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Living document – Last Updated: 11 July 2021

WARNING: Unlike the rest of my posts – NOTHING on this page has been fact-checked or referenced yet and should be considered “opinion pieces” if this notice is still up.

My main focus in the first year was to be as up-to-date as possible with “Mainstream COVID” and learn all I can about the virus, the disease, the treatments, and so on (basically things that I can verify/validate/talk to my family about).

What are others saying that is apparently so dangerous that they need to be removed from the general public’s eyes? There is always a place to being open to listening to someone else’s truth and viewpoint, to broadening the mind, to gain a better understanding or an expanded perspective.

Particularly when you are up against the most powerful and richest people in the world – it is not beyond belief that there are agenda’s benefiting from this ‘pandemic’, and governments, pharmaceutical companies and the media are far from being ‘infallible’ or ‘benevolent’.

Featured here are various people and theories that keep getting censored, and they may have theories that I’m yet to fully comprehend, explore in-depth, or I don’t have enough information to decide one way or another where I am, but they are on my radar as being constantly deleted & censored, so my antenna is up, and I’m interested to hear what they are saying that is getting them constantly muzzled, and whether it’s truth, plausible, or fantasy.

What we have here “on the fringe” is doctors & medical specialists, scientists & researchers, virologists & epidemiologists, military-insiders & whistle-blowers, spiritual & religious leaders, different levels of governments, and people from different countries & cultures in different age-groups and backgrounds, sharing their theories.

Why are we picking one lab-coat over another in this when the data is evolving and the knowledge from different sectors of the globe is immense?

PCR-Test & Vaccine Concerns (33 Doctors in One Video)

33 Doctors in One Video

  • 00.07 Dr. Andrew Kaufman US
    • (warns for a non-existing need for a vaccine)
  • 00.47 Dr. Hilde De Smet BE
    • (warns for serious side effects of the vaccine and fraud)
  • 01.50 Dr. Nils R Fosse NO
    • (warns for the vaccine)
  • 02.12 Dr. Elizabeth Evans UK
    • (warns for the vaccine)
  • 02.52 Dr. Mohamed Adil UK
    • (warns for the restrictions)
  • 03.50 Dr. Vernon Coleman UK
    • (warns for the whole Covid scam and censoring)
  • 04.37 Prof. Dolores Cahill EI
    • (warns for non-necessity of restrictions)
  • 05.30 Dr. R Zac Cox UK
    • (warns for the vaccine)
  • 05.58 Dr. Anna Forbes UK
    • (warns for in-appropriate use of the pcr-tests)
  • 06.36 Dr. Ralf ER Grundberg SE
    • (warns for in-accuracy of the pcr-tests)
  • 07.30 Dr Johan Denis BE
    • (warns for the connection with Artificial intelligence)
  • 09.33 Dr. Daniel Cullum US
    • (warns for any vaccine)
  • 10.00 Med.Journalist Moritz von der Borch DE
    • (warns for the vaccine)
  • 10.13 Dr. Anne Fierlafijn BE
    • (warns for non-liability)
  • 11.33 Dr. Tom Cowan
    • (warns for any toxins injected in your body)
  • 11.52 Dr. Kevin P Corbert UK
    • (warns for the real pandemic of hysteria and flaws in the pcr-test)
  • 13.30 Dr. Carrie Madej US
    • (warns for false positives and the RNA vaccine)
  • 15.00 Dr. Barre Lando US
    • (warns for the vaccine)
  • 15.18 Nurse Kate Shemirani UK
    • (warns for the complicity of governments)
  • 15.52 Pharmacist Sandy Lunoe NO
    • (warns for adverse reactions of the vaccine)
  • 16.48 Dr. Boris Dragin SE
    • (warns for the vaccine scam)
  • 17.58 Dr. Piotr Rubas PL
    • (warns for needless vaccine against a harmless disease)
  • 18.30 Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo ES
    • (warns for non-existance of a medical pandemic)
  • 18.43 Dr. Rashid Buttar US
    • (warns for the lack of self awareness of our own power)
  • 19.10 Dr. Nour De San FR
    • (warns for the vaccine)
  • 19.47 Dr. Kelly Brogan US
    • (warns for technocrats and the state)
  • 20.38 Prof. Konstantin Plavlidis UK
    • (warns for non accuracy of any test for Covid19)
  • 22.03 Dr. Sherry Tenpenny US
    • (warns for auto-immune response to vaccine and non-liability)
  • 23.10 Journalist Senta Depuydt BE
    • (warns for criminal acts of at high level in the EU)
  • 24.49 Dr. Heiko Santelmann DE
    • (warns for Bill Gates)
  • 25.37 Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson DE
    • (warns for vaccine)
  • 26.19 Dr. Mikael Nordfors SE
    • (warns for the vaccine)
  • 27.14 Dr. Elke de Klerk NL
    • (warns for 3 dangers of the vaccine)

