[Rant] More Vaccinated than Unvaccinated Deaths in Australia

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What the hell is going on? Has everyone taken the Kool-Aid? Serious question.

Vaccinated or Not Vaccinated – You can die or be hospitalized if you don’t take care of your health and learn what you can do if you get sick.

Media is still pouring the Kool-Aid through your screens – touting that vaccines protect people, but if they don’t, then “just go get another jab and line up your kids!” – but real-life shows that’s a damn lie – that it only gives you a “temporary gold star from the government thanking you for your compliance”… until your next shot or request to “be obedient, believe everything we say, and maybe we’ll throw you a free donut or a temporary pass”.

The Media-Voodoo Trick is having the ability to convince the public that it would’ve been worse if they weren’t vaccinated and getting them hooked like a heroin-addict to experimental and infinite boosters, and to fear never-ending variants and the scary “unvaccinated” – even convincing them that it’s the unvaccinated causing the variants! And people are lapping it up without looking at anything for themselves. Mind-boggling.

Since our hospitals and media are still following-orders like crazy-eyed zombies from evil tyrants and psychopaths, the uninformed public who have taken to trusting their local news for their medical advice, does not know of any other solution to keep them out of hospitals. It’s literally “Jab or Ventilator” for the posts I’m seeing from the most fearful (and hateful).

If health advisors are not able to help people when they first appear to get symptoms – vaccinated or not – you are getting the WRONG treatment or NO treatment at all.

Endless amount of doctors and nurses and health scientists have informed the world that the covid protocols from NIH are essentially murder (see bottom of post for some examples) – that if a patient is not offered early-treatment and health advice as well as detailed information about what to expect to know the difference between regular cold/flu-like symptoms, pneumonia, or an allergic reaction to the toxin (if symptoms worsen exactly 8 days after symptoms), it does not matter if you’ve had the jab or not – you are playing russian roullette with corrupt politically-motivated “health” policies. (01) (02) (03) (04) (05) (06) (07) (08) (09) (10) (11)

If you stand-down or fire a large number of your truckies and health workers, you’re going to have empty shelves and over-burdened hospitals. But Dan will just call it “people in isolation”.

If you have a large number of people vaccinated, and the infections have sky-rocketed out of control despite this – then, put your blinders on, blame the unvaccinated, and go get another jab. Whatever you do, don’t blame the almighty jabs! Anything but that.

11 Deaths “from” Covid-19
9 Double-Vaccinated

19 January 2022

  • 2 x Unvaccinated
  • 7 x Double-Dosed
  • 2 x Boosters

“…of these people, 2 of them had not been vaccinated, 7 were double-dosed, and 2 had received boosters. These last 2 who had received the boosters, were from residential aged-care facilities and had very significant other medical problems.”

So 9 were vaccinated and the title of ABC’s press conference is “Unvaccinated person in their 30’s among QLD covid deaths” #YouCantMakeThisUp They obviously have their comments switched off for a reason: Full ABC Press Conference– Streamed Live 19 Jan 2022 | Rumble Cut . If the ABC weren’t paid-off shills, they wouldn’t be playing the public for fools.

36 Deaths
33 Double-Vaccinated

18 January 2022

  • 3 x Unvaccinated
  • 33 x Double-Dosed
  • 4 x Boosters

“Of the 36 people, 33 were vaccinated against COVID. Generally they had had two doses. Three people were not vaccinated. Of the three people who died under 65, one was vaccinated against COVID, had had two doses, and two people were not vaccinated. All three of those under 65 had serious underlying health conditions and of the older people, only a handful – four – had their boosters.”

News.com.au | Archive SnapShot | Rumble (Mirror) (12) (13) (14)

33 of these people were vaccinated – this is unbelievable. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that there is something seriously wrong with the vaccines – or should I say “Lethal Injections” – when the Chief Health Officer indicted that most of the people dying had been vaccinated.

A news article stated in relation to this that if the vast majority of people with Covid have had 2 doses of the vaccine, and 4 people had 3 doses, and they died as well, surely serious questions must be asked – not simply about the efficacy of the vaccines, but their safety!

Astoundingly, Dr Chant claims that the results meant the direct opposite of the most logical conclusion! She said: there needs to be a sense of urgency in embracing the booster.” This defies logic altogether. Vaccinated people are dying, and you tell people to go out and get another vaccine?”

