Everyday people trying to help others see behind the mandate narrative

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Everyday people trying to get others to see beyond the “media narrative”.

Published January 14, 2022. Updated September 20, 2022


No, we don't want Infinite boosters forever, mmmk?

No, we don’t want infinite boosters forever… mmmk? (01)

It’s incredible to me that people struggle to understand why someone would decline the vaccine and the passport system, because anyone with a brain knows that there will be the same unending hysteria coming from public health experts on new variants – forever.

Now current studies coming out of Israel show that the Pfizer vaccine wanes within 3-5 months, so we’re all in this together – “ahem Communism” – and also you’ll need the latest Booster or you can’t take transit to work.

So you’re not just asking me to take “a” vaccine – you’re asking me to receive vaccines as a lifestyle choice – you’re asking me to accept an unending streak of vaccines, not only for the rest of my life, but as a condition of my freedom.
Do you understand how dumb you are if you think anyone’s opposition to this maniacal proposition is in any way inappropriate?

No, I don’t want Infinite Boosters forever as a condition of my own freedom!
What the hell?
Why is anyone advocating for this?

Vaccines – an unending stream of vaccines – for me and my children and all children who will be born into this dystopia.

You want a world where pharmaceutical companies are tasked with perceptually producing the one and only substance that can lend us temporary, conditional freedom?

Use a small, tiny verse of free thought, just a little bit…
Why are there people saying no to “Forever Vaccines as a condition of life on earth? Why do we exist? Is it hard to understand why this level of submission is unacceptable?

Please! All of you attempting to shame your fellow humans for standing against an obvious attempt to redesign our society into a tyrant’s wet dream, are failing to think clearly…

NO, We Do Not Want Infinite Vaccines Forever… MmmK? Yeah thanks.

Australian Government decides my health for me?

Australian Gov’t decides my Health for Me? (02)

You can take any one of 37 leading risk-factors or cause-factors for death above covid, and you’ll be able to make the same argument that I’m making now, and that’s the truth of it.

The last year in 2020, Covid ranked as the 38th leading cause of death in Australia – with 37 other factors above that. At some point the officials of this country have to wake up and realize that health is not just one factor, community is not just one factor, it’s not just affected by one factor and each factor is definitely worth warrant: warrant of attention, warrant of protection, but if the average age of death for Covid is 86, why are we forcing everyone’s life to be completely upended and forcing people against their will – affectively coercing people against their will to take injections that they’re not agreeing to or happy to, and in some cases, fining them for not doing it (shout out to Northern Territory)?

If you’re going to do all that for one factor, then at least be consistent, and do all that for the rest of the factors, because if we’ve decided as a country that the government now runs our health, and the government manages our health, we’re not responsible for our health anymore, which it appears that most of Australia has decided that that is the state of Australia; “Government decides my health for me”.

Well then you should at least be consistent. You should at least be managing everyone’s obesity, everyone’s fitness, mental health, their potential for dementia, and all the other leading cause factors. Not just one. Because as we’ve seen and we’ll continue to see, Covid is a low-to-moderate risk factor for death. It’s not severe, not nearly as severe as so many other things in our society.

I’m not for a second demeaning all the people that will die “with” covid – and maybe some “from” – but mostly “with”, which is based on data from New South Wales Health, that of the cases that died, most died “with”, not “from” – we should do everything to protect them, absolutely, but what about all the rest of society dying from many other things that are affecting many more people?

That’s what I want you guys to think about today and yeah I know a lot of people come back and say ‘silly argument’ and it is a silly argument – but it paints a very interesting truth.

I used a very extreme example of suicide. QR Check-ins of “happiness”. Mental health passport. Of course I’m not advocating for these things – that’s ridiculous, but given it’s ridiculousness, and through the comedy of it, maybe you might see a little bit of truth about how ridiculous it is that we are treating this particular disease in regards to all of society and all the other health-factors.

Samantha Marika - Why don't you question the narrative?

Samantha Marika – Why don’t you question the narrative? (03)

Samantha Marika – Sep 18, 2021

Why don’t you question the vaccine? Instead of laughing or bashing or saying we’re crazy conspiracy theorists, why don’t you take a step back and actually look around you and see what’s going on?

