How I went from Pandemic to PLAN-demic (How I know I’m on the right side of history)

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First, is my list of red-flags in the first year that got me to look into it deeper:

What woke you up about COVID? And what was the hardest to get your head around to know you were right?

  1. First red flag for me was not being able to post working treatments, even from peer-reviewed research.
  2. Hardest to get my head around was the media – that took ages to figure out, I just couldn’t believe they could all be working as one, especially across multiple countries.
  3. No “other side of the story” allowed. I kept waiting for the debate, or something that resembles “health advice”.. something that sounded truthful instead of fear-mongering.. it never came.
  4. How fast the “jab” was ready to deploy. That “snapped me out of my slumber” and got me into research-mode. How the fk could they be jabbing people in 66 days, and then approving it planetary wide with 2 weeks of data after 2nd jab – with random basic cold/flu symptoms as their “measure”… that makes no sense.
  5. That they were using an upload to a computer gene bank to do it, not an actual virus, that was like wtf.. how do they trust that the upload is the same as what was going to cross the world – they are “creating vaccines” from a computer upload based on one patient? They can’t know from one sample? And all of them – all these companies (who I knew nothing about back then, but now am up to speed with how evil they are) but how did they all put their trust in a single upload to a computer to make their ‘jabs”?
  6. Plus they were trusting the upload, that came from the city that may of “released” it.. that was also another red flag.. like.. um, surely you’d want your own trustworthy scientists to go in and make sure it was all above board before you labelled it a pandemic and started working on the ‘cure’.. lots of red flags there, probably 1000 or more red flags surrounding just that alone.. the origin story still a ‘mystery’ that we can’t talk about, even though there’s a lot of evidence this was patented years before its ‘release’.
  7. When Wikipedia was re-writing people’s history on-the-fly – within hours of someone speaking out.. that was like real-time “wtf”. Everyone became a “right-wing antivaxxer” if they expressed concerns – even people who make vaccines for a living.
  8. When they made the switch from “deaths” to “cases” on the media.
  9. Also when I joined a group of adverse reactions, and within 3 days it had 75k members, I collated their stories and shared it on my profile and sent it to a friend – she shared it on messenger and got “insta-banned” (and none of my friends ever saw the post), and later that same day that group “disappeared” .. the weird not allowing people with serious injuries or whose loved ones who had died from the jab to tell others about it – not owning up to people having serious injuries and noone ever seeing your post.. that was a wake up call to something more sinister going on.
  10. When they left the elderly and sick alone and isolated from family, even when it wasn’t even in our country.
  11. 7 months when we didn’t have a single “covid death” – we were still in lockdown and our most vulnerable, spent their last days without ever seeing their family again.
  12. When I started hearing heart-breaking stories of those who lost their businesses but were unable to access funding because of their assets, but they felt too guilty and ashamed because they were “doing the right thing for humanity” but are now in a lifetime of debt with no business to make the money back and no funding and can’t speak out because of the stigma that they were saving lives, whilst also being told their business is “not essential” yet all the big businesses were allowed to be open where most of the town “congregated”.. that made no sense.. why are we funnelling everyone into the same buildings? Why are we destroying small businesses?
  13. When countries had found working treatments within a month and got censored – even from senate committee hearings, even their press releases to all doctors of the world saying “hey, we got this”.
  14. And that they are STILL now in Australia and many parts of the world, especially in the big 9 — giving our patients the wrong treatments, still.. now.. 22 months later? this should be a wake up call to even doctors who are working in our ICU’s – something very very wrong there.
  15. When I downloaded thousands of publications about the virus/disease and found that there are several things in common with people who actually get severely ill that never made it to the press.. it was like.. why isn’t this being spoken about? This is very crucial for people to know.. this lets people know exactly what they need to do to avoid being one of those numbers.
  16. I know a lot of people woke up when they came after the kids, I think that’s what was “supposed” to wake people up, its getting a bit too obvious now – everything is so easily verifiable that they are lying about the kids.. that is something that should be kicking people into research-gear and catching up.
  17. Hard thing to come to terms with: Intelligent friends – like people I know to be intelligent, falling for the “science” without checking, and believing that its safe without checking, and forwarding meme’s created by big pharma or Communist China or Russia “without checking”.. that was weird, felt like some kind of weird mind-control over people I know are way more intelligent than that (usually).
  18. The PCR Test, that was another wake up call for me, I decided to really invest in learning about, I have more information about it than anyone on the planet I’m sure.. I even sent my evidence to lawyers (but maybe they didn’t understand what I had, because they never used it in court), but understanding the test was crucial to understanding that this particular test is fraudulently used to lock people up (and potentially grab their DNA) – that it is not useful for determining who is infectious or not, it cannot tell if you are infectious, it only looks at an RNA particle, and the way they collaborate their lab equipment – is absolutely “dirty” and fraudulent, but if you have people in labs who don’t even investigate that.. then even those in the labs don’t know its a fraud.. (something they should look into if they are in the business, but this is something I’m finding across all people right now – they are incapable of researching beyond what their policies tell them, everyone is under some kind of spell – maybe they were living in fear, maybe the tv really is that powerful, but not being willing to figure out the truth at this stage, because of “fear of what your friends might think” is mind-boggling to me, the truth should matter.. because people should know by now that something is not right and everyone is in a position where they can investigate their own particular role in this
