Covid Truth with Dr Judy Wilyman

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Dr. Wilyman has a Master of Science degree (Population Health) and a PhD in the History of the Control of Infectious Diseases in Australia. Judy was a science teacher for 20 years before completing her PhD in this public health issue.

Source: Covid Truth with Dr Judy Wilyman

Dr. Wilyman has a Master of Science degree (Population Health) and a PhD in the History of the Control of Infectious Diseases in Australia. Judy was a science teacher for 20 years before completing her PhD in this public health issue.

Book based on her PhD research “Australia’s Loss of Health Freedom

Vaccines carry a serious risk for many people and this makes it a crime against the population for governments to enforce a medication with coercive measures. In the economic model of health that Australia has adopted, profit shapes the ‘science’ for medications, not the public interest. This system allows funding provided by the medical-industry complex to influence the education and beliefs of medical/health practitioners, the community and politicians. They are also influenced by fear campaigns about infectious diseases in the corporate-sponsored media.

I loved this interview because she summarizes a lot of my own research, and it’s nice to have a video from an Australian perspective to present the information to others – especially as all my research is located in folders and lots of writing and most people just don’t have the time. I’ll post the links to the research and to Judy’s own articles (based on her PhD) below for those who still need some convincing that we are being lied to.

  • 2:00 You’ve been receiving biased scientific information for at least 3 decades. (01)
  • 3:00 This is a political situation and we’ve all been manipulated. (02)
  • 3:30 Particularly over the last decade, ever since they removed liability from any drug that’s called a vaccine (1986) because the pharmaceutical companies were paying out millions in compensation for all the deaths and adverse events they were causing. Ronald Reagan signed an act to indemnify for any drug that’s called a vaccine. (03)
  • 4:40 The vaccination then expanded – there’s now 16 vaccines on the childhood schedule.
  • 4:45 For a decade I’ve watched as the government took control of the doctors, and silenced them through APRHA.
  • 5:00 Doctors are required now to promote government-vaccination policies. They can no longer put the patients best interest first.
  • 5:40 Epigenetics – chemicals in the body switch on genes, that otherwise wouldn’t of got switched on.
  • 6:00 Doctor-Patient relationship has been hijacked by government policy. They are no longer abiding by their medical ethics and no longer giving fully-informed consent, without coercion, manipulation, or pressure. Which is the actual wording in the Australian Immunisation Handbook; which is the directives for doctors to give vaccines. (04)
  • 6:30 Violated medical ethics and principles of medicine. Every doctor is educated to know that you must give a drug to a person with advice regarding their own specific circumstances and genetics. There is no drug that you can give blanket to an entire genetically-diverse population.
  • 7:00 We’re creating a dysfunctional society – the vaccines are destroying the genetic fabrics of society. These chronic illnesses – we’ve watched over 30 years – they’ve increased in children. The evidence is right before our eyes. There is a direct dose-response relationship to every vaccine that was put on the schedule and the decline in children’s health. Human health has declined significantly with auto-immune diseases and other chronic illnesses – neurological damage, and of course autism – which has been expediential. That’s all linked on the package inserts and predicted.
  • 8:30 It’s not rocket science. But noone was standing up for medical ethics and making doctors accountable or the government.
  • 8:45 The problem here is APRHA is actually a government board, and an incorporated business. Being a government board, it’s controlled by Ministers, who are actually designing vaccination policy. (05)
  • 9:00 So they have gagged doctors on the risks of vaccines, the chronic illnesses that can come out immediately or it could be months or years later. There is no scientific debate. You’re all getting ridiculed if you talk about risks of vaccines “that’s just an ‘anti-vaxxer'”, and doctors can be de-registered / removed from their practice if they present the risks of vaccines that I’ve discovered in the medical literature in my research. (06)
  • 10:00 The knowledge that doctors are given in medical school now. That education is funded by the pharmaceutical companies. So they’ve used selective-studies, and they use recent studies that have been designed – see an Epidemiology study – you can ‘choose the parameters of that study’ – so you can pretty well design any study to prove the outcome you want. When you see a study with a conclusion on it – unless you go back and look at the design of that study – you don’t know if that was an accurate conclusion or not.
  • 10:40 Industry-funded science is being used to educate doctors, and they’re not taught what did control infectious diseases, they’re now being taught that ‘vaccines’ control these diseases – when there were no mass-vaccination campaigns in 1950 when all of these infectious diseases, the risk had been removed. (07)
  • 11:00 This is the tragedy: Money is Power. Money is now controlling “education” and the school curriculums – the indoctrination in the education system teaching “vaccines controlled these diseases” – and they didn’t.
  • 11:30 It’s the “Regulatory Board” that is preventing them from speaking about the true risk of vaccines, and even the benefits are exaggerated. (08) (09)
  • 12:00 They’re not required that vaccines can create herd immunity before they put it on the national program. That was stated by Terry Nolan.
  • 12:15 And with the Covid Injection Rollout- they didn’t even trial it for 1 year before they had it on the market. The trial IS the human population. Greg Hunt has told you that. The TGA has told you that. The Lawyers are telling you that. (10) (11)
  • 12:30 Because this drug has been called a ‘vaccine’ – everybody is ‘conditioned’ by the word ‘vaccine’, and the public are not even investigating – they’re just walking in to get this drug that is actually new, untested genetic technology. (12) (13) (14) (15)
  • 12:45 It has unknown consequences as well as all the documented: blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, anaphylaxis, auto-immune diseases, deaths, convulsions and seizures. (16) (17) (18) (19) (20)
  • 13:00 We’ve just got a “word” that people have been led to believe has very few side-effects and is beneficial to you – and it’s simply not true. (21)
  • 13:30 The medical staff would have to be aware of it because the fundamental tenant of medicine is you can’t give any drug blanketly across a medical-diverse population. Doctors are taught the drug must be given to individuals with the knowledge of their circumstances, their host characteristics, their environment, and particularly their genetics and gender and all these sorts of things.
  • 14:00 Many of them would know but it was hard for them to speak up on their own because they would get side-lined, their reputations would be destroyed, as well as they could be de-registered. So they have been sitting there with this knowledge, and many of them do know but probably some of them don’t because of their education.
  • 14:25 It’s not in their interest to find out because ethically – you can’t do your job comfortably once you are aware of the full knowledge of the risks and benefits of these vaccines. There’s also a lot of bonuses you get for giving injections – and they even get a lump sum for raising the vaccination rates of children. The money is controlling people’s behaviour.

Need to head to sleep.

If you need references in the meantime, I have most of the references already on this site in other places, or in my downloads folder.


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