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Scratchpad: Cloud Seeding, Chemtrails, Aerosol Vaccines, and Blocking out the Sun.

Living Document. First Published: 7 December, 2022 | Updated 22 September 2023

The invisible and visible can completely destroy the world and wipe us all out, so I don’t want to downplay it or wait until I’ve finished my research before I put it out there, as it’s something we should all be trying to learn as much about if we want to help future generations get through the next decade.

This has been a post stuck in my drafts, that I wanted to add more to, but I’ll just publish it now even though there’s a lot more to add.

Best resources so far:

Best Websites

  1. (Focused on verifiable evidence)
    • The world’s most comprehensive weather-control archive with hundreds of verified historical facts, images, and videos. WMH’s compelling evidence is easy to browse, exceedingly accurate, and encyclopaedic in scope. This website was crafted by dedicated individuals to help you discern fact from fiction with meticulously organized research that offers you a credible compendium.
    • Newspapers (Vault of Weather Modification Newspaper Clippings going back to July 13, 1880)
    • Geoengineering & Weather Modification Timeline (Timeline of over 150 years of attempts to control climate/weather)

Best Presentations

Carbon Black Dust – The Chemtrail Secret for Weather Warfare, Geoengineering, and Ozone Destruction

2018 YouTube | PDF | PPT | Infographic | Web | Environmental Modification Accountability Act

Jim Lee has been at this for 14 years. His site is packed full of evidence. (01) (02) (03) (04) (05)

CirrusCloudsMatter | History Interactive Timeline | Patents

Follow Jim’s latest stuff on: Rumble | YouTube | Odysee | BitChute | Gettr | Twitter

Websites: ClimateViewer News | ClimateMaps

Best Documentaries

The Dimming

  • March 10, 2021 | The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch ) – YouTube | Article

Videos - Short Clips

  • What’s in our Skies? – Rumble | Facebook | Telegram
  • Cloud Seeding Pilot Explains How (Texas) – Bitchute | Telegram
  • Former CIA Director to CFR on Blocking Out The Sun – June 29, 2016, former CIA Director John Brennan delivered a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations during which he clearly confessed in plain English to the use of geoengineering around the globe. He touts the benefits of spraying aerosol particles in the atmosphere to allegedly reflect sunlight. He finishes by stating that this technology could cause countries to rise up and oppose one another. – YouTube | Rumble | Telegram

Videos - Long

  • The ENMOD Accountability Act: Weather Warfare Protection | Interview with Jon Hart Crane, April 27, 2020 YouTube | Telegram
  • Geoengineering & Weather Modification News: May 10, 2022 YouTube | Telegram

Blocking Out the Sun (Paris Agreement)

We know for certain the UK is deliberately blocking out the sun because of the Paris Agreement’s “climate-hysteria” agenda, but how many countries also signed the Paris Agreement? All of them? Australia has. The UK government admits that in order to meet the Paris Agreement, they need to spray the sky with chemicals that reflect sunlight.

“SRM technologies reflect some of the Sun’s energy that reaches Earth back into space. Examples include the brightening of marine clouds and injection of aerosols into the stratosphere (06)

Although I couldn’t find any admission in Australian government documents in the hour I dedicated to searching, we signed the same agreement as the UK: Paris climate agreement: a quick guide | Parliament of Australia (07)

So we still need official verification, but there’s enough reason to suspect, let alone our own observation, particularly people of my age and older who can remember back to clear skies and sunny weather:

Where I live, in Ballarat, Victoria, we’ve barely seen the sun in over 2 years. In November 2021 I decided to record the days we couldn’t see the sun, and unfortunately it was every day, so then I switched to recording when we “DID” see the sun, and it was only 6 days.

This was over our Summer period too (Summer in Australia is Dec, Jan, Feb). We had only 6 days where the sun wasn’t covered.

Two of those days was the day before and on the Federal Election, and believe it or not, we could see the sun on the “Queen’s Mourning Day”. We’ve had a couple of days this past month as well, bringing it to 8 or 9 days in an entire year.

I’ve taken photos and videos but my phone’s camera is not up to task.

(Facebook) Australia


  1. Skywatchers Australia
    • Discussion group for the current cloud seeding and chemtrail operations that are being conducted in Australia.
  2. Higgins Storm Chasing
    • In complete denial about any nefarious weather-manipulation including chemtrails, Haarp, and geoengineering (to the point where they will ban anyone talking about it) but it’s still a great page to see the actual things they deny.


Owning the Weather in 2025

The US Air Force designed a study to “examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future.”

I’ll update this post when I get up to it (too many tabs open), but you should really watch any of Dr. Nick Begich’s lectures. He not only wrote an in-depth book calling out HAARP, mind control, and weather manipulation, but he has many interviews and lectures on it, and he was connected to those who would know. I have at least 25 tabs open with videos and research he’s led me to already. Do a search for his latest stuff too, as he ties it all into Covid-19, 5G, DARPA, mind control, AI surveillance, and electromagnetic manipulation.