  19. Bigpharma and I divorced about 10 years ago after spending 27 years in their “care/cult”- except the reason I went down mainstream “medical” for the first year was because I was convinced it was a bioweapon and also because I’m already known to be a “truther” so knew that noone I love would listen to me if I didn’t go the mainstream path.. so I made sure I 100% understood from the level of consciousness where they were at.. but even that led me to realize something sinister was going on, because if you go down mainstream, it’s full of absolute dirty science and corruption.. its how I realized that the journal publications are used as a marketing tool, that the doctors get paid to look the other way, that the health regulators are all corrupt, that the unions were all corrupt, that the government were just corporations, lol.. going “mainstream” upset me more because that’s where I found out that all the industries are corrupt – hospitals, universities, governments, United Nations, World Health Organization, Media.. Google, FBook.. the whole bloody thing is rotten, all the way down to our retail stores and trucking industry
  20. When 17 African leaders who said “NO” to the vaccines, all died and were replaced by those who said “YES”
  21. When the world’s largest HCQ API Plant burnt down in December 2020 (you can’t make HCQ without the API’s)
  22. When they re-wrote the reputations of those who “stopped” the last “pandemics” so that anyone looking them up “these days” would think they are nutters.
  23. When I found out the fact checkers were ‘charity-shells’ nothing more than Big Pharma marketing dollars at work.
  24. When they started a war on “hesitancy” — at the same time this new “experimental drug” was available — and then they redefined this “needle” to come under a “vaccine” definition.. when it isn’t a “vaccine” — all so they could ride on the tails of this “hesitancy” narrative and make people too scared to be “hesitant” because that would make them a “bad citizen”, and to make those who already believe “vaccines save lives” think these new ones were “just like all the others they’ve taken and survived”.
  25. When I found out that one company – owns the planet.
  26. Careless, rash mass-decisions, like.. let’s “mix and match”.. let’s try boosters “en masse”… let’s give it to kids, let’s give it to babies, let’s give it to pregnant women.. all these decisions to rapidly get it out without any care at all- even if it was a normal vaccine – but it’s not – it’s completely new and they have never succeeded in creating one against coronaviruses in the past but suddenly they are insta-experts? They literally have no idea what it will do short-term let alone long-term.
  27. That everyone is in a trial but they only follow up with them 2 weeks later – in a normal clinical trial you would be tracking them the entire time. With something so new – they should be carefully following EVERYONE who is in the trial – for years.
  28. Also that they unblinded the placebo group and allowed them to take the jab – how do we now compare data?
  29. Also that most don’t know where to report (or that they have to) or how to find the reports, and that the government health committees are saying that it can’t be relied upon – it’s new – how do you not have something you can rely upon? How do you not have something in place for something so new to be able to track everything efficiently?
  30. Also that the doctors and vaccinators haven’t studied what it is and they are telling people it’s a normal vaccine – why are they saying that, are they lying on purpose or do they actually not know?
  31. Also because they fudged the covid death counts – so now we really honestly have nothing to compare – even if they did the other data correctly, they screwed up on the original data. Dying “with covid” is not dying “of” covid.
  32. Also if you get a clot 15 mins after taking the vax, its not counted as relating to the vax because “clots dont develop that fast”.
  33. Also that they are downplaying the seriousness of myocarditis – most people who are diagnosed with myocarditis do not live more than 5 years. Also – this word was unheard of to the general public before the rollout – I used to have to “look up how to spell it” – now I know more about it than any doctor and type it everyday.
  34. Also they are telling people they could die if they get covid when most people recover, and even more would recover if they were actually treating them with things that worked.
  35. When “likes” were removed and posts censored immediately, but you think you’re friends can still see the post.
  36. Running into an old friend after a decade or so and seeing my profile from his phone – he could only see my “happy birthday” posts – despite thousands of posts about covid truth.
  37. They also redefined the definition of pandemic with the ‘swine flu’ in 2009 from “…with enormous numbers of deaths and illness“ to “crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people” – but our general public consciousness and our government laws and pre-planning relates “pandemic” to “dying in the streets” mass-deaths, plague..
  38. WHO changed their definition of herd immunity to imply that it’s a concept that only applies to vaccination, not naturally acquired immunity gained from prior infection as per every year prior. This change happened on 13 Nov 2020. Literally “changing science” to fit a narrative / agenda of “getting this needle into all arms”.
  39. CDC changed their definition of Vaccine – just recently – Sept 2021, as by their own definition the new ‘vaccines’ did not match the definition of a vaccine. Previously: “produces immunity” therefore protecting body from disease. “Sept 2021:”stimulate immune response against diseases”
  40. TGA banned 3 known working treatments that are still being used successfully in other countries — and are “coming after” doctors who prescribe them.
  41. Media is still making out that HCQ is a trump-danger and IVM is ‘horse-dewormer”, both of which is easily debunked if people took 10 minutes to check (this also blows my mind that I’ve seen even scientists retweet CNN and CDC lies without checking).
  42. That they encouraged the BLM protest at the beginning – but slammed protests from those who lost their livelihoods – calling small business owners who had lost everything “selfish, right-wing extremists”.
  43. The mass-psychosis / brainwashing or whatever is going on with our friends/family where they can’t “think” for themselves anymore – even those who work in the industry, something really strange going on there – and they are getting ‘angry’ and ‘nasty’, like they are possessed or something.. (zombies!) there’s something ‘not quite right’ with those who still have the tv on – can’t even get them to look at a paper by those they worship.. and you give them the truth and they think its ‘wrong’ without even looking, like they have been brainwashed into ‘not looking’.. whats the deal with that?

