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Vote the Majors Last!

So who else do we have and who are they? This post is my “homework & notes” looking into who else we can vote for in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia in the Federal Election to vote against the Social Credit System, Great Reset, and Permanent Technocratic Enslavement to Globalists for future generations.

Here are our non-major candidates for Ballarat in the House of Representatives: (Click each to open my notes)

Rosalie TAXIS - One Nation (an invisible ghost?)

Rosalie TAXIS, One Nation

Sadly, she doesn’t seem to exist online – not a single photo or write-up found. She also doesn’t seem to exist on the One Nation website – not even an “about” blurb. She also hasn’t attended Eureka Stockade or any known electoral events. Can’t find her on social media. Who is she? Does she even live in Ballarat? Does she even exist?

Pauline Hanson & Warren Pickering

It’s possible that this Facebook account belongs to her (, but it could be a different person. The reason it’s possible is because in 2021, this profile was a member of the Australian Christian Lobby, she’s anti the Digital ID bill, calling out the climate-hoax, mask mandates, and the jabs. Support for Julian Assange. But zero mention of One Nation or Ballarat anywhere. So could be just a coincidence – someone with the same name.

Apparently she was the One Nation candidate for South Brisbane at the 2020 Queensland state election. Which makes me wonder if she is even living in Ballarat? It’s possible that she’s a Naturopath living in Brisbane based on everything I’ve searched so far.

Kerryn SEDGMAN - Australian Federation Party

Kerryn SEDGMAN, Australian Federation Party

Rebuild Australian Sovereignty by winding back the extremes of globalisation and re-establishing self-reliance.

  • Unify the nation
  • Proper Education – not education that programmes the government narrative, rather education that unleashes the potential of the individual child to enable them to become thinkers who question
  • Farmers – Drought-proof, reversal of water commoditisation, re-educating on how the regeneration of their soils will lead to improved water & carbon retention
  • Climate – soil regeneration, community and household food plots
  • Small & Med Business – Lifeblood of economy
  • Seniors – system, taxation and care reforms
  • National Security – Domestically our water, food and fuel supplies have been compromised. Rebuild our manufacturing and production capacity. Rebuild the security and protection of our nation. Stop intervening in conflict without question.
  • Affordable Housing
  • Health – question policy makers and regulators who have allowed corporate agendas to override logical and critical thought. Accessible to all. Never again endure loss of medical freedoms and choices. Anti-coercive government policy at any level.
  • Resources – belong to all Australians, not just a few. Invest into significant infrastructure projects to unlock the wealth of the nation.
  • Transparency, Trust, Courage, Freedom.
  • Human rights, protection from unnecessary government surveillance, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, bodily autonomy.
  • Family & Parental choice and beliefs in determining the welfare of their children without fear of Government interference.
  • Rid of top-down governments.
  • Democracy where elected members serve the people and not the party.
  • Supporter of Dr Mark Hobart which is a big plus xo
  • Called out the govt police army staging help to the floods.

Notes from Candidate Profile:

After travelling the world in the 70’s & 80’s I returned to settle on the land running a 1200 acre cattle farm near Mallacoota, developing sustainable farming and food systems. Being inspired by natural living, I chose a career path as Natural Health Practitioner and Educator specialising in Myotherapy, Herbal Medicine & Kinesiology. In 2014 my husband Derek and I bought a mud brick and stone house on five acres in Wheatsheaf. We apply our Permaculture principles to life and live as simply and sustainably as possible. I write, research, run a practice and retreats.

I graduated with an equivalent degree in Sports Medicine and Applied Sciences in1987 at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) in Myotherapy. After qualifying as Australia’s Touch For Health Instructor Trainer I was appointed to the Faculty of the International Kinesiology College in 1991. I co – founded the first accredited Kinesiology College in 1994 teaching Diploma and Advanced Diploma students who could receive a degree from Charles Sturt University. A world’s first.

Kerryn SEDGMAN, Australian Federation Party

Notes from Facebook:

Our Policy Philosophy

AusFeds is committed to listening to the voice of the Australian people. As described in the six-step candidate pact we are committed to introducing innovative policy initiatives and gaining the input from people around Australia.

This process will ensure that legislation being considered before the parliament will be both known to the Australian people as well as enhanced and improved by them.

It’s all about including all Australians in the development, growth, and improvement of our great nation.

