[Funeral Directors] speaking up about Covid, Boosters & now FLU shots!

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Funeral Directors sharing what they are seeing with vaccine deaths, sharing first-hand experiences with death certificates and families, and warning not to get the boosters.

Last Updated 25 June 2023

New Zealand Funeral Director - Brenton Faithfull - 95% Deaths 2 weeks after Jab (Sept 2022)

95% of the dead that he has buried, had their covid injections within two weeks of their death. He also confirmed what other funeral directors and pathologists and coroners are saying in regards to the abnormal blood clots.

Odysee September 27, 2022


John O’Looney update, he’s now seeing people dying from the Flu Jab

Rumble | Telegram

Embalmers Document 'The clots remind me of parasites'

“They remind me of parasites” Embalmers document (Download on Google Docs)

Images: OLooney Calamari Clots

Funeral Director: John O’Looney

Two vials of embalmed fibrous clots. “These would come out in one piece and be the shape of the artery. They are slowly growing in the arteries until they block them,”

When COVID-19 first hit the United Kingdom, John O’Looney was surprised he wasn’t seeing an uptick in deaths at his funeral home. But he said hospitals were labelling regular deaths, such as heart attack and stroke victims, as having died from COVID-19.

O’Looney, who owns Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services, pondered whether he would see the death rate “skyrocket” once the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out. He said he was right.

“The moment they started putting needles in arms, [the deaths] went through the roof. My phone started ringing off the hook. And that’s when I knew in my heart that something was wrong.” he said. 

O’Looney said he spoke with many families of the deceased and has confirmed most had been jabbed. “Some of them just 90 minutes before,” he added.

While the increase in deaths was concerning, O’Looney said he became particularly alarmed after his embalmer started complaining of difficulty with the embalming process. The embalming fluid that is injected into bodies, which normally freely flows throughout the circulatory system, was getting jammed.

“We usually make an incision in the carotid artery and we use that arterial system to get fluid round’ people. But we were struggling to get the embalming fluid through jab recipients,” he said. 

While embalming one clogged-up corpse, O’Looney had to manually target several arteries with his pump. Clots started pouring out of the body, but he said these weren’t like any blood clots he had ever seen.

“They’re red in colour, but then you wash them off and they’re bright white like calamari. They are absolutely horrific,” O’Looney said.

“With a normal clot, you couldn’t pull it out in one piece. It’s like jello that could be washed down the drain. But these would come out in one piece and be the shape of the artery. They are slowly growing in the arteries until they block them.”

O’Looney said after he began speaking up about what he was seeing, the governing body of funeral directors, the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, kicked him out. 

“They’re only an advisory body, or my business would have been closed,” he said. “They told me I’d brought them into disrepute. And I said, I know your members are seeing this, so why are you taking that stance? Why does nobody want to talk about it? And why have I got to shut up?”

Source: the embalmers document

Images: Hirschman Calamari Clots

In January 2021, when COVID-19 vaccine doses were first being given out in Alabama, Hirschman said his workload increased “dramatically.”

“We have our ups and downs, but January was the busiest I have ever been in my life,” he said.

Then around May, Hirschman began noticing irregular clots in the circulatory system of the bodies he was embalming. “They are similar to calamari. This white fibrous crap is not normal.”

Hirschman said he still finds normal blood clots in bodies, but their composition seems to have changed since 2020. “They’re stringy. Like fine threads of hair or cobweb. It’s unusual.”

Hirschman said before the pandemic, only about 10% of bodies would have blood clots. Now he claims to be “lucky to have bodies that are not clotted.”

As 2022 has gone on, Hirschman has begun seeing more younger people — in their 30s, 40s and 50s — passing away. He’s also noticed an increase in babies passing on, although he hasn’t been able to properly embalm them to find clots.

“I was talking to a guy from the funeral home who was on his way back from picking up a stillborn baby at the hospital. When he asked the nurse for the paperwork, she said ‘which one? ‘We have four or five of them.'”

Also on the rise, according to Hirschman, are cases where people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and younger 60s “die suddenly” while participating in normal activities.