Hardest things to get my head around:

  • The media and social media and search engines and fact checkers all working in unison.
  • All countries doing the same thing (except Sweden and North Korea).
  • The censorship of journal publications.
  • The AI (I thought it was real people censoring me, and kept trying to inform them that I was publishing peer-reviewed studies from “approved” sources)
  • The one-sidedness … why was there no ‘debate’? Noone addressing valid concerns? No health options other than “cower in your homes and wait for an experimental injection”.
  • The censorship of people with questions – especially for something so new.
  • The people becoming hypnotized by it – that still has me ‘punked’.. like the things that are so easily verifiable.. but noone checking.. that is really frightening.
  • Masks outdoors, while exercising (VIC), masks “in cars” (QLD), masks on kids, masks on babies!! Masks that don’t look like anything they wear in labs? Masks that are made in China. Masks that say “Single-use only”. Masks all day at work? Masks when you’re sick? Masks when you’re not sick? Masks for classrooms? Masks for outdoor playgrounds? Everything to do with the masks is abhorrent.
  • Not allowing fully-vaxxed people to cross the border (NSW/QLD).
  • Not allowing fully-vaxxed parents to see their newborn – for over a week (QLD).
  • Censorship of those injured by the vaccines, the down-playing of the risks, the fact that it’s under-reported 90-95% and that they are not following-up with the injured – instead, ignoring them and treating them like antivaxxers (um, how are they antivaxxers anyway – they held their arms out just as you did!)
  • Censorship of working treatments.
  • Treating others like lepers when you’re no better off if you get it.. vax or not, same viral load, vax or not ending up in hospital, you’re not immune so what the fuck is that, like seriously – why are you so afraid of the unvaxxed when you both carry the same amount of viral load.. (or has the media not shared those studies with you?). If you don’t know – then at the very least, you should be “concerned FOR them” (if you believed in the almighty jab being the one and only ‘holy-grail solution’)… but instead you run away, get angry with them and join the media-fear campaign to get them “locked out of society”.. bizarre that people are thinking of those who are vaccine-free like some kind of disease — YOU didn’t become “immune from the disease” by taking the jabs. You’re not “freeing up hospital beds”, and this vaccine certainly isn’t safe or effective and if you believe otherwise, you are living a damn LIE – a delusion.
  • That people fell for the CCP/Russian social media campaign of millions of fake social media accounts full of hate and guilting people into thinking they were the minority for thinking “wtf”. for common-sense being thrown out the window.. . that false social media comments and ‘fake celebrity doctors’, paid-off influencers, and mass-creation of fake meme’s. Are people that easily influenced? What a world.

