[Solutions] Important Message to those who See through the C-19 Lies

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Three short videos for those who can see through the narrative.

First published: Jan 15, 2022. Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Msg to the Unjabbed who See through Everything – Be Kind to your fellow humans who have been psychologically fucked-with: Forgive & Be there for them.

From The Conscious Movement (01) (02)

THIS IS A VIDEO FOR ANYONE THAT HAS NOT BEEN JABBED AND HAS SEEN THROUGH EVERYTHING THAT IS TAKING PLACE. 🦁 May the messages in this video elevate your state of being and raise your vibration. 🙏 The time to be in and act from a place of love, unity, compassion, empathy and kindness as often as possible, is now fellow souls ☀️

More so now than ever, I’m only having empathy, compassion, kindness, love, and time for those people that were caught up in this shit-show last 2020 onwards, and have had the jab in them once, twice, whatever, and might go and get the third one done. It’s not the time now to berate these people, laugh at or mock these people.

We’re going to see in the next six months to a year who has really done their inner-work, who has transcended their ego and returned to their highest self. Who is understanding the oneness element – that we are all one – whether you’ve had that or not – they’re your brother and sister who has just been psychologically fucked-with by very dark entities.

This is what we’re going to see – I still see it now, every now and then again, people saying ‘Sheep’ and all this stuff, sort of mocking people who have gone down this road and can’t see it for what it is – maybe through their own ignorance, yeah maybe they are ignorant, and that is what it is, but it’s not for you to say – our “ego” wants to say that, but our higher self is humbled by the presence of whatever you call it – the divine light, God, truth, high-vibration – it doesn’t help anything by causing that segregation anymore – who cares if they spoke shit about you and me, who cares if they berated us, who cares if they done that? They’ve only done that out of insecurity and unconsciousness anyway – the quote that Jesus said, um, a thousand years ago, “Forgive them they know not what they do”, yeah because Jesus understood the truth of this reality – he understood the people had been brainwashed and conditioned and their consciousness and their soul had been trapped in a very small state of being – call it The Matrix – I call it the Collective Unconscious. Once you fully return to your soul, here, properly in your heart centre, you can only have love and empathy for every man and woman on this planet.

We’re ALL being fucked with by some kind of force, who that force is, where it comes from – I don’t know, there’s loads of theories out there, but moving forward in the next six to nine months to a year, I’m someone saying right here now, that I’m here for everyone, I’m here for the people that have had this once, had this twice, I’m here for you if you want someone to speak to, and to explain what’s happened, and also to talk about how you can get fit and healthy – mentally, physically, and spiritually – in a natural manner. I’m someone that’s here to talk to, don’t feel worried about speaking to me, don’t feel like I would laugh at you or I wouldn’t speak to you, because that’s a load of shit. I have love for you as much as I have for any other person on this planet.

We need people to stand in their light now. If you’re standing in your light, and you’re standing in your love, and you’ve transcended that ego, and you watch it, and you see it for what it is, and you’re in your higher-self, and you’re here for that new earth, here for the ascension, you’re here for The Great Awakening so-to-speak, all these words can be thrown about, it’s the soul, it’s the human, turning into it’s true divine state of being, which is light, love, and high-vibration. All the other things – the low vibration, the anger, the piss-taking, the berating, the separation, and the “I told you so” – you’re ego wants to do that, and if you’re in that state and if I’m triggering you by doing this video – that’s your ego that’s being triggered, and you haven’t transcended it yet. You’ve got to this inner work.

It’s all well and good going to the protests like we’ve all gone to, it’s all well and good putting stuff out there, posting the content, knowing that you are right, and we’ve posted the truth, etc. but the next stage is, have you humbled yourself enough? Have you done the inner work where you’ve humbled yourself to a point where you’re in such a state of gratitude just to have this present moment, that you allow that high vibration to flow through you, and you’re there for every man or woman – that’s the key now.

Whoever doesn’t want to come doesn’t want to come, we have to let lots of people do what they have to do now, they might want to keep on going on this route, that’s their soul’s journey, but anyone that wants to come across, any people in this movement that are awakening in this truth movement (what I call it), they’re there to welcome them with open arms. They can’t feel scared to come over or they’re going to be lost, they might be like “Well, I know this is bullshit, I know I’ve been fooled, but I’ve got no one to speak to, because you’ve got this group of people who have known it all along, and haven’t had the thing, and they won’t welcome me, and I’ve got my friends who are still lost in it and they’re going to get it done, so these blessed people who are awakening after one or two, where are they gonna go? So we have to welcome them, humble our ego’s, return to the higher self, and be in the embodiment of light and love as often as possible and act in that manner – that’s what I’m doing, and I hope as many of you as possible do that as well. Big love guys, take care, and speak to you soon.

