[RANT] I’m really nervous about what the tv is doing to my friends

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Just read my newsfeed for the first time in a while. I’m really nervous about what the tv is doing to my friends.

First thing I do if I see a news post with something shocking – is look for the actual live feeds from the people who were there – to see it from multiple angles, see if anyone is showing “outside of the view the media share” – and find out from their lips rather than what is reported, and see for myself what they didn’t report.

The real terror here is that people are being driven to feel hatred and despise– a real division – that is caused by the media – they show a clip or ‘snapshot’, repetitive trigger words, then interview a guy from the transport industry masquerading as a health guy – they don’t interview the people they are getting you hate – just ‘their guys’ – and then they show a hospital – and people take that version as truth and allow themselves to develop hate in their hearts. (01)

I’m getting comments with “idiot” on posts where I know they have no idea why they are even saying it – 100% they don’t even know what I’m referring to. There’s a “fictional enemy” the media are creating that includes anyone trying to share the “gaps the TV version is missing”, anyone who shares concerns, anyone who shares the truth. Their agenda is “get this jab into all arms” and any post that doesn’t support that agenda is removed or rubbished and the author labelled a terrorist – how did we get to this?

There’s an instant nastiness born from just a media narrative, repeated over and over and over again “these are the people to blame, those who question what we are reporting”.

The media is creating an “us” and “them”. I wish I had clued onto what the media was doing earlier – but none of us knew – we all thought that the media was impartial or eventually going to be – and that is also one of the reasons it took us so longer to figure out.

From what I just saw, I’m positive now that you won’t believe me that the media is the “real bad guys”… unfortunately you may find out why a little too late – nothing to do with the current topic at all. (02)

My concern is that people can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore, because the bad guys have the megaphone.

If you are willing to question and see – if you find yourself “disgusted” with something on the tv.. try and look and verify if what they said was true? Just take a few more minutes to not be triggered by whatever “snippet” they want you to be triggered by – and look and see if you can find the full story – see if what they said was accurate – that’s all – just a few more minutes getting the first-hand account – which you won’t find on Facebook or on the media.

If it’s a ‘protest’ you’re disgusted about – everyone at these rallies have a phone in their hand recording – so there are thousands of versions to look at – other than the media version – find a few of the cameras that are actually there – explaining what’s going on from their viewpoint, what actually happened, why they are there – get another point of view – other than the media’s version – it’s important. (03) (04) (05) (06) (07) (08) (09)

There is a “postured” media version and then a switch to a hospital and they “tell” you what to think and what to believe…

I knew it was starting to get divided and there’s a consensus reality playing out that makes us scared to question – they make you feel like if you question then you must be ‘antivax’ and if you are ‘antivax’ you must be a terrorist or the real enemy? It’s very powerful and effective but it’s evil what they are doing – where the public can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore.

I’ve not ever been to a protest – I’m not even leaving my house – I go to the servo and I come home. I have not seen my family since sometime last year – I don’t even remember. I question and I check and I verify and I validate and I know they aren’t giving you the truth. When I try and share, only stupid posts are seen by outside of this “small group of people who already know they are lying” – they have a fixed AI algorithm where it’s pointless even typing right now because it’s going to go to the exact same crew who are in the same boat, or it will take me offline.

Angry men? Extremists? I really hope the Aussie nurses, doctors, police, teachers and tradies can one day get your ear with a beer. (10) (11) (12) (13)

The media has cut out everyone’s tongue – the whole media – not just the tv. Maybe if you can be open to hearing their side – outside of this platform where they can’t tell you – you might not be so quick to be triggered by a snapshot from the media’s version of events.

Their stories will break you – but the media is twisting it – I know how hard this is to believe now because I’ve seen your posts – it must seem incredulous – but they are stopping everything – most likely even a post like this that calls them out – and now anyone who sees through it and knows they are lying are “extremists” and “antivax”. (14) (15) (16) (17)

We’re not YOUR enemy. The media is “creating” an enemy. One day you will see that they are driving this.

That’s why so many know they are lying – that’s why the crowds are bigger in every country – all of these people are censored – can you imagine? Millions? How is that possible? All trying to get the truth out – something happened to them or a loved one or their patients or their life that they want you to know and the media got the people to turn against them.

The global media has been shutting them out since March 2020 and it first started happening to me in April 2020 but I didn’t know the extent of it back then nor pay attention too much back then because I was doing what everyone else was doing who was laid off – playing games, enjoying netflix, taking time out – it was only going to be “a few weeks”. But now everything has been destroyed and there’s a lot of people that don’t know to what extent because we haven’t been meeting up anymore – everyone’s “staying away from each other”, there’s already a division which was caused by these isolations in the first place – so they could fill us up with their version online – they completely control everything online – and that’s what we did – we got everything “from them” the entire time we were locked-up – and noone is gathering together to share, and in the meantime, a “version of reality” was created and we didn’t notice until it was already embedded globally as truth.

