What we should be talking about (if Mainstream Media was doing their job)

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I spent 20 years in the mainstream media, so I’ve got a good idea what I’m talking about.

Former Irish Journalist: Aisling O’Loughlin.

Source: YouTube | Mirror: Rumble

What we should be talking about if mainstream media was doing their job: (Semi-Transcript)

1 Aborted Foetal Cell Lines

Pfizer Whistleblower confirmed it. Part of what is going in your body. (01)
Ask your doctor if it’s a conspiracy theory. Why isn’t it being discussed in the mainstream media? It’s been pawned-off like some kind of conspiracy theory – very clever.

2 Luciferase SM-102

Another ingredient.
We know things are weird out there, things are creepy, things are Satanic quite frankly, and then there’s an ingredient called Luciferase – the glow in the dark thing. Why is it called that? Why aren’t we discussing this in the mainstream media, on the air-waves, on our television debates, in our newspaper? Why aren’t we allowed to talk about it? Look it up on the Moderna website.

3 Graphene Oxide

Researchers are finding it in vials all over the world. What is this black goo super-conductor doing in these so-called-vaccines. Is it making us magnetic? Is it something to do when 5G is turned on? What the hell is graphene oxide doing in the vaccines?

4 Parasites. Hydra Vulgaris

What’s that doing in there?
Researchers have also finding parasites – no wonder they don’t want us talking about Ivermectin.

“Hahaha that’s a Horse-Dewormer.
Hahaha You’ve gotta be a Conspiracy Theorist to think that’s any good”
“Oh that’s very dangerous”

Very dangerous?

It’s been used on BILLIONS of people worldwide. They got the Nobel prize (20). Yes, it’s used on horses, and on humans too. (21) Why can’t we discuss this freely and openly? Why can’t we discuss hydroxychloroquine openly and freely? (22)

No, it’s just the “vaccines”

https://c19ivermectin.com/ (23)

Dr. Daniel Nagase – What happened when he tried to Save COVID Patients (24)

See also:

5 Conflicts of Interest

That’s the big one we need to be talking about. Professor Luke O’Neill – I’m talking directly to you. But not just Luke O’Neill, we know he’s funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It’s everywhere – the Rot has set in absolutely everywhere. Who’s getting bribed, who’s getting sweeteners, who’s getting blackmailed, how much money is exchanging hands? Who got paid to say what?

What we should be striving for as a society is Full Transparency, and we seem to have lapped-up this corruption, we seem to be so perfectly happy with this corruption and it’s heart-breaking.

It’s heart-breaking to see my former colleagues which I thought were actually decent people, just go along with it, read their autocue, pretend that this is not genocide – pretend that people aren’t dying as a direct result of what they’re doing. Push the chair back and walk the hell away. Don’t be part of this. Please.

6 Vaccine deaths and injuries

We need to talk about the deaths after the jab, and the adverse reactions (43). Why is that not up on the table? Why are people being gas lit all over the place? Why are doctors refusing to admit that there is any correlation between the jab and the adverse reactions and death?

Joe – Respiratory Therapist – Message to the Unvaccinated – Pfizer (44)

7 Nursing Home Deaths

We need to talk about Nursing Home Deaths and the use of Midazolam (93) to usher in these deaths who were left to die on their own, and then it was put down as a COVID death.

How much money exchanged hands?

8 Ventilators

We need to talk about the ventilators and these death protocols being used in nursing homes and hospitals. How much money did they get for putting people on ventilators, for the use of Midazolam, and for COVID-19 deaths on the death certificates. How much money?

If mainstream media was doing it’s job, all these things would be discussed easily. You know something is wrong and it’s a massive red flag when we are not allowed to discuss this. It’s weird, it’s weird, it’s weird.

9 Bill Gates

Come on – you’re not allowed to talk about Bill Gates? Anyone mentions Bill Gates is a conspiracy theorist. We need to talk about his depopulation agenda through the use of vaccines, as he’s told us many times.

10 World Economic Forum

We need to talk about Klaus Schawab and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We need to talk about the World Economic Forum.

Why do these guys have so much power? Is it just because they have money, is that it?

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution” “Build Back Better” “We are all in this together”
“New World Order aka New Global Order aka One World Government”

11 Chinese Communist Party

We need to talk about the CCP and its influence in European Political Affairs and The States, and in Universities, and how much money it’s pumping in all over the place. We need to discuss this as a free, democractic society.

(If we are that) – or have we all just given up?

12 Australia

Are we going towards Australia? Anyone who disagrees – stick them in a concentration camp? Who cares? Are we that? Because that’s where we’re headed.

See also:

13 Canada

Are we going to go in the direction of Canada?
Justin Trudeau is spouting off all sorts of hateful nonsense. And is that ok? Are we ok with what is going on?

14 Stand Up

It is time to stand up. Pay attention. I don’t care if you’re jabbed, not jabbed, it’s time to come together as a community. As a people. Think of our children. Ask questions about the ingredients in this experiment? What about the early-intervention treatments that have been proven to be effective? Why can’t we use them? What is COVID – it’s never been isolated – is it the flu? Where has the flu gone? It’s back and everyone’s like “it’s back”.

This is a pandemic of Idiocy.

This is a pandemic of Cowardice.

Find your courage, find your voice, ask some questions.

15 Mainstream Media

Look at your mainstream media – I’m telling you I spent 20 years in it – at this point you need to know that something really weird is going on. Your media has been infiltrated. You’re not getting the news. You’re getting propaganda.

Here’s another video from Aisling:

We’re coming to the part in the story where people are going to have to admit they’ve ‘been had’:

Oct 12th 2021 Source: YouTube


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