[RANT] I’m heartbroken and helpless and concerned and need to share

IN C19 Prey

I can’t make you look at research, I can’t ask you to join groups, I can’t ask you to read these stories, and I can’t sit back and do nothing. I don’t know what to do. My heart breaks for these people.

Ignore my rant if you can’t handle rants, but I’m going to burst if I don’t get these thoughts out of me.

The whole world went into lockdown to protect the most vulnerable, and now we’re volunteering our most vulnerable to be our poor guinea pigs. And it’s accepted? People accept this? People don’t question this? People believe that the “potential” benefit outweighs the risks? Nothing makes sense and yet everyone is reading headlines from their tv as their justification without even looking into anything more deeply. I hear it VERBATIM coming out of people’s mouths. They’ve never looked up anything, but an echo is coming out of their mouths of “what they were told, what they heard, what their fave celebrity says, what the voice on the tv told them, what they “think” society will find acceptable as a ‘good citizen’.

Everyone seems so surface-level and it’s making me feel so completely helpless. How do we share what is going on if it’s censored everywhere? How does the latest research get in front of people if Social Media giants ‘switch them off’ and the media dare not go there? When did Facebook and YouTube and Google become the “Gods of information” – why do they get to decide what people see?

Most of the people in these screenshots I’m sharing are pro-vaxxers and that is why they got the jab – some work in healthcare and it was mandatory, most of them were doing it to protect themselves – to prolong their lives, only to find themselves with severe adverse reactions or loss of life within weeks. And then their reactions are dismissed as ‘Comorbidities’ which we KNOW that most vulnerable people have – so why are we experimenting on them – or more to the point I want to make, why are they not being prepared – why are they not being told what to ‘look for’, why are they not given enough information so that if a side-effect is dangerous, they don’t disregard it and can act on it, early enough to save their lives? These people are now having to come to terms with the fact that these aren’t normal vaccines, and they can’t wrap their minds around what has happened to them and their loved one’s because they trusted they would be ok.

People are more afraid of being labelled a conspiracy theorist than to dare question any doubts that might come up. I prefer the term “truth-seeker”; I prefer the term “concerned citizen”. When something doesn’t sit right – shouldn’t we look into it further, rather than just accepting what we see on tv?

Our everyday friends and social groups have now become the oppressors; the first to knock-down, mock, or attack when they think someone might have a doubt? Are you allowing Facebook to brainwash you to become oppressors? Are we not allowed to have doubts? To question? Is it not acceptable to compare research and discuss alternatives and solutions or our concerns? What can we do? Can we ignore this? Am I supposed to ignore this? Am I supposed to share this? Do you have doubts yourself but suppress them because you want to say what you think ‘society will approve’?

I don’t understand why noone is even a little bit curious as to how these vaccines work – don’t you want to know? Don’t you want to know before you hold out your arm? They are not your typical vaccine – they act completely different than what you have ever seen in your entire lifetime and you want the most vulnerable to get it first? If you agreed to go into lockdown to keep this thing from killing our ‘sick and elderly’, then I don’t understand the logic of giving something that is causing all these severe reactions and deaths to the very people you put your life on hold for because apparently you cared about them.

“Don’t give it to under 50’s, but over 50’s are OK.” We need to discuss why it’s ok to give something to over 50’s that is not safe for under 50’s. What is this arbitrary line in the sand anyway? Where did they come up with that number? Don’t over-50’s “generally” have more underlying conditions and a weaker immune system? Are we buying that the “risks of getting COVID are greater than the risks of being part of the experiment?” If this makes sense to you, if you believe a narrative that the “benefits outweigh the risks” for the most vulnerable, especially in Australia, where we have barely seen the horror stories that have happened in the USA and in other places, I would love to see the data on that. Please help me find some valid research that proves why it’s a good idea to give to the most vulnerable. Please send. I can’t live like this knowing that my friends and family are holding out their arms without proof that it is safer than any alternative-the only ‘validity’ I have found is that both COVID and the vaccines can cause blood clots.

This post won’t reach anyone, censorship that questions what the idiot-box tells us does not get any reach, and I’ll probably be put in Facebook Jail or banned for having an opinion; but I need to vent, I need to share, I need to do something. I can’t do nothing. I can’t read what happened to these people and do nothing.

