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Primary Goal

To help alleviate any anxiety or fear my friends and family have surrounding COVID-19 by understanding what COVID-19 is, what is different about these new Vaccines, Risks vs Benefits, Concerns, Alternatives, and what to do (and look out for) if you decide to get the jab or not.

I am truly trying to understand and explain exactly what these vaccines do ‘from official channels of information’ (understanding mRNA, understanding how the new vaccines operate, etc.) so that my family & friends can also understand what they are (since they are not shared in much detail on the local news, and most don’t have time to research all day and night like I have been).

I want them to be able to make an informed decision before they hold out their arm – and whatever they decide is fine with me – so long as they are making an informed choice rather than making decisions out of fear.

I will also share the real concerns that need to be addressed, understanding the alternatives, and finally optional viewing to delve deeper into why there are inconsistencies with what we’re being told, so that hopefully, by the end of this series, you will truly be informed before you make a choice to hold out your arm, or not.

This week

Verifiable References for Aussies


  • What is SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, & Biology 101 to understand the new mRNA vaccines
    This is just a basic post trying to understand SARS-CoV-2 and the new mRNA vaccines, but as you'll see, there is so much more to this that I couldn't cover in one post. This post should be considered a basic 'primer' biology lesson needed before attempting to understand the more complicated mechanisms of both the virus and the vaccines.

  • What is the difference between the available vaccines
    Researching the vaccines is actually very difficult because they are all still in trial, so there's 'one narrative' for them that doesn't go into depth in explaining them on a cellular level, but rather feels more like I'm watching a marketing commercial. The focus seems to be on 'efficacy' instead of 'risks & safety'. This post compares the vaccines available in Australia and what I've found so far, but it's difficult to find transparency because right now, the narrative is "we need you to get a vaccine to end the pandemic" so anything potentially 'concerning' is considered 'fear-mongering' which will cause vax-hesitancy, and that's a big no-no right now.

  • Children Extremely Low-Risk & Unlikely To Spread (COVID-19 Studies)
    Based on the research, I cannot understand why anyone would think about vaccinating healthy kids with these new vaccines - their risk of getting seriously ill with COVID-19 is extremely small, and spreading from kids to adults remains "exceedingly rare", and the benefit doesn't outweigh the short-term "known-risks" and the "completely unknown long-term risks" - see the studies.

  • mRNA Vaccine(s) Failed to Disclose Absolute Risk Reduction to Exaggerate Efficacy
    Still trying to figure out what this means but apparently the mRNA vaccines aren't as effective as we're told.

  • COVID Vaccine Victims Silenced
    Another rant created from despair. I was in a massive (over 76k members) group of people who had been adversely affected by the new vaccines, some with clots, strokes, bells palsy, paralysis, and loss of eyesight, others whose loved ones have now transitioned. Their stories will break your heart, but groups like this are necessary for healing. To come together with others who'd had similar experiences, to compare treatment methods, to receive a shoulder from people who care, to grieve and honour their lost loved-ones, and to start their healing journey. It's a narrative that's 'not allowed' right now because it causes people to be scared to take the vaccine. Unfortunately Facebook deleted the group but I was able to capture some of the screenshots beforehand. It also lists where you can find them now (they have moved to their own website and telegram).

  • Health Professionals who Support Getting the Jab
    This is where I'm collecting health professionals who are encouraging people to get the jab, so that I can weigh-up whether I'm making the right decision holding off or not, and so that I don't put the lives of my friends and family at risk if I'm wrong about being hesitant.

  • Health Professionals & Virologists who are not getting the jab (and their reasons)
    This is where I'm collecting opponents to the vaccine and their reasons. I'm definitely hesitant to take these new vaccines, and so are these guys, and considering they are in the field, their opinion holds some weight as to why we shouldn't just rush into getting these new fast-tracked vaccines.

  • The Best PRO & CON Video You’ll EVER See About Vaccines (Opposing Views)
    This kind of details the opposing views to the extreme, it doesn't really help those of us who are 'on the fence/nervous' but it does explain the completely different views 'anti' vs 'pro' has. Unfortunately she needed a 3rd person to cover those in the middle; but alas, it does a good job at providing both sides of the story and is a thought-provoking and an interesting watch if you have time (it's quite a lengthy video).

Still working on:
  • Risks vs Benefits of taking a vaccine
    This post will focus on why we are hesitant, and what the risks of the vaccines are, vs the risk of catching COVID-19.
  • If you decide to get the jab (Preparing your body before & after vaccination & what to watch-out for)
    I'm so sorry that I haven't got around to doing this one yet if you are one that is planning on getting the jab. I have a lot of data on this but haven't got to this one yet.


