[RANT] Aussies have been kept ignorant on purpose

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Aussies are “disinterested” in the truth, we don’t follow politics, we’re unarmed and we have been indoctrinated to “believe the media” will give us the highlights of whatever we need to know. If it’s not “on the tv” then it’s not happening. We are 2nd-3rd generation brainwashed into a new belief-system that serves a rather nasty happening-now agenda, and unfortunately everything on the media and in all your favourite “go-to’s” for trustworthy information – is the very OPPOSITE of what is actually going on and they are taking advantage of our laid-back nature. You have a beer in one hand, and a fulltime brainwashing machine in front of you at all times.

We have been drugged, poisoned, and fed-bullshit from birth. Living a fake-reality created by the fake-media and fake-education system and it will be a lot to take in at first, but once you can see how they did it, you can finally free yourself from it, and become who you really are – which, if you are ‘becoming aware’ now that all is not what is advertised – then most likely – this is why you are here right now – as part of the Great Awakening.

We’re out of time to wake up everyone slowly – so if you’re ready to find out what the ‘unidentified bad smell’ is, this is the month to actually recognize what is going on – this is the month of the choice and you need to ‘un-dumb’ yourself just as we also have had to do – you are not alone – we’ve all been fooled – they have done this to all of us, and once you “see it”, and process the magnitude of what has happened, it may be traumatizing at first but it’s also enlightening and there are more of us now to help you through it – so don’t try and do it alone. This is what a “Great Awakening” is – it’s really – seeing the world for what it really is, rather than the ‘movie’ they have created for you – in order to control you – for centuries. And what they have in store for humanity next – well, you either wake up now and deal with the magnitude of it now, or you stay in zombieland – which is far worse, and far more traumatizing than realizing you are actually more powerful than you ever knew – that you have been “educated” into little-me’s, and that “parasitic assholes” have been taking advantage of us – and enlisting you and your neighbours to do their dirty-work for them.

When it’s on your front doorstep, you won’t have a clue what is happening – it’s too late if you wait for the news to tell you – it’s happening now and it’s about to get real rough here – most especially in Victoria, Australia.

So please stop believing the mainstream media and investigate for yourself, what is actually going on – for real.

Of course it’s going to be a bit scary to learn that you have been lied to and that things – terrible things have happened – and of course it’s going to be difficult to believe or process that you have been lied to your entire life, but after the initial “HOLY CRAP I CAN’T HANDLE THIS – IT’S TOO MUCH – IT CAN’T BE TRUE” and all the mind-fuckery that has to re-organize – all the false-reality-belief-systems will be shattered and you will be on the path to FREEDOM from this slavery (and once you awaken, you cannot unsee it – it will be so obvious and clear that everything will make sense for the first time, and no longer will they be able to control your mind). This is when it all starts to make sense – all the corruption in the world – and everything that is happening that is so backwards and upside down during the pandemic – it will all be as clear as day after you break your mind free of this deliberate mass-psychosis on a global-scale and realize there are millions of us waiting to support you with the truth, answers, and clarity.

If I could only grab your attention for a few videos because you don’t have the capacity or belief-system right now to investigate for yourself, I would recommend the following as some of the best “summary” versions to get you setup in the right direction for your research.

There is “Bad News” – that we are being played, that we’re at war, and that this has actually been going on forever.

There is “Good news” in that we’re “awake” to what they are doing – and never before has it been so clear and obvious and never-before have we had so much evidence to be able to turn it around in our favour.

With every move they make, more are awakening everyday, just suddenly “seeing the world for what it is”. (Those who choose to keep their head-in-the-sand and not look, won’t even realize we’re in a war until it’s too late for them to do anything). Once you have information on what they’ve been doing, and what they have planned, you can have an opinion and choice about whether you partake – you have “information” – you can then make your own decisions about how you handle it and find others who have been aware of this for decades, and others who are just waking up to it for the first time – you’ll never be alone – you will actually be more connected to others than you have ever been – on a ‘real’ level.