“I’ve heard it time and time again: they were fine when they went to bed but didn’t get up in the morning. Or when they got up to go to the kitchen, or go to work, they collapsed. Those kinds of deaths are on the rise.”

The youngest person Hirschman found fibrous clots in was a 20-year-old who was involved in a “strange” single-vehicle car accident. The man didn’t die during the crash, but shortly afterwards.

“When I did the embalming, I found the clot. And I did a little research on the victim, read the obituary, and found his company mandated the vaccine.”

“They are similar to calamari. The white stuff is in your face, like ‘something is wrong,'” Richard Hirschman said.

Hirschman said he has pointed the clots out to the pathologists, but they “don’t care” and refuse to talk about it. One autopsy technician told Hirschman that he won’t go public about the clots because he fears losing his job.

“They’ll look at it and call it a thrombosis. So they’re not lying; it’s a clot. But why are these so different? That’s what needs to be investigated.

While the strange clots could be caused by COVID-19 infections, Hirschman said his “gut feeling” is the vaccines are causing them, “because this white stuff has only been getting worse.” He also said the death rate is slowing down in his area, which he attributes to “people that aren’t getting any more shots.”

Hirschman is also adamant the fibrous clots he’s been seeing are distinct from regular blood clots, despite what fact-checkers have claimed.

“COVID-19 can cause clotting; I get it. But this kind of clotting is excessive. And you can’t tell me I don’t know what a blood clot looks like.”

Images: Carolyn - Ontario Funeral Home Director - Fibrous clots

Still trying to source who Carolyn is as this wasn’t referenced (it really bugs me when I can’t locate the original source). This was mentioned in the embalmers document – will update when I find original source.

Carolyn, a funeral home director in Ontario with more than 25 years of embalming experience, said she first noticed something was wrong in January of 2021. She was seeing an uptick in unusual deaths, but the coroners weren’t following the usual protocol.

“If a death is suspicious, like they died at home alone or weren’t found for a long time, coroners determine if an investigation is warranted,” she said. “Then the body is either sent to the hospital for an autopsy, or to a funeral home if an autopsy isn’t needed,” she said.

But despite more middle-aged people “dropping dead after dinner,” most were being sent to funeral homes without autopsies being performed.

“The coroners were just dialing it in. That usually wasn’t allowed, but now it was. That was strange.”

Then in March of 2021, Carolyn began noticing what she calls “fibrous masses” in the bodies she was embalming.

“When I first saw them, I was like ‘what in hell is this?’ I had never seen anything like it,” she said.

Carolyn said in each body, there are usually enough clots to be comparable to a “heaping plate of spaghetti.” She said the fibrous masses look like “calamari” and have a feel similar to “chewed gum and rubber mixed together.”

While normal blood clots are dark brown in colour, Carolyn said the fibrous masses are white. But she said they also have a pinkish tone, as they are “literally feeding off of blood clots.”

“They remind me of parasites, because they’re creating a blood clot and they’re feeding off it,” she said. “So every tentacle is basically down a part of the circulatory system, and at the end of those fingers there is a normal clot, and it looks like they’re feeding off it.”

“Every tentacle is basically down a part of the circulatory system, and at the end of those fingers there is a normal clot, and it looks like they’re feeding off it,” Carolyn said.

Carolyn said as of late, 100% of the bodies she’s embalmed have had fibrous clots inside them. She believes these clots are growing inside the bodies of vaccinated people, which is why many of them complain of brain fog and fatigue.

“We’re finding people on couches, we’re finding people in bed, fully dressed. It’s like they tried to get through their day, got tired, and then just couldn’t carry on. And it makes sense if your circulatory system is clogged up like that.”

Carolyn accused the pathologists of seeing the fibrous clots, but refusing to speak up. In one case, Carolyn received an older woman from the pathology department that had “massive” fibrous clots still dangling out of her arteries.

“The long clots are from the femoral artery, and I can see cut marks that were made by the pathology department,” she said. “I have called coroners and told them the things I’ve seen in people, and they’ve said, “holy crap, you noticed that?” And I say, ‘of course I did.’ I know why they aren’t saying anything.”