Pro-Vax Doctors NOT Getting the Jab (Serious Concerns)

Rather than copy/pasting all the videos & notes into this post, I have another post dedicated just to doctors who are not getting the jab and their reasons, such as:

Global Surveillance Programs - Worst Conspiracies Hide in Plain Sight (Edward Snowden)

Responsible for one of the most significant leaks in US political history – former CIA US intelligence computer consultant (United States National Security Agency), Edward Snowden, revealed global mass surveillance, extensive internet and phone surveillance, and revealed that there are so many conspiracies that are demonstrably true, that the term conspiracy theory isn’t relevant.

His disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments.

…the truest conspiracies meet with the least opposition.

I was involved with establishing a Top-Secret system intended to access and track the communications of every human being on the planet. 

US-Funded Gain of Function Research, Lab-Leak (Rand vs Fauci)

USA Funding Gain-of-Function Research at Wuhan Lab

Rand vs Fauci / USA Funding Wuhan Lab

US-Funded Gain of Function Research, Lab-Leak (House Republications - Hearing)

House Republicans Hold Hearing On COVID-19 Origin, Explore Lab-Leak Theory | FULL

Chinese-Military Bioweapon - to destroy economies & freedoms (Dr Yan)

Dr Yan

The Chinese military intentionally released it as a bioweapon to destroy economies and freedoms.

Virus is a US-funded BioWeapon & the New Vaccines are Useless (Dr Richard Fleming)

Dr Richard Fleming

Virus is a US-funded BioWeapon & Vaccines are useless

You are all involved in the largest experimental study ever in the history of mankind; either in the experimental or control group.

mRNA Bioweapon, Vaccine Adverse Effects, Antibodies, Ivermectin (Ryan Cole MD)

Ryan Cole M.D

Avoid the vaccine under age 50, Adverse Effects, Antibodies, Variants

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory Primer (Dr. Sam Bailey)

Dr. Sam Bailey, N.Z.

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Exosomes, PCR-Test, No Need for Vaccine (Dr. Andrew Kaufman)

Dr Andrew Kaufman

“There is no Virus” – it’s Exosomes – no need for Vaccine

PCR Tests, Exosomes theory, Rampant Microbiophobia

There is no virus (Exosomes), Vaccine is Bioweapon (David Icke)
COVID-19 is the Greatest Hoax in History (Dr Vernon Coleman)

Dr. Vernon Coleman (Retired)

How many Billion could the COVID-19 Vaccines Kill or Damage?

Experimental Gene Therapy leading to Transhumanism, Nanoparticles (Dr Carrie Madej)

Dr Carrie Madej

“Vaccine Transhumanism, ID2020, Digital Branding”

Dr. Carrie Madej has studied vaccines and DNA for over twenty years. She reveals how new technologies are being proposed for the next generation of vaccines, like the experimental gene therapy which is called COVID-19 vaccines. These technologies are designed to inject nanotechnology into the human body, and start the process of transhumanism. (02)

Transhumanism, Great Reset, Human 2.0, HCQ, CRISPR (Dr Stella Immanuel)

Dr. Stella Immanuel

Great Reset, Human 2.0, HCQ, CRISPR, Technology that creates false-memories

  • Gathered videos showing the latest ‘human 2.0’ technology.
  • Technology where you can control another human or robot by thought
  • Over-writing/wiping out past-memories & replacing with false-memories they’ve never had.
  • False-memories in soldiers within 48 hours.
  • Training during sleep. (Can teach people during sleep and ask them when they are awake and they’ve ‘learnt’)
  • Edit genes almost overnight – re-engineering humanity, diseases, plants, the environment by changing the genome.
  • mRNA in “every cell in every organism of life” – introduce a line of code / change a line of code.
  • “We are basically ‘our memories” but they can programme anything.”
  • Convinced injection is something that can re-programme us, and is especially trying to warn because of the pressure to vaccinate us against something that is completely treatable.
  • Luciferin/Mark of the beast stuff

Vaccine is Bioweapon, End of Human Freedoms, Mass-Depopulation (Michael Yeadon ex Pfizer)

Michael Yeadon ex Pfizer

End of human freedoms & debunking Antibodies, Variants, Passports, Mass-Depopulation

Academics can’t speak out because they rely on grants from companies for their bread & butter.