AZ causes blood clots made front-page news yesterday, and I still heard “… but people get blood clots and have strokes everyday.” I guess, when it’s an unnamed statistic, a person you don’t know, a someone “over there,” when it is just a “name and an age or a number,” you can twist your mind around and make up all sorts of reasons why that ‘unknown’ person must’ve had this coming to them-their underlying conditions – their age group, because some of them will absolutely be for that reason. But for me, this is exactly why these voices are not making it into the mainstream media. And for the ones that have been affected, that know these people, that loved these people, they will never know for certain. They know that their loved one got the vaccination because they wanted to stay safe and prolong their life—they wanted to feel protected and stay around a while. No one is taking it thinking it might make their situation worse. Now we’re discovering that it’s not just AZ, but all of the COVID vax’s that can cause blood clots, so Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford as well, and also.. “covid” can cause blood clots, so maybe they are “damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.” But are they making an informed decision.. are they knowing all this in advance – “BEFORE” they either decide to take the risk or not?

Well, if you are reading this now, and if you know this now, and decide to look things up, you can still decide what’s best for you and your loved ones knowing that whether they get a vaccine or get covid, they can still get clots-but more importantly, knowing that it ‘can’ happen, “what to look for”, and how long to stay vigilant after taking the vax so that you don’t just brush off (or let your doctor brush-off) any potentially dangerous symptoms as “probably just a side-effect”-like to actually “act on something” when it doesn’t feel right.

This, to me, is WHY they are giving it to the over 50’s and the most vulnerable. Because “society” will turn a blind eye to adverse reactions to those over 50, but if 22-year olds start dying of blood clots, having strokes, or going blind-it might stir you up.

How can I be surrounded by so many who attack, dismiss, mock, or ignore instead of an appropriate expected response of “hmm.. maybe I should look into this further”… “Maybe I should learn a bit more about it… “… “Maybe I should know what to look for..”… “Maybe I should understand the risks”…Maybe my information isn’t up-to-date”, “ohhh, maybe I don’t know much about these vaccines”.. “maybe I don’t know as much as I think I do by just reading the news”… “Maybe, just maybe, I should seek more information before I decide”.

I DO understand that we have been conditioned to be “good citizens” and groomed from the day we were born as to what a “good citizen” is, I DO understand that people’s need to fit in and be accepted by their peers, their colleagues, their society, their friends, their family, their boss, their religion, etc. I get that. But is that urge to belong so deeply ingrained, so powerful, so strong, so important to you, that you don’t question something when it brings up doubts?

I’m sad; I’m frustrated; I’m helpless because the task is too big for me; I’m worried; I’m concerned; I’m confused. I look like a crazy person for researching, questioning, and making sure I understand. I can’t comprehend how we’re not ALL questioning, having doubts, and madly researching. The media are the ones that should be reporting on these things, not some joe blow like me. Why are these people’s stories not being shared? And every single individual should be researching before they hold out their arm, or their kids’ arm, or their grandparent’s arm, and the health professionals and every single person working in the health industry should be the biggest researchers of them all.

I spend all day and night researching, and it shouldn’t be people like me doing this, I’m not a health professional, so nothing I say will hold any credibility. The FLCCC had to practically beg the senate to get NIH to look into the Ivermectin data-but the NIH and CDC and all the government health officials shouldn’t need someone begging them to look at data-they should be on it first-they should be the ones gathering all the information being reported out of every country and reporting up-to-date findings honestly and with integrity.

I know that if I share research papers, no one is going to click on them. I know that even if I summarize, no one is going to read it, and I know a post this long will never get read (even if it miraculously made it past Facebook censorship). I don’t want to be a voice, but I also can’t do nothing. I don’t know what to do. I need to vent, think, and continue researching. I can’t keep reading these stories and I also can’t stop reading these stories. My hands are in the air. I don’t surrender, I surrender. I want to stop looking, but I can’t stop looking.

I want every individual to make their own informed decision about what goes into their bodies. I’m not “anti” freedom of choice, I’m anti this censorship of disclosure of what is working (as an alternative to even needing a vax) and to people being fully aware of what to look for if they happen to get one of these “side-effects” that cause death or serious injury (if they decide to take it). I want people to just know everything they can know—all aspects, not just the promise of “free donuts” before they make a decision. And I want people to have the freedom to be able to make an informed decision for themselves. No “FORCING” should ever come into legislation-what the hell?