Carolyn said the Ontario College of Surgeons and Physicians silenced the “supposedly scientifically inquiring minds” from speaking out. She said pathologists and coroners have been gagged by the threats of losing their jobs, “which they got the vaccine in order to keep.”

Carolyn said the fibrous masses, which are “getting bigger over time,” threw her into a four-month suicidal episode.

“I thought, ‘do I really want to live in a world where they would create something like this?’ Basically, this is genocide, and they know it. There’s no way they don’t know it.

“There’s no saving western nations. There will be mass death, as far as I’m concerned, if this continues.”

New York Funeral Homes 'They are putting COVID on ALL death certificates' (April 2020)

BREAKING: Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic

30 Apr 2020 Project Veritas YouTube

“They’re putting COVID-19 on ALL the Death Certificates”
“There’s no way to prove it because if that’s what they put down, and there’s no autopsies…”
“They are inflating the statistics”
“Basically, every death that comes across our desk now has COVID on it. Even if people aren’t tested.”

Australian Funeral Director, Nicholas Lee - 50% rise in deaths (Aug 2022)

Launceston, TAS, Australian Funeral Director, an unprecedented 50% rise in Deaths

Rumble | Telegram | Odysee August 22nd, 2022

-- MUST WATCH -- 3 x Funeral Directors & Embalmers Unite to Expose (Oct 2022)

Funeral Directors & Embalmers Unite to Expose

Rumble October 8, 2022

  1. John O’Looney, UK, was the first funeral director to start speaking out about what he was seeing.
  2. In early 2022, embalmer Richard Hirschman, USA, joined John in going public and started showing the unusual clots he was finding on his table.
  3. And now, NZs own funeral director Brenton Faithfull has started confirming what the previous two have said.

UK Funeral Director, John O'Looney - THIS calamari-white crap is what's inside the dead (Aug 2022)

Funeral Director John O’Looney – THIS calamari-white crap is what’s inside the dead


US Embalmer, Richard Hirschman - Calamari-like structures & Strange White Clots 1 Yr after Shot (Jul 2022)

Richard Hirschman – Structures Killing Injected 1 Year After Shot – with Maria Zeee


USA Board Certified Funeral Director & Embalmer, Alabama, USA.

Found same things inside the dead bodies as John O’Looney (Funeral Director, UK) & Dr Ryan Cole (Pathologist, USA)

Links Mentioned in video:

  1. John O’Looney interview regarding hospitals covering up baby deaths by cremating babies themselves
  2. Infowars Episode

UK Funeral Director, John O'Looney - Begging 'DO NOT TAKE BOOSTERS' (Dec 2021)

Funeral Director John O’Looney Begging you “DO NOT TAKE BOOSTERS”

What we’re seeing is an unnaturally large number of deaths due to heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, and these are all as a direct result as thrombosis embolisms – in the lungs, legs, various places. These are well documented by the local coroners, and nobody seems to be concerned by the alarming rise in clots. I used to see a blood clot very, very rarely, and now I’ve seen more this year than I have in the previous 14 years.

I’ve written to the Chief Coroner of England, and he isn’t concerned – received an email from his secretary saying he’s just not interested. This from the guy who is supposed to be protecting us.

The other type of death, which is more distressing for me personally, is people who are getting sick now as their immune systems finally give up. So they’ve had the jabs maybe 6-8 months ago, and now they’re struggling to fight off things like the common cold.

The government were very quick to label it Omicron – a new variant, and they are sick – but they’re sick with a basic thing like the common cold. Their immune systems are decimated, and if you think about it logically, for example a cancer patient is on chemotherapy – it decimates their immune system, and one of the things that they have to be extremely careful of is a basic common cold or flu can kill them – this is what we’re seeing now in these vaccine recipients across and up and down the country – they’re becoming extremely ill.

The saddest thing is that they’re actually convinced that if they’d had the booster, it would’ve lessened that illness, for example, I’ve got a couple of friends, I’ve known them for a long time, very intelligent guy, logical thinker, him and his wife have both been jabbed – she’s had one, he’s had both, and he’s desperate now to get the booster, because he feels so terribly ill, he thinks that will make him feel better.

