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Former Police Sergeant Stephen Kelly Warns of Criminal Mandates on Kids and Calls for Sacking of Chant & Hazzard, and begs Australian Parents to Wake up!

Former Sergeant Steve Kelly gives a follow-up video on January 19th 2022 to address the ridiculous call from Dr Joe McGirr MP, to delay children returning to school to enable increased vaccination uptake and Dr Chant’s press conference comments surrounding a high level of vaccinated people dying from COVID-19. He also calls on the Premier to intervene and suspend the vaccination of our children.

See also his first video for information about his experience as a 28 year police veteran who has spent the majority of his career in the Coronial Law Unit assisting the Coroner with inquests. He has an excellent understanding of medical practice and the law.

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Transcript & References:

My name is Stephen Kelly and I was a member of the New South Wales police force for 28 years before I resigned in November 2021 as a result of the Police Commissioner’s direction that all New South Wales police receive a Covid-19 vaccine.

Today I just wanted to comment on a couple of things that were put out yesterday. Firstly by Dr Joe McGirr who is the Independent Member of Parliament for Wagga (01). Secondly comment on something that was put out yesterday by Dr Kerry Chant in her press conference.

Stephen Kelly

Addressing Dr Joe McGirr MP for Wagga

Dr Joe McGirr MP put out a message on his facebook page (02) about the return to school for children:

Physical & Mental Health of Young Children

Well all I can say is that you as a Doctor have clearly no idea about the impact the last 2 years have had on the physical and mental health of young children, and you want to continue the same nonsense coming into 2022.

Rapid Antigen Tests in Children

To suggest that young children need to have access to an adequate supply of Rapid Antigen Tests is a complete and unnecessary waste of money and time.

Why do we need to spend money having young children to be tested to prove that they are healthy and can attend school?

The government has wasted billions of dollars on PCR tests over the last 2 years to prove that 99% of the people that took them were in fact healthy and didn’t have Covid.

The economic cost of this is about to send this country into Economic Ruin, and yet we continue to have calls from politicians and the media to continue with further testing. It makes zero sense. (03)

Ventilation and Mask Wearing

You also mentioned doctor, that there needs to be adequate ventilation and mask wearing. While I agree that there does need to be adequate ventilation – but there certainly doesn’t need to be mandatory face-mask wearing by children at school. (04)

Mask Wearing by Children is Child Abuse

In fact it’s child abuse to have young children wearing face masks all day at school.

Face masks are doing more harm than good and are leading to other Respiratory diseases and health risks for many people. (05)

Not to mention what the impact that is on their mental health.

Mask Wearing and Hypoxia (Reduced Oxygen to the Brain)

The wearing of face masks also causes Hypoxia – which is lack of oxygen to the brain – and when you have reduced oxygen levels, every cell in our body starts to die. Our cells need oxygen to properly function. (06)

Not only that, but when you have Hypoxia, your liver also too stops producing certain proteins, and one of those proteins is a Protein S. (07) (08)

Protein S and Blood Clots

Protein S is a Vitamin K dependant plasma glycoprotein which is synthesized in the liver and is helpful for the inhibition of the blood coagulation cascade (which prevents blood clots).

So without this protein being produced by the liver, many people are more susceptible to blood clots forming in the body. (09) (10) (11)

Face Masks & Nitric Oxide

Not only that when you wear a face mask for a long period of time, it also reduces your body’s ability to effectively produce Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide as you know is an important gas molecule which acts as a natural disinfectant. So when we breathe air through our nose, and it goes into our nasal passages, it’s converted to Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is helpful to our immune system in killing bacteria in our lungs. (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21)

So when we cover our face and nose, we become susceptible to Pneumonia and other bacterial diseases. So why doctor would you suggesting that children should be wearing face masks at school?

Why torture Children with Face Masks all Day?