That’s why we call it our policy philosophies. You know where we are heading and together, we can fine tune policies to make sure they work for all Australians. May 2, 2022

Re: The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022.

Notes from Website:

Australia has never suffered more devastating decisions than the disproportionate “public health” policies of 2020, 2021 and 2022. These decisions were just a continuation of endemic incompetence and corruption in our political system.

Basic freedoms were been wiped out, small businesses have been destroyed and the extensions of the State now permeate every element of our society and every moment of our lives. While valid scientific data and compelling evidence was ignored by a political establishment behaving more like those in an unaccountable Marxist dictatorship.

It is time for Australia’s people to stand up and say
“enough is enough”.

AusFeds is the only party in the history of Australia to have a process and system to ensure our representatives serve the people who elect them. Not those who select them.

AusFeds has created a six-step process where our candidates sign a pact with their constituents that they will represent them, not a political party.

Pact One: Every month I pledge to hold a town hall public meeting in my electorate with an open agenda where the people can come and listen to how I have been representing them and ask any question of me they want.

Pact Two: Every month I pledge to personally run a democracy training session for constituents to attend to learn about the Australian political system and how each person can participate.

Pact Three: I pledge to vote independently of my political party if the party policy is not in alignment with the needs and expectations of the people I represent.

Pact Four: I pledge never to participate in rushed legislation that has not been considered by qualified members of my electorate other than legislation that is in the direct interest of immediate national security of our nation.

Pact Five: I pledge to ensure that every new proposed bill and amended legislation will be first put to a People’s Legislative Review Group in my electorate and the feedback will be provided to the Australian Parliament.

Pact Six: I pledge to use technology to hear the voice of the people and not use technology against the people.

On Climate:

It’s time to understand how we can manage our environment and our climate so it will be naturally protected. Soil regeneration, community, and household food plots, ceasing old growth logging in our nation and solving base load energy supplies are all critical elements to protect our environment and climate. These are areas we can act on now.



Terri Elizabeth PRYSE-SMITH - United Australia Party

Terri Elizabeth PRYSE-SMITH, United Australia Party

  • Shared posts from the Covid Medical Network – which is a big plus
  • Anti experimental pharma-products being injected into you again & again
  • Anti medical tyranny & Pro Informed-consent
  • Pro early treatment
  • Anti implants in our brain from the elite lunatics from the world economic forum
  • Anti-ausnet
  • Pro freedom
  • Anti censorship, Protecting Free Speech from Foreign Tech Giants
  • Anti net-zero scam
  • Anti Digital ID
  • Anti lockdowns & mandates
  • Max 3% interest-rate on home loans
  • Wipe out the trillion-dollar debt
  • Restore freedom of choice
  • Abolish HECS debts for students
  • No Domestic Vaccine Passports
  • Abolish National Cabinet
  • Exclude Lobbyists: The United Australia Party believes lobbyists should be excluded from holding official positions in political parties.
  • Increase age pension by $180 a fortnight

Notes from Articles:

Ms Pryse-Smith has publicly stated her support for an end to vaccine mandates on her social media accounts. The United Australia Party has pledged to freeze home interest rates at three percent and repay the national debt with natural resources. JunctionJournalism May 5, 2022

Notes from Facebook: (interestingly, this is the only candidate where I can’t “embed posts” directly from Facebook – so the government definitely has “censorship” in the palm of their hands)

UAP members, volunteers and fellow Australians! This is the most important election we will face in our lifetimes. We face a terrible threat from the global elites and we’ve already seen them flex their muscles with the pandemic, lock downs, controlling our lives, freezing bank accounts and planning how to hack the human being. We should all know this is just the beginning. They are slowly but surely extending their powers and shutting down our freedoms. We can’t let this happen!

We know we can’t trust our government. Liberal and Labor are two wings on the same bird and seem to be signed up to this agenda. We must vote them out and start afresh with honest government. We are now at war. We must face this peril with strength and courage. It’s not easy. Many of us don’t want to admit we are losing our freedoms and the future we thought we had.

It’s time for us to step up. Time to roll up our sleeves, get to the polling booths and give our government the strongest message we can – that we are as mad as hell and we will not take this tyranny! And believe me, we can win this. There are more of us than you realise. We are angry, frustrated and outraged at what they are doing to us.

