Dear Globalists…

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Living document. First Published. Nov 5, 2021. Last Updated. June 10, 2022

Message to the Globalists | Amandha Vollmer

Message to the Globalists

Dr Amanda Vollmer | YouTube Channel | Website | Source: Twitter
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Amandha eloquently puts a positive spin to our present day NWO trials and tribulations, and shoves it all back into the globalists’ faces.

Fully Awakened | We take our POWER back!

Fully Awakened | We take our POWER back!

This is what happens when you are fully awake, they can’t control you anymore. She has awakened to her real identity and taken back her power.

Watch on Rumble | Source: Source Consciousness TV (YouTube) | Download: Telegram

(This is another uploaders channel listed at the end.. I would really love to find her original channel.. if you can make out the righting or know who she is, please let me know xoxo)

Calling out the Globalists | Mother Miriam

Calling out the Globalist New World Order Great Reset

Mother Miriam Live FULL Episode

Let THEM Jab Themselves With It!

Calling out the Globalists

“Let THEM Jab Themselves With It!”


Bill Gates
The Rockefellers
The Rothschilds
Klaus Schwab
George Soros
Jab themselves with it.


Dear Mainstream Media & those on Wrong Side of History | Riccardo Bosi & Ros Nealon-Cook

Dear Globalists & Mainstream Media Hiding COVID Truth

Riccardo Bosi, Oct 10, 2021
Fullscreen Short | Full Roundtable Discussion & Notes

Ivererse World | Media | Elites | Ireland

Ireland – Inverse World, Media Corruption, Elite Globalists

Fullscreen (Source Unknown)

Vanguard | BlackRock | Rothschilds etc | Dr Vladimir Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko calls out the Globalists

Dr Vladimir Zelenko, nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize for his COVID-19 peer reviewed work has accumulated over 100 citations. Regarded as a “white hat” in battling against global medical tyranny and genocide he took to Gab to reveal the dark forces behind the pandemic.
Website | Telegram | Rumble | Gab

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