~ Former Police Sergeant Stephen Kelly (Coronial Law Unit, NSW)

Another report on the 9th Jan 2022, 2,030 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized in New South Wales. Of those patients, 28.8% were unvaccinated and 68.9% were fully vaccinated. (15) Talk about lying with statistics. Almost 70% were jabbed-up with something they were told would protect them from hospitalizations! This is an outrage, how is anyone believing a thing these guys say? They just try and convince you to get another jab – forever? Rather than give you actual health advice? Please.

35 Deaths
“But we conceal the breakdown”

26 January 2022

Victoria has a black-out of the statistics between vaccinated and unvaccinated in hospitalizations or deaths. The only place I found anything even attempting to break it down, was an article on Jan 26th 2022 in The Age that says “53% of deaths reported since Julyinvolvingunvaccinated and 47% vaccinated” – so not only statistically-insignificant (half and half?!?) but since July?!?! What about the break-down of these apparent “from or with covid” deaths?

If you still hail the all-mighty Dan, or get your information from the main-media giants, you don’t know how evil he is, or what he’s done, or the media’s part in this whole thing. Start to look beyond what you want to believe and see what all these tyrants have been up to.

0 Deaths since 3rd May 2020 but “get your boosters” because 2-doses only prevents 4% of infections with Omicron

Jan 20 2022

Four per cent? Statistically ZERO. So- completely USELESS? So 96% = “infection” imminent? So… *scratches head*… Booster/Variant = Vaccine-failure-coverup?

Another Australian politician on the Kool-Aid, who is inadvertently doing his part to help awaken humanity whenever he opens his mouth… Mark McGowan, Western Australia’s Premier, says:

“So far, science has shown that a person who has only been vaccinated twice with the COVID vaccine can only prevent 4% of infections with the Omicron mutant. A third dose can provide 64% protection against infection.”

With no Covid patients currently in WA hospitals, McGowan wants 80-90% of Western Australians to be triple vaccinated before they open the borders.

More madness was mentioned in this particular press-release, in particular to their insane quarantine changes: https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/coronavirus/covid-19-in-wa-mark-mcgowan-confirms-wa-reopening-date-february-5-will-not-go-head–c-5385977

If 4 shots isn’t helping Israel, and people are dying in hospitals even after they “did the right thing”… honestly how anyone still believes a single one of these guys is beyond me – it really is beyond me… the only thing that makes sense to me is that he came here to this planet, to help awaken people, from the dark side? :) (That’s a possibility, right?)


Also – how is he able to convince anyone in Western Australia to take a Covid shot when they’ve had 9 deaths total and none at all since the second month of the pandemic and have barely had 1 person in hospital in the entire state? Did they stop reporting for some reason?

W.A. Died “With” Covid Deaths as at 27 January 2022

May 4 2020 – Jan 27 2022 – 0
May 3 2020 – 1
Apr 24 2020 – 1
Apr 17th 2020 – 1
Apr 7th 2020 – 2
Apr 6th 2020 – 1
Apr 3rd 2020 – 1
Mar 26th 2020 – 1
Mar 1st 2020 – 1

9 Deaths in total in Western Australia since the beginning of the pandemic, only 1 in hospital this year, and they have either 0 or 1 in hospital at any one time from May 13th 2020 til now – Jan 27th 2022 (… and they are enforcing vaccines and encouraging “boosters”?). (16) (17)

Australian Excess Deaths since the Rollout comes into question….

Dr. John Campbell has an guest on his “Fourth Booster Dose” video – the above is the clip from his Australian guest looking through the excess deaths statistics and wondering what the explanation is. Watch just this clip or watch the whole video.

See also: Australian Medical Network – Open Letter To Atagi & TGA for more Australian mortality statistics

Oh my god. and today – front page news of the bullshit-media Herald Sun in my local servo, is this:

I really should setup a secret camera in my local servo, because everytime I glance at the newspapers, I usually go on a big rant. It would be entertaining to capture that. Ok so let’s have a look at this, and share how they “lie with statistics” and Jedi Voodoo-Wordsmithing.