Do you wear a Face Mask Dr McGirr 8 hours a day in your office? I bet you don’t. So therefore why should children be required to wear face masks 5 days a week at school? It surely is not helping their physical or mental health. (22) (23) (24) (25)

Stephen Kelly

Florida’s New Surgeon General says: “Step Away from What You Hear on TV for A Moment” (on Masking Kids):

School Board Meeting – Kristen Kelly – Masks Don’t Work:

Children and COVID-19 Vaccines

It’s also extremely disappointing the school year also be delayed so there is more time for 5-11 year olds to go and get vaccinated. Where is the evidence, Dr McGirr, that 5-11 year olds are at risk of serious injury or death from Covid if they’re not vaccinated? Please let us know. What do you say about the risk to young children from Myocarditis and worse, Death, from these vaccines? (26)

Stephen Kelly

Australian Emergency Department Doctor Warns of Myocarditis in Children

Recently a brave Emergency Department Doctor came forward and posted a video highlighting the visual difference that he was seeing between a person’s heart who had been diagnosed with Myocarditis and a Healthy Heart. (27)

And this doctor, whose face was blurred to protect his identity, said:

I’m a practicing doctor in an Emergency Department, and I must unfortunately obscure my identity on account of the governing regulatory body being on the prowl for those speaking out against the national COVID vaccination program (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) but I am blowing the whistle. I’m increasingly perplexed at the continued government backing of a medical intervention marred by serious complications in the young – when there are zero benefits this treatment offers them:

The phase III Safety trial for 5 to 11 year olds featured a mere 600 or so subjects receiving the test substance, and in that six month preliminary study, there were no reported serious adverse side effects from it. The study then goes on to say there are always serious complications that can arise thereafter, but these are unpredictable. (33)

Well since we’ve actually seen an overall spike in the number of cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in the young since the beginning of the COVID vaccination program, and exclusively following administration of the Comirnaty (Pfizer) and SpikeVax (Moderna) ‘vaccines’, one can logically put two and two together and surmise that the vaccine had something to do with these serious complications.

Why are they serious complications? Let’s delve into the science of the conditions. Prior to these experimental treatments (34) under an emergency authorization (35), myocarditis was typically caused by viral infections and virtually unheard of in the under 40 age group. They cause an infection of the hearts muscle cells called myocardial cells, and this in turn causes an inflammatory process that impedes the normal function of the heart, thereby reducing its efficiency and leading to symptoms similar to that of a heart attack, chest pains, shortness of breath, and if left long enough, can lead to acute heart failure characterized by a cough, wheeze, fluid on the lungs and even death. The more severe the case, the more elevated the cardiac enzyme called troponin is found in the bloodstream. It only appears there when the heart muscle cells have leaked that component into the bloodstream from cell death due to inflammation caused by the offending agent.

In a normal, healthy heart, you see a strong squeezing action of the ventricles that pump the contents effectively out into the systemic circulation. In a heart suffering from myocarditis, the walls of the heart are not moving as vigorously as with a normal heart, and therefore the efficiency is greatly reduced. This leads to blood backing up into the pulmonary circulation, where it pools and leads to wheezing, coughing up frothy, white phlegm, and this is a significant risk to the patient’s life.

Pericarditis is another life threatening condition where the sack lining the heart is inflamed, causing a physical constriction of the heart, also reducing its efficiency by forcibly squeezing the heart when it’s trying to fill with blood. This in turn can cause heart cell damage and death.

Since the advent of these messenger RNA vaccines, we have seen the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis well beyond that expected, and now as the Pfizer shot has been approved for over 12 year olds and soon to be given to children as young as 5 years old, we are seeing myocarditis and pericarditis in these children after receiving the Pfizer inoculation.

As much as Pfizer, Moderna, and the media will have you believe this is rare, I have diagnosed these conditions in young men and women after getting the Pfizer and Moderna, especially after the second dose. These cases are typically associated with an elevated troponin level – and remember, that means heart muscle cell death. Furthermore, the inflammation caused on the heart does not stop until the vaccine effect wears off. This could be two to three weeks after the jab. Who knows?

The only treatment we can offer is anti-inflammatory medication that does not stop this process.

If we are aware of the risk however small, it is very significant with these vaccines (that don’t prevent infection nor transmission of COVID). They carry an inherent risk of permanent heart damage whilst providing absolutely no benefit to the child nor anyone else. Why should we subject our children to these shots?

Parents, you might think that the vaccine offers your child freedoms – even if you know it provides no health benefits your son or daughter, but what good would that school excursion be if they suffer from a reduction in their heart function for the rest of their lives and will almost certainly shorten their lives if they do get this increasingly found vaccine complication?