The Conscious Movement

Only our hearts can save us

From Michael Griffith (Café Locked Out) – 21 July 2022 (03)

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(Removed reference to vaccines for Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/YouTube, etc. as the message is still very important to get out there and the reference to vaccines would get flagged immediately)

Edited-down version:

“I think a lot of us in the Freedom movement believe that people made these decisions they have based on fear – I don’t think they did. I think they bravely made the decision out of love, because the narrative was sold to their hearts. It was basically- even to the children, “Save your grandmother”, “Save your community”, “Take one for the team”, – this is a sales pitch aimed at the heart.

And we now, as a community, are trying to tell these people they made a mistake, and we’re trying to do it with a sales pitch aimed at the head.

But most of us – most of us – are ruled by our hearts.

We might pretend we’re not, we might pretend that we’re Spock, but the majority of us are Kirk, or even Dr Bones. And that’s the reality.

And if you are trying to reach these people and wake them up, what they risk is having their hearts broken, because not only did they do this brave thing, but if they find out they were duped, then they have to accept the fact that this relationship they have with their community is a lie.

The anxiety of facing that truth could be unbearable to a lot of people.

I know a lot of people who have actually come to that belief – and they’re really angry. They feel deeply betrayed. Maybe for the rest of their life they’ll feel deeply betrayed.

So they don’t want to hear it. In fact, it’s easier to keep going with the narrative – despite the risks, rather than risking that amount of damage to their heart.

So, my belief, that the way to reach people, if we are right, is with the heart.

We’re trapped in a reality where the ending is going to be sad, unless we start writing a new script and reality is our script to write, using our hearts, and using the good in our hearts… and we can do that, all we have to do is wake up and realize that currently, our hearts are misguided, and are not writing a film script that we actually want to live in – and we can write a film script that we want to live in with just a little bit of courage.”

Michael Griffith

This is how we win (the problem is us) – Jason Shurka

From Jason Shurka (04) (05)

This message must be heard for all of humanity! It holds the keys of awareness for us to move forward on our promising path of a bright future!

We know that just according to Universal Laws, if there’s this much Evil, then there’s the opposite potential of that happening simultaneously, but what I find interesting is in the invidiuals and organizations that I know how they work, the way they work is completely inversed. What I mean by that is – the “Evil” people that you’re speaking about, work through suppression of humanity, work through taking away, not things on the physical level, but they literally bar us from the root up, of all of our power, which is our awareness. That’s why you see censorhip, because censorship censors information, the censorship of information blocks us off from knowledge, and knowledge is that stepping stone to awareness, and awareness is the end-all be-all, they understand that energetically, they do not want us to be aware.

Again, now I’m speaking in the physical realm of practicality, but the “Other Side” is not ‘fighting’ them, if they were fighting them they wouldn’t be on the other side, because when you fight them, you make them that much stronger. So take an organization that I’ve spoken about for a very long time, I’m affiliated with them in terms of the work that I do (TLS for anybody that doesn’t know – that’s a conversation for a different time), but TLS – The Light System – and how they work, do they hold operations to stop certain organizations and individuals from doing certain things? Absolutely – but that’s not their main focus. Their main focus is to awaken humanity, because the coma of awareness that we’ve been in for so long is what brought us to this collective shadow we’re experiencing in the first place.

So one one side, you see people say well “If there are such powerful light organizations out there, then why don’t they just take out these Mofo’s in power and just execute them and problem solved?”. And the reason why they don’t do that is because that won’t fix anything because that’s not the problem. The problem – and it’s not even a problem – the reality is what created this is “US”, and this is all a reflection of “Now Us” and that collective shadow that we’re speaking about.

So the organizations that I know of at least, and I know how Lori has her intangible connection on the spiritual side, the Galactic Federation of Light, and things like that, but from my understanding, how these organizations work is instead of focusing on “How do we destroy the darkness?”, they say “How do we Illuminate the Light?”

When you illuminate the light, the reflection of our reality will reflect the light instead of the dark, and that goes to where you are putting your energy. Are you putting your energy in trying to destroy something? If you are, you make that something stronger. Are you putting your energy in trying to awaken people to their power? If you are, then once they awaken to that power on the process, the dark will have no room to exist, because the dark only exists because they are a reflection of our collective shadow. That’s what the dark is by the way, so you can’t destroy darkness, you can’t destroy a dark room, it doesn’t work like that, the way you change the darkness in a dark room is you flip the switch.

What we’ve been doing for so long is we’re trying to go with swords and knives in darkness thinking that’s going to fix things and it’s not; it’s going to continue perpetrating and making it stronger, or at least keep us in the same position. What we have to start doing is understand the exact “inverse” of what we have to start doing, and that’s flip the light switch on. Start talking about things that empower people. Start letting people know how powerful they are – how they don’t need external factors to know things. How they don’t need external factors to heal themselves. How they don’t need a scientist in a laboratory to put some concoction together that’s patented to make money off of them, for a solution that they already have in their own body for themselves. The second we start doing that, you’ll awaken humanity and change the world – without a single ounce of violence – that’s my understanding of how these light warriors and organizations – tangible or intangible work.

Jason Shurka


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