Herald Sun – January 27, 2022


These guys use “Do or Die” in hundreds of their articles about other things, implanting this “messaging” into your subconscious. When you blow up the words DO OR DIE on the cover, you are most certainly trying to manipulate people into going against their own instinct at this point, because surely by now people – even those that don’t read statistics or journal publications – can see that despite the media’s push to jab the nation, the jabs don’t stop transmission and doesn’t protect them from getting sick, or from hospitalizations and deaths. So what does the jab do other than give you a golden-ticket to be a slave for another month – you don’t even get to remove your mask? This “DO OR DIE” messaging makes people think that if they don’t get their boosters or 1st, 2nd or 3rd dose… “They will die”. Nice.

And they call us the “scare-mongerers”?

ALMOST two-thirds of Victorians who died with Covid during the Delta and Omicron outbreaks were not fully vaccinated, new figures reveal.

Again – where are the damn figures?

Again – died “with” Covid, or died “because of” Covid?

Again – fully-vaccinated, such as those who died <14 days past their 2nd dose from ‘any cause’ including a vaccine injury? Oh that’s right, I forgot, vaccine injuries don’t exist in your world.

So how many of those were 1-dose, how many were 2-dose 13 days, etc. Break it down, send the stats. But also tell us how you can tell the difference between someone with Alpha, Delta and Omicron in Australia – is it that “if we want to explain why so many vaccinated people are testing positive, before they start to question their decision and realize they have been bamboozled, Omicron arrives and now you need a “booster”?

And conveniently, you also have a nice cover-story for all those who are dying or have severe “covid-like” symptoms that were vaccinated. Let’s not blame the vaccine itself – or ever question it – NOT EVER! and let’s not start offering proper health advice – even 2 years later and hundreds and thousands of journal publications with all the things we now know – from what will help to whose really at risk — no.. it’s “Well, they didn’t get their booster”… “Everyone better go get your booster!” One-solution-only with these guys and it can hardly be called a solution can it?

Look at this muppet… “The Eternal-Slavery” Booster Shot. Listen carefully to the wording – Is this about health? Or is it about control, money, and compliance?

Or do you need a new variant to scare parents into lining up their kids? Or what is it? There are thousands of variants of coronaviruses, but this is the first time in history that specific variants make worldwide news when it’s convenient, and the first time in history where the media says each variant gets “more dangerous”.

Well, considering there could be a bioweapon, we can’t rule it out, but if their narrative is a “virus”, then viruses get “less dangerous” with each “variant” as it does not want to kill it’s host; it adapts to become more contagious but far less harmful to the host.

Although some virologists have been warning from the start that a universal mass-vaccination rollout during a pandemic will promote highly infectious escape mutants – let alone fast-tracked experimental biologicals made from a computer upload from China and approved with less than 2 weeks of data whilst keeping all the safety-data used to approve it hidden from the public, not to mention it’s full list of “ingredients” and full list of “adjuvants”. #PleaseExplain

Rather than reporting…

1.) Queensland, New South Wales, and other places in the world are quite clearly reporting that there are more vaccinated than unvaccinated dying
2.) Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia are not releasing their “vax/unvax” stats
3.) Western Australia has not had a single death “with Covid” since May 2020 and has barely had 1 at any time in the hospital in the past year and a half
4.) Graphs in the highly-vaccinated countries are spiralling the wrong way. As mandates and roll-outs increase and with every booster introduced, everything goes up, up, up?

… all of which is “news-worthy” in my opinion.

Hmm.. is that the real reason behind countries “opening-up” to the unvaccinated? So you can blame them? Clever strategy… but not for those reporting those graphs before you came up with this semi-brilliant idea / war-tactic.

They stay on the “get the jab train”.

Is the Herald Sun trying to cover-up the deaths of the vaccinated with this article? Of course!

Why else would they ignore the vaccinated stats and focus only on the lower unvaccinated stats? And why aren’t they insisting Victoria and other states break down the vaxxed/unvaxxed data in their daily reports?

But this and people getting sick despite having “done the right thing” is just waking more and more people up – we have those same reports of more vaccinated than unvaccinated dying coming in from all over the world.

The higher the “reported” vaccine-uptake, the higher the number of ‘cases’, and there is a clear, massive spike in deaths from things “other than Covid” (all-Cause mortality) – which obviously alludes to the obvious answer – but for some reason everyone has blinders on – they’ve taken the Kool-Aid, refusing to believe as long as the media and CDC keep repeating “the vaccines are safe and effective“. That’s not science guys, that’s marketing. That’s mind-manipulation. That’s Jedi-Mind-tricks.