What do you say to these people because they just won’t believe it – they feel terribly ill – his wife is saying she’s desperate now, she’s had one jab and wishes she’s had the second – desperate to get the 2nd, can’t get hooked up quick enough… I’ve tried to explain, this is what is killing you – this is killing you – it’s damaging your immune system, all you’ve got is a common cold – I will come over, I’ll bring you whatever you need and I will kiss you on the lips because I’m in no danger of falling sick because I have an immune system that is protecting me, as a guy that hasn’t been jabbed.

These people, it’s been well documented on the Georgia Guidestones and other places what would happen – these people are going to willingly walk over the cliff, begging for more. We’re nearly 12 months in now from when the first jabs went into people, so their immune systems will be falling apart now – that’s the reality – that’s what I’m seeing – their immune systems are falling over, and it’s winter and it’s cold season, and they can’t cope with a cold anymore, in the same way a cancer patient with a decimated immune system can’t.

I wish I knew the answer – what can I do to convince people what is actually happening to them – I really don’t know but I’m seeing it and I know it’s happening. When I went for the meeting in Westminster in September, the scientists there said exactly what was happening – low and behold – this is what’s happening – these people are getting sick and dying as I’ve said all along. Now is the time I’m starting to wait for the phonecalls to come in from family and friends, and it’s frightening isn’t it, and do I wonder if these people will fall over and die still convinced that it’s Covid and blaming anti-vaxxers “if it wasn’t for you”… what can you say? All I can do – you can lead a horse to water and you can’t make it drink – and I’ve told these people what would happen to them if they took these jabs and they haven’t listened.

Many have listened, and I just want to say a big thank you to the thousands who have been in touch by email, phone calls, and that have visited me with so much love and support, it’s a wonderful humbling experience telling me how brave I am – I don’t feel brave – all I’ve done is care, I’ve just cared, and I still care and can’t turn that care of.

For anyone that’s watching – if you’ve had your jabs – and you’ve been protected but you’re still really, really ill and you’ve got Covid and having to isolate, this is why, it’s because these jabs are decimating your immune system – the other type are the blood clots are the quick killers and we’ve seen plenty of those as well, so please, please, please, don’t take anymore of these jabs – it’s killing you, it’s killing you – and lining up for more jabs when you’re desperately ill already isn’t the answer, it really isn’t the answer – take a step back, just look a little bit deeper than the BBC and Google it.

I’m telling you are what’s making you ill – the Omicron is vaccine-injury, they’re nothing more than that. Will you believe it, I really don’t know. Time will tell I guess. That’s where we are in December 2021, we’re exactly where the scientists told us we would be, sadly. I just hope that people will listen because if they don’t, they’re going to get sick and they’re going to die. You will die if you keep taking these jabs… y’know, bless you, bless you… forgive them for they know not what they do. Never a truer word spoken.

John O'Looney

Dec 6th 2021 – Fullscreen – John O’Looney – UK Funeral Director – MK Family Funeral Services: https://www.mkffs.co.uk/

Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves (Jul 2022)

John O’Looney – Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves


“John O’Looney is a brave Funeral Home whistleblower who has been raising the alarm since early on in the pandemic.

He joined us to discuss the findings from his embalmer which are in line with what Dr. Jane Ruby, Richard Hirschman and others have found – long, fibrous strands inside people who have been injected.

During our interview, John revealed shock information regarding hospitals covering up baby deaths by cremating the babies themselves.”