Doctors, you might be concerned about your career progression or your future opportunities should you tell the truth about the unexpected post vaccination injuries that are occurring before your very eyes, but being complicit with the unnecessary harm that we are unintentionally causing, when we knew better, or were convinced of the hierarchical narrative, does not absolve us of the ethical duty to protect our patients. (36)

Politicians, you might believe that these concerns are statistical aberrations, but let me tell you, they are under-representing the severity of the problem these vaccines cause, and these are real people – they are permanently affecting – not just statistics.

Stop the mandates and discrimination based on medical status. It is unnecessarily harming people in more ways than one.

Stephen Kelly

Dr Robert Malone’s Warning to Parents

Finally Dr McGirr, I would also refer you to the comments made by Dr Robert Malone – who was the original inventor of the mRNA technology, and he said: (37)

Parents should be warned about injecting their kids with these vaccines. He said that they can cause damage to their brain and nervous system, their heart and blood vessels, blood clots, and reproductive system.

He said these injuries are not repairable – you can’t fix lesions in the brain, you can’t fix heart-tissue scarring, and you can’t fix a genetically-reset immune system.

He also said you need at least 5 years of testing and research before you can understand the risks. Harms and risks from new medicines often become revealed many years later.

The reason they are giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie. Children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents. (38)

So therefore Dr McGirr, I would ask you to reconsider those comments that you have made, in light of the fact that these vaccines should not be given to young children, and also is dangerous and doing more harm than good for young children to be wearing face masks all day at school.

Stephen Kelly

Dr Kerry Chant – Vaccinated people are dying, and you tell people to go out and get another vaccine? You’ve taken the Kool-Aid lady!

The other issue I wanted to address with you today was the ludicrous situation yesterday where the Chief Health Officer indicated on January the 18th 2022, that there had been 36 deaths in New South Wales in the previous 24 hours from Covid, and 33 of these people were vaccinated. In the press conference yesterday, Dr Chant stated:

News.com.au | Archive SnapShot | Rumble (Mirror) (39) (40) (41)

“Of the 36 people, 33 were vaccinated against COVID. Generally they had had two doses. Three people were not vaccinated. Of the three people who died under 65, one was vaccinated against COVID, had had two doses, and two people were not vaccinated. All three of those under 65 had serious underlying health conditions and of the older people, only a handful – four – had their boosters.”

33 of these people were vaccinated – this is unbelievable. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that there is something seriously wrong with the vaccines – or should I say “Lethal Injections” – when the Chief Health Officer indicted that most of the people dying had been vaccinated.

A news article stated in relation to this that if the vast majority of people with Covid have had 2 doses of the vaccine, and 4 people had 3 doses, and they died as well, surely serious questions must be asked – not simply about the efficacy of the vaccines, but their safety!

Astoundingly, Dr Chant claims that the results meant the direct opposite of the most logical conclusion! She said: “So can I just echo the Premier’s comments – and I know this will be echoed by Mrs Pierce in her presentation about the vaccination, that there needs to be a sense of urgency in embracing the booster.”

This defies logic altogether.

Vaccinated people are dying, and you tell people to go out and get another vaccine?

Stephen Kelly

TGA Confirms Myocarditis Link to Booster

Not only that, the TGA confirmed the first cases of Myocarditis linked to the booster shots. In the article from News.com.au, he stated: (42) (43)

It goes on to state the TGA is monitoring the safety of booster vaccine doses in adults.

Well, isn’t that reassuring?

The article continues and says, up until the 9th of January, 2022, we have received approximately 950 reports of suspected adverse events identified after a third or booster dose’, the TGA said.

The TGA says it is also received about 3 thousand reports of adverse reactions after vaccination in children and adolescence. The article said that the most commonly reported reactions in 12-17 year olds are chest pain, headache, dizziness, nausea and fever.

Further, the TGA stresses that Myocarditis is often mild, and cases usually resolve after a few days with treatment and rest, and about half the cases are admitted to hospital.

Five people with confirmed myocarditis were treated in intensive care, the TGA said.

Well I’m not so sure that Myocarditis is as mild as trivial as the TGA would like us to believe. Yet Professor Kelly, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer said that a fourth booster was on the cards.