We can no longer think for ourselves, we can no longer question anything that goes against the norm without facing repercussions – without being cancelled, and that shouldn’t just concern me, or Nikki, that should concern everybody, and the fact that it doesn’t, scares me, because it solidifies to me, that that evil and dark plan they’re wanting to implement, will continue to go on and on and on until you wake up, or until you wilfully walk yourself into the slaughter house – whichever one comes first.

You’re listening to your favourite influencers, and celebrities, and even the officials tell you what to do, without even realizing you’re no longer listening to you.

You’re no longer thinking for yourself. You’re no longer questioning anything.

“Well, it’s for my safety, they have my best interest”. Well, do they?

Why aren’t they telling you to fix your diet? Why aren’t they telling you should take Ivermectin or HCQ? Why can’t you hashtag the words #NaturalImmunity?

Because it’s not about your health or your safety. It’s about control. They know the one thing they can never take away from you was your free will unless you wilfully handed it over to them, which many of you consciously and even unconsciously done.

How many of you who got the Covid vaccine actually got it because you wanted to protect yourself from Covid? Or was it because you didn’t want to wear a mask anymore? Because you wanted to travel? Because you wanted to keep your job?

And those that did get the vaccine because they wanted to protect themselves against Covid – how many of you actually listened to the pro’s and con’s of the vaccine?

“Oh, I did”
How? It’s impossible, because the Con’s are being censored, blocked, and deleted. So how are you able to make a rational decision for yourself when you can’t even hear the other side?

Have you ever thought maybe the reason you can’t hear the other side is because you might change your mind?

Now I’m not here to tell you what to do at the end of the day it’s not my decision, it’s your decision – and that’s all I care about, is that you’re making the decision for yourself, because the moment you stop thinking for yourself – the moment you stop questioning things – is the moment you handover your free will.

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This guy in Kuwait obliterated the Narrative

COVID Truth – Obliterated the Narrative! (04)

… and a 4th dose, and maybe a 20th dose, I would like to ask you “Don’t you feel comfortable?”

You have 2 doses, you wear 2 masks, you wear face-shields for godsake, and you’re still afraid of a virus that has 99.7% chance of surviving overall and my age, I have 99.9% chance.

What you are saying – the vaccinated – you are saying that “I” am selfish, because I am choosing to keep my bodily autonomy while you give it away, out of fear.

And now what you continue to do with the students – all of these parents are here to speak for their students – discriminated Kuwaitis, not Kuwaitis out here because they are bored, it’s because they feel they are being discriminated against, because you are segregating them based on the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

I want to ask a question to the doctors – that somehow you know all the truth – that somehow you can dictate to me what is health and what is not health. You tell me, please tell me, why don’t you talk about natural immunity? Is it not a good thing? Don’t we have half a million people who are already fine? Tell me doctor, do you think that you have the right to dictate to me as a patient what I should do, and if I don’t do what I’m told, I’m supposed to be cutaway from society? Who do you think you are? You are a doctor. You swore an oath. That oath is called the Hippocratic Oath, you follow it, and if you don’t follow it that is a problem. You give me options, and I have the choice to say no.

With the parents and the children, what you are doing with the children is completely abuse. It is abuse, because what you are saying with the kids that have virtually no risk of dying – look at the statistics – don’t ask me – trust “The Science” because the science is all you trust. Look at how many kids have died, who has died, why they died, and then you come back and tell me, you think it’s correct that you’re masking children? You’re going to cause psychological damage to them, because they can’t see smiles, they can’t feel emotion. What’s going to happen when they can’t see words coming out of their mouth? Who do you think you are? Telling parents that you have the right over their children more than them? Who do you think you are?

It hurts me because I want to be a father one day, and it’s embarrassing that some of you are allowing institutions to abuse your kids.

Good for all of you to come and fight, give yourselves a clap, because these people are not the enemy, these people are not here to become your enemy, they want you to LISTEN, because they’re abusing all of us. Thank you.

Everyone needs to hear this!

Everyone needs to hear this! (05)

Rumble | Telegram

“Everyone needs to hear this and this breaks my heart, and I’m going to try not to get angry. We have a kid in our community – 23 years old – college athlete – Ivy League school – Best buddies programme. Just a pillar of the community.

He is now dead because he was required to take a vaccine. He took the vaccine and immediately had a heart attack and died.

There was no reason for this.