I thought it may of been a bioweapon…

At the beginning I thought “here we go – this is it – I knew this was coming!” having had several “awakenings” that warned me about something like this happening but so much doubt in me “is this it? or am I “crazy?”. Erring on the side of “caution”, I quickly slipped into “… but I thought this last time as well.. so maybe all I’ll get is a few weeks off work and things won’t play out the way we’ve ‘known about for years’.

Couldn’t shake the thought that maybe it was a bioweapon though, so after the first few months enjoying “time off work” and being lazy (publishing a few things on health) but mostly being lazy, when they started the jab-is-safe-jab-is-coming-mantra, that “woke me up” and kicked me into gear. Other than the first few months, I spent the first year buried in mainstream publications to arrive at the mindset I’m in.

I wanted to learn everything I could about the virus, vaccines, and origin, because if I was wrong – people would die – my loved ones would die – I was skeptical because I’ve been awake to the pharmaceutical industry racket for a while, but given my apparently “conspiracy-background”, I didn’t want to go down any misinformation tracks because being wrong about this … would have deadly consequences.

I took the research deadly-seriously, as the life of people I love was in my hands if I got it wrong and went down red-pill lane, but having a critical-mindset has definitely helped in the research because I wasn’t “biased” towards pharmaceutical-solutions being the only answer (other than if it was a ‘possible bioweapon’, the new drugs may of been an ‘antidote’).

It’s only now that I’ve done that research that I can confidently say they cannot vaccinate their way out of this and that this so much bigger than what we are being told. They have made so many mistakes and completely ignored logic whilst hiding behind “health advice” that makes no sense and does not match “the science”. I have sent all my documents to lawyers around the world and I don’t even know if they will be able to comprehend the magnitude of it all.


My research journey started here:

Learning about the virus, because you cannot learn the treatments if you don’t understand what they know about the stages of disease and all the publications coming out from all over the world.

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

Then I researched the treatments, and found there was so many effective treatments – thousands of studies all around the world, and that they were not being allowed to be shared with our doctors or anywhere – in favour of this ‘get this jab into everyone’ agenda. No other option was considered. 30 committees on “Vaccines”. The studies I did should’ve been what all these committees around the globe were looking at. Why were they ignoring hundreds of thousands of documents that would help, in favour of a completely-new experimental technology?

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

Posts that came out of the initial treatment research:

I was skeptical when I noticed very obviously that the media switched the narrative from “deaths” to “cases”, and wasn’t reporting any health advice from all the publications that showed that many things were working all around the world, and that they could pretty much profile which people were truly at risk of hospitalization, and what they were deficient in (and what we could do in our own lives, to prevent severe reactions).

I was really confused as to why I couldn’t post the published research to social media. They were telling us to trust the official resources, I had spent months in the official resources and that’s what I was posting. Why could I not post things that will help people? Why was I getting censored, shadow-banned, and posts-deleted and 7-day bans when I posted “official research” that would help my family & friends know what to do to prevent “severe covid”?

I didn’t know how big this was at the time because I still just wanted to know ‘which vaccine was safe for my mum’ because I knew she and others would still go the vaccine-route, because the media had also started hammering “safe & effective” and demanding governments “get the vaccine” – even with only 2 weeks of safety-data, a new technology, and only common ‘flu symptoms’ as the measuring-point. It was “weird” and “suspicious”.