You won’t find me holding up a protest sign or standing in the way of anyone who has made a decision about what they believe is best for them, and I expect the same in return. (I guess I am more anti- than pro- in general, because of my own bad experiences with the health system, but I’m also a solution-seeker and an obsessive researcher by nature, so if I find things that contradict my beliefs and it feels like a more educated and logical solution than my current view, if up-to-date data proves worthy, I am not so full of myself that I can’t change my perspective and take the anti-vaccine t-shirt off – I just happen to myself, have found more reasons NOT to take it, and darned if you build a world where you think it’s fine to force anyone to be injected with an experimental vaccine – let alone the whole world – are you kidding me!). I am full of doubts, concern, and distrust BECAUSE of all the censorship – that is what is building a wall – not being able to voice our concerns, not allowing people to discuss their doubts – suppressing the voices of the victims who have been damaged. It’s gross.

I can’t NOT share this because we all NEED to know this-it’s not making the news – it’s not reaching people before they make a decision to handover their trust to an experiment (of which is something that doesn’t even stop the spread). I don’t want to post because I know people “pick sides” with everything in life and get nasty about it-from whatever football team they follow, to their political and religious views-and they will fight and argue and hold onto their belief for dear life (no matter what ‘team’ they are on or side they pick!), but I don’t think there needs to be “sides”-I just want open dialogue to be our normal-and there are people picking “sides” and not allowing everyone’s voices to be heard. So I don’t want to post and yet I can’t NOT post. I don’t want to post knowing friends work in the health industry, knowing friends have got the jab, knowing friends have diverse opinions and theories, knowing friends are holding so much optimism and have faith that these jabs will be the end to a pandemic and protect them and life will return to “normal”.


I hesitate for this reason, I don’t want to upset anyone and yet I also can’t “not” share because these voices aren’t readily accessible outside of these private support groups because no one can share them publicly without being censored, bullied, or dismissed. What to do? What do I do? What would you do if you read these somewhere and you knew your friends didn’t know? Do I disregard it because it might upset some people, or do I share with the hope that those who have concerns make an educated decision about the ‘benefits vs risks’. It won’t go anywhere so it’s rather pointless, other than that underlying hope that whoever randomly comes across this, may be someone that needed to see it, to initiate their own research or to know that not everyone sees roses and rainbows when it comes to this so-called ‘solution’, or maybe just to look things up and make their own ‘informed decision’ before deciding to do it anyway – I don’t know what I hope to gain other than getting this off my chest and a plea for people to gather more information ‘first’.. nothing more.

My best solutions for alternatives to being the guinea pigs, is building a stronger immune system, supplements, and Ivermectin. And who knows what else is out there that is working that I’m yet to come across, that you’re yet to come across, that someone else has found, that other countries are reporting in languages I’m yet to translate, but these things are the best defence and treatment that I (personally think) are safer than the experiments. But personal opinion and findings aside, there are many out there trying to get information to both the medical professionals as well as to individuals that is just not getting in front of people fast enough, and most don’t care enough to even seek more information.

I’m not going to share non-mainstream-friendly links because that’s a whole other level of deepness that you can go. I want, if anyone reads this, normal everyday news-reading types, to go to sources of information they can trust:

The FLCCC website is a good starting point for both health professionals looking for the latest treatments, and individuals who are just starting to look at what is working out there. These guys have been keeping up-to-date with what is working (for prevention and treatment) in other countries and coming up with protocols to share to health professionals and the general public.

Drbeen Medical Lectures on YouTube is a good starting point for understanding ‘how’ each of the various vaccines work, ‘how’ the virus works, treatments and prevention, etc (and he’s pro-vax, and has even been vaccinated a few days ago with Moderna). He believes in vaccination, so he might appeal to those who are already pro-vax, but he’s also a good source for those information-seekers who believe in prevention or knowledge in general, because he just researches and share’s all his findings – no tin-foil hat, no conspiracy, no fear-mongering, no screaming of bioweapons or anti-government, main-stream-friendly and pro-information-seeking-friendly – he’s just a doctor who just wants to educate, and he’ll explain things in more detail than you’ll ever get from your local).

