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Elon Musk – Golden Share – Something to explore

Elon Musk - Golden Share - Something to explore I made a video with various clips postulating the idea that ...
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Transhumanism, CBDCs, Nano-Network C19 Shots & the coming Social Credit System

The "Thrivetime" guys have done a great job at splicing clips together to do with transhumanism, the great reset, and ...
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“Internet of Things” patent

A 2018 report says this 2002 patent describes a plan to identify, tag, track, and control literally everything on the ...
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Grimes, i_o, Musk, & The Art of War

Strange day: Today's interest is Grimes, Musk, I_o (Garrett Lockhart), and the Art of War… This is fascinating. I honestly ...
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Stargate Episodes & Current World Topics of Discussion

You've seen people compare what's going on in the world with various movies and series such as The Matrix, They ...
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Dr Robert Malone on who controls the world

Seems Dr Robert Malone is getting closer and closer to the truth as time goes on.. Transcription of one of ...
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Pfizer – IBM – Collaborate – Internet of Things – 2017

Pfizer & IBM became partners in 2017 "to transform healthcare into the 21st century" by attaching sensors to the body ...
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Young Global Leaders (WEF)

For several decades, this program has nurtured compliant leaders acting as WEF agents in governments around the world. In 1992 ...
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Media Mind-Control (since Forever)

I am so grateful to a friend who sent the latest video of the Truthstream Media channel which I'm currently ...
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Transhumanism is not trans-human, it’s anti-human

We really do have some crazy global elites. World gone mad. "Transhumanism is not actually trans-human, it's anti-human" - Prof ...
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Weaponizable ‘brain science & nano-scale controllable robotics’ that can be aerosolized (Modern Warfare)

"Nanoparticulate matter - bio-penetrable, controllable robotic units at the nano-scale - can be aerosolized & weaponized" - Dr. James Giordano ...
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“Replace Healthcare with AI by 2025” [HealthPass]

This post highlights & summarizes the various changes in the National Health Service in the UK (something we mirror here ...
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Archbishop Carlo Viganò warns of coming dictatorship

Archbishop Viganò’s video message for the October 15, 2021 “No Fear Day” in Turin (Torino), Italy. This video was sent to ...
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Elon Musk’s connection with Graphene Oxide

The link between Elon Musk's Neuralink, Neural Lace, and Graphene Oxide Rumble | Telegram Neuralink: Elon Musk's entire brain chip ...
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Teslaphoresis | Self-Assembly of nanotubes using an electric field

Scientists in 2016 were excited to share how for years they've been able to get graphene nanotechnology to self-assemble remotely ...
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Windows 11 : You don’t own your PC

Social Credit System / Digital ID / Big Tech Takeover Windows 11 : Total Control of your Data | PC ...
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[1985] CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons

In 1985, CNN (CIA) did a piece on Electromagnetic Mind Control weapons interviewing a few of the CIA scientists that ...
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Using AI to generate courses & events to ‘Shine Light on Corruption & awaken humanity’

Today I'm using their AI weapon to create ideas for courses, lectures, and webinars that all researchers can use as ...
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Decentralization & Digital Enslavement (chat with AI bots)

Since they are using AI against us, I thought I'd use this free opportunity to use the AI bots to ...
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NDQ – CeNSE [3/3]

Following on from the previous post regarding the strange PDF (nanotech, smart chips, IoT, Agrobacterium, etc.), this will be the ...
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