Mike Yeadon’s (censored) democide & digital ID warning to Croatia [Dec 2023]

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Dr Mike Yeadon’s censored recording from “In The Eye Of The Storm: Croatia Parliament Hearing On Where Is The World Headed In 2024?” Dec 2023. All 3 of his recent speeches were censored/not played in UK, Germany, and Croatia.

Mike Yeadon: Warning to Croatian Parliament

Dec 2023 Rumble-Mike | Rumble-Mirror (embedded Eng subtitles) | Telegram-Mike (comment about it not being played, see also this Telegram post) | Telegram-Mike (with subtitles) | Croatian-Rumble | Croatian-Telegram | German-Rumble

Mike’s Telegram Channel | Mike’s Rumble Channel

From Mike’s Telegram channel: Ok, you might have wondered what happened at the weekend event held in the Croatian parliament buildings. Called “The eye of the storm”, there was a very good panel of speakers. If I understood it correctly, four million people watched the livestream, which is astonishing. This is a genuine TV broadcaster, privately owned and made available to my colleague, entrepreneur and former soldier, Andrija Klaric.

The event ran well, despite political interference which threatened to shut down the broadcast & reduced the time available. I don’t know if the organisers were advised to censor me, or whether they were constrained and took the entirely reasonable decision to favour travellers. Bottom line was that, yet again, I was censored.

I wasn’t faintly surprised & believe it’s possible that the same thing could happen tomorrow, when Andrew Bridgen hosts a mostly visiting panel of US speakers. We will independently release both video recordings.

I’d appreciate your help in distributing that video as widely as you can, accompanied by guidance to search for Dr Mike Yeadon using minor browsers like Yandex or Mojeek. Google & Safari actively hide the most interesting interviews and instead pepper the search results with smear pieces.

Best wishes

From Mike’s Telegram: My speech intended for use at a session organised for Croatian parliamentarians and journalists last weekend (Dec 1st, iirc). For reasons I don’t yet fully understand, this recording was not played at the session in Croatia.

Again, I say there was no pandemic of an alleged, severe acute respiratory viral illness. We were lied to about that. At the other end of the crime, billions of people were injected with intentionally dangerous substances.

Please do whatever you can to get this to waverers.
Best wishes


Hello. My name is Dr. Mike Yeadon. I thank the organisers for the opportunity to speak to you today. In the next 20 minutes or so, I hope to explain to you that the development of vaccines against this alleged pandemic virus was not an appropriate thing to do, and I think more importantly that the design choices about the so-called vaccines were in every case at the consequence of producing toxicity and harm in human beings, and I’ll finish with some questions for you.

So first, a little introduction to myself. I’m a semi-retired lifetime research scientist. I’ve worked in the bio-pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years.

My first degree was in biochemistry and toxicology. I followed that with a research-based PhD in respiratory pharmacology (the effects of drugs on respiration and respiratory function).

I worked in the Wellcome labs, briefly, Glaxo-Wellcome, and then for a long time at Pfizer where I left them in 2011, I was vice president and worldwide head of research in allergy and respiratory medicines.

In the next 10 years, I worked as an independent. I consulted to 30 biotech companies, and I also started, ran and sold my own biotech company, Ziarco, in 2017.

I was doing a limited amount of consulting when the alleged pandemic started in 2020, and I had plenty of time to pay attention to what was being said to me on television, and I quickly deduced and calculated that we were not being told the truth about whatever was going on.

So with that as a background, let me just jump past all of the, in my opinion, lies, deceptions and hurts for the last few years and just say why I am sure, and I can hope to persuade you that the development of vaccines—the decision to develop vaccines was an obviously inappropriate, impractical, improper strategy, even if what you were being told was true, which it was not. Why?

Why am I saying that? Well, if I look through the history of the development of vaccines, I don’t think you’re going to find very many that were developed in less than about six years. Now, that’s because it involves first discovering or inventing the material you hope to make into a vaccine and conducting preclinical toxicology in test tubes and in animals, and then a stage series of tests in human beings to see if it works and if it’s safe.

But it’s much more than that. You have to manufacture on scale a complicated biological material and the processes required to make sure you have control of this complex biological manufacturing process, itself, takes no less than several years. It cannot be done faster. It doesn’t matter that you want it done faster. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend or how many people you apply to it. Some of the processes can’t start until the results of the process ahead of it, is known, and the long short of it is, ladies and gentlemen, it’s absolutely impossible.

Laughable, to someone like me, to pretend that the vaccine was conceived, created, tested, manufactured and authorized in under a year.

So I’m telling you, for absolutely certain, after 30 years in this industry, that is not what happens. Something else happened.

There are other reasons why you wouldn’t make a vaccine. In this particular case, a very important one is there has not been a pandemic.

If you look at the work of Denis Rancourt in Canada, you will find there’s no evidence whatsoever of an increase in All-Cause mortality until the WHO, in my view, fraudulently declared a pandemic. So there’s not been a pandemic.