In Scotland, for instance, the government recently logged the 20th consecutive week in which excess deaths throughout the country have exceeded the five-year average. This is in a country with an 87 percent jab “compliance”:

Meanwhile in Denmark, Finland and Norway, “mystery” covid deaths are currently higher than ever before (even during the “worst” of the pandemic).

The deaths really started spiking in these three countries following the “vaccine” rollout:

Denmark started vaccinating 27 December 2020, and boosters were offered for all over-18s “six months” after the original vaccination course was completed, and apparently 55 percent of Denmark has received a booster. (So perhaps if 2nd shot was from March 2021, then boosters were offered from about September 2021, which would be the same timeline as Finland)


For five months in a row, Denmark has shattered the 10-year record of people dying from “all causes.” Meanwhile, there have been basically zero deaths caused by “covid” during this time. Interestingly, Denmark will lift all COVID-19 restrictions as of February 1st. “‘I would like … Covid-19 to no longer be categorized as a disease dangerous to society”. Whilst it is also going to start offering another booster – a fourth dose to the highest at risk to “boost weakened immunity against Covid-19”.


Finland started vaccinating from 27 December 2020, Second Dose was given 12 Weeks Later (from March 2021), and a Third Dose was announced as recommended six months after 2nd dose (from September 2021). Meanwhile, Finland suspended the use of Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine on 7 October 2021 after reports of possible rare side effects. (18)


Norway began offering booster jabs to over 65s in early October 2021. The third dose is offered six months after the second jab. On November 4th, it was announced that frontline healthcare workers would also be offered a third Covid-19 vaccine. Norway also suspended the use of Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine on 7 October 2021 after reports of possible rare side effects. (19)

Ireland, the United Kingdom and Israel are all posting similar alarming figures. And it just so happens that all three of these countries have extremely high “vaccination” rates. And UK is on the 3rd booster and Israel is on it’s 4th.

According to VigiAccess, the adverse event database for the World Health Organization, 41% of the more than 2.4 million vaccine injuries reported so far are among those under age 44, and just six percent are among people over age 75. So the most worse-off demographic – dying at a much higher rate from the vaccines – is the young, not the elderly. Not something you would find on the mainstream media.

Department of Health data shows that 61.4 per cent of deaths recorded since these waves began were among people who had not received two doses of the vaccine.

Ok, searching for this resource. Searching, searching, searching for the reference. Yep, none of these news articles ever allow you to find the source they are quoting from.

Try as I might, not only can I not locate the “full report” on their website, this is all I could find:

And they are reporting the same stats as The Age article that I discussed under the “Victorian” section, so maybe the press got a “statement” from somewhere that we’re not allowed to see, have a copy of, reference or check outside of the “media”.

This is the Department of Health’s website: https://www.health.gov.au/

Browsing their “Resources/Files/Documents” list: https://www.health.gov.au/resources

Nothing I can see here that matches anything that they could be referring to.

Anyway, “since these waves began?” I want to attack that statement! The vaccines were approved with just “2 weeks post-2nd-dose” data – as in, based on whether someone “got COVID” (this mysterious illness that matches every cold, flu and pneumonia symptom – and also “NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL!” – and don’t get me started on the tests!).

Now, in Australia, our first “jab” was February 2021 and Delta “appeared” in March! And the “vaccine effectiveness diminished with “Delta”, so tell me, without the media spouting lies, where can we prove it was EVER effective?

Certainly not in Australia since by the time we started, we had “Delta”. How utterly convenient.

Then – the more jabs, the more stats started to show something unnerving, more vaccinated than unvaccinated started showing up across all the graphs: As the uptake increased, so did the “cases”, the illnesses, and the hospitalizations… and then suddenly “Omicron” magically makes the headlines! How utterly convenient.

How blind has the world become? Seriously. The vaccines – something they should never be called – have never worked. They don’t stop infection, they don’t stop transmission, there is no justification AT ALL for creating a vaccine passport for them – since they are not only dangerous but useless, and you will never get “immunity” – no matter how many you take. Your body will get flared up and fight for a while with each jab, but that doesn’t work for “variants” – their lies don’t make sense -and the risks far outweigh the benefits, especially when there’s some really odd shit going down with some of the victims – that don’t make sense unless they are playing funky-town with the vials and testing out different things on different populations – not just the risk we each take with our individual makeup. This is NOT a solution, it’s dangerous, ludicrous and UNNECCESSARY.