I came at a crossroads because I no longer had any fear of COVID-19, because I had the research, and there still wasn’t enough information about the vaccines, other than cartoons and animations and 2 weeks of data, but I started getting curious as to why they switched from “Deaths” to “Cases” and started trying figure out what it means to be a “case” and how were they determining a “COVID Death”, and what were these scary-looking PCR-tests all about – why were they using this barbaric-looking test on people?

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)
Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

I couldn’t even post questions on social media. I started trying to figure out why I was being censored and why Google, Facebook, Instagram, and all our media was saying the same thing, and found they were all part of this one “trust alliance”, that the governments were giving them kick-backs and making new laws about what they could report on, and that both the governments and the media were all invested in the vaccines, that the fact-checkers were funded by the vaccines, that the media was also being censored if they posted health advice that wasn’t praising the vaccine as the only solution, and that Facebook and Google will just “delete” you if you try – and showed their hand by deleting all mainstream media from the networks temporarily (was that a “you post what we tell you to post, or you don’t exist” threat?), which ended up with media signing onto an agreement to only report from the “approved” CDC/WHO/FDA sources and not give any airtime to those with other solutions or health advice. They also started an “anti-vaxxer” narrative and a “War against Vaccine Hesitancy”, which they used to discredit anyone sharing any advice that didn’t match the goal of “getting this new drug into the arms of the entire planet”.

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

Posts that came out of the Media Research:

Since I was posting official research and being censored for trying to share real health advice, and for not posting “get the jab, the jab is safe”, I started looking into why doctors and virologists and scientists around the world were also being censored. I found that most had found what I had found, that early treatment is the way to prevent severe illness, and they were calling to be heard, to actually save lives, and they also couldn’t understand why they were being censored.

One thing that kept being “fact-checked” was that the virus hadn’t been isolated (so what were they testing for, how were they creating vaccines, and how were they determining a vaccine would be safe or effective?)

At first I believed the fact-checker sites that it ‘had’ been isolated, but after realizing the fact-checker connection to the vaccine companies, and the fact that any logical, rational health advice was being censored, I downloaded anything I could find about how they isolate a virus and the FOI’s from all the labs around the world, finding that no lab has it. I still don’t understand how this works but it seems that the “way they isolate a virus” is not what we think it is, the “isolation” is contaminated.

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

I haven’t done any posts about this yet as I still haven’t got my head around it, but the most interesting research that explains this better than a collection of “Freedom of Information” requests and dodgy fact-checkers, is the law suits. There are several lawsuits, but there are court documents that hadn’t yet been submitted at the time I found them, that explained the isolation thing very well, and that can be downloaded from – browse to the folder “Lawsuits Legal” and go to the “New Zealand” folder and download the “2021 NoVirus-PCR-Everything” folder.

Also what seemed really suspicious after I realized all this other stuff was going on was all these lockdowns and masks and this ‘one narrative’ like hypnosis – when were we going to hear the truth? Everything felt like bullshit.

Overreporting the covid deaths, understating the risks of vaccines, not informing people of working treatments, what makes “big business” essential and “small businesses” unessential – why were they “rounding people up” to be in the same place at once instead of allowing solo traders to work, and so on…

Why were they destroying the economy on something that we already know how to treat? Red flag. Why were they preventing our doctors from accessing working treatments? Why were they encouraging healthy people to get tested, why – when we had 0 deaths of covid for 7 months straight – were they still locking us up?

The damage the lockdowns did was unprecedented – completely separating families, the fear & loss of income was causing mass-depression and suicides worldwide, and it destroyed the livelihoods of all those who weren’t benefiting from being in a “essential” business, irreparably:

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

Then I found they were changing laws, that we had no government – only corporations, that only a few people in every country were in charge of making decisions – that there were very few people deciding the fate of the planet, that they were only listening to one global organization for their directions, that our MP’s were not “sitting” or having any input into any decision… there were all these companies and people benefiting, whilst everyone else was “locked out”, and they all seemed to be tied-into each other. Many different agendas, many benefiting, all working together and the conflicts of interest was alarming:

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

And now.. I’m seriously concerned about what this is really about.. this is when you actually start to stop thinking its a conspiracy ‘theory’ and actually realize – one of the many ‘theories’ – maybe even several of them, are actually playing out play-by-play and they are being dismissed by the fact-checkers as ‘false’, and they are being ‘laughed at’ by the media which are all entangled in this.