  • COVID-19 Phases & Therapeutic Targets
    COVID-19 is complicated as are the various stages of treatments. This is research to understand all the phases as well as the various therapeutic targets. (also includes download summaries of phases I've researched)

  • Innate Immune System Optimization
    Quick Summary for strengthening the "First Responders". Post that summarizes how to strengthen your “innate” immune system (the first responders)

  • Ways to protect yourself if you aren't getting the jab (or even if you are) (Pre-Exposure)
    This post is like a 'shopping list for COVID' at the moment because I had to get it out quickly due to the current spread here, it does also explain the 'basics' of why these supplements and dietary changes are needed, but there is another post that I'm working on that will go into greater depth. This is important (even if you have taken a vaccine) - because the vaccines don't give you immunity and only work on creating antibodies to the spike protein, and the things in this post will help you combat many other aspects of the virus (and other RNA viruses).

  • Viral Replication Phase
    This post is a living document of me collecting research on Phase One - the Viral Replication phase of COVID-19 and the therapeutic options for each viral target in that phase.

  • Long-Haulers / Long-Covid Videos
    Collecting videos that will help Long COVID.

  • N.I.C.E Way To Cure COVID-19 [Book Notes]
    There's a controversial book circulating that contains natural ways of combatting COVID-19 by someone that is helping patients get through COVID-19 without using any drugs or supplements. I decided to take some notes.

  • Zinc & Quercetin Alternative To Hydroxychloroquine For Prevention Of COVID-19?
    This was published in the early days of COVID-19 before we had more data, but is still relevant and interesting. This is at a time before Hydroxychloroquine was demonized, so it was the standard 'go-to' for physicians trying to save their patients. It goes through one physicians case-by-case studies of how it worked for his patients, and then I figured we may be able to use Quercetin in combination with Zinc as a more natural substitute (at the time, I had no idea if it would work, but over a year later - it's now part of the standard protocol).

  • Build Immunity – Best Protection From COVID-19
    This is the very first post I did in trying to build immunity to prevent getting severe COVID-19 - at a time when we only knew something 'bad' was coming, but we had no idea how to combat it. Most of the things on the list are still relevant because it fires up a healthy immune system. The post also goes into what I intended to do at that time. Obviously the newer posts will be more relevant now that we know more about this particular virus.

  • See also dedicated Ivermectin section below

Human Rights & Freedoms

Human Rights COVID (Letters, Templates, Downloads & Resources)
Collection of resources to know & protect our basic human rights and freedoms.

Legal Actions challenging "COVID-19"
Just started a new post so that I can follow-along and start collating any legal actions taking place concerning all things COVID.

Pandemic-Ending information Buried - Will Truth Prevail? #MediaBias
Indian Bar Association's decision to issue legal notice on WHO chief scientist, Dr Soumya Swaminathan, regarding the suppression of Ivermectin, and wishes to hold her accountable for the unnecessary deaths of Indians.

No Jab? No Weddings, Funerals, Newborns, Elderly, More…
This is just a rant I had one day after seeing vaccination requirements to attend weddings and funerals and my understanding of both sides of the story and how much it sucks.

VIC Government (Inquiry Into COVID-19 Response) Business & Community Impact
Submissions on the impact of lockdown & other COVID-19 measures from Industry & Community Organizations.

VIC Government (Inquiry into COVID-19 response) - Individual Submissions
Public submissions (Lockdowns, Mask Mandates, Police Conduct, Hotel Quarantine, etc)

Australian Government COVID-19 Hearings

  • Australian Government COVID-19 Hearings (All - in Date Order)

  • The Misuse Of Emergency Powers… The government is not going to give up it's super powers. Right now they can make decisions without putting it to a vote and it's been like this since March of 2020 (COVID state of emergency act enacted). This bill tries to at least get some sanity & reasoning & accountability back into the madhouse that has given super-powers to a select few making all the decisions without opposition.... but there's no way they will give up their power. This is happening worldwide.

  • Those in Parliament trying to Protect our Freedoms with a new Bill opposing Vaccine Passports
    There's only a couple of people in government trying desperately to stop our freedoms being ripped away.

  • Every mention of "Ivermectin" in Australian Parliament sessions in the past year
    I went through every hearing/paper and scoured the Australian Parliament hearings for all mentions of "Ivermectin"

  • April 27 2021 - Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, AMA, Hotel Quarantine, GP's wanting to be protected from vaccine injuries, Vaccines, Clotting, GP's want to increase billing due to longer vaccine-safety conversations, droplet/aerosol spread, TTS, AstraZeneca, GP-hesitancy, no-fault scheme, telehealth, vaccinating kids, vaccines and pregnant women, legal ramifications of injured babies, herd immunity, school-based vaccination programs, 11,000 adverse risks submitted to the TGA, etc.