2012 - NSW - SnowyHydro Cloud Seeding

From 2004 to 2012, Snowy Hydro Pty Limited conducted a cloud seeding trial in the Snowy Mountains to understand whether cloud seeding can increase snowfall in this area.

During this period, the Snowy Mountains Cloud Seeding Trial Act 2004 (the Act) required the Commission to supervise authorised cloud seeding trial operations and report on the environmental impacts of those operations to the relevant Ministers.

The Commission completed five reviews of the trial in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012 (see reports below).

In September 2012, the Government announced that the trial would end (see media release) and cloud seeding would become fully operational.

It made legislative changes, including requirements for Snowy Hydro to carry out cloud seeding operations in accordance with an environmental management plan approved by the relevant Ministers, and review of cloud seeding operations by the Environment Protection Authority.

(2014-2020) Genetically-Modified Vaccine released into the environment (Australia)

Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has received a licence application from PaxVax Australia Pty Ltd (PaxVax) for the intentional release of a genetically modified (GM) bacterial vaccine into the environment (DIR 126), which qualifies as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Act).

DIR” submissions mean “Dealings involving intentional release

Using a GM live bacterial vaccine against cholera, trial sites were in local government areas (LGAs) in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia. The trial was intended to inoculate approximately 1,000 children and adults.

PaxVax submitted a Clinical Trial Notification to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and also had to apply to the Department of Agriculture for a permit to import the vaccines.

When going through the documents, it states that the clinical trial would involve “oral administration” but the DIR 126 documents also state they were seeking approval to release it into the environment (what does this mean then?)

Oral administration to me “infers” that it would be a drink or a pill that you take, not needing some kind of approval to release it into the atmosphere, and you don’t see other “oral” drugs on that site requesting approval to be “released into the environment.” I’m not jumping to conclusions, but I’m not sure why they’d need approval for their gene-editing drug (which deletes and inserts genes) to be released into the environment if it’s not something that would be “released into the environment” in some way—perhaps this “oral administration” is something they “breathe” in? Maybe it’s only to assess if the product might impact the environment if it’s is “accidentally” released somehow (like breakages, or perhaps it’s one of those self-spreading “shedding” vaccines?, or the unused product, staff exposure, family exposure, etc.)

  • Receipt of licence application (DIR 126) from PaxVax Australia Pty Ltd for a clinical trial of a GM cholera vaccine – Australian Government – Department of Health – Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (11 Nov 2013)

Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) Australia

So what is the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR)?

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) was created in 2001. It is supposed to regulate GMOs, GMs, and Gene technology products being released into the environment, fed to our livestock, or sprayed on, injected into, or tested on the human guinea pigs we call Australians. . (08) (09)

They have tested all sorts of things people may not be aware of–environment, livestock, agriculture, herbicides, and humans, including:

Seeds, chickpeas, wheat, ryegrass, safflower, cotton, buffalo grass, barley, potatoes, mustard, adenoviruses, genetically-modified bacteria, GM herpes viruses, GM clover, microalgae, GM insects and insect-specific viruses, GM vaccines for chickens, GM vaccines for humans, GM vaccines for Horses, and that is just on page 1. If you dig deeper, you’ll even find gene-editing toxins.

I’m not dot-connecting here; I’m just making you aware that “publicly available things” are actually being tested on us, sprayed upon us, released into the atmosphere, injected into or fed to the animals and plants we eat, etc. None of which is widely advertised; it seems to be a “hidden in plain sight” kind of deal, i.e., “you have to find it yourself,” and the doctors you go to for any “side effects” you might be experiencing will be completely unaware of ANY of it as a possible “cause.”

The OGTR will stamp things “safe and effective” and report “no harm done” because they conveniently keep the health professionals, media, and the ignorant population out of the loop

(if you don’t even know that it could be a possibility, if you don’t even know people are eating, inhaling, or touching poisons that could be messing with our genes and causing all kinds of problems, then you’re not going to test for it or report it). 

That’s the trickery being done by those with too much money and not enough humanity.




My War-Bio-Energy-Weapons > GeoEngineering Mega Folder

It’s taking me far too long to research and report on this in-depth, so I’m going to share my bookmarks and anything useful in a single post because it’s probably THE most important thing in the world right now—beyond everything we’ve researched thus far—beyond the Great Reset and beyond the COVID narrative. This geo-engineering stuff, which has been happening for over 100 years, has very obviously ramped up in the past few (just look up).

Depending on what these psychopaths are really up to, it is probably the real reason people are getting sick, it ties into everything (internet of bodies, weather manipulation and weather warfare, floods, fires, heatwaves, neurological issues, tinnitus, sudden death, chronic illnesses, the destruction of agriculture, surveillance, 5g, biowarfare, depopulation, the climate narrative, world takeover, graphene, nanotechnology in everyone, forced atmospheric vaccination, pesticides & insecticides, the destruction of our bees, earthquakes, blocking out the sun, the eradication of insects, the dead birds, HAARP, etc. The possibilities are ENDLESS for how this ties into everything).


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