They have made it near impossible for anyone to share anything online – because they control everything online, and they control us in person “dehumanizing everyone” “keep your distance, your face is covered, you’re scared to “go near each other” in “Cases”

This media blackout went into full force when the truth was getting out – and they fabricated something big across Australia and as a result, a new law was passed back in November – which the public was told was one thing and yet what it did – was give superpowers to the media and deleted the other voices.

So is it possible that you can even open your mind to a possibility there might be another reason other than what they are saying, that has created a “we are your one source of truth” (globally)?

That the media has created the enemies?

That it might be a bit sus that you’re only getting their version of events, the “only WE – the ALLMIGHTY MEDIA – have the authority to be the voice you hear”?

Maybe look to see if you can find the Qantas pilots trying to speak, or maybe start with what really went down at the Shrine- do you think the media version of events is real? What the media is doing is breaking our hearts and destroying this country. You would be disgusted with how they spun it when you see what they did and when you find out what they know that you have been sheltered from. Right now you’re disgusted with the wrong group, and they really need your support. (18)

The Aussie health workers, paramedics and nurses who have quit 30-40 year careers just to tell you what’s actually going on in their hospitals, police are quitting, doctors are exiting agreements and writing open letters – these are our people – everyone who isn’t buying into this new media “we are your one source of truth” is trying in their own way to get the truth to you, and risking everything to do it and then finding the media – who has a different purpose now – trying to get you to fight “them”. (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26)

You may not understand the level of censorship – it’s very deliberate and it was setup under the premise of “good” – a necessity in times of a global pandemic – so you wouldn’t get misinformation, but they are using it in a next-level way – military style – evil. Deleting very urgent and important and truthful information. (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33)

I mean that is something you can also check?
You can see if that is true?

For me – I was already labelled before this so I don’t and didn’t ever expect anyone to believe me – that’s actually why I took my research more seriously during this time – if I’m wrong – lives are at stake – I wasn’t risking that.

I’m really honestly trying to tell you that everyone who is speaking now are risking our lives to tell you – god, we don’t even know if it will be one of you that ends up doing it, the media is terrorizing you and putting hate in your hearts – there really is something more going on here – and the only people who see our posts are those who already know – it’s unreal to believe that this is happening – unbelievable even – but this is actually really important – and all we can do is hope that you check – or be open to just checking when you feel “hate” from something the tv said – that you check and see if what they are saying is factual – because it’s the only power we have on this platform.. speaking in some weird ass ‘code’ to try and get you to just double-check things.

If the media hasn’t turned anyone who is questioning the ‘one source of truth’ – you can always pick up the phone – but we can’t even do that now. The media’s version has even made us “afraid of each other”.

How powerful is that – that you think you can’t call us as you normally would, and we think we can’t call you – I want to, but I’m scared the media has created a “good vs bad” narrative where they have defined a new meaning of what is considered “good”.

I have no intention of letting the media divide us because I really care about you all, but I’m worried they already have.

There are “sides” now – wow – there’s the “media’s side” and there’s the “I have information that doesn’t match the media’s version” side – that’s all.

We’re frustrated because we’re censored and desperate to share – the “cat has our tongue” and the media is the cat, and you’re angry cos you don’t know what they actually censored and the “media” has decided to be our voice and tell you “this is what THEY think” (without ever hearing it directly from them – they never give you facts that you can check – they never give the microphone to the people they are supposedly speaking for – and they keep everyone in the history channel).

“Anyone who is censored is “wrong/dangerous “your enemy”.

When you find out who they are censoring and how corrupt it is- and that they are really getting you to point your guns at “their” enemies… not yours. (34)

Each of those speaking out – it literally feels like a human sacrifice – it’s a huge risk to go up against this massive force – not just knowing that we are up against the most powerful in the world but with the added fear of risking that we did it for nothing because noone will believe. (35)

First it’s “I don’t want to be the one that speaks out – someone else will speak up and it will be fine – I’m nobody – noone will listen to me and everyone will hate me – and I have a history of labelling myself nuts – I’m definitely not pre-qualified to stand on a soapbox and I don’t have any letters after my name

Buying into the same “little me” bullshit – but this “we are your only source of truth” is a lie – and I guess it doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel you are or how unqualified to be another voice trying to get through – when you know that all your loved ones and friends are being lied to – you have to take the risk of knowing that everything could go bad for the one that speaks out here – because it’s big. It’s scary.

And what is more scary is that you are doing it because you care and because you ‘have to’ and you aren’t believed and worse – your own friends are pointing the trigger at you – when they are the ones you are doing it for – it’s a new world alright.

But then the lies are infesting everything, and it becomes a necessity – you have to try – it’s not a ‘choice’ really – it’s a I can’t live with myself if I don’t – even if I lose my life trying and even though they have already cut out our tongues, removed our pens – removed the ability to speak to you in person, made us too scared to call you, and have complete control every aspect of any way we can reach you in the digital world – it’s scary and our voices are shaking – and we are invisible – and censored – and suppressed, and hated by the people we are trying to reach – we are doing it because there is no other choice, no matter the stakes to our own lives – and there is no upside here other than if we are able to get past these really strong filters to get people to look and see there’s so much more to this – because evil has the megaphone.

What a superpower they have.

There you go evil, you’re the only one that will see this anyway. I have to try.


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