EMA/FDA/MHRA Rushed approval of shots w/out safety data

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Leaked emails of communications between FDA (USA), EMA (Europe) and MHRA (UK), show that they approved the vaccines in November 2020 before receiving evidence of safety due to political pressure and that they colluded across agencies to rush it through.

  1. In the following leaked emails of communications between FDA, EMA and MHRA, it is revealed that these 3 regulatory organisations appear to have set a schedule to have the vaccines approved by Christmas, prior to receiving all the necessary evidence to make that approval.
  2. The timeline appears to have been set by Azar (USA Health Secretary, under President Trump).
  3. The 3 regulatory agencies were frantically collaborating and coordinating the schedules upon which they were meant to approve these vaccines before all the evidence was in.

What these emails prove, is the question on those who can’t believe the “whole world would have to be in on it”. This is a common belief “how could these huge agencies with hundreds of people collude to approve these injections?” – these emails are the evidence that shows how it’s done / how they did it. It shows that the colluded across countries to rush through the approval, and what mechanism was “invented as they went along” to approve an ‘un-approvable’ product.

  • The FDA issued an initial emergency use authorization (EUA) to the shot on Dec. 11, 2020.
  • The MHRA approved the vaccine for the U.K. on Dec. 2, 2020 – nine days before the FDA’s issuance of an EUA.
  • Meanwhile, the EMA approved the vaccine for the entirety of Europe ten days later on Dec. 21, 2020.

“If anybody asks you: ‘How can you say that there’s a global conspiracy? These are huge agencies in separate countries with separate rules.’ Well, here’s the evidence of a global conspiracy. They’re exchanging emails with each other about how to shove this through the door faster,” (01)

Sasha Latypova

  • Sasha Latypova built two businesses in pharma over 20+ years, supporting companies like Pfizer and J&J in running clinical trials.
  • She sold both businesses, and in 2014, retired to spend more time on the ski slopes. Fast-forward to 2020, and SARS-CoV-2 drags her back into an industry she thought she had waved goodbye to forever. 
  • She has more than two decades of experience in pharmaceutical and medical device R&D. She specialized in collecting and analyzing data from global clinical trials.

Leaked EMA Staff Emails from November 2020

Leaked Emails: Part 1 - the PEOPLE

Leaked Emails: Part 1February 18, 2022 (02)

We are briefly shifting focus from the data onto the people who are directly responsible for PfizerGate and VaxGate in general. Meet the hard working European bureaucrats who think they report to Trump for some reason. Master class on removing liability for manufacturers while promising greater liability protection to public is included.

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Leaked Emails: Part 2 - Lockstep EMA, FDA, MHRA

Leaked Emails: Part 2March 12, 2022 (03)

Second installment of the leaked emails from the European Medicines Agency staff, around the time of “approval” of the mRNA injections. We discuss conspiracy to subvert regulatory process and agency technical mandate. Collusion with the FDA and MHRA to approve these products by certain date before the data was reviewed (and regardless of how the data looked) is evident. You can download emails here: https://www.howbad.info/emails.html

(Note, couldn’t find the EMA emails at that url, see ‘External Links’ below for more – Penny)

Leaked Emails: Part 3 - mRNA Integrity

Leaked Emails: Part 3March 17, 2022 (04)

This is the final installment of the series. I am discussing 2 key emails that focus on the mRNA integrity and how it varied greatly across Pfizer manufactured vaccine batches (and still does). The regulators at EMA brought it up as a major problem (Major Objection), however just a couple of weeks later these products were approved and being injected into millions of people. The issue of mRNA integrity remains unaddressed to date.

(See ‘external links’ below for more information about the %RNA Integrity issue, as also reported in the British Medical Journal ~ Penny)

External Links

  1. BMJ 2021; The EMA covid-19 data leak, and what it tells us about mRNA instability 372 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.n627 (Published 10 March 2021) BMJ 2021;372:n627 (05)
  2. European Medicines Agency. Cyberattack on the European Medicines Agency (press release). 2020. https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/news/cyberattack-european-medicines-agency (06)
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  8. Although part 2 video (above) says that you can download emails here: https://www.howbad.info/emails.html – I did not see a link to the emails on that page (although one link returns a 404 error). I did however find 2 lots of downloads on the covidvaccinereactions.com website 1.) EMA Pfizer Leak (Web) Telegram EMA Emails, Telegram EMA Files, and 2.) Leaked Ventavia Documents on Pfizer Trial (the 2nd link is related to the BMJ Trial Whistleblower that I wrote about here and here. (12)
  9. See more Team Enigma Videos on their Channel, and their Data/Downloads are available on https://howbad.info/ or https://www.howbadismybatch.com/ (13)

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