Viruses tiny, need to get into cell as soon as possible. Antibodies are big molecules and are generally outside of the cell. Virus = inside of cell. Antibodies = outside of cell. Separate compartments. Not saying they have ‘no role’ but they really not that important. T cell immunity are able to detect viruses inside of cells & kill those cells. Antibody-level detection can give ‘evidence’ that you’ve been infected, but having them is not a good measure on whether or not you are immune. When Antibody-levels drop, that does not mean you are losing immunity. We’ve known this for decades.

Exaggerated risks. The older & sicker you are, the greater the risk. Slightly bigger risk to you than the flu. It was never necessary for us to have done anything – lockdowns, masks, mass-testing, vaccines. There are multiple therapeutic drugs that are at least as effective as vaccines, that are already available.

On Variants: Will only be 0.3% different than the original & will not escape your immunity (either by vaccines or natural infection). 18 years ago there was a virus called SARS (80% similar to SARS-CoV-2), experiments done last year where they got original people to donate blood who had SARS, and found that after 17 years they still had circulating tcell antibodies to SARS. Their T cells also recognized the new virus SARS-CoV-2. So a 20% difference was enough to trick their immune systems.

Why are pharmaceuticals making ‘top-up’ vaccines?
The new top-ups, that have no justification whatsoever, won’t require clinical studies. This should terrify you. Believes there’s no possible benign reason for this and believes this will damage and possible kill you. Plausible deniability. Believes they are lying about variants so they can make damaging top-up vaccines that you don’t need at all.

Once you’ve been infected, you’re immune.

Most won’t need a vaccine at all and are best to stay away from experimental vaccine that comes with a blood-clot risk. Why would you take a risk with your health for something that’s not a threat to you?

Vaccine passports.
Not required at all. Only provide complete control over all of your movements to whoever controls the database that your vaccination-status is connected to. This is what is going to take over your life in a way that George Orwell 1984 didn’t even dream of. Imagine you’ve been vaccinated and you’ve been awarded a vaccine passport on an app. World’s first database that contains your name, a unique digital ID in the same format as absolutely everybody else on the planet, on the same database, with an editable health-related flag. Algorithm rules works out what you can do with/without your vaccine passport. That’s what’s going to control the rest of your lives. Initially it might just be for larger sports stadiums, but eventually to enter shopping centres, large stores, retail establishments, etc. Coercive pressure on those who have decided not to get vaccinated. You can’t control what those rules are. This system has been put in place using lies, and I believe the purpose is complete totalitarian control.

Will be the end of human freedoms.

People running this must of thought about it for some time. Used a small amount of lies that are close to something that is ‘plausible’. Pounded this script relentlessly. The only other thing they needed to do is frighten people to death and censor everyone else. That’s all. Simple story, repeated, censorship and fear. And here we are.

They have complete control over the tv, radio, newspapers, internet.

Only people who will see me, is people already looking for information. People who need to be converted, are not looking. They’re looking at main-media and that can be controlled.

Whoever is running this has complete control over the message and the medium.

Vaccines only emergency-use authorized and we don’t know anything at all for the potential for long-term side-effects, so it’s inappropriate to give them to more than the most vulnerable. And now they want to inject children. Every medicine has side-effects – you would never use it on a grand-scale unless the people receiving it were at risk of the illness – and they’re not.

There’s something awful happening. You know it. You need to withdraw your consent. It’s the last chance to rescue your liberty and those of your children.

Plandemic, Corruption & Fauci let the virus spread for money & fame (Dr Judy Mikovits)

Dr Judy Mikovits

“Plandemic Documentary”

Covid Vaccines = Depopulation Vaccines (Dr Sherry Tenpenny)
Bill Gates & Fauci have corrupt entanglements with each other (Robert Kennedy Jr)

Robert Kennedy Jr

Robert Kennedy Jr. explains relationship between ‘world’s most powerful doctor’ Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. Says they have all kinds of corrupt entanglements with each other.

Gates bought Dr. Fauci his 180 million dollar house in Seattle? Says Partnership between Fauci & Gates is that Fauci would create the drugs to be passed onto the drug companies Merck, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, etc. Gates would then guarantee markets in Africa through his control of W.H.O.

