Pandemic of Evil: Lies, Deceit, and Corruption :(

Rigged Media


BMJ takes on FB Fact-Destroyers

BMJ editors take on FB Fact-Checkers censorship of the fraudulent Pfizer trials

“Artificial, Paid-For Reality” Manipulation of Media [TedX] [Video]

How Big pharma and Agenda-driven organizations manipulates social opinion and knowledge – so important to understand this.

If you want to HEAL in an Inverse-World run by Evil… (Boycott Google & Replace with Natural Healing Sites)

We are living in an Inverse World right now… Good is presented as Evil and Evil is presented as Good. If you want to heal, do the “opposite”

[Rant] ‘War of the Worlds’ Media Voodoo

Unchecked media = VOODOO Mind-Control.

[Comedy] Drug Companies Don’t Fund The Media! Stop Asking!

Sometimes comedy is the best way to red pill. – AwakenwithJP

Journalists Against Covid Censorship

Holding The Line is a group of journalists who have come together to challenge media orthodoxy over Covid-19.

What is a Conspiracy Theorist?

“Someone who thinks the opposite of what the government wants.” – Gideon van Meijeren on Censorship.

Media-VooDoo “After elimination of hopelessness, the rats do not die.” [Study]

Hopelessness Study “After elimination of hopelessness,” wrote Richter, “the rats do not die.” Well, I think I know what the agenda-controlled media was up to these past 2 years…. and the antidote.

What we should be talking about (if Mainstream Media was doing their job)

If the mainstream media was doing their job, this is what we should be talking about.

How to find the truth in a “Web of Lies”

Mainstream media are mostly reading the ‘same script’ – here’s how to bypass the AI filters and sort through the web of lies.

Hoaxed | Everything They Told You Is a Lie

Hoaxed Documentary

Hoaxed — Everything They Told You Is a Lie – An insider’s look at the fake news phenomenon and the consequences of media misinformation. Interviews from those who have been accused of spreading it themselves are featured in variety throughout the film

Fact-Checkers – New Mind-Control Weapon

Fact-Checkers are the new “Digital Police” to make the new hive-mind more believable – it’s all rigged – and whilst it should’ve been our “trusted source” during a pandemic, they are the biggest disruption to truth as they are aligned to a completely different agenda.

Agenda-Driven Corrupt & Evil Programming – DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA

The media is the main source of disinformation and misinformation – they are manipulating and programming everyone, owned and controlled by the most EVIL corporations on the planet. Understanding the media’s nefarious role in the pandemic and in our lives is critical.

What is going on with the Censorship & Mass-Media Disinformation? What is REALLY going on?

Why the mainstream media and digital platforms are censoring our health experts is very sinister

COVID… from the Fringe [Gagged]

What are others saying that is apparently so dangerous that they need to be removed from the general public’s eyes whenever they’re mentioned?

COVID Vaccine Victims Silenced

I want every individual to make their own informed decision about what goes into their bodies – you decide what’s best for you – I will never try and stand in your way. I’m just dismayed that there is all this censorship to what is working, the alternatives, and to people being aware of what to look-out for if they happen to get one of these ‘side-effects’.

Pandemic-Ending information Buried – Will Truth Prevail? #MediaBias

India Bar Association served legal notice to WHO for its disinformation campaign against the use of Ivermectin. India has now re-established Ivermectin and it wants the world to know what WHO has done… but the media doesn’t find this newsworthy.

Docs Leaked reveal Social Media censorship in the name of ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ [Videos & Links]

Social Media employees leak the documents that censor everyone on a global scale in the name of demoting “Vaccine Hesitancy, and promoting the Good Vaccine”