[The Voice] “Please don’t put us in that constitution” ~ Mebbingarri

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If First Nations people don’t want The Voice, but you are thinking of voting “yes” for them… do you know what you’re saying yes to? You will take away their Sovereignty! (2 Clips from Mebbingarri Cindy Roberts.)

This year Australians will vote on whether indigenous Australians should be added to the constitution and have officials in Parliament. The government says we need to do this for all Aboriginal Australians, but many of them are saying no.

“Please don’t put us in that constitution” ~ Mebbingarri

23 Jun 2023 Rumble-Compilation | Telegram-Compilation
(Compilation combines Clips from YouTube Part 1 | YouTube Part 2)

Only found the original after I had already spent time compiling the 2 videos.
Full video is on Cindy’s website: https://www.mebbingarri.com/

Mebbingarri on The Voice

My people don’t want it. The majority of my people do not want this referendum to go ahead. My name is Mebbingarri, Cindy Roberts, and I come from the Widgebal Tribe. We are a tribe of the Bungalung Nation, and today, I’ve just come with a message. Today, I just want to share what’s going on in this country they call Australia.

As you know, come October, we have a referendum that’s coming, and they’re asking the Australian people to vote yes or no. But before we get to that stage, I ask, and I’m asking all the people out there in this country, in this great, beautiful country, do you honestly know what this is about?

Do you know what you’re saying yes to? Do you know what you’re saying no to? Until we have a balance here of knowing exactly what this is all about with this referendum, you know what powers are given and what powers are taken, and even as the First Nations people, you know, we talk about sovereignty.

We don’t want to lose our sovereignty in this country. This land was never bought or sold. This land was invaded.

Within their constitution, we have never been a part of the constitution. Even through the 1967 referendum, they classed us as citizens. We became citizens in our own country. Now you know that’s not right even in itself. You can’t become a citizen of somewhere you already belong to.

There were things that were done through that referendum that disempowered my people with clauses within their constitution struck out. So referendums are not always a positive and good thing. So we need to be mindful, and we need to be careful about what the people are saying yes to. Because through the process of these referendums comes trickery.

But they’re not going to tell you that bit. So we need to be wise in all our ways.

I come to you today with a message because I’m speaking from the heart, because I’m concerned about this nation. I’m concerned about my people. I’m concerned about all Australians. And I’m concerned about our children. And I’m concerned about generations to come.

We need to be protecting this country, and you need to know within your heart what is right and what is wrong. And that’s the reason why I’m here today – to spread a message. We have a responsibility as First Nations people to look after the country. We can’t change the history of what’s happened, but we can make a difference now. And we need to continue to look after country. All the people who dwell upon our lands as First Nations people. We have to protect them because it’s now our responsibility.

But see, this is where we struggle. We struggle with a corporation that wants to control, manipulate, and disempower. We need the truth, and we need to be telling the truth.

This Australian corporate government needs to be telling the people the truth and what this is really all about. Because I don’t know about you, mob, but I see darker days if this referendum goes ahead, because as you know, I’m not for the referendum.

As a First Nations woman. I’m against. My people don’t want it. The majority of my people do not want this referendum to go ahead.

Because I can tell you now, Australia, they have not consulted my people, my elders of the Bungalung Nation. They haven’t spoken to us in any way, shape, or form. The corporation that they established for The Voice was established and already registered back in 2019. So this was all planned, before it even came to this.

Australia, why are they asking you to say yes? Why are they asking you to vote for this referendum and not my people? Why are they asking you to make a decision for us? Shouldn’t we be making this decision? Shouldn’t we be the ones self-determining our own lives, our own affairs, for our country? To protect all Australians?

Because our sovereignty is under threat. This is why. Believe it or not, our national sovereignty protects all Australians.

Can you not see the big picture? It’s not about my people. It’s about them establishing another corporation so they can continue to control and run this country. The lands need to come back to the sovereigns so we can look after the people.

Aren’t you tired Australia of the lies, the deceit, the genocide, the tyranny, the treason? Aren’t you tired of all the taxes? Aren’t you tired of being a slave to the system? Why are they asking you to say yes? Why are they asking you to vote for this referendum and not my people? Why are they asking you to make a decision for us? Shouldn’t we be making this decision? Shouldn’t we be the ones self-determining our own lives, our own affairs for our country, to protect all Australians?

Why should my people be put into a constitution that committed genocide from generation to generation to generation to generation in this country? Why do you think that we would want to be in a constitution that committed nothing but crimes against humanity? Crimes of war against the sovereign, the original people of this land? Why would we want to be in that constitution? Have you, Australia, ever asked us that question?

My advice, I can only say to all Australia, please don’t put us in that constitution. Put yourself in our shoes. Would you want that? As you know, under the monarch, you as British citizens are slaves. If you put my people in that constitution, we will not only lose our national sovereignty and our rights over our tribal lands, but you will lose our protection.

Let’s stand together and let’s treaty because that’s something they cannot do, only us. And that treaty gives you protection, Australia, the people, from evil corporations that want to move in on our lands for the resources.

A lot of people out there are saying boycott, don’t boycott. Stop handing them everything on a silver platter, Australia, and become self-determined and stand with the First Nations people.

Let’s unite. We are a force to be reckoned with when we become one, and you are not my enemy, Australia. Let’s unite. It’s a no from me for a voice to parliament.

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