Stephen Kelly

Boosters – Israel Trial, WHO, EMA

4th Pfizer dose is Insufficient – Israel Trial

World Health Organization & European Medical Agency

In the same article (50) it stated there is growing push-back to boosters, including from The World Health Organization (51) and the European Medicines Agency – it mentioned that the EMA said that there is still no data supporting the need for a fourth booster dose, and more frequent boosters could lead to problems with immune response.

Stephen Kelly

European Medicines Agency – 19 January 2022

NSW 70% Hospital Double-Vaccinated

Well, what do you say about that Dr Chant? Can you honest for once and explain how the booster shot is going to eliminate hospitalization and death?

Additionally, Dr Chant, how do you explain the data also coming out from NSW Health Covid Critical Intelligence Unit, which says that 68.9% or 70% of patients in hospital with Covid as of the 9th of January, were double-vaccinated? (52)

That’s right, approximately 70% of people in hospital were double vaccinated!

Stephen Kelly

Vaccinated Dying from Vaccine-Complications, Not COVID-19?

See isn’t it the case Dr Chant, that 33 people who died recently in New South Wales most likely died from complications associated with the vaccines?

You can’t say for certain that they died from Covid or not. Noone would know without doing a proper post-mortem exactly what they died from. They could’ve had a swollen or enlarged heart for all you know – or coagulation or clotting or bleeding issues. But we will never know unless some form of post-mortem was conducted on each person. So to say all these people died from Covid without doing some type of proper investigation into each death, in my opinion, is alarmist and likely incorrect.

How is it that you have not once suggested the possibility that the deaths may likely be attributed to the vaccines?

Even the European Medicines Agency has suggested that frequent boosters could lead to problems with the immune response. Clearly, in my opinion, that’s an admission that repeated injections are in fact detrimental to our immune system. Again, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize as you get older, your immune system naturally gets weaker, than when you were younger, and therefore it doesn’t make any sense to be continually injecting elderly people with repeated doses of synthetic mRNA vaccines or drugs which are likely doing more harm than good to their immune systems. And yet NSW Health has this “one size fits all” approach to this pandemic by recommending everybody go out and get their booster.

As stated, this article also said that The World Health Organization warned a vaccination strategy “based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable”. (53)

World Health Organization – 11 January 2022

So how many boosters are Australians expected to take?

We know the Federal Government has purchased a supply for the next 5-7 years. (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63) (64)

It’s time for Australia to wake up, and yet you also want to roll this programme out on young children – this is absolutely reckless and criminal.

Stephen Kelly

Children Dying of Pfizer Injection

Today I received a copy of 33/51 Individual VAERS Reports of Children that have Died following the Pfizer Injection, and the data is only until Dec 17 2021, so it’s likely the figures are higher. (65) (66) (67)

I’ll read out the ages of each of these reported deaths from the United States.

  • Firstly, there was a 5 month old baby boy, who died one day after Pfizer (exposed by breastmilk).
  • 17yo girl, died 8 days after Pfizer
  • 16yo girl, 9 days after Pfizer
  • 15yo boy, 1 day after Pfizer
  • 17yo boy, 8 days after Pfizer
  • 17yo boy, 4 days after Pfizer
  • 15yo boy, 23 days after Pfizer
  • 16yo boy, 4 days after Pfizer
  • 17yo girl, 15 days after Pfizer
  • 13yo boy, 1 day after Pfizer
  • 16yo girl, 21 days after Pfizer
  • 17yo girl, 6 days after Pfizer
  • 13yo boy, 17 days after Pfizer
  • 16yo boy, 6 days after Pfizer
  • Another 16yo boy, 6 days after Pfizer
  • 16yo boy, 4 days after Pfizer

The list goes on and on and on, I won’t keep going, but again you don’t have to be a pathologist to work out what the common denominator is in relation to each of these deaths.

These children aren’t just statistics, they were human beings with families, friends, and promising futures, that were taken away because of a corrupted public health system, that was happy to play Russian Roulette with their lives and stopped following the science.

Stephen Kelly

Message to Parents of Australia

Finally, I say this to the parents of Australia.

You need to research and get all the available information before you make the decision with the life of your young child. They do not need these experimental drugs and you need to start being critical thinkers. Stop listening to health officials who simply have one message, which is to go and vaccinate your child.