There were an increase in deaths, of course. What you probably don’t know is that these only started to increase after WHO fraudulently called a pandemic, and they flowed from three major changes to medical management in Britain and every other country I’ve been able to find out.

First in hospitals, people who arrived and were declared “COVID positive”, many of them were put on ventilators, and I can assure you, my PhD being in the field of respiratory control, I know quite a bit about this and it’s not appropriate. If someone is breathing and doesn’t have a chest wall damage, you don’t sedate, intubate and ventilate. If you do that, especially if the person’s frail, you’re really quite likely to kill them, and in my view, large numbers of people were killed as a consequence of being wrongly treated in the hospital.

It wasn’t an accident. That protocol was imposed upon them, upon every country from on high. It wasn’t worked out by your local doctors in the hospital.

The second way in which large numbers of people died, and it was nothing to do with COVID because it doesn’t exist, is in old people’s homes, care homes. Very many people were given sedative drugs and drugs that slowed their respiration, Midazolam and Morphine, are two very common drugs, and they were used at doses that caused people to literally fade away. They were given effectively lethal injections, even though they weren’t about to die.

So those two things, I think, account for, or can be described as medical murder.

The third category of increased deaths that resulted from changes in medical procedures were people in the community. You and me, you might have got a cold or a flu, and then it went into your chest and you had a persistent cough. Maybe it became bronchial or bacterial pneumonia. Now, the normal course of treatment was seven days of antibiotics, and in many, many cases, they were denied the patients. On advice again from above, above the level of nation, and large numbers of people died a ghastly death of treatable bacterial pneumonia, and then all of those deaths in hospital, care homes and community were all ascribed to COVID, and there’s your pandemic. There is your pandemic, ladies and gentlemen.

So I’ve given you one reason why you wouldn’t develop a vaccine. It cannot be done in 12 months. It would take years and years and years. If you do it faster, you’ve done it badly or incompletely, or you have not obtained the data to say that it works or is safe. So I don’t know what they did exactly, but it was not a vaccine.

So now I’m going to turn to something that probably out of all the contributors, only I can tell you, and that’s the design of these molecular structures in the vaccines, injections, has no other purpose but to injure and kill.

That’s a huge claim. I’ve worked over 30 years with colleagues in what’s called rational drug design. Every synthetic medicine (that is something not purified from nature), it consists of a series of atoms and molecules and formulations. Every single component in that vial, as it turns out, has to be chosen by a person. They’re not there randomly, they’re not there as a natural product. Someone decided to put them in there, and you put them in there because you have particular objectives for the drug to be absorbed quickly or slowly, for it to last a long time or not, for it to go everywhere versus a certain area of the body, and so on.

So when I look at the design of these molecules, I do it with the mind of a drug hunter. Someone involved in rational drug design, and I will be able to tell you three or four things about these vaccines that are not accidental and undoubtedly would have as a consequence, toxicity that was predictable, and indeed predicted.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg and I, in early December 2020, wrote a technical letter, an open letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and in that letter we predicted, we had grave concerns about the safety profile of these materials and begged that they not be developed further, and our objective was to reach many people, and I think we succeeded because of censorship. (01) (02)

So when I tell you that these are toxic by design, I knew that three years ago, and unfortunately I had been correct. So I would like you to treat what I’ve told you seriously. It’s not a guess. This arises out of my experience of over 30 years teamwork in designing molecules and then working out what happens.

So the first decision that I will point to is obviously harmful is the very fact that these are gene-based materials. So mRNA, I will focus on those, but the principles are pretty much the same with the others.

The mRNA vaccines, they encode something. They encode a protein sequence. The key thing for me, though, in this first comment is they’re not your protein. They don’t belong in your body.

The reason your immune system is able to, as I put it, “play nice” with itself most of the time, but if you’re infected, it will go to war, is that your immune system is exquisitely aware of self (what’s meant to be in your body), and non-self or foreign (things are not meant to be inside you).

When you are injected with mRNA encoding something that’s not human, we’re told it was a virus spike protein, but whatever it was, it’s not human. Your body takes up that genetic instruction and starts to manufacture something that does not belong in your body. Your immune system goes to war and kills every single cell that has taken up that material and made the foreign protein.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is by design. It’s what those particular formulae do. They cannot do anything else.

Now, when I first encountered these products, it was at least ten years ago at Pfizer, and they were being considered, like other companies were in the industry, as potential anti-cancer treatments. We figured if we could direct them to a rogue cell, a cancer cell, your immune system would recognize it now as foreign and kill it. It’s quite a clever idea. It’s called immuno-oncology.

So the technology does exist for a reasonable reason. But to give it to healthy people, a mass market application, I’m certain, and I was certain three years ago, would induce lethal auto-immune attack on every cell and tissue in your body to which that material went, and every person involved in the manufacture of these materials from the industry knew it too. I would call it immunology 101. It’s the first thing you would be taught about immunology, the difference between self and non-self.