To quote Churchill, “….victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival”.

Fight with us, volunteer at the polling booths, be part of the victory I know we can achieve! UAP stands up for our freedom. If you don’t think your liberties are being eroded, then please wake up; the massive debt, the outrageous green energy cons, the absurd gender and race beat ups, the destructive vaccine mandates (for a jab now looking like doing more harm than good)……we are being hoodwinked but we are not going down without a fight! May 7, 2022

We must never forget what our government has done to us via tyrannical, uneven and illogical vax mandates. Please don’t forget the folk ‘banned’ from their golf club for not being vaxxed. A golf club for God’s sake! Where people gather and walk the course to chat, share stories and exercise. Does Dan Andrews know how crushed our Ballarat people were, cut off from their hobby, their mates? Forced to stay home, isolated and afraid. Shame on the golf clubs who caved into these ridiculous rules. And shame on those who supported Dan Andrews cruel lockdowns. He ruined lives and businesses, sent many bankrupt, left people depressed and many suicidal. How does he sleep at night? May 3, 2022

Labor to buy 40 % of your home to address ‘housing crisis’. Is this a Klaus Schwab WEF Forum or Labor Policy? How do people feel about the Govt owning part of their home? What happens if house prices fall? Will the govt pay Stamp Duty? Albo and money – a diabolically bad combo. Only the United Australia Party has a plan to SAVE your home (not own it 🤨). We’ll cap interest rates at 3% for 5 years and save your home and your freedom. Vote UAP! May 3, 2022

To paraphrase Paul Collits in The Spectator, “Those affected most by Covid totalitarianism – the unjabbed and jobless, the families whose elders died alone and in fear, the isolated interstate loved ones, the stranded Aussies overseas, the small businesses destroyed, the mentally ill, the families living with suicide and so many others must be wondering – what was it all about? What justice can we expect? Will anyone pay? Do not any of those responsible feel the need to explain themselves? How do they sleep at night? The unforgivable silence of the political class is deafening”. Vote for the party that will make them accountable, vote UAP. May 3, 2022

Notes from Website:

Born and bred in Melbourne, Terri is the daughter of hard-working parents who loved politics and community. Her career in education then as a small business owner makes Terri well aware of the challenges and satisfaction involved in running a business and leading in the community.

Terri says “I am immensely proud of being an Australian and I am proud of our history and achievements. I am determined to see Australia regain its confidence and common sense, starting with the Ballarat electorate.”


Dr Peter McCullough

Dr Pierre Kory

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche

Dr Simone Gold


Alex GRAHAM - Independent (Daylesford)

Alex GRAHAM, Independent (Daylesford)

From what I can tell, he’s mostly focused on the Banking & Financial Systems fraud. His motto is “Rebirthing our Democracy”

Notes from website:

“Why do we need to rebirth our Democracy? Answer, because our Democracy was hijacked at birth under Section 51 item IV of our Constitution, which gives the power to our government to borrow money on the public credit of the Commonwealth of Australia. The question to ask here is why would our government borrow money at interest from private banks which write money into existence from thin air or nowhere, to fund its policies. This means our MPs represent the private banks, not we the voters! We, the voters, have been conned by a fraudulent and corrupt English banking system and a flaw in our Constitution since its birth in 1901! This borrowed money becomes Australia’s national debt, for you and your children to pay back. 

Its time to kick the money changers out of our Temple of Democracy.
When I discovered this flaw in our Constitution, I wrote about twenty emails and letters to our current PM Morrison and all Australia’s State and Federal Attorney Generals and the High Court of Australia. The High Court said I should mount a challenge, hence my letters to our Attorney Generals and PM. I had only two responses. One from South Australian and Tasmanian Attorney Generals who said they would not intervene in a High Court challenge. On the 3rd of December 2021 I sent a 11-page submission to the Australian Federal Police asking them to investigate my assertions and charge our banks with fraud and PM Morrison and his government with treason, because that is exactly what it is Treason!

The Spiritual-Busyness model is intelligent, creative, and unique, just like you! It was created for you to express your unique creative nature in a monetary economy. It is a 49/51 equity owned franchised co-operative model, which eliminates the them and us syndrome, because everyone involved in the future networks are shareholders in busynesses they love doing. Love being the keyword here.

