Funeral Directors speaking up about Covid and Boosters

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Funeral Directors sharing what they are seeing with vaccine deaths, sharing first hand experiences with death certificates and families, and warning not to get the boosters.

Funeral Director John O’Looney Begging you “DO NOT TAKE BOOSTERS”

What we’re seeing is an unnaturally large number of deaths due to heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, and these are all as a direct result as thrombosis embolisms – in the lungs, legs, various places. These are well documented by the local coroners, and nobody seems to be concerned by the alarming rise in clots. I used to see a blood clot very, very rarely, and now I’ve seen more this year than I have in the previous 14 years.

I’ve written to the Chief Coroner of England, and he isn’t concerned – received an email from his secretary saying he’s just not interested. This from the guy who is supposed to be protecting us.

The other type of death, which is more distressing for me personally, is people who are getting sick now as their immune systems finally give up. So they’ve had the jabs maybe 6-8 months ago, and now they’re struggling to fight off things like the common cold.

The government were very quick to label it Omicron – a new variant, and they are sick – but they’re sick with a basic thing like the common cold. Their immune systems are decimated, and if you think about it logically, for example a cancer patient is on chemotherapy – it decimates their immune system, and one of the things that they have to be extremely careful of is a basic common cold or flu can kill them – this is what we’re seeing now in these vaccine recipients across and up and down the country – they’re becoming extremely ill.

The saddest thing is that they’re actually convinced that if they’d had the booster, it would’ve lessened that illness, for example, I’ve got a couple of friends, I’ve known them for a long time, very intelligent guy, logical thinker, him and his wife have both been jabbed – she’s had one, he’s had both, and he’s desperate now to get the booster, because he feels so terribly ill, he thinks that will make him feel better.

What do you say to these people because they just won’t believe it – they feel terribly ill – his wife is saying she’s desperate now, she’s had one jab and wishes she’s had the second – desperate to get the 2nd, can’t get hooked up quick enough… I’ve tried to explain, this is what is killing you – this is killing you – it’s damaging your immune system, all you’ve got is a common cold – I will come over, I’ll bring you whatever you need and I will kiss you on the lips because I’m in no danger of falling sick because I have an immune system that is protecting me, as a guy that hasn’t been jabbed.

These people, it’s been well documented on the Georgia Guidestones and other places what would happen – these people are going to willingly walk over the cliff, begging for more. We’re nearly 12 months in now from when the first jabs went into people, so their immune systems will be falling apart now – that’s the reality – that’s what I’m seeing – their immune systems are falling over, and it’s winter and it’s cold season, and they can’t cope with a cold anymore, in the same way a cancer patient with a decimated immune system can’t.

I wish I knew the answer – what can I do to convince people what is actually happening to them – I really don’t know but I’m seeing it and I know it’s happening. When I went for the meeting in Westminster in September, the scientists there said exactly what was happening – low and behold – this is what’s happening – these people are getting sick and dying as I’ve said all along. Now is the time I’m starting to wait for the phonecalls to come in from family and friends, and it’s frightening isn’t it, and do I wonder if these people will fall over and die still convinced that it’s Covid and blaming anti-vaxxers “if it wasn’t for you”… what can you say? All I can do – you can lead a horse to water and you can’t make it drink – and I’ve told these people what would happen to them if they took these jabs and they haven’t listened.

Many have listened, and I just want to say a big thank you to the thousands who have been in touch by email, phone calls, and that have visited me with so much love and support, it’s a wonderful humbling experience telling me how brave I am – I don’t feel brave – all I’ve done is care, I’ve just cared, and I still care and can’t turn that care of.

For anyone that’s watching – if you’ve had your jabs – and you’ve been protected but you’re still really, really ill and you’ve got Covid and having to isolate, this is why, it’s because these jabs are decimating your immune system – the other type are the blood clots are the quick killers and we’ve seen plenty of those as well, so please, please, please, don’t take anymore of these jabs – it’s killing you, it’s killing you – and lining up for more jabs when you’re desperately ill already isn’t the answer, it really isn’t the answer – take a step back, just look a little bit deeper than the BBC and Google it.

I’m telling you are what’s making you ill – the Omicron is vaccine-injury, they’re nothing more than that. Will you believe it, I really don’t know. Time will tell I guess. That’s where we are in December 2021, we’re exactly where the scientists told us we would be, sadly. I just hope that people will listen because if they don’t, they’re going to get sick and they’re going to die. You will die if you keep taking these jabs… y’know, bless you, bless you… forgive them for they know not what they do. Never a truer word spoken.

John O'Looney

Dec 6th 2021 – Fullscreen – John O’Looney – UK Funeral Director – MK Family Funeral Services:

Interview with Funeral Director John O’Looney

Danny Tommo interviews Funeral Director John O’looney who blew the whistle on what he is seeing with vaccine deaths. He shares more details on what’s been hidden from the public and first hand experience with death certificates and families. Dec 14, 2021 – YouTube | Rumble (Mirror)

Another Funeral Director, Wesley, speaking out about Covid & Vaccinations

Funeral director speaks out about his observations over the past 2 years and about the harrowing things he has seen since the pandemic and the vaccinations. 2nd November, 2021

‘And what have you seen of what is written on the death certificates?’

‘There’s a lot of myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation), heart attacks… you know, it’s all blood, heart-based, pneumonia… But COVID? I’ve only had one this year! One COVID death written down, since January 2021.’

Wesley, Undertaker

Original Source & Full Transcript | Rumble (Mirror)

Wife of Church Vicar Speaks out about Vaccine Injuries

What is killing people now is vaccine injury.

It doesn’t stop you getting it – most people I know now with Covid are those who are double or triple vaccinated – they’re getting so ill, so what they’re trying to do is get you to virtue signal: “Wear your masks so I’m a good person, I’m a good Christian, I’m protecting people”

No you’re not – you’re gagged – and you’re not speaking up for the truth.

Same with the vaccine, people are putting on Facebook “I’ve had my Covid-19 Vaccine, aren’t I a good, virtuous person, I’m protecting everyone!”

No you’re not – you’re injuring yourself with a vaccine that is actually mRNA gene cell technology – it’s not even a vaccine, it doesn’t work, it’s experimental, and it’s very, very serious.

Q.) Have you seen the yellowcard reporting scheme – the vaccine adverse reactions? What do you think about that? I don’t think many people know about that, for some reason it’s not on the front page of The Sun.

As I said, my husband is a Vicar in the Church of England, when we were actually in the height of the pandemic, he was very, very quiet on Funerals, there was very, very few Funerals at all, people were not dying and one of my sons actually was in hospital – the hospital was dead – all hospitals absolutely empty, we got straight into A&E with no problem at all.

Now, since the vaccine rollout, there’s been funeral after funeral after funeral – we know undertakers in the area, undertakers have spoken out – what is killing people now is Vaccine Injury – whether you can relate it or not – it’s heart attacks, stroke, blood clots, myocarditis – inflammation of the heart, or related down the line is going to be cancer.

My husband is getting call after call; “Can you do another funeral, can you do another funeral”. It’s really tragic, and we need to repair people spiritually – that is my goal, is try to awaken people and comfort those who are mourning, and comfort those when they realize they’ve been lied to and they’ve been duped.

Wife of Vicar

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