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“When doctors give informed consent, they have to know what the risks and benefits are. To do that, we have packaged inserts. This is what they give to the pharmacies, and this is what we as physicians get to see.” (Collation of Blank C19 Jab Insert Videos)

Dr Renata Moon (Still blank in Dec 2022)

Intentionally blank insert in a sealed box of mRNA vaccine product

Dec 7, 2022 Rumble (see full Senate Roundtable)

Dr. Renata Moon, board certified pediatrician, found an intentionally blank package insert in a sealed box of mRNA vaccine product (Moderna).

Dr. David Gortler (former FDA advisor) says “here’s a good question, why didn’t they just print that on a piece of paper the size of a postage stamp, why all the theatre?”

Literally, this is how they fool pharmacists, and just goes to show you that pharmacists don’t even look.

Lady asks CVS pharmacist for Covid vaccine insert

Lady asks pharmacist for Covid vaccine insert & Wakes the Pharmacist up

Rumble | Rumble2

Pharmacist In Disbelief As He Realizes Informed Consent Inserts On COVID-19 Vaccines Are Blank

Dr Richard Fleming - June 2021 - Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen

Package Inserts Blank (Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna)

June 26, 2021 | Rumble by Dr. Richard Fleming (see full presentation, Event 2021)

Showing Difference - what we should see vs what we get

Showing Difference – what we should see vs what we get



Pharmacist shows blank Janssen insert

Pharmacist shows blank Janssen insert


Pharmacist shows blank Moderna insert

Pharmacist shows PROOF of the blank inserts. Zero info on ingredients & instructions.


Asking Liberty Pharmacy for Moderna insert

Asking Liberty Pharmacy for Moderna insert


Under “Emergency Use Authorization” a manufacturer is not required to list ingredients or anything on its Vaccine Insert as it is protected under “TRADE SECRETS” until it is an approved vaccine so its mandatory vaccine insert is blank or says “INTENTIONALLY BLANK”. Nobody got INFORMED CONSENT as nobody knew what was in the shot.

Millions of people were more than ok to line up and have UNKNOWN ingredients injected into their body just believing the “vax” was “SAFE & EFFECTIVE”.

This was always going to be the largest experiment in human history as this was an untested & unknown vaccine/drug.

The more we learn, the scarier it gets!!!

The Package insert is still intentionally blank and these pharmacists don't care

The Package insert is still intentionally blank and these pharmacists don’t care.


Gives them the Fauci Dossier, a copy of the adverse event report at that time from VAERS, and a copy of the Nuremberg code.

Being called an Anti-Vaxxer for asking for safety data for local flu shot

I’ll just share my little story. I noticed a local pharmacy promoting the latest flu concoction on Facebook. Getting their ads everyday. It was only after I had seen the “NZ what’s in the FLU vax vials?” video, that I finally got triggered enough to comment on his ad asking questions about the ingredients and safety data.

Surprisingly, my comment is still up on his ad, albeit I’m the only one that can see it:

Please share:

1.) What Manufacturer & Name of shot you will be injecting (i.e. Seqirus / Alfluria Quadrivalent?)

2.) Do you have different vials for different age groups? (asking because NZ has one labelled ‘aged 65 years and older’ which has a slight a milky colour whereas the others are completely clear, and if they are different for older aged groups, why – what is different? what is the difference in ingredients from a 45yo vs a 65+yo)

3.) The known side-effects

4.) The listed ingredients

5.) What adjuvant(s) and / or excipient(s) are in them, and the known side-effects (and what studies have been done on their safety)

6.) What date it was manufactured

7.) Links to the packet inserts

8.) Links to the clinical trials – have they been completed or are they like the c19 jabs that are still in clinical trial until next year?

9.) Links to the safety data

10.) Please also disclose the Price you get paid per these free injections and who is paying you (government? pharmaceutical companies? corporations?)

I first got a “private” reply to my facebook messenger saying “All that information is available online” (that was his reply!!) – oh my God I was triggered by that comment.


So like a true Facebook keyboard warrior, I replied to him back on his “facebook ad”, not privately, saying that’s not the point – I want to know that YOU know what it is you are injecting into our friends, loved ones, and community… I wanted him to actually do research before he injected another person. (posted below – it’s a long comment).