Interview with Funeral Director John O'Looney (Dec 2021)

Interview with Funeral Director John O’Looney

Danny Tommo interviews Funeral Director John O’looney who blew the whistle on what he is seeing with vaccine deaths. He shares more details on what’s been hidden from the public and first hand experience with death certificates and families. Dec 14, 2021 – YouTube | Rumble (Mirror)

Interview with Funeral Director John O'Looney - Australian Interview (Mar 2022)

Interview with Funeral Director John O’Looney – Australian Interview

Teaser 1 (58secs) – The Coroners are not going to throw their career away for the death of a stranger

  • Teaser 1 “The Coroners are not going to throw their career away for the death of a stranger”
  • Teaser 2 “70% of children will be sterilised” – The meeting in Westminster with Sir Graham Brady.
  • Full Interview (58 mins) March 19, 2022
    • The cause of death as recorded by the coroners; what is stopping the coroners from recording the vaccine as cause of death?
    • An increase of 600% of thrombosis as the cause of death in 2021
    • The use of Remdesivir in Covid patients – Kidney & Liver failure
    • The use of Midazolam & Morphine in aged care homes
    • Feedback from the embalmer regarding unusual clotting
    • Financial incentives for the NHS for categorising COVID-19 as the cause of death
    • He tested negative with Covid 3 times and they wanted to ventilate him
    • 80,000 NHS workers know what’s going on

UK Funeral Director, Wesley speaks out about Covid & Vaccinations (Nov 2021)

Another Funeral Director, Wesley, speaking out about Covid & Vaccinations

Funeral director speaks out about his observations over the past 2 years and about the harrowing things he has seen since the pandemic and the vaccinations. 2nd November, 2021

‘And what have you seen of what is written on the death certificates?’

‘There’s a lot of myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation), heart attacks… you know, it’s all blood, heart-based, pneumonia… But COVID? I’ve only had one this year! One COVID death written down, since January 2021.’

Wesley, Undertaker

Original Source & Full Transcript | Rumble (Mirror)

Wife of Church Vicar Speaks out about Vaccine Injuries (Jan 2022)

Wife of Church Vicar Speaks out about Vaccine Injuries

Rumble | Rumble (Mirror)

What is killing people now is vaccine injury.

It doesn’t stop you getting it – most people I know now with Covid are those who are double or triple vaccinated – they’re getting so ill, so what they’re trying to do is get you to virtue signal: “Wear your masks so I’m a good person, I’m a good Christian, I’m protecting people”

No you’re not – you’re gagged – and you’re not speaking up for the truth.

Same with the vaccine, people are putting on Facebook “I’ve had my Covid-19 Vaccine, aren’t I a good, virtuous person, I’m protecting everyone!”

No you’re not – you’re injuring yourself with a vaccine that is actually mRNA gene cell technology – it’s not even a vaccine, it doesn’t work, it’s experimental, and it’s very, very serious.

Q.) Have you seen the yellowcard reporting scheme – the vaccine adverse reactions? What do you think about that? I don’t think many people know about that, for some reason it’s not on the front page of The Sun.

As I said, my husband is a Vicar in the Church of England, when we were actually in the height of the pandemic, he was very, very quiet on Funerals, there was very, very few Funerals at all, people were not dying and one of my sons actually was in hospital – the hospital was dead – all hospitals absolutely empty, we got straight into A&E with no problem at all.

Now, since the vaccine rollout, there’s been funeral after funeral after funeral – we know undertakers in the area, undertakers have spoken out – what is killing people now is Vaccine Injury – whether you can relate it or not – it’s heart attacks, stroke, blood clots, myocarditis – inflammation of the heart, or related down the line is going to be cancer.

My husband is getting call after call; “Can you do another funeral, can you do another funeral”. It’s really tragic, and we need to repair people spiritually – that is my goal, is try to awaken people and comfort those who are mourning, and comfort those when they realize they’ve been lied to and they’ve been duped.

Wife of Vicar

East Sydney, Australia, Funeral Industry (Jan 2022)

East Sydney, Australia, Funeral Industry

Definitely a lot happening, if people only realized.
The amount of babies that we’re doing.
Young men are all heart attacks, strokes, blood clots.
The odd thing we’re finding is the paperwork is “inconclusive and unknown” is what they’re dying of.
No services, straight to the furnaces, and the people are getting the ashes back in an urn.
We’re flat out picking them up. Some of the places are actually installing extra large freezers that hold a minimum of 20, and some of them are ordering 8 big containers that each hold 20 bodies, so everyone needs to realize, don’t do it.
Look at it from us, we’ve had enough, we don’t want to see the little kids getting jabbed – we’re waiting, it’s going to be the next thing coming, 100 per cent.
Babies are enough.
Don’t do the kids guys. Everyone just needs to know, don’t do the kids. Don’t do the kids guys. They have a life ahead of them, and we’re seeing the other side of this and this is just devastation, absolute devastation.