It’s taken me 2 days to compile these stories, to blur out all their names, to edit out their photos. I joined this group within the last week when they had 14k members, yesterday there were was 53k members, and as I type this overnight it has grown to 62k members, and many more people have shared their adverse reactions and deaths of loved ones since I took these screenshots – there’s no way I can keep up, but their concerns matter, I believe their stories need to be heard. People need to know what to look for, what to be aware of, and health professionals who are administering these vaccines and citizens alike need to get as up-to-date as they can to make informed decisions.

In case you didn’t get the memo: This is not an anti-vax post. This is a… “are you aware of the risks?” post. “Would you know what to do if this happened to you?” post. Are you fully aware of the side-effects being reported worldwide – are you ‘in the know’ of what could happen if you take or not take it? This is a ‘call for everyone to be more informed’ post. This is a.. “I don’t know what else to do but share this” post. This is a “I’m heartbroken and helpless and concerned and need to share” post.

C19 Victims


The Big Reset Movie (Documentary) English

The uncensored documentary about the truth of the pandemic


COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Data Shows a Negative Benefit to Harm Ratio in New Peer-Reviewed Paper

An important new paper was published in volume 40, issue 35 of the peer-reviewed Vaccine journal. Both the Moderna and the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trial data appeared to have a negative benefit/harm ratio. Peter Doshi.
“Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults.”


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Will we see this more and more as people realize the truth about the dangers of these shots?


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Quickie but important Jab Updates for Australians:
(1) TGA FOI 3727 – Pfizer injury data.
(2) Australian gynaecologist Dr. Luke McLinden found that (50% – 74%) had miscarriages after taking the jab.


Mother of 3 – Darkest moments after Moderna

“I’m not an antivaxxer, I believe in vaccines, but I also believe there are adverse effects and I would not wish this on anyone”. 37yo Mother of 3 after her 2nd Moderna Shot.


“They were the smart ones…” [Video|Pfizer]

She works in a hospital and was told the vaccine would save lives. She regrets taking it and calls her friends who didn’t take it the “smart ones”, commends them for standing up and wishes she was one of them. “No job is worth it – No Job”.


Clearing Spike Protein by Fasting (it’s the Only Way)

Post Vaccine and Post Spike Protein Exposure detox methods by Dr Paul Marik of FLCCC, Dr Been & Tyler Tolman. The body heals itself and how to clear the spike. Explanation & methods of autophagy / fasting. “There is only one way to get rid of spike protein, and that’s by stimulating autophagy. That is the only way.”


Sean Hartman’s dad wants to know “What happened to my son?” after Pfizer shot

Sean Hartman’s Dad wants answers to his son’s Pfizer death. Testimony at Toronto City Council board of health. I’m not an anti-vaxxer at all, I’m really not, but I think there is something wrong with this one.


HARM | PCR Test Deception [Documentary]

This film is not for you. It’s for the people who don’t believe you. Without the PCR test there would be no “pandemic.”

rennick with TGA

Senator Rennick to Office of Gene Technology & TGA | Spike Protein

I don’t know how Senator Rennick can stand being in the same room as Skerritt when he lies straight to his face and has destroyed so many lives.


1250+ COVID Vaccine Publications and Case Reports [download]

Collection of Peer-Reviewed Medical Papers Evidencing Multitude of Heartbreaking Adverse Events in Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients


Safe & Effective = Reckless & Dangerous | Julian Gillespie

Lawyer Julian Gillespie is standing up to Australia’s Secretary of Health in Federal Court against the dangerous and deadly shots, warns of big pharma’s influence over politicians and medical authorities, and new oppressive powers being legislated, and calls out the Australian government for ignoring the Pandemic Plan and letting WHO go rogue on the Australian people.