Arch Pharmacy - myPublicReply

My point was to help you realize how little you know about what you are injecting into people – potentially my loved ones – my friends – my community.

My Point is obviously that those who are injecting these vials into people – like yourselves – are not actually researching into them before you do it – you either don’t care – or the thought hasn’t even crossed your mind (which is worse?). As long as you get paid… you follow orders – paid to follow orders/regulations without looking into it at all – ever – without having any idea what these things are. Telling people these are the same as what they’ve taken in the past is a lie. These new shots are not the same, and you would know that, if you researched before you posted your ad.

You are paid by those people who are promoting them – that profit from them.

“Free vaccines?” It’s not free. They took it out of our tax dollars. We ALL “paid” for them… through the back door.

You do as you’re told, and you don’t look into the research and then the “world” – your friends – your neighbours – your family – and people in the community who put their trust in you, who believes you care about them, who believes you mean them no harm, who believes that you know what you are doing – who believes you would know more than they do, who believes injecting these ingredients into them will protect them, get angry and come after those of us who actually looked into it.

“Paint us with a Media-created/Pharma-funded “stench” – shaming and calling us “antivaxxers” – scaring people into compliance – into thinking they will be segregated from society – into lining up for something they know nothing about because THEY TRUST YOU.

No, I’m not an anti-vaxxer if they were safe, if they worked, if they weren’t a billion-dollar-scam…

I’m anti “UNSAFE”, “DEADLY”, and “POINTLESS” injections – which is what these new quad flu shots are.

If you do your research on these so-called-flu vaccines, you would probably find another job and become one of the now millions of us who are trying to raise awareness, trying to wake up pharmacists, trying to wake up the vaccinators, trying to wake up governments, trying to wake up doctors, trying to wake up nurses who have all been hoodwinked into this very dangerous marketing scam.

I know you haven’t looked into it, because if you did, you wouldn’t be “marketing” these injections on Facebook and replying to people implying they are safe or that it would actually protect people—you’re injecting kids, the elderly, the vulnerable, the innocent, and the naïve—blindly, without having done the research yourself. Without being able to answer my questions easily, telling me the information is online – I know that ‘most’ of it is online (and that most of it is actually hidden behind patent IP’s and that most adjuvants/excipients used have no safety studies at all).

IF you DO look into it from this post, from my questions, or from any of the other comments on your post that are trying to warn you… then maybe we save thousands of lives.

Maybe we save our families and friends and neighbours and co-workers and community.

IF you DON’T look into it. Then you are guilty of what the other commenters are accusing you of.

I’m not trying to cause trouble, I hate having to write anything like this. I hate conflict and I hate what the pharma-industry has done to people – their marketing through the media and the censorship on these platforms, and their hold over our governments and regulators is very powerful, but the fact that pharmacies can inject anything into people without knowing what they are injecting, without having done their own independent research outside of the AHPRA/TGA’s corruption, without caring for their communities – that needs people like myself and others to stand up, despite how uncomfortable it is – we need to try and help you see what you are injecting, so that those who have the power to stop this, STOP complying with madness.

Also, when you replied saying the information is online, you didn’t give me the manufacturer or name of the shot you are injecting… so I don’t know if we are talking about the same shot… (that information should be on your ad… everyone should be informed on what exactly you are wanting to inject into them… ), but when you know what it is you are injecting, please update your post or reply with the name, so we can look up which one it is (if you are not going to be transparent about the studies, at least give people an opportunity to look it up).

And he replied publicly saying “This is not forum for Anti-Vax sentiments“, then proceeded to my profile where he put an “angry” face on my “What do you do for the world?” meme. (So I guess what I wrote triggered him too, and I guess he went to my profile looking to confirm his “covid-psychosis-bias” that anyone questioning the safety of a vaccine must be an “anti-vaxxer”? I think he must’ve been trying to make it right inside his own head about not knowing the answers, that he was trying to justify his ignorance by making me “the enemy”; as perfectly programmed/instructed to do by his local television programming. But not finding what he expected to find, I guess being angry with the “humanity post” must’ve been warranted in his current state of mind). All I can really hope for from a post like this, is that he wants to prove them safe so much – that he actually does the research and stops injecting people.

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