This kid would go out of his way to always check-up on my daughter, cos I have a daughter with Down Syndrome. He would go out of his way to make sure she was always good. Just a great kid. Who is now gone, because he was required to take a vaccine for a virus that would not effect him. Science says it would not effect him – so why would you force the kid to take a vaccine?

You people – look, all my family is vaccinated – flu shots, all the vaccines required, all my dogs are vaccinated, that’s not the problem.

This is an experimental drug that has no long-term studies on humans, and the studies on animals is poor – and you’re gonna force people out of FEAR for a virus that will never effect him.”

Lance Coppin, Western Australia - 29 April 2022

Lance Coppin, Western Australia, 29 April 2022 (06)

Rumble | Facebook

G’day ladies and gents… Friday the 29th of April, 2022 – in Western Australia, the day that marks the day that us “unvaxxed” can go back into pubs and cafes and the like, without showing our Jewish papers to the gestapo, i.e. you’re “proof of vaccination”.

I’m a bit deflated about that because it’s really just another insult, the way they’ve constructed it, everytime they have what they call a “relaxation in the mandates”, it’s really just another bloody insult, because you’re allowed to go back and have a beer – or have fish and chips – but those who are “serving you” can’t (unless they’re vaxxed).

It’s just a disgrace.

Absolute disgrace that we have a state government that would hold people back from their jobs, hold people back from working. Valuable, skilled, essential, willing, healthy people, from going to work. It’s appalling.

Appalling we would have a government do that to its own people just because they chose not to be part of what is essentially a clinical trial. As per their right.

They’re going to treat that right as some sort of privilege and create consequence for using your right – which is unconditional, that’s the whole idea of it.

I’m appalled by it and I just wanted to say this afternoon a big shout out to all the people who have been pushing back on mandates – whether you’re vaxxed or unvaxxed – it doesn’t matter, that’s your own bloody business, and it should be. It’s certainly not the business of the state, and it’s certainly not the business of your publican or your employer.

And it’s been a hard road for you guys standing your ground on this one because it’s such a touchy subject, especially between family and friends, and the last thing we want to do is compromise relationships between people that we love, and the relationships that we value. It’s a hard gig.

It’s a tough gig for you guys that have had the courage to stand up, in whatever way that you’ve done it. But you’ve stuck to your principles. Fundamental principles of the rights of the individual must prevail above anything,

So, happy Friday guys. This one’s for you. Share the message. Crack a can any flavour, size, or brand. Here’s a big Cheers to you fantastic people that have had the courage to stand up and say THIS IS BULL.SHIT. Good on ya.

Remember that time the government tricked us into taking 3 shots?

Remember that time the government tricked us into taking 3 shots? (07)


“Hey, you remember that one time that the government like told a bunch of people to take an experimental drug? And a bunch of people did, and then it didn’t work, and so the government said “Well, you need to do it again” – and they did it again, and then the government said “You know what, it’s not working because ‘other people’ aren’t joining the experiment, and so take it a 3rd time” — and they took it a fucking third time, and then they started getting mad at the people who didn’t fall for that fucking shit? You remember that? Yeah, uh.”

Dear NWO Globalists... we Reject your offer of Tyranny & Lies

Dear NWO Globalists… we Reject your offer of Tyranny & Lies


Use Your Brain!

C’mon use your brain…!

Rumble | Telegram

Excess Sudden Deaths 3rd quarter of 2021

Nothing to see here, but sudden, unexplained deaths in the third quarter of 2021…

Rumble | Telegram

“I’d interview him, but he’s dead”… comedians, boxers, mountain bikers, paramedics, rugby & football players. Excess deaths in the most-vaccinated countries and “surplus of life” in the under-vaccinated countries.

Warning. Extremely Graphic.

Warning. Extremely Graphic. Devastating Real Jab Injuries

Rumble | Rumble | Telegram

This is truly the most blood-curdling collection of all the “sudden deaths” & horrific jab injuries I’ve seen. But I’m so angry and then I feel so in despair and want to howl at what they put us through and what they did to the jabbed. Fuck*n globalists. Fuck*n murderers. So many times while watching, I felt rage, and then hopelessness and despair at the cognitive dissonance / mind-control / denial by our fellow humans.

We’d better win in the end. If anyone needs evidence of whether we’re on the right side of history, this video will convince you.

Never forget and don’t give up the fight

Wake Up!

Never forget what they said or did…

Never forget what they said or did or this will go down as another 9/11.

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