FDA approved drugs by these pharma-crooks (their funding source) are commonly based on “2 week” data – they’ve been doing dodgy crap like this for decades – nothing more than drug-dealers, very well-paid, and now politically-motivated, agenda-driven, drug-dealers. We are the guinea pigs for the most evil corporations on the planet. The science is rigged. Humanity is being taken on a ride.

Most of these, 53 per cent, were among people who hadn’t received a dose at all.

Again… “53%” does not correlate with the preceding words of “MOST OF THESE”… MOST would be 70-80-90%, correct? Definition-hypnosis-jedi-mind-tricks. 53% means half. Not statistically significant. Whether you get vaxxed or not – you can get sick. 53% – even if we can’t confirm their data is accurate anyway due to the lack of reference to said source – 53% is grasping at straws to use the “DO OR DIE” headline or the “MOST OF THESE” claim.

And since they count any death as someone who dies “who happened to test positive within the past 28 days” or have “Covid-like symptoms” – even if they fell off a ladder or died from something else- including the vaccine, it’s counted in the “Covid” death stats, because a “Covid death” isn’t defined as someone who died “because of Covid”, but “with Covid”.

Just 1.7 per cent of all deaths were among people who had received the recommended three-doses.

The “video” that this article is attached to said that the 1.7 % figure PROVES you should get a 3rd-dose “Booster” shot. Um. Omicron has been here how long? South Africa = 24 November and they said it was mild. You do not have the data to prove the 3rd-dose does anything, and the media reporting “out of control hospitalizations” due to Omicron – doesn’t match-up. Having a brand new “Rapid Testing” system where they “don’t know it’s effectiveness for Omicron”, and making everyone take RAT tests to attend work, events, and at Christmas – all of that will drive the numbers up. The boosters are being rolled out and they’re starting to jab the kiddies, so there’s going to be an uptake of hospitalizations, and the hospitals are under-staffed due to mandate-layoffs – I mean, could experienced-mass-staff-shortages be the true “burden on the hospitals?” Or is it vaccine-injury? Unless Omicron is secret-code for “vaccine injury coverup” or a new “bioweapon/poison”, having an over-burdened hospital system “due to Omicron” makes no sense.

Pfizer itself says that 2 doses don’t work for Omicron but “3 doses may reduce deaths and hospitalizations” (which is also what a ‘mild variant’ could also achieve) and that they are working on a new version with a better “safety profile”.

They don’t like their own safety-profile and it doesn’t work on Omicron, but a 3rd shot may lessen symptoms – something that a less-than-deadly variant would also achieve?

So I assume you, Herald Sun or whoever you are getting the “new stats” from, must be referring to “Omicron” when you come to that ridiculous pharma-funded or fauci-cult conclusion that a 1.7% death rate in those who took boosters is proof to you that people should get boosters. It’s ridiculous and false. Not only can people deduce from the above QLD & NSW videos what happened to the booster-recipients, but a study in Israel has already discovered that neither the 3rd OR 4th dose is effective vs Omicron. And Pfizer doesn’t like their own safety-profile – PFIZER DOESN’T THINK THEIR VACCINE IS SAFE ENOUGH. And Moderna has been suspended in several countries. What are we doing here, other than being billboards for corrupt pharmaceutical giants and scaring the shit out of people?

It comes as 35 people died with the virus on Wednesday – our deadliest day since September 2020.

Again, quoting the Victorian stats – the state that has chosen NOT to separate doses, boosters, unvaccinated. Meaningless propaganda without those stats.

Again “WITH” the virus. not “Because of“.- who died, what were their ages, what happened to them?? Did they have a car accident? Were they denied medical care due to staff-shortages and ridiculous covid-mandates and covid-measures that puts everyone’s surgery and care on the back-burner to focus on the “covid” narrative? Enough with the lies, out with the truth, we’re done with your bullshit. People ARE dying. But the media is full of shit as to what their cause of death is.