This is not about pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. This is about pro-safety, pro-truth, and pro your child.

You have no guarantee that they will not suffer a serious or life-threatening response to these injections. Why take an unnecessary risk with your child’s life?

I ask you to accept my strong words of wisdom, as someone who has worked coronial jurisdiction and the police for many years. This is not normal what is happening at the moment.

Public health in this country has been perverted and medical practitioners have betrayed their Hippocratic Oath to “Do No Harm”. Why do I say this? Just think logically what you’re being asked to do. You’re being asked to go and inject your child with an experimental drug, yet these injections do not stop you from contracting the virus or transmitting it.

Stephen Kelly

Pfizer CEO admits 2 Doses offer very Limited (if any) Protection

The CEO of Pfizer said: “2 doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any” (68) and yet this is not what you were told at the beginning of the rollout.

Many of the people who are dying now have been double-vaccinated. 33 of the 36 people that died in NSW in a 24-hour period, had been double-vaccinated. We also know that at 70% of these people in hospital are double-vaccinated according to NSW Health data.

You have to ask yourself, WHY ARE THEY DYING?

These same officials that are telling you to go and get your booster, yet we know the booster is also causing injury and death as well. Four of the people that died had had their booster, yet the EMA, has said repeated booster shots is not sustainable in the long term. Well if the vaccine didn’t work after 2 doses, Israel is now looking at a 4th dose, it is clearly evident that the vaccines aren’t working, and if the EMA and the WHO have said repeated boosters are not the solution in the long-term, why did the Australian government purchase 5-7 years supply of boosters?

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly

The Chief Medical Officer Professor Kelly has not ruled out the possibility of a 4th booster being required in Australia.

These same people will have absolutely no intention of suspending or cancelling the vaccine rollout, notwithstanding, that there have been over 90 thousand injuries reported to the TGA and well over 700 deaths. These figures would also be an underestimated of the true figure. (69)

Stephen Kelly

Athletes Dropping Dead around the World

We have professional athletes dropping dead around the world, suddenly and unexpectedly, and when was the last time that the mainstream media covered these issues? (70)

Even in the Australian Tennis Open, there have been a couple of incidents where tennis players have had to stop because of difficulty breathing. (71) (72) (73) (74)

This is not normal.

Stephen Kelly

Adverse Injuries Sky-Rocketed Compared to All Other Vaccines

Parents you should also know that the number of adverse injuries reported to the TGA have skyrocketed since the rollout of these vaccines. The National Centre for Immunization Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) extracts adverse event information from the TGA data to compile their Annual Immunization Report. (75) (76)

According to their Annual Reports for the last ten years, there have been 3,500 adverse reports, and a consistent average of about ten deaths per vaccination.

As of the 6th of January 2022, the TGA acknowledged that there has been 726 deaths reported from the COVID Vaccines. (77)

Stephen Kelly

Australian Health Authorities did not Assess Safety Data from Vaccine Trials

The TGA and in particular the Australian Committee on Vaccines did not independently assess the safety data from the vaccine trials prior to the rollout to the public. (78) (79) (80)

The TGA simply assessed the summary of the Safety Data given by Pfizer – without looking at the Individual cases of the trial participants.

For Example, Maddie de Garay who was the young 13 year old girl in the United States who was seriously injured during the Clinical Trial.

It is a fundamental, primary obligation to independently assess safety data, and the TGA did not do this and have approved the rollout.

Stephen Kelly

Maddie de Garay – Permanently Injured in Pfizer Trial

Update from Maddie de Garay’s mum – 9 Months Later – Permanently Injured – Pfizer Trial:

Maddie’s mum Stephanie gives an update on Maddie and reaching out to the world to warn that if this happens to your child – you are on your own – doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the government will not help you. (81) (82)

Open Letter to Australian Leaders to Prevent Vaccine Injury in Children from a number of health organizations