  • April 20 2021 - AstraZeneca, Clotting, Gov Transparency & Secrecy, Borders, Vaccine Passports, Excess AZ doses

From the Fringe (Censored Posts)

  • Social Media Censorship in the Name of ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’
    A couple of Facebook employees released some internal documents revealing the global censorship in place on Facebook & Instagram that either deletes the account or removes likes or newsfeed algorithms to discourage people from posting anything that expresses vaccine hesitancy, including those who have had adverse effects to the vaccine, and those who are concerned about giving the shot to their grandma or kids.

  • Richard Fleming - Event 201 - Parts 1-7
    Currently watching and taking notes of Richard Fleming’s Event 2021 who is presenting how SARS-CoV-2 is a released bioweapon.

  • COVID… From The Fringe [Gagged]
    Keeping an eye out on all things that are being censored.

  • My Pandemic Timeline
    I've been keeping a timeline of things of interest for myself and now absolutely believe it came from a lab, despite 'the letter' (that I now believe was a diversion to help people focus on the solution rather than getting caught-up in finger-pointing). My timeline includes the things leading up to the pandemic (lab-related), the cover-up, as well as lockdowns, the positive-counts and death-counts, and other interesting things that happened along the way. I will continue to update it with the rest as time permits (not my current focus).

  • Déjà Vu… Swine Flu [Video]
    Someone collected snippets of the last pandemic, and it's eerily familiar to everything we're experiencing now.

All Things Ivermectin:

  • How Does Ivermectin Actually Combat COVID-19?
    I wanted to understand why it works - exactly - I'm still figuring that out, but I've published my findings so far.

  • Ivermectin May Significantly Improve Global Health In MANY Ways
    Additional uses for Ivermectin continue to be found, and there are a number of studies that show promise in many areas including as an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer agent.

  • More Ivermectin Research (Videos)
    4 videos that I think are great for discussing Ivermectin:
    1.) An interview with a doctor who has been prescribing it.
    2.) The many ‘interests’ getting in the way of Ivermectin reaching doctors.
    3.) Goes through the data – the evidence – the meta analysis – the proof.
    4.) A good overview and audience Q&As.

  • Ivermectin for COVID Conference 27 April 2021
    This post contains all the videos from the very first Ivermectin for COVID Conference. Each speaker (medical expert) has about 20 or so minutes to explain how Ivermectin has helped them in this pandemic, in all stages of COVID-19 - from early prevention, treatment, as well as in long-covid.

  • Ivermectin for COVID Summit 23 May 2021
    Notes from the Ivermectin for COVID summit. Speakers explain how Ivermectin has helped them during this pandemic or summarizes the Ivermectin Research/Trials.

  • Approach Towards Ivermectin Application In COVID-19 Patients
    I'm in all the Ivermectin groups on Facebook. One of them is just for medical professionals. This post is pretty much a copy/paste of information one of the admin's put together specifically for doctors who are prescribing it. As many doctors still don't know about Ivermectin due to W.H.O.'s interference, I felt it my duty to share, but also because a lot of 'patients' who know about Ivermectin are self-prescribing, so it's information they need as well to ensure their safety.

  • Is Ivermectin Safe If Pregnant? (Notes)
    Like I mentioned above, I'm in all the Facebook groups, including those who are self-prescribing. Someone asked on the group whether it was safe to have when pregnant and everyone answered yes - without referring to any studies - nothing drives me crazier! I decided to look for research because the last thing you want to do is put someone's baby at risk. This post is a collection of all the research I found that day.

  • New Recommendations For Preventing And Treating COVID [Ivermectin & Supps]
    This post contains a LOT of information about Ivermectin, including a transcript and video of the urgent call for NIH to review the data on Ivermectin as it can save lives. Covers the latest data from the countries using Ivermectin in both preventing and treating COVID as well as what it is and where to find it.

  • Ivermectin Clinical Trials Results [Videos]
    Here I'm collecting videos that explain the clinical trials of Ivermectin for COVID-19.

  • Doctors using Ivermectin for COVID-19
    Here I'm collecting videos of doctors using Ivermectin as part of their COVID-19 management protocol.

  • Every mention of "Ivermectin" in Australian Parliament sessions in the past year
    I went through every hearing/paper and scoured the Australian Parliament hearings for all mentions of "Ivermectin"

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