I don’t know which ‘theory’ is right – I don’t know if its possible to know because it’s been such a ‘weird pandemic’, but clearly getting everyone onto a one-global-tracking surveillance system is a key part, but it can get much more scary than the complete destruction of our economies and total control over human freedoms.

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

Posts created from this research:

And finally… the vaccines… all sorts of problems with them.. and when you’re in the “mainstream world’ listening to doctors, they are all basing everything they say off the reports that they are given directly from the vaccine manufacturers.. in other words – there is no third-party in this.. they are .. “telling you it works” without any oversight and noone is pausing to stop with all already-known issues with this – kids are being harmed by the vaccine and they know this, and they are full-speed ahead.. this ‘case hysteria’, not ‘death-hysteria’ is a huge issue because .. the test is wrong.. they are literally cherry-picking a narrative to keep people in fear so they can get ‘something else in place’.. the vaccine safety data is not as safe as the mantra on tv and should not be given to the whole population at once, and will never – ever – return our lives to normal in Australia because something else is going on.. but here is all the documents about the vaccines

Raw, Unbiased Research: (Download)

Posts that came out of the Vaccine Research (but most of it is still in the folder above):

The only “fringe” stuff in all the above is the Potential Players – because they are just theories that seem to be playing out but – who knows – is it a bioweapon, is it war, is it media-voodoo, why is the farmland being taken over, what is this great reset and agenda 2030 business – some of them sound ‘fringe’ but when you look into it – its not even fringe, it’s literally a playbook that our governments are following… after this hysteria and the next “pandemic” (caused by the vaccines), will be ‘climate change’ hysteria and everyone getting ‘hooked-up to technology’ – it’s beyond science-fiction some of it, and most people will not be able to even look at it because its beyond what a normal tv-watching society could ever understand, that this pandemic – even if its really what they say it is – has been overtaken by other players who have plans on our world.


So after going through the above and removing the fear of a “virus” – once you’ve really truly investigated all of the above, you’ll realize most of it can be completely discarded. What a shame that I wasted all that time understanding “their version of science” when I have to discard it – but I guess it’s not time wasted because it’s “how I know I’m right”.

There’s no doubt in my mind that they have completely “butchered” history, science, and academia and we’ve been “living in a fake reality” created by their complete control of the “knowledge” available to us – quite simply, we’ve all been hoodwinked / brainwashed, and now that everything has moved to the digital space – which they control – they are now able to “instantly” manipulate and control the knowledge we have access to and ‘re-write history’ “IN REAL TIME”.

Once you dedicate your time to understanding that “evil has control of the megaphone” – and our minds – and that everything we’ve been told is a “programme”, it’s now pretty obvious that this was planned, that the media is the ‘weapon’, and that “voodoo” is the way they do it – their “complete control over the entire planet already from the media to ‘scientific research’, academia, governments, Hollywood and beyond” – they are collecting DNA of every human on earth, and using the ownership of the narrative to manipulate the consciousness of the planet, for total enslavement along with a mass “culling”. And this is just scratching the surface – so I shouldn’t condemn those who haven’t woken up yet – but what I do expect at this time – almost 2 years into the pandemic – is that you have been lied to – we may not know “all the answers to everything” but it blows my mind that there are still people who buy into the media version and repeat the narrative like a bloody parrot.

Maybe you don’t believe me that this is all being manipulated – that WHO/CDC/WEF/UN/Media are all corporations that the villains own and operate in order to completely control the planet from a central location, but you should at least know by now that the vaccines are bullshit, the passports are bullshit, and ill-health/dis-ease is easily treatable/preventable – without a needle. If those things aren’t “real to you yet” – then start there, because you can’t go beyond where you’re at, if your mind is still fighting a scary pandemic where you are afraid of healthy people. Next stop is the deliberate crash of the economy, the destruction of all small owner-operator businesses and a complete financial reset.

I was going to spend the time to reference every point above, but that will take the rest of the night and it would be the same as re-writing my summary page – so if you want references to the above, start on my summary page and download my research. (I may reference this page another day but I just don’t want to spend the rest of the night on this post when it’s double-handling something that has already been done).

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