We are all working for a private banking cartel as it stands, trying to pay of our trillion-dollar debt to them. It only has to be this way while our government continue to borrow money to finance their policies with money that comes from nowhere, rather than write their own money supply into existence. Money as it stands is all smoke and mirrors thanks to our fraudulent government and banks.

With regard to Covid 19 Mandates. Firstly, I am pro-choice and secondly, I am anti-mandates in all their forms, for they are undemocratic, un-Constitutional, and un-lawful. Further, I will stand for all community members who have lost work (employment) due to State imposed Mandates be fully compensated financially by the federal government, ongoingly for any financial losses incurred by State imposed Mandates.”

Notes from Interviews:

Ballarat Federal Election 2019: Meet Alex Graham, your ‘interdependent’ candidate for Ballarat
The Courier – May 2, 2019

“I make a device called a water transformer. What it does to water is just out of this world – it restores its energy and vitality. It’s not a filter, it’s a water transformer, it’s a frequency generator. I have a friend here in Australia – the technology belongs to him, and I just happen to make it. There is no pollution on our planet that he can’t transform – and all with frequency generators.”

Alex Graham

“I think there are some wonderful people out there. Catherine King is one of those – trying to do a magnificent job – and I say what fails them is economic modelling, every time.”

^^^^ ???? wtf ?!?!?!?!!

Why the need to rebirth our democracy?

“Because our democracy was hijacked at birth under Section 51 item IV of our Constitution, which gives the power to our government to borrow money on the public credit of the Commonwealth of Australia,”

“Alex is pro-choice, anti-mandates, anti-career politicians, believes in the introduction of a Federal ICAC, would fully fund the issue of child poverty to abolish it forever, and place a ban on corporate lobbyists and pork barrelling.”

Alex Graham - May 9,2022

  • Both Lincoln & Kennedy attempted to do this, both trying to bypass the Rothschilds’ Federal Reserve (Lincoln ‘Green backs’, JFK ‘signed exec order which would give US govt power to issue currency’), both were assassinated.
  • So yes, it is a solution – “the” solution perhaps, but unless you first wake up the entire planet to Rothschilds control over every aspect of our lives, they still have control over every missile, army, and corporation. We have a problem with attempting what you want to do as long as people continue to choose Money over Ethics.
  • They wipe out any country that attempts to break free. Every country that attempts to unhook from their control, gets a war, and every leader who calls them out gets exterminated or overthrown.
    • In the Year 2000, there were only 8 countries without a Rothschild-owned central bank (Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, & Iran). We can see what has happened to almost all of those in the past 2 decades.
  • Hold space for the solution and keep educating people, but what is your plan to overcome the hands that pull the military strings? We need more people cultivating-solutions in this area. If we attempt to unhook, they simply wipe us out.
    • ~ Penny’s random thoughts on Alex’s policies


Julia McGRATH - Liberal Democratic Party

Julia McGRATH, Liberal Democratic Party

  • Supports Independent Free Press.
  • Supports Julian Assange
  • Anti Digital ID
  • Anti-Mass-Surveillance
  • Anti-Government Hacking
  • Anti-Government collecting our metadata
  • Anti-Abolishing Cash
  • Pro-Privacy
  • Anti Ausnet Towers. Property Rights to Land-Owners before Powerlines.
  • Posted the Fauci Oct 2019 vid.
  • Anti-Mandates
  • Flat-Tax System
  • Anti being governed by small group of elites
  • Posted Topher’s Political Cartel video.
  • Supports Recalling Elections
  • Supports an Education System reform to decentralise decision-making and give power back to parents & students.

Notes from Facebook:

LDP support free thinking, free speech, free expression and the space for us to all be our eccentric, individual selves. Whilst Borges said that censorship is the mother of metaphor, we should not be forced to become poets just to express our thoughts. We may hear things we disagree with or think are stupid. We can do whatever we want with those ideas. Including ignoring or rejecting ideas we dislike or find ignoble. Censorship and book burning have no place in a free society. May 7, 2022

Federal government debt is now well beyond $800,000,000,000.This does not include local gov, state gov, or private debt. Australia also has an aging population. Our median age increased from 29.3 in 1980 to 38 in 2020.This election we need to be rational and realistic about how we will work together to balance our books. It is time to stop saddling the youth with our debt. It is time to break the harmful debt mindset that seems to plague the corridors of Canberra. May 6, 2022

