Still trying to get my head around the "viruses don't exist" theory. Here's another video from Dr Robert Young to ...
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Scratchpad for Pox-Related shenanigan's Replace the word "Virus" with "Bioweapon/Warfare/Toxin/Poison/Evil/Fear-Porn/Cash-Cow/Agenda/Distraction" and things start to make sense. Post just gathering up ...
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The End of Germ Theory? [Videos]

Terrain The Film (2022) The End of Germ Theory. (2 Hour Condensed Version) Mirrors: Odysee | KnowingTheTruth | BitChute | ...
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Can we talk about 5g yet or is it still “Taboo”?

Is it still taboo to talk about the negative effects of radiation? I have a thousand references to look at ...
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[Debate] “Germ Theory” vs “Terrain Theory”

So rare to see a debate between Germ vs Terrain theories -- ( rare - this is the first I've ...
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Toxic mosquito aerial release system (Patent: US8967029B1)

US patent for a Toxic Mosquito Aerial release system, granted by The United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2014 ...
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Legal Actions Challenging “COVID-19”

Just want to keep my eye on various legal actions relating to COVID-19 around the world. Contact me to add ...
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Déjà vu… Swine Flu [Video]

"The pandemic... that wasn't" Wow this video collected clips from the Swine Flu days and I'm having massive Déjà vu ...
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COVID… from the Fringe [Gagged]

Living document - Last Updated: 11 July 2021 WARNING: Unlike the rest of my posts - NOTHING on this page ...
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