Aussie Health Workers on Jab Policies



Western Australia: Nurses in Perth leaving their Uniforms outside Parliament


Queensland – Zero cases but Gov still pushing for Jabs

Victoria – Healthcare workers & Teachers


Victoria – Healthcare Workers United “We do not Consent”

Melbourne Emergency Nurse – Treating 20 Vaccinated Patients per Hour

We’re getting 20 patients an hour fronting up to emergency and what they’re here for, they’ve been recently vaccinated and they are experiencing a few side effects, chest-pains and so on, and they’re concerned and it’s putting a lot of pressure on us to treat the severe casesAnonymous Nurse, Melbourne

Melbourne, Professor Ian Brighthope

Melbourne, Nurse, ICU are full of Vaccinated People

More Nurses & Health Workers speaking out

South Australian Health Workers

“Hospitals are full of Vaccinated Patients”. Asks Media to “Please start telling the truth about Vaccinated Patients” Myocarditis is a “rare” cardiac condition, all of a sudden one in three who are vaccinated are getting it? The system is broken. People need to start asking questions. This is not a safe vaccine.

Queensland Health Worker of 15 years working in COVID Wards says there are horrific adverse reactions that are going unreported and being dismissed

Australian Nurse of 40 years Disgusted with COVID Health Policies

Australian Paramedics

AHPRA – Aussie Doctors Gagged from Speaking Up

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Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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