Now, that’s a devastating piece of information, but it’s not the only one.

The second one I will point to is the actual protein that was coded by the mRNA, the so-called spike protein, the bits illustrated on the television, and sticking out from the outside of the sphere that is allegedly this virus.

Now, spike proteins are not inert. They’re biologically active in their own right. They are biological toxins. If you add spike protein to human blood cells, the blood begins to coagulate. So these instructions caused your body not only to make something that was alien to you—foreign to you—not human, but those instructions caused you to manufacture something that was directly toxic to your body, would induce blood clots if it was in the blood, and neurological harms if it was near any neuro nervous tissue as well. So that’s the second thing.

Actually, the design choice was to manufacture something that’s dangerous. Now, that wasn’t necessary—we could have chosen anything else about this alleged virus—but no, they chose the thing that was toxic.

But there’s worse things even than that. The alleged spike protein was supposedly the size of the highest rate of mutation in this alleged virus, and that means the vaccine would stop working very quickly.

And then finally, the sequence of the spike protein is somewhat similar to some proteins in your body. If you’re female, for example, it’s somewhat similar to vital proteins for pregnancy.

They’re called synthetin’s, and so if you manufacture a situation where your body makes a powerful immune response to this foreign protein, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a little bleed-over and your immune system started attacking your own pregnant uterus, which was one of the specific things Dr. Bodarg and I were concerned about in 2020, and I’m afraid that’s come true.

Then I’ve got another one, which is devastating, and I’ve mentioned this two years ago. These so-called vaccines were formulated, and that’s normal. Drugs are normally formulated in a capsule or a tablet or a spray, and in this case, they’re liquids, and they’re formulated in, essentially, a little fatty globule, molecules called lipid nanoparticles.

Now, the lipids themselves are novel. Some of them are novel and are known to be toxic. So it was a bad idea to inject you with novel and known-to-be toxic lipids. But putting that aside, the even worse thing is that the lipid nanoparticles surrounded and protected this foreign genetic sequence.

Why was that important? Well, if you just inject foreign DNA into your body, you will not be surprised to learn that your body doesn’t like foreign DNA or RNA. It’s a very good idea to get rid of it. So you preserve your own genetic instructions. So covered in lipids, it allowed the instruction, the so-called vaccines, applied around your body and distribute all around your body into your heart, your brain, your uterus, and indeed everywhere in your body, and that was the purpose of the formulation. Those formulations were developed specifically to allow vulnerable compounds (or compounds that wouldn’t spread around the body) to do so in a protected manner, and so that’s what they did.

They didn’t stay in your shoulder, as some people may have told you. They distributed swiftly all around the body.

Now, one of the things that was particularly shocking is that lipid nanoparticles were known 10 years ago to accumulate in the ovaries. So I believe every girl and woman who was given these materials had this injection of dangerous, designed-to-injure-you, material, that accumulated in your ovaries.

So I could come up with many more. There are clever microbiologists who have looked at the sequences and believe that there are at least two or three other designed-in features that increase the propensity to harm you when you take these materials.

But I think I’ve given you enough already, from an experienced drug discovery, that I hope you’ll believe me when I say, when I looked at these, I declare them “Toxic By Design”. They are intentionally harmful.

Now, I think that fits perfectly with the line you’ve been told about a pandemic. There isn’t one. The purpose of the pandemic, I think, was to damage the economy, to get us used to doing what we’re told under a mock emergency, and to roll up our sleeves to receive these dangerous materials.

So where are we now for almost four years? I still think we’re given fear-based messages almost every day, and here’s where I think we’re going to be. Because it’s not a natural phenomenon. It’s not going to be over. It will just continue and morph into a more and more aggressive form of totalitarian dictatorship.

So, I think I’m right about this. I think it’s malevolence and intentionally harmful, and it will continue, and I believe in short, if you do nothing, and don’t speak up and do what you told, you will lose your freedom and then your life.

I think some self-appointed group of very rich people have decided they don’t like 8 billion people being on the planet and want it to be a much smaller number. I don’t have a copy of the script, but I can deduce what they’re doing.

So given the warning I’ve provided to you, I suggest that you get weaving and start talking to anyone and everyone and do so relentlessly because this is not going away, and if we do not protest, if we do not refuse and fight back, we will lose freedom first and then our lives, and I think it will be as simple as this:

  • Mandatory Digital ID will arise—which is not necessary—that’s what they need in order to control us.
  • Then I think we’ll lose cash and only have digital money.
  • And I think the combination Digital ID and digital money means control every single thing you do, every movement, every purchase, will be in the hands of a computer program and you’ll never escape it. There’s no way to turn it off.

Don’t sign up for it.

This warning I give to people, if you ignore what I’ve said and I’m right, it will be the end. If on the other hand, you think there’s something in what I’ve said, and you do something about it, the very worst that will happen to you is you’ll be laughed at.

I don’t think I’m completely wrong, and I urge that you do do something with this information, and thank you very much for your attention.

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