Evidence of Pharma Corruption & “Group-Think” | Peter Parry

Evidence of Pharmaceutical Data Fraud, Psychological Manipulation, Criminal Activities, and Corruption by Australian Associate Professor Peter Parry at the

Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them

Vaxxed have lower immune function & Boosters ineffective

Boosters should be discontinued given that 8 months after 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, the immune function among vaccinated individuals are lower than the unvaccinated. ( Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them. – Japan – Virology Journal)

Dr Mark Trozzie

Dr Mark Trozzi ‘If you want to survive, do some homework’

“FOCUS. Start THINKING. Pay ATTENTION. People need to really use their heads and be intelligent now. If you want to survive, do some homework… If your doctor isn’t being investigated or suspended, then Run!” ~ Dr Mark Trozzie


Autopsies: Evidence for Jab-Related Harm & Death. (Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt)

Eight German pathologists, physicians and biologists and one physicist are working together looking at autopsies and biopsies of those suspected of dying from the Covid Shots. Prof. Arne Burkhardt shares the autopsy findings.


#RealNotRare – Compare Vax-Injured Stories

This is a very good resource for the vaccine injured (but also to researchers who are looking to compare symptoms).


Senator Rennick “This is no longer about COVID” End the Mandates.

“Because the vaccines are not fit for purpose, they should not be mandated or required, period—by an employer, by a government, by a business, by a school, by a sporting association or by a show association. No-one has the right to force someone to undergo a medical procedure, especially one that is ineffective, and, even more importantly, one that is dangerous. It is time to stop the vaccine rollout. It is time to stop the mandates. It is time to stop the vaccine discrimination, and it is time that governments stop the tyrannical overreach in the name of COVID.”


QLD Senator: Truth Bombs “We won’t let you get away with it”

Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts calls out the TGA, ATAGI, ABS, AHPRA, Liberal-Nationals, Labor, Greens, for running a protection-racket for the Pharmaceutical industry. He shares Pfizer and AstraZeneca’s criminal history & calls them out for fraud. He calls out the deliberate suppression of any health advice, because the vaccines are a gravy train. He brings up all the TGA FOI’s that highlight we have no honest or accurate safety data, and ends with a promise to not let them get away with it: “We are coming for you – we have the stamina to hound you down and we damn well will”.


Fully-Vaxxed 9/10 Hospitalizations & 4/5 Deaths

If this data doesn’t concern you, then you should probably trade-in your brain. How in the hell are we going to red-pill the naïve if they won’t even look at the stats for themselves, or when they just blindly-trust the wrong people?


Death of Shane Warne from suspected Heart attack sparks Vaccine Debate

Although we’ll probably never know if Shane would still be alive if he hadn’t of taken the jabs, dying of heart-related issues after vaccination is not something to be disregarded or dismissed. RIP Shane.


[Moderna] Over 100 School Staff called in Sick after 2nd Shot

Kaneland High School had an emergency day off after 125 Staff members called in sick after receiving their second Moderna shot.


[Police Standing Up] Chantal Uren – Former WA Police

My name is Chantal, I’m a 37 year old Police Officer from Western Australia and I had a severe reaction after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.


Sudden surge in cancer within weeks of C19 Jabs?

Only an ignorant fool or someone under mind-control could be still trusting the main narrative at this time.


Senate Hearing – Jan 24 2022 – 3 Military Whistleblowers on C19 Vaccines – “Our soldiers are being experimented on”

300% increase in miscarriages and cancer. Over 1000% increase in neurological issues. 71% of new cases and 60% of hospitalizations are fully-vaccinated


Jab Injuries Australia

When there is RISK there must be CHOICE. REAL people, REAL stories, REAL injuries.


13yo Maddie de Garay [Update 9 Months Later] Permanently Injured from Pfizer Trial

Maddie De Garay was 12 when she enrolled (along with her 2 older brothers) in the Pfizer Phase 3 Trial for Kids, and was Paralyzed for life. She’s 13 years old now and 9 months later, Maddie’s mum Stephanie gives an update warning parents “if this happens to your child – you are on your own – doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the government will not help you”.


[Rant] More Vaccinated than Unvaccinated Deaths in Australia

What the hell is going on? Has everyone taken the Kool-Aid? Serious question.


Australian Emergency Department Doctor Warns of Myocarditis in Children

Recently a brave Emergency Department Doctor came forward and posted a video highlighting the visual difference he was seeing between a person’s heart who had been diagnosed with Myocarditis and a Healthy Heart.


Robert Malone MD explains his Moderna Injury and how to check if you had a Toxic Batch

5% of the batches appear to have produced 90% of the adverse reactions and some Moderna batches are associated with 50 x the number of deaths and disabilities compared to other batches. – Robert describes how his 2nd shot almost killed him and how to check if your batch was toxic.


