Hero starts a revolution in Shopping Mall in Israel! (Dean Braun, Human Pass)


Dean Braun from “The Human Passport – businesses that don’t discriminate”, wakes up people in a Shopping Mall in Israel and convinces some to take their masks off AND STOP Shopping there.

“A country which creates divisions between people is not worthy of being called a country.

Whoever co-operates with the green pass is not worthy of being called a human being!

What’s wrong with you people?

Have you gone nuts?

For an Adidas T-Shirt? For a Nike T-Shirt?

You are out of your minds!

(sir, take your hands off me) (I can do it without a megaphone)

The time has come that you say NO to the green pass.

Say NO!

(I’m not wearing any mask! I’m not putting on any mask and don’t talk to me!
Are you a policeman? Don’t even talk to me!)

We are not barcodes.
We are Human Beings!

(Don’t touch me, you are attacking me and I will sue you! Move 2 metres from me.)

You need to leave the malls empty!

The time has come to say NO to this Fascist green pass!

It’s time to not co-operate with this regime!

That has no medical or epidemiological justification.

(Sir, don’t touch me, you are attacking me!)

The time has come that you say NO to the green pass!

Don’t waste a single Shekel here!
Don’t waste a single Shekel here!

It can’t be that in a Jewish Country there will be discrimination between people – do not co-operate with this!

It has nothing to do with vaccinations!
It has to do with control – don’t co-operate with this!

It has nothing to do with vaccinations!
There is no medical, epidemiological or moral justification to the green pass!

(Don’t touch me – 2 metres, don’t use your hands. I’m not putting on a mask, I have an exemption – take them away from here – Keep 2 metres from me!)

In a Democratic country there is not justification for the green pass!

Don’t waste your money here!
All the co-operators with this green pass need to be in jail.

Go to each and every mall, go to all the stores there, do not co-operate with this!

It’s about time to say NO!

Share it on Facebook, Share it all over!

It’s about time to say NO to dictatorship!

They don’t know who they are dealing with!

There is no medical or moral justification for the Green Pass!

Co-operators will not be welcome here.

Remember where you came from and where you are going!

Look for the “Human pass” online to see who we are and what we are doing.

Shabbat evening, 7pm, in Ra’anana, at Bennet’s home.

It’s time for a revolution!



Go out of the stores – Don’t waste your money here!

They can not take away your rights in exchange for obedience.

They are asking you to obey and they are taking your rights away!

They give you benefits.

If one day there will be a law that does not suit you – they will lock you down!

Are you out of your minds? Stop with this co-operation RIGHT NOW!

Bennet’s daughter has Covid and she isn’t vaccinated. We don’t mind if you take the vaccines or not. It is all about control!

Your rights can not be turned into benefits in exchange for obedience.

Is this Communism?
Is this Nazism?

This is the state of ISRAEL!

(You have no idea what is happening here right now. All the people in the mall are here. They are leaving the stores.)

Don’t buy anything! Leave this mall!

Look us up online. My name is Dean Braun. The Human pass. A protest for freedom. Come and help us bring our country back home. Back to the citizens. They cannot lock you down whenever they feel like it. Without any reason. Not even a medical reason!

81 sick people causes them to lock down 10 Million People!

Are you crazy to cooperate with this kind of madness?

People who have been vaccinated can still get it and infect others!

And the Media is lying to you!

The Government is disconnected from the people.

And you will all collapse at the end.

Take your Masks off!
Take your masks off, you don’t have any medical risk!

Start to read on the internet. They are lying to you!

Saturday, 7pm, at Bennet’s house. Bring this country back home!

Bring this country back home!
Bring this country back home!
Bring this country back home!

This is for all of you!

I love you all!
I’m at Azrieli Mall.

From now on – Revolution!

Got to every mall!

My name is Dean Braun.
Look for Human Pass.
People without discrimination.
The Human pass.
People without discrimination.
We are there.

Don’t spend your money here, let them feel it in their pockets!

Whoever buys is Pathetic!

I’m leaving a sign here. Keep an eye on it, walk with it for me.

Start a demonstration, it’s about time! Come on!

Go visit each and every store – show it to them.

Say NO to the Green Pass!

These people are with us. They are now taking their masks off.

Take your masks off, There is no risk!

Stop watching TV!

Speaking into the camera:

Bennet, I told you not to mess with me!

No need to shout on the megaphone no more.

It just happened.

I was able to get in with a megaphone!
Who let’s someone like me get into a mall with a megaphone?

There isn’t much more to do here.

But people are starting to take off their masks, which is cool!

Friends, please share this live all over.

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“The Human Passport – businesses that don’t discriminate.”

An initiative started by Adi Treves and Dean Braun.

In just two weeks, more than 400 businesses have officially signed on while others have simply printed the label and posted it themselves.

The Goal:

To be human, living, sovereign, part of the eternal divine spark.

Walking on the ground. Free with birth rights. The owners of this land. Brave, valueless, fitters, self-judgment and clear consciousness.

Our rights will never turn into benefits in return for obedience.

The movie is over.

Find Dean & The Human Passport:
The Human Passport on Facebook התו האנושי- אנשים ללא סלקציה
Dean on Twitter @DeanBraun1789
Dean on Facebook @dean.braun

More people Standing Up


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Dr Masanori Fukishima chastised the Japanese government for assembling a committee that has “no understanding of the cutting-edge science used in mRNA injections” and for parading these fools in the media to “incite Japan to get vaccinated”—yet 90% of the committee didn’t take the shot! He demands an urgent cease to all vaccinations, urging them to do the right thing with a full investigation into every single person whose health worsened after the shot, as well as full disclosure to the press to inform the public.


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A must-see video by a Canadian doctor whose patients awoke before her, but now she knows what’s going on and, in an attempt to protect her patients, her office was raided and her license was revoked.


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Peter Fam (lawyer) | on Human Rights re: Covid

“In Australia today, in response to a virus where we’re locked in our homes, we’re forbidden from exercise, we’re forbidden from human contact, we are tracked and traced and digitised, we’re forced to accept invasions of our privacy that will never be regressed, and injections into our body that cannot be reversed, if we want to remain a part of functioning society. Even our breathing is restricted, but luckily Liquor Land remains open.”


Dr Chris Neil | Australian Cardiologist on Doctors not Speaking up

Dr. Chris Neil (Australian Cardiologist) on the Doctor-Patient relationship and on doctors not being able to speak up.


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Senator Malcolm Roberts – Covid Data Emerges & Australians want Justice

Sen Roberts calls out Pfizer’s “speed of science” claim, Big Pharma, Big Media, ABS, the dangerous drug Remdesivir, the banning of safe Ivermectin, the spike in deaths after rollout, the new Australian cov-vax paper, mandates, the falling birth rate, and the corrupt health bureaucrats


Andrew Tate on Who Controls The World [Video]

Andrew Tate Reveals Who Controls The World & The Truth About Freedom of Speech


NZ Informed Consent document

I wonder if the blame will shift to the doctors to take the fall when the truth comes to light? “The doctor undertaking the treatment is responsible for the overall informed consent process” “If a proposed treatment is new, experimental or lacks scientific evidence, have you explained this to your patient?” ~ Medical Council of New Zealand

I just joined Gettr and I highly recommend it - it's the best alternative to them all so far:


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