Funeral Industry, East Sydney

Telegram (Download) | Rumble (Mirror)

Retired NSWPF Officer 30yrs+, Funeral Industry Worker 6yrs+ (Oct 2021)

Retired NSWPF Officer 30yrs+, Funeral Industry Worker 6yrs+

Whistleblower #0119 | Location withheld, NSW | Submission Date: 2nd October, 2021

Retired NSW Police officer after > 30 years service.

Working in the funeral industry for 6 years smallish country town (—, NSW). Currently stood down due to Medication (vaccine) status.

The company has the Government contract which involves being called to removal of deceased people upon Police request for a variety of reasons such as: require coronial investigation, suspicious circumstances, fatal motor vehicle accidents, or not being treated by a doctor for 12 months.

This contract covers 24hrs/7days in the (— Police District) population is about 52000.

I was on call week on/week off.

Some events of note:

  • 1. April 2021 – 89 Female, living alone with dogs. Healthy. Deceased within days of getting vaccine.
  • 2. May 2021 – 76 Female. healthy eater, walking morning and evening, playing sport. Deceased within days of getting vaccine.
  • 3. August 2021 – 42 Female. Slightly alternate lifestyle. Deceased within 2 days of getting vaccine.
  • 4. September 2021 – 45 Female. Busy lifestyle. Healthy eater. Deceased within weeks of getting vaccine.
  • 5. October 2021 – 39 Male. Timber worker. Fit. Deceased @ 6 weeks after vaccine after numerous hospital visits.

These are some of > 20 deaths recorded by a government agency (NSW Police) and updated after another event.

I have also had on occasion to see and hear General Practitioners who attend funeral parlour mortuary (to conduct Cremation reports and view deceased people for cremation to ensure they do not have pacemakers fitted) and view the written Medical Certificate Cause of Death prepared by Hospital Doctors (locums in some instances) and state, “but I knew him he was healthy, Cause of Death Pneumonia – 2 days – what a cop out” which is alarming to me.

The number of Medical Certificates Cause of Death that have: Pneumonia 2 or 3 days, of DVT was significantly higher on other deceased people since April 2021 which just so coincides with the vaccination program commencement.

Several of my work colleagues and friends have also been treated at hospital for heart palpitations, massive migraines for a week, post vaccine.

I am also aware of at lease three people who have suffered stroke post vaccination – two of whom are basically palliative.

Hope this information is relevant and can be posted onto the FSO (Frontline-workers Speak Out) site.

Let me know if you need my phone number/s to clarify or confirm this information.

FSO blesses and thanks you for your service, a true light in the darkness ✨

Retired NSW Police officer

Whistleblowers: fso.whistleblowers@tutanota.com
Media/Administration: fso.media@tutanota.com
Social Media: Telegram – Frontlineworkers Speak Out! 💉❤️‍🩹 #AU
Website: http://www.fwso-au.org/

More Interviews with Funeral Directors

More Interviews with Funeral Directors:

More interviews with John:

  • [Whistleblower] Undertaker – Deaths Jumped 250% with Vaccine Rollout
  • John O’Looney, Funeral Director: The Evidence Is Utterly Damning
    • An in-person interview with John O’Looney, a whistle-blowing funeral director. He talks about seeing more and more injection recipients coming in, including an abnormal increase of younger people dying of heart attacks, multiple organ failure and unexplained sudden death. He talks about being summoned to a meeting in London on the 21st September, along with other professionals such as Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Tess Lawrie and Mark Yeadon, to submit evidence and testimony to Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee – evidence that he says is “utterly damning”. John has been suspended from the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors for his honesty.
  • Interview with Max Igan that went viral
    • About false mortality rates, euthanasia at care homes and the covid vax agenda which he says to be aimed to bring about a depopulation agenda.
  • John’s First Interview

More Interviews with Richard:

Sarah - Funeral Director student - large, irregular, fibrous clots

Still trying to source who Sarah is as this wasn’t referenced (it really bugs me when I can’t locate the original source). This was mentioned in the embalmers document – will update when I find original source.

