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Why is there anyone on the planet who still believes the lies from the media and health regulators about Ivermectin when their filthy lies take less than 10 minutes to debunk? How is it possible that there is anyone left that actually trusts them, this is one of the biggest things that I have been confused about. How is it possible that even medical professionals can buy into the b.s. story – are you that controlled by your computer that you no longer look at any research with your own eyes anymore?

Why are you still believing a headline or paid-off celebrity ‘tv scientists’ rather than just checking the research for yourself? Especially with millions of people telling you it worked for them, and thousands of doctors and health scientists around the world using it successfully. How easy is it to manipulate a doctor that blindly-trusts their health regulators when they surely would see by now that everything about this pandemic is the opposite of truth/science/health – nothing is transparent, nothing is right, nothing is honest. They are obviously “not” listening to the “experts” or “following the science” – when are you going to have eyes to see, get your mind back, and shift to being on the right side of history?

Who is Andrew Hill? He published a negative Ivermectin Meta-Analysis that enabled the approval of the vaccines, the planet lockdown, the destruction of all small businesses, the worldwide wrong protocols being used in hospitals and prevention of severe disease, the permanent pandemic powers of the globalists, and the censorship and smearing of all doctors who were providing help to the entire planet. Who is Tess? World Council of Health & BiRD group