Says Gates has no pretention that he gives a crap about public health – his other investments are in tobacco companies, processed foods, and owns stakes in virtually all the oil companies.
So he’s not a guy who cares about climate or public health.
He’s a guy who cares about ‘control’.

Investments in: Coca Cola, McDonalds, Pepsico, Burger King, Yum!, Monsanto, Philip Morris, Kraft, : ExonMobil, BP, Shell, ArchCoal, ConocoPhillips, Devon, First Energy, Energy Future Holdings, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Duke Energy.

5G Alters structure & blood cell permeability (Natural News & opposing view)

Opposing Views about the harms of 5G Radiation:


5G Alters blood cell permeability


5G Can’t Hurt You

Exosomes, PCR-Test & 5G (Kate Shemirani - Nurse)

Kate Shemirani

5G Smartgrid is the New World Order monitoring every aspect of your life (Max Igan)

Max Igan

5G Smartgrid is the New World Order monitoring every aspect of your life

The premise is that 5G and connecting all aspects of our life to ‘smart-this and smart-that’ could be used for good and will be sold to us as such, but that those behind it plan to use it for nefarious control and surveillance over every aspect of our lives – from digital currency to being able to ‘switch off’ someone’s life. Max Igan reveals the true nature of humanity’s ‘digital prison’ and the people farming our governments are involved in.

Max Igan has spent over 25 years researching the topics he covers in the many radio broadcasts and videos that he has produced. Video source:

The Great Reset - World Economy Forum - Conspiracy or Fact? (Russell Brand)

The Great Reset

Russell Brand uses snippets from various media reporting on The Great Reset to discuss what it is.

The Great Reset - WEF, Gates, Fauci, Media, WHO, NIH, BigPharma Corruption (Christian Elliott)

I like how Christian Elliott introduces his perspective – he’s a lot like me wondering how some of us see one thing and others see something completely different, why our friends become ‘more’ trusting of big pharma and gov whilst we grow more and more concerned. I recommend reading the whole article because he goes into depth about how he’s put things together from his perspective, but I want to just include his introduction here because this intro is exactly how I feel all the time:

Anyone besides me had a relationship strained due to your perspective on covid?

Perhaps you too have felt disoriented due to shifting or shrinking friend circles in the last year?

Back in April of 2020 I wrote an article called The Impracticality of Fearing Germs.

It sparked a dialogue with a good friend about my perspective of world events.

Whereas I was becoming more and more distrusting of the mainstream narratives and measures governments were taking, she became more and more convinced the measures were justified and the world was facing a very serious threat from a novel virus.

Despite both of our best and sincere attempts to understand where the other person was coming from, after a few rounds of back and forth she said:

“It must be exhausting keeping up with all those conspiracy theories”

to which I thought (but chose not to say)

“It must be hard to breathe when you bury your head in the sand.”

As you could imagine, neither of our sentiments proved fruitful.

She told me not to send her any more material because censorship is “not my fight” and that she will never be in “that camp” (whatever that means).

I didn’t understand her perspective, but (with a melancholy that lasted for weeks), I honored her wishes.

Fair or not, accurate or not, I couldn’t let go of feeling like I failed her.

I resigned myself to thinking that time would have to bear out the truth of what I told her.

It hasn’t…at least not yet.

Fast forward about a year later and both of us are shocked the other person hasn’t “woken up yet.”

  • Where she sees mis-information, I see missed-information.
  • Where she sees alarming death numbers, I see manufactured death numbers.
  • Where she sees a trustworthy CDC and FDA, I see shady, captured agencies.
  • Where she sees a civic duty to “social distance” I see forced psychological trauma, a lack of science, and oppressive fear tactics.
  • Where she sees going to a mask-free church as reckless, I see a responsibility to give my family a sense of normalcy.


How is it that two decently-rational people see world events so differently?

How did we develop such strong opinions about issues that never existed before?

How did our starting assumptions and human nature quirks play into the conversation?

Are there objective facts that could actually change my mind or hers, or are we doomed to echo-chamber thinking and never speaking to each other again?

Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren't safe or effective

Articles or Names


Miscellaneous Resources

  • COVID19 – A Planned Pandemic & a Crime Against Humanity (PDF) (03)
  • Doctors explaining why these vaccines aren’t safe or effective (XLS) (04)


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