Open Letter to SG Prime Minister RE: Mandates

Well written letter to the Government about vaccine mandates – Singapore.


Pfizer Deaths – Kids (VAERS)

People pretending this isn’t happening? Humanity has gone? At what point will this be more real to those who deny it than the fear of something that is absolutely treatable without risking experimental things with completely unknown adverse effects – on kids – who had their whole life ahead of them – these are kids!


C19 Vaccine Marketing to Kids [Videos]

Compilation of the various “COVID-19 Vaccine Marketing to Kids” videos including: BigBird, Sesame Street, Pfizer SuperHereos, Microsoft Cartoon for QR Codes, China Reality for Kids and QR codes, CDC Study, and more


Aviation Industry C19 Vax Victims

Graham Hood, Ex-Qantas Pilot Lists Aviation Industry Vaccine Industries in Australia as at December, 2021


Athletes who “suddenly” died or collapsed since vax rollout

Are our governments doing enough to alert us about the risks of Covid vaccines Pfizer, AstraZenica and Moderna? Since mid-2021 there has been a increasingly high number of “sudden and unexpected” deaths and collapses due to cardiac issues in sport. Stop automatically-calling “Coincidence” for any adverse reaction that could be related to a planetary-wide global rollout of experimental biologicals that are still in an ongoing clinical trial – especially when young athletes are not at risk of serious disease in the first place.


Aussie Nurses, Paramedics, Health Workers speak out about COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

Australian Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses and Health Worker Whistleblowers speak on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Gags by Regulators.


Amputations after COVID/Vax

Well this is confusing and worrisome. I found a lot of people who had to amputate their legs or arms after getting the COVID vaccines. There is a couple that got the vaccine but didn’t believe it could be related, and others that apparently weren’t vaccinated and blame covid. Scratches head. Then there’s a new story from yesterday about a man from NSW who had his leg amputated after the 2nd dose of AZ but then apparently contracted COVID in hospital and then was told by staff that he “could’ve got real sick” if he wasn’t vaccinated. I’m so confused.


UK Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill

“There is a lot more damage being done to our citizens as a result of Covid-19 vaccinations than in any other vaccination programme in history.”


Brazilian President tells WHO director “People are Dying” after C19 Shots, pleads not to recommend to Kids

Brazilian President tells WHO Director “People are Dying” After COVID Shots – Pleads with WHO to Publicly NOT Recommend it for Children – and talks about WHO’s stance on Passport, Vaccine Mandates, the policies where states have governing power, and the missing origin of virus.

shednine on Instagra

Eddie Warne – Rare??? Jab Reactions & Covid Truthbombs

Eddie Warne – Took the jab to keep his Victorian Surf Shop open and had a reaction, now has a message for humanity as well as sharing the comments from friends who also suffered adverse reactions. He wants to stop them coming for the kids and share a message about what he thinks is going on.


What we should be talking about (if Mainstream Media was doing their job)

If the mainstream media was doing their job, this is what we should be talking about.


They asked for Unvaccinated COVID Death Stories (Got 258k Unexpected Comments)

After WXYZ-TV posted its appeal for stories about unvaccinated loved ones dying of COVID, they got over 258k unexpected responses.


Prof. Levi – C19 Vax – Increase in Cardiac arrests & Heart attacks

Prof Levi and his colleagues pointed out increase of 25% in cardiac arrest calls under 40. Any attempt to deviate from the narrative is faced with a wall of hostility, rejection, and elimination.


Against Our Will [Europe]

Another post dedicated to those standing for freedom of choice over what goes into their own bodies. You are not alone.


Against Our Will [Australia & New Zealand]

Post dedicated to those standing for freedom of choice over what goes into their own bodies. You are not alone.


Aussie Health Workers on Jab Policies

Really think about this. Those who worked the entire “pandemic” are not taking the jab, are not allowed to ask questions, are not allowed to speak up, and have a different version of covid truth than the media.


Heart Damage: mRNA Vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna)

1 in every 1000 people suffering myocarditis (rather than 4.3 cases per million claimed by UK Medicine Regulator)


Health Insights from the first year of COVID-19 in Australia

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released a report on the September 10 2021.
“Health Insights from the first year of COVID-19 in Australia.”

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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