LDP supports removal of internal travel restrictions, an end to emergency powers, abolishing domestic vaccine passports, and making vaccines voluntary. Never abandon Australians trying to return from overseas. Never lockdown again. Support freedom from covid alarmism by voting LDP this election. April 12, 2022

Hi I’m Julia McGrath, your Liberal Democrats (LDP) candidate for Ballarat. I grew up in Creswick and now reside in Ballarat. First and foremost, I believe that, where competent to do so, individuals should be treated as rational actors, capable of exercising judgement and choice according to their own values. I also believe that the role of government should be to provide a limited range of core functions and services which are consistent with a safe and civilised society and do not unnecessarily constrain a person’s rights, autonomy or privacy.

I have thrown my hat in the ring at this election to stand alongside individuals in Ballarat who have fought like hell to make decisions for themselves, their families and their businesses and those who seek to flourish in business and employment and those who simply wish to pursue their right to private enjoyment of their own property. I will be running for the House of Representatives, in the 21 May 2022 federal election .If you are looking for an alternative to the major parties or are still undecided, please check out our core values and policies here:

With a greater presence at the table, the LDP will press for a post-covid recovery which reduces the size and cost of government, prioritises the repayment of debt, lowers taxes and cuts red tape – which, we believe, are the conditions required for people and businesses to flourish. If you agree please share my page with family and friends, and help me spread the word to the electorate of Ballarat. April 6, 2022

Notes from Website:

Julia grew up in Creswick and, after several years interstate working in legal practice, has returned to Ballarat in pursuit of a regional lifestyle and to be closer to family.

While working in the Administrative Tribunal, Julia acted in a range of matters relating to public servants exceeding their legal authority, acting in ways that unnecessarily constrained the autonomy, rights and privacy of individuals. Julia’s ‘watershed’ moment came during her involvement in a landmark personal liberty case in which a person was unlawfully detained whilst under the guardianship of the Public Advocate, causing the Supreme Court to issue the writ of Habeas Corpus. 

This cut across Julia’s understanding of individual freedom in a liberal democracy and exposed the challenges of holding statutory decision-makers accountable under the rule of law. This, together with the findings of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT, cemented Julia’s concerns that if left unchecked, those employed to serve and make decisions for us can come to regard themselves as masters. Naturally, the pandemic has exacerbated these concerns.

Julia believes that government should provide a limited range of core functions and services which are consistent with a safe and civilised society and do not unnecessarily constrain a person’s rights, autonomy or privacy. This begins, in her view, by treating individuals as rational actors, capable of exercising judgement and choice according to their own values.

Julia is also undertaking a Masters in Policy where she has a keen interest in the role of citizens in the policy cycle.


Policy 1: Covid Alarmism

Policy 2: Recall Elections

Policy 3: Debt & Deficit

Policy 4: Low, Flat Taxes

Policy 5: Voluntary Superannuation

Policy 6: Small Business

Policy 7: Cheap & Reliable Energy

Policy 8: Decentralised Education

Policy 9: Free Speech

Policy 10: Freedom from Surveillance


Useful Election Links & Videos:

Useful Website Links

Useful Website Links:

I did the “Political Compass Test” above, and apparently the box they want to put me in is a “Left Libertarian”, not the “Right-Wing, Tin-Foil-Hat” the media would have us believe after all lol (not that you can put me into a box, I’m a free-thinking, critally-thinking, skeptical-of-all-sides individual, but based on the policy questions in the survey, this is the interesting results).

Video: Topher - How Preferences Work & Small-Party Votes are not Wasted

Video: Topher - Election Day is Payday for Liberal/Labor

Videos: Senator Pauline Hanson - Southpark-like Video Animations

Please Explain “Preferences

Please explain “Party Policies

Please Explain “Labour/Greens Government

Please Explain “The ABC

Please Explain “How to Pass the Buck

Please Explain “Housing Affordability

Please Explain “How Major Parties hijack elections using taxpayers money to buy votes

Please Explain “The Prime Minister’s Pension

Please Explain “Climate Change Policy

Please Explain “Excise Taxes” on Cigarettes & Alcohol (17 Billion dollars in 1 year)

Please Explain “Political Donations”

Research: What happened to this Country?

Politicians Speaking out:

What happened to this World?

Penny (
Penny (

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