Let alone this…

Moderna “SpikeVax” is no longer used to vaccinate under 31’s due to the potential for heart complications in many countries, but Australia has approved it as preferred for the under 60’s and is not only injecting our children with it, but we are testing it on babies and recommending it to pregnant & breastfeeding women.

We’re bloody cattle to these people, really.

What these criminal media organizations are not being transparent about is that they are making out that you are less-likely to get COVID-19 if you get the jab, but ignoring any dangerous, unanticipated and serious complications from experimenting with these new-biologicals where “we” are the guinea pigs risking far more damaging and life-threatening reactions than “Covid”.

There also seems to be a bit of a russian-roullette scenario playing out with certain ‘batches’ being responsible for the most horrendous injuries as every 200 batches (in the US) are responsible for 100% of the severe adverse reactions. As in 200 “completely harmless, not even jab-site-pain or headache reported” batches (because most people expect the injuries they’re told about in advance so don’t report on them). And then, like clockwork, suddenly on the 200th batch – a toxic spew of horrendous side-effects – across the entire US, no matter what vaccine manufacturer used. Exactly what kind of “experiment” are they doing on us?

Millions of people have recovered from Covid – you don’t hear about that though do you? Do you know that though? Whatever the hell “covid” is since it’s difficult to diagnose correctly with fraudulent PCR and RAT tests, out of those who do get “what they think is Covid”, most only report mild-symptoms and get on with their lives, and some need a longer-recovery or lose their sense of smell, and then there’s the elephant in the room about the majority of people who are completely healthy and have no symptoms at all testing “positive”.

The majority of those who are symptomatic, will experience a flu for a 1-5 days– but the media focuses on those who end up in hospital.

Those that suffer more than others are usually having an allergic reaction (on Day 8) and are getting the wrong treatment if they head to hospital – but even with their dangerous “pharma-funded govt-enforced” treatment, many still recover, and despite what the media would have you believe, most hospitals are not completely insane as much as they were in the first 6 months: they don’t automatically put everyone on a ventilator (they use oxygen, CPAP or BiPAP before they resort to those horrendous machines), and they don’t give everyone Remdesivir (but if you find a hospital that still does either of these things – please report them everywhere until the doctors of those hospitals wake the fuck up), and now the media is even dubbing people who are on CPAP or BiPAP as “on ventilators” to ramp up the fear and get these jabs into your arms.

2 years in, the doctors that still have a thinking-brain – the ones who aren’t taking “health advice” from government officials, have already found what to look out for and there are hundreds of things you can do to improve your health and reduce your chances of severity – many doctors have suggested various things where they haven’t lost a single person since the start of the pandemic! The media refuses to tell you about those or they vilify anything “except the jab”. “One must NEVER question the Jab”… because they are paid to be a spokesperson for their big-pharma and govt-sponsors. And those guys like to call everyone an “antivaxxer” – it’s their default-go-to insult. By the end of this farce, when people learn the truth about what this pandemic has been all about and what they did to us – everyone will be antivaxxers under their new definition of it – which basically covers anyone who speaks out against these lies, calls them out on their bullshit, is injured by their advice, or finds out what they had the people distracted by while our so called leaders were busy destroying the world and ruining lives – and all the things they WOULD be reporting on, if they were honest and weren’t getting paid so much to shut up.

I think it’s plainly obvious now that the vaccines don’t do what they imply they do & that you’ll be constantly chasing endless boosters trying to escape “Covid” but really participating in a “vaccine passport” system, whilst increasing your risk of all the 80+ pages of adverse reactions – needlessly – because you just need to know what to do “other than take a shot every few months – for the rest of your life”.

See also:

Got 100’s of files on this and there are thousands of testimony’s and many covid-health networks all over the world in every language who have written open letters, published papers, wrote to and appeared in committee hearings, filed law-suits, and tried to get the word out about what is really going on in the hospitals. It’s all over this site, it’s available in my download folders, but guess who are the only people who look at these? People who actually read – Not the ones caught up in their daily-news-headline-fix – not the people we’re trying to help.

Those we want to reach have been conditioned to think it’s all nonsense, or worse, dangerous – and it’s devastating that they are so convinced that there is nothing to see outside of the media-narrative, that they won’t even look, that all those who are still suffering at the hands of these policies, putting their trust in these hospitals and insane mandates, the ones we most desperately want to help, are the very ones that we can’t reach.

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