For Aussie’s, I think this is a good little starting point that summarizes in less than 10 minutes that Australia signed onto The Great Reset (most people mistakenly think this is just a conspiracy theory but it’s absolutely not – this is not even hidden, they just rely on our ignorance to it and our absolute denial/disbelief they would do this to us without fully explaining it so that we can ‘have a say’ whether we would’ve agreed to it or not). This video was made in November 2020:

Yes – COVID-19 is The Great Reset – and yes, we did have a couple in our Senate try to stop Australia from being part of it, but unfortunately it was 2 votes “NO” and everyone else voted “YES”. So whether you like it or not, whether you want to believe it or not, whether you think its a good thing or bad thing or not, our self-identified government deliberately destroyed your businesses and are deliberately crashing the economy and completely changing everything you knew for a one-global government and total population control – under the cover of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

And no, the media won’t tell you – because…


There’s plenty of help if you are stuck inside the mindset of a pandemic – but what you most need to know is that our hospitals are also being lied to. They are not giving people the right treatment – in fact, they are barely giving anything that would help – it’s a miracle there hasn’t been far more deaths from their protocols – it really is a crime against humanity. But there is plenty you can do to prevent illness – they are just keeping that from you – sadly, for their own criminal intent.

But first, what is actually going on:

Refs: https://2030unmasked.com/?page_id=1232

Yes – the jabs are for Total Population Control. The jabs do not prevent disease, they do not stop the spread, they actually give you a ‘higher’ risk in some countries, and quite frankly, we cannot even trust what they say it does or what is in the vials, because the jabs and all the scientific-data and tests have been used as a tool for this Great Reset. So while we all thought it was all above-board – we cannot trust them because they actually ‘created’ a pandemic to ‘initiate’ the Great Reset. So no, sorry, you are not “doing your part” if you got vaccinated, they lied to you, I’m sorry. But the sooner you know this, the sooner you can learn what to do about it, and we already have a lot of things that have helped many already, and the more scientists that awaken to it, we’ll have even more knowledge about what is in them. To learn what you can do to prevent worsening disease – know there is much you can do – and that the hospitals are the last place you want to be right now as they are indoctrinated into the lie and are not treating people with the right thing because they are all trusting very evil organizations.

Sadly, we’ve been kept “stupid”. “Educated” or “Indoctrinated” into a reality of slavery, by very evil people who want us dead. Not a “theory”. Not tin-foil hat. Actually happening.

The media, the scientific journals, the schools, the hospitals, everything is corrupt. The whole thing is rigged, and as you see for yourself from the videos, in addition to being able to verify everything, never before has it been so exposed or more obvious. Now everyone who ever questioned this reality, know the truth.

If you have the capacity to research and verify and like to check things for yourself, then feel free to download my research to start you off. But many thousands of us have questioned and spent a lot of time – most especially this pandemic – in uncovering this truth. Never before did millions have this much dedicated time to actually research into this, never before were we all at home at the same time reading scientific journals and listening to doctors and scientists and ever-trying to understand why the media was never focused on ‘health’ – why were they giving the very opposite advice? After understanding “the virus” and getting nowhere with the actual mechanics of the “vaccines” other than the same old animations, everyone was just digging deeper and deeper and all coming up with the same thing. This entire thing was planned – it has been planned for a long time – they have tried it and had many test-runs over and over again, and this time – they censored “the experts” who called them out all the other times. So this time, by censoring and using the media to discredit the ‘experts’, they have been successful at programming the general public – but now for the first time in history – they have ‘awoken’ the experts they censored. It’s a catch-22. Every evil deed they do, awakens another million people. By censoring those who would normally have a voice, they have now brought on millions more that would normally be ‘backing them up’ with the science. Now people who were never able to see how the “media” and “scientific journals” and “vaccines” have been used as tools, are all awake. So this time, good will win.

Don’t lose your mind with this new understanding of reality – everyone goes crazy at first – the mind has been programmed for generations – and the de-programming is really, really hard. But there is an entire army of people ready to help you with open arms and an open heart that will help you through this.

Come on telegram to find the millions of others who are awake. It’s not a specific channel – it’s almost all of them. So start searching for groups in your own country – your own city – your own industry. Police, Nurses, Doctors, Scientists, even governments. I could share with you all the channels that I am in, but they are specific to me in Australia. Telegram is uncensored except for adult material or spammers, and yeah there are lies and disinformation on there as well – but the most amount of lies you are getting right now is through the mainstream media, your own government press-conferences, Facebook, Google, Scientific Journals, Twitter, Fake Websites, Healthcare and the entire Education System. It’s a lot to take-in, but find the others to help you stay stable. There’s a lot more to this, take your time re-adjusting to the truth but take it easy on yourself.

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