[Ronald Bernard] Did the Dirty-Work for NWO (Bankers, Multinationals & Governments) says “an Evil force enjoys Destroying Life” (Testimony, 2018)

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Ronald Bernard did the dirty-work for central bankers, multinationals, and governments, moving black money to create economic wars.

But when it came to the sacrifice of children, he drew the line—and “malfunctioned”, and that was his turning point.

He said there’s an evil, dark force who enjoys destroying all life on this planet, and those running the show, including himself, enjoy the destruction, laugh at the pain they cause, because they are so damaged and living through their own fear/hell, whilst surfing the monster of greed, the monster of “never enough”.

Here is his testimony on his own upbringing, and how 8,500 people are controlling the world:

April 2018 Rumble-Mirror | Ronald’s YouTube Channel
(“the censorship police deleted the original video” YouTube)

2018 Apr Lisa Rosch Channel Ronald Bernard – International Tribunal for Natural Justice Testimony

Ronald Bernard – Bank Crime & Vatican Expert Witness / Survivor / Perpetrator testimony to the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking with Child Sex Abuse, about the inner-workings of the criminal cartel / who we call the elite, and the way they think:

  • Born into a damaged family (he said he was born into hell), his father used to brutally beat him, and he ended up in a Catholic children’s home where he was sexually abused & tortured for years.
    • As he grew up, he went down the criminal path, harming others with no affection to laws or rules or following orders – he became the abuser. Beating and traumatizing others with a “Fuck you!” mentality about life.
      • At the age of 20, he became an independent entrepreneur, making a lot of money with drugs, and using companies like car dealers, import/exports and even fashion, as a deep cover for the criminal activities, which was mostly drugs and black money currency trading.
      • At around 24, he then was offered a massive deal to get into the money trade further, but he would “have to put his conscious in the freezer, minus 100 degrees”, which he had no problem with as he already considered himself nearly dead.
        • And step by step, over a period of years, they let him into the higher regions.

  • He was tasked with dumping fake high-quality American dollars from the Russian secret service through the market via big drug dealers – people who are dealing with weapons and all kinds of criminal activity, because it was the smoothest way to get huge amounts of dollars in the market via the illegal channels.
    • He was part of the game to have an economic war from USSR with America (and the opposite was also occurring).
      • Once he was trusted, they started giving him higher assignments – doing the dirty work for central banks, multinationals and for governments, for what they call now terrorist organizations and all secret services., and on top is the churches, and even the Vatican.
      • You move all the money they want to move world-wide, to start wars.

  • He said they are not “elite”, he said there’s roughly eight and a half thousand people who run the world show, and they are just like who he used to be – completely afraid, nearly dead, filling up the holes daily, “never enough”.
    • Serving the monster of greed, the monster of ‘more”. And in the end, comes Lucifer.
  • The eight and a half thousand became his friends because it was really coming home – first time in his life he was with humans who understood him, and he understood them, because most of them were going through the same hell, in a different way, different bloodlines, but they had a lot of misery in their lives.
    • Electric caves are a normal thing in the education in these kinds of societies.
  • He said there’s a very evil dark force who enjoys destroying all life on this planet and he was enjoying it as well. He was really enjoying destroying all humans and life on earth. Nature was to be destroyed. He said “We were hating everything that represented Life!
  • In an indirect way, via stealth, he was killing people via his missions. These financial missions destroyed economies and lives.
    • Then they would have a big laugh because some people were killing themselves because their companies were destroyed, leaving behind children, and they laughed and enjoyed it. That’s the world they are in. That’s how they saw the world.

  • His turning point was when he was invited into the last stage – the sacrifice of children. That’s what hit him.
    • He couldn’t handle it, and he started to malfunction.
    • They started to notice and take him out of the system and torch him.

  • He then had a heart attack, a near-death experience, and was in private hospitals for a year.
    • Then another eight years in hiding under fake identities in several countries.
    • He was still afraid because they promised they would kill the whole bloodline, so he also had his wife and children hiding out in a separate location than him.
    • After 9 years being undercover, he was tortured by not knowing where his children were or if they were even alive, and so after 11 years, he finally met his oldest son. .
    • He started studying theological and becoming an inspiration for the world to unite and say no more to the dark forces, that we already have everything, we just need to connect with each other.

  • After you are born, you enter the program of this world, a Luciferian program, and end up in the slavery system as a source to use.
  • They want to completely suck out the light in us and throw it away.
    • Like the American System – you consume it and throw it away.
      • That’s what’s happening on this planet.
  • Your parents may love you, and want to take care of you, but they put you in the vaccine programmes with a lot of chemicals to damage your immune system.
    • The school system teaches you to be the perfect salve.
  • If we want liberation, don’t look outside anymore, change is from inside.
    • We the people on the planet have to choose different.
    • Cooperate worldwide with each other and we have everything we need on this planet already, we just need to unite and say No More.

Conversation with an ex Illuminati – Ronald Bernard & Sacha Stone

4 May 2018 Facebook | YouTube-Mirror | YouTube Mirror | Rumble-Mirror | Rumble-Mirror

A short conversation with an ex-illuminati insider, Ronald Bernard, and Sacha Stone, filmed in the Netherlands. Ronald is one of the brave whistleblowers of our time, putting truth and forgiveness ahead of personal safety and fear. He says we should be looking at the BIS (Bank for International Settlements). He covers a lot of topics in this short interview, including how we “register” into the financial slavery system at birth, this Luciferian system we are living in, and the New World Order.

Read more testimonies: Collection Of Politicians & Insiders Warning About The NWO Or Great Reset

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