Sarah, who is going to school in Wisconsin to get her funeral director’s licence, has also witnessed the fibrous clots. On two different occasions, while assisting with embalming, Sarah saw “large, irregular clots” coming out of the jugular vein.

“We kept pumping embalming fluid in through the carotid arteries, yet we weren’t getting drainage, meaning there were clots in there somewhere. Then we saw them.”

Sarah is adamant these are “not normal blood clots,” and has repeatedly checked her embalming textbook for reference.

Sarah said she hasn’t seen any fibrous clots as of late, since cremation at her funeral home is “on the rise.” But she said local awareness of the strange clots is also on the rise.

“In my area there are more people that are becoming more aware of it. People will randomly ask me about it,” she said.

While Sarah only began working at her funeral home in April 2022, her employer told her the “abnormal” clots started showing up around the time more people were getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

“It’s unfortunate that we can’t get access to medical records, because we’d be able to take note of who has gotten COVID-19 and who has been vaccinated,” she said. “So we can’t know for sure, but it’s sort of a trend where if someone is older, we can assume they were.”

Sarah claimed the fibrous clots are not confined to her small town in Wisconsin. Out of Sarah’s 32 classmates — who come from different parts of the state — approximately 70% have witnessed the strange clots.

“It surprised me that this was a common consensus of ‘this is weird.’ Everyone has to work at a funeral home to be in the course, so it seems like almost everybody has this experience.”

Sarah said the fibrous clots have become such a common occurrence that funeral homes will make jokes about them.

“I know some people whose funeral homes have competitions for the biggest clots. It’s common knowledge, according to my classmates.”

At her funeral home, Sarah also noticed a stark increase in people in their 50s and 60s passing away.

“We’ve had a lot of cases where you’ll see cancer or traumatic accidents, but a lot of them just suddenly died and there’s no real explanation. I’m noticing a lot more friends and family that have people in the hospital for blood clots, or they’re having strokes and aneurysms.”

According to Sarah’s employer, her town saw a minuscule amount of COVID deaths in 2020.

“Also, we’re pretty close with the medical examiner for the county, and they told us how medical examiners in the big city we’re next to would constantly write off deaths as COVID because they’d get money from the government.”

The medical examiner also told Sarah the town saw a disturbing increase in miscarriages in 2022. “It’s not normal for our county to be having this many so far,” she said.


Who do the Fact-checkers work for?

Do you really believe these guys after listening to these reports?

These fact-checkers are funded by the pharmaceutical industry, gates, and the various agenda’s.

Meanwhile in Pharma-Lala-Land | View on Telegram

First Published: Feb 21, 2022 | Last Updated: Dec 8, 2022

  • Jun 25, 2023 Added Project Veritas Footage of New York Funeral Directors in 2020 saying they are “putting COVID on all the death certificates”
  • Dec 8, 2022 Added John O’Looney’s new warning about flu jabs killing the elderly
  • Nov 12, 2022 Added the images and text from the Embalmers Document
  • Nov 4, 2022 Added “Funeral Directors & Embalmers Unite to Expose”
  • Nov 4, 2022 Added new whistleblower, Nicholas Lee, Australian Funeral Director (TAS)
  • Nov 4, 2022 Added new whistleblower, Brenton Faithfull, NZ Funeral Director.
  • Oct 21, 2022 Added new whistleblower, Richard Hirschman, USA Embalmer.
  • Aug 19, 2022 Added new John O’Looney video – this is a must watch “THIS calamari-white crap is what’s inside the dead” – and calls them all out for genocide
  • July 15, 2022 Added new John O’Looney video with Maria Zeee – Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves
  • Mar 21, 2022 Added new John O’Looney video(s) with Australian interviewer
  • Feb 8, 2022 Added Australian who says she is seeing a lot of babies


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