Open Letters: C19 Jabs for Kids

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Thousands of doctors and scientists from all around the world have been writing letters urging the halt of the Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout and particularly warning against vaccinating Children.

Doctors and scientists from 30 countries warn against C-19 Vaccines for Children

Open Letter from UK Medical Freedom Alliance to Headteachers and Teachers. Re: Administration of Covid-19 vaccines to school children

Holocaust Survivors’ Letter Protesting COVID-19 Vaccines

International association of lawyers, doctors, scientists, journalists as well as representatives of other professions including Concentration Camp survivors, their sons, and daughters, and grandchildren, and persons of goodwill and conscience: STOP THE HOLOCAUST

Open Letter by NZ Doctors – Call to Action to MPs

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More Open Letters from Doctors (External Links)

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Free Books to Recruit (Brainwash) Your Children into Life-long Pharma Slavery!

Found the mother-load of free propaganda books for kids via the Pfizer Clinical Trial site!


[Canada] National Citizens Inquiry

A must-watch heart-breaking inquiry where Canadians testify on how the covid policies affected their lives.


Download Research

Everything I’ve saved so far in my quest to get answers during the pandemic. Truth is all I seek.


Vaccine Generated Spike in the Blood of Children with Myocarditis

Deep dive and brief dive into the new study proving vaccine-generated spike protein in the blood of children that were diagnosed with Myocarditis.


TGA FOI 2389 – BigPharma & TGA Conflict$

Redacted information. Bureaucracy. Vaccine injuries. Ignoring patient data. TGA Conflict$ with BigPharma. ATAGI’s admission about myocarditis. Novel technology on the world instead of tried & true. Multiple agencies passing the buck to each other. Doubling-Down in Omicron instead of easing off. Mandating injections for Wuhan strain in Omicron. Australia’s deal with Moderna. mRNA flu shots. More.


Inner workings of the FDA’s Marriage to Pharma: “Don’t rock the boat”

How did I miss this last year? Project Veritas recorded an FDA executive admitting that the FDA is nothing but a food & pharmaceutical company whore, the approvals are rigged in industries’ favour, and it’s better to “look the other way and not rock the boat” if you want to move up the ranks, and there’s no incentive or protection for people who stand up. Feb. 15, 2022 | Christopher Cole, FDA Exec. Officer on hidden camera.

Jason Christoff

Let’s help the Vaxxed in 2023 [Jason Christoff #168]

A friend sent this podcast to our telegram group, and I’m so glad she did. It’s really interesting and covers a lot of what we’ve been talking about over the last few years. Mind control, fake-viruses, toxic-shots, graphene, the great reset, 15-minute cities, and the ancient psychos behind all this. We need to help our fellow citizens and kids this year.


[Rant] Satan-Claus Canada #WeWontForget

What will get kids put on the Naughty or Nice List? Well, the “Nice” list includes being masked up, vaccinated, and keeping up-to-date on boosters and flu shots. #NotTodaySatan


“We’re in End Times” Dr. James Thorp (OB/GYN)

An Ob-Gyn for over 40 years talks about the killing fields and the corrupt medical industrial complex murdering the future of humanity.


[Funeral Directors] speaking up about Covid, Boosters & now FLU shots!

Funeral Directors sharing what they are seeing with vaccine deaths, sharing first hand experiences with death certificates and families, and warning not to get the boosters.


[Senator Alex Antic] Injections will go down as greatest medical scandal in history

Senator Alex Antic: “Injections will go down as the greatest medical scandal in history, and none of YOU said a single thing—these injections are harming and in many instances killing our young people, but SA Health keeps pushing the injection narrative.” (21 Nov, 2022)


2 Years to Flatten the Human Spirit

Great conversation between former pharmaceutical rep and two students as they all discuss their awakening during the pandemic.


Are the Kids ok? [C19 Jabs]

Prominent, globally-recognized Cardiologists’ last words before being permanently banned from Twitter


Fired Paediatric Nurse Emotional Testimony “I am the face of your ‘misinformation’ campaign.”

Tawny Buettner, former Californian paediatric nurse who lost her job for asking her supervisors to report adverse effects to the FDA/VAERS, gives an emotional plea at a San Diego Supervisors meeting


Former Pfizer Staff Speak Out

Collection of Former Pfizer Staff and what they have to say. “I feel like I work for an Evil Corporation”. If these ex-and current Pfizer employees are speaking the truth, let’s investigate and figure out what we need to do about it.


Chasing down vaccinators who harmed loved ones with Covid Vaccines

Will we see this more and more as people realize the truth about the dangers of these shots?


Australian Jab Update – Miscarriages & Serious Injuries

Quickie but important Jab Updates for Australians:
(1) TGA FOI 3727 – Pfizer injury data.
(2) Australian gynaecologist Dr. Luke McLinden found that (50% – 74%) had miscarriages after taking the jab.


Sean Hartman’s dad wants to know “What happened to my son?” after Pfizer shot

Sean Hartman’s Dad wants answers to his son’s Pfizer death. Testimony at Toronto City Council board of health. I’m not an anti-vaxxer at all, I’m really not, but I think there is something wrong with this one.


Safe & Effective = Reckless & Dangerous | Julian Gillespie

Lawyer Julian Gillespie is standing up to Australia’s Secretary of Health in Federal Court against the dangerous and deadly shots, warns of big pharma’s influence over politicians and medical authorities, and new oppressive powers being legislated, and calls out the Australian government for ignoring the Pandemic Plan and letting WHO go rogue on the Australian people.


Dr Duncan Syme | Health & Govt bureaucracies have trashed principles

Doctor that was suspended by AHPRA for providing medical exemptions for the experimental gene-therapy injections explains how government bureaucrats have committed atrocities during the pandemic and they want even more power. A call to arms for other fellow health professionals, politicians, the media and the general public to stand up before unprecedented new powers control us all.

Senator QLD – Please Release the Mortality Data – Kids Dying after Vaccines

Australia has stopped releasing the mortality data – last report 30th June 2021.

15 Weeks no Data.

In the absence of Australian mortality data, he referenced UK data, which saw an increase in deaths amongst 15-17yo’s of 20% following the start of the vaccination rollout, trending at 25% at younger ages down to 4.
Mortality rate amongst boys was up 28%, and amongst girls 8%.

33 Bunnings stores in Queensland are offering vaccines – are they qualified to do that?

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