In December 2021, a number of health organizations which include Queensland Health Practitioners Alliance (83), The World Council for Health (84) (85), The Covid Medical Network (86), the NPAA – Nurses Professional Association of Australia (87), and other bodies wrote an open letter to the Australian leaders in relation to preventing vaccine injury in children. The letter was addressed to Professor John Skerritt, the Hon. Greg Hunt, Senator Mikala Cash, the Hon. Scott Morrison, and Prof. Allen Cheng. (88) (89) ((Covid vaccination for 5 to 11 year olds – NINE CONCERNS! Letter by CMN to Professor Nigel Crawford (ATAGI Chairman) – CovidMedicalNetwork – Australia))

The letter raised serious concerns about the vaccine rollout and fires a vast array of previously unknown adverse events including 1,200+ deaths that were compiled in a period of only 10 weeks. The authors state that there is strong evidence to suggest Pfizer withheld vital information from the Australian Government and the broader International community on the adverse events with its gene-based vaccines.

In relation to young children, the letter stated that it is widely recognized and not contested, that children are at low risk of serious illness from Covid-19. Children are vulnerable to Myocarditis from the mRNA vaccines. In addition, now that we have new information on Novel Gene-Based Vaccine adverse events, this provides significant warnings on safety signals. The risk-benefit ratio in children – which was not in favour of COVID vaccination originally – is now very likely to be very negative by any reasonable assessment.

The authors note that the death rate attributed to these gene-based vaccines, based on official adverse event reporting databases is currently:

In the United States – 19,886 deaths as at the 3rd of December 2021.

In the United Kingdom – 1,822 deaths reported on the Yellow Card data as of the 1st of December, 2021

In the European Union – 8,076 deaths as of the 1st of December, 2021

The authors of the Open Letter requested that the government suspend the availability of these gene-based vaccines for children immediately. They requested to meet them as a matter of urgency. They requested a response by the 28th of December, 2021. Clearly, this letter has fallen on deaf ears, because there has been no halt to the rollout of the vaccine in young children.

Stephen Kelly

“Fully Vaccinated are dying at alarming rates.”

I’ll leave you lastly with this statement from Senator Gerard Rennick (90) (91) from Queensland in relation to the 36 people who died in New South Wales: (92)

I haven’t had the vaccine and I haven’t dropped dead suddenly. Many people I know have not received the vaccine, and they have not dropped dead. Sadly, the majority of people getting sick and dying are the vaccinated.

Stephen Kelly

Classified as Unvaccinated even if Vaccinated

We also know that the definition of someone being classified as unvaccinated is dependant on when they received their injection. In other words, people who have died within 14 days of receiving their injection are not being classified as vaccinated. (93) (94) (95) (96) (97)

Stephen Kelly

If someone dies within 14 days of a vaccine did they die of underlying issues? The vaccine? or Covid? How do they conclude the cause of death? Who decides the cause of death? Those who got two shots could have died on day 13 and still been considered unvaccinated. The manipulation is in the hiding of vaccine complications and deaths among the unvaccinated.

How do we move forward?

Call to sack Dr Chant & Mr Hazzard, for a Criminal Investigation into Vaccine Rollout, to stop following Media Narratives, and to Halt Vaccines & Masks in Children

We need the premier to step in and sack Dr Chant and Mr Hazzard.

We also need a criminal investigation launched into crimes surrounding the entire rollout of the vaccines.

Mr Perrottet (98) you need to immediately step in and suspend the vaccine rollout on young children immediately. We cannot play Russian roulette with the lives of our children. It’s that simple Mr Perrottet. If you don’t step in and act immediately, you, in my view, are complicit in the crimes that are being committed.

Finally Mr Perrottet, you need to stop following the media narrative. We’re now talking about school children having to wear face masks, and to do Rapid Antigen Tests. If you had any leadership qualities, you need to put the breaks on this now. By allowing this to continue, you are fuelling the people that want this to continue indefinitely. Enough is enough. Let’s move forward and let our children live their lives normally without being subjected to any more fear and misinformation from the media. Stand up and demonstrate that you can lead this state, otherwise you need to resign too.

Stephen Kelly

Thanks Steve, great informative video, I hope some parents actually watch it, not just those of us who are already clued-up. Not sure if you know this, but Mr Perrottet isn’t likely to heed your advice, since his dad works for the world bank for the Agenda 2030 / Great Reset, so their priorities are likely focused on the larger mission. (99) We really need more police, doctors, health workers, employers, and parents to wake up – politicians and the media are not likely incentivized or ethical enough to switch to the right side of history.

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