[CovidCult] “The Covidian Cult” (a Global Cult Crisis)

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“The Covidian Cult” (a Global Cult Crisis)

The greatest PSYOP in human history!

The deliberate brainwashing campaign that converted our friends and family into true believers.

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Source: Alistair Skinner

Facts should matter. Why does everyone believe they are “Following the Science” without checking? Why are they not willing to look rationally at anything? Why does the truth not matter to anyone? Why can people no longer tell good from evil? Why do they attack and hate and think that people are spreading misinformation when if they took 1 hour with an open mind they could start to see that something else is going on here?

Why do people not question anything? Yes – the shit going on is “crazy-sounding” but do you think we’d be “making fools of ourselves” and putting ourselves out there without actually verifying first? It’s too important to get wrong. The people who are ‘angry’ with me have not read a single paper, cannot back up anything with facts, they are literally parroting the tv and actually believe they are ‘smart’ for not researching and think I’m an idiot for calling out the lies – but they never actually check to see if we are telling the truth? What happened to reading? What happened to research? Have they terrified you away from “research”?

Something is so wrong with the world when the media says to the people “don’t research” – when they straight up tell you “not to think” – “obey us, never question us, only trust our commands, and you will be a ‘good citizen’, but if you question ‘our’ science, you are ‘bad’ and shall be outcast from society” – no red flags there for you? That sounds pretty good? Completely turn off your brain and become a ‘mindless good citizen’? Leaving you completely clueless and vulnerable about anything that is actually going on and getting you to break-up relationships and hold out your arm for the rest of your life. They have weaponized the media and convinced the masses they are actually listening to experts – background check them please – they are criminals – this is war. Please stop believing the media – it’s all rigged – and none of us wanted to be right about that – but everything they are saying is the opposite of truth. It’s literally a mass-psychosis.

The most important thing right now is to ‘start from scratch’ and work out fact from fiction. Don’t believe the media. Don’t believe the “crazies” either. Everything right now is informational-warfare. Where has the logic gone? Some of the things they are saying are so obviously a lie, so obviously a complete change in science, so obviously verifiable – start there.

Start with logic. Some of the things you are doing is absolutely scary and defies common sense. “THE” truth may be hard to figure out and unbelievable at first, but the “LIES” are easily identifiable and verifiable. And now it’s like they have people in some kind of trance where they are too scared to use their mind to question — more worried about being ‘outcast’? It doesn’t matter to you if they are lying? What if it’s important? What if you need to know this stuff before you make decisions about your life, or your kids life, or what to do if you get sick? What if it’s important to know what laws have been adjusted? What if it’s important to know what might happen to your home? To society? To the economy? To the health system? To your loved ones?

It’s so important right now to try and get your mind back, to learn that when something ‘stinks’ – there’s a reason, and to stop hating on people who are trying to help you. We read, we research, we are telling you the media is lying, and the media is telling you ‘they are lying’. The media is a stronger and louder voice and you have trusted them your whole life, but if you see millions of people saying “HEY!!” – maybe you should check and see what they are saying “HEY!!” about – what if they are saying something important? You don’t have to believe everything – but you should look at what doesn’t make sense and investigate that and see if we’re not all “full of shit” like you’ve been told.

Why don’t you at least listen to all the doctors around the world who don’t have “covid deaths” to see what they are saying and then question – like we did – why the media would censor them? It makes no sense right?

Question the things that make no sense first. Masks outdoors. What are these new ‘vaccines’? Are people being harmed by them? What are the adverse effects? What do you know about the ‘virus’? What are you doing to protect your health? Why are the ‘vaccinated’ afraid of the ‘unvaccinated’? What is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” or a “vaccine economy”? Does that make sense to you? Why would you inject experimental new vaccines with no safety data into kids or pregnant women – why are they insisting it’s ‘safe’ when they would have no idea at this early stage? Why are the doctors unable to give exemptions? Why are doctors censored? Why are virologists censored? Why are health scientists censored? Why are vaccine victims censored? Why are nurses censored? Why are pathologists censored? Are they “ALL” conspiracy theorists? What do you know about the PCR-Test? How does it work, what does it detect? Why would they mandate a new vaccine? Why are they non-stop spreading fear and hate 24/7 on the tv? What are people really protesting about? Have you listened to any of them or are you listening to the ‘media’ TELLING YOU what they are protesting about? Are you allowing the media to influence how you think? What you believe? Are you finding yourself getting angry or irritated with people just because the tv told you to be? Where did the virus originate? Who makes the vaccines? What are the others saying that you are ignoring? Question everything.

Rigged Media | Rigged Science | Rigged Agenda

What is Going on in our World?

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