[NWO Food] UN wants to ban more than one bite of meat a day (& Lab-made Food Alternatives)

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UN wants to ban more than one bite of meat a day & eliminate global food chains. Do you like eating bugs, 3d-printed steak, or genetically-engineered lab-created frankenfoods? The UN is now officially calling on replacing beef with processed bugs. The United Nations is demonising our farmers and trying to send our society back to the stone age by taking 2.4 billion kilos of protein off of the market. The UN is the single most destructive force on planet earth, working as the trojan horse behind the globalist New World Order.

First Published: Feb 27, 2022 | Last Updated: Nov 17, 2022

UN wants to ban more than one bite of meat a day

August 11, 2021 Facebook | Transcript | Telegram | Rumble

The United Nations food systems presummit last week in Rome recommended a dietary limit of 14 grams of red meat per person per day. That’s one bite. As a servant to the people of Queensland and Australia, I’m appalled, and I’ll explain how this is an attack on our farmers and on every Australian.

The presummit recommended the introduction of a worldwide environmental tax on meat of $1.60 per kilo for cattle grazing on pasture, yet not for cattle raised in intensive feedlots. That distinction reflects the influence of large multinational feedlot operators and the lack of influence that family farms have in the UN’s eyes. As my colleague Bob Katter rightly pointed out, this UN measure will take 2.4 billion kilos of protein off the market, starving 80 million people of protein. Yes, go the UN!

The third recommendation of the food systems presummit is to move food production within reach of population centres and produce whatever protein and nutrition is possible in that region. It’s called short chain food supply. We did it 200 years ago. People starved. Nutrition was poor. Life expectancy was less than half what we enjoy today. Then along came long chain food supply, allowing countries like Australia to grow crops to feed and clothe those in need. World hunger fell to less than 10 per cent. The only reason there are still areas of poverty and hunger in 2021 is because of war and civil unrest—you know, the things that the United Nations were supposed to solve. World peace has eluded the UN, yet cows have not. The United Nations is proposing to eliminate global food chains that have brought good food to the world for hundreds of years.

I recently spoke about the false water shortage brought to you thanks to the UN’s directive to not build new dams. This is the start of a false food shortage. The motivation is to eliminate broadacre agriculture, eliminate food exports and return all that land to nature.

Rural voters will be annoyed to hear that the Morrison government bankrolled this attack on our farming community with a $64 million donation. The Liberal-National government is funding our own demise—the betrayal and demise of our farmers, of our country. Australian farms employ 326,000 people directly. They contribute $75 billion to the economy and $60 billion to our exports. Without the bush, we’d be stuffed, broke and hungry. These three United Nations proposals will destroy rural Australia, wipe out family farms, crash real estate prices and further hollow out country towns for no benefit to us.

There’s no better source of protein than red meat, yet our supermarkets stock protein and fake food products made from crickets. Why? It’s because billionaires can’t make enough profit out of cattle. It’s a variable industry, with good times and bad. Billionaires can, though, make money on intensive cultivation of bugs for protein. This breaks the reliance on nature’s weather and allows scheduled production of a food-like substance with great profit margins and low fulfilment costs. This satisfies the UN dictate for short chain supply. The United Nations food and agriculture organisation is literally directing the replacement of red meat with bug protein. Sceptics can even attend one of the regular UN bug tastings, where journalists are encouraged to extoll the virtues of bug cuisine.

The CSIRO has fallen in line behind the UN, publishing a 64-page love letter on the delights of eating bugs entitled Edible insects: a roadmap for the strategic growth of an emerging Australian industry. Looking through the glossy pages, we see that the CSIRO advocates our future should include insect milkshakes, bug ice-cream and granola bars made from dried cockroaches.

I’m not making any of this up. It’s real. This is happening, and we taxpayers are paying for it thanks to the Morrison-Joyce government.

For those who think they’re eating an environmentally friendly product, think again A fake hamburger patty using plant or bug protein contains 20 chemicals found in pet food. That’s all the UN and their quislings in our federal government think the public deserve: pet food. How does it make sense to grow good food and, instead of eating that food, feed it to crickets and then eat the crickets?

Fellow Australians, there is no protein shortage. There will be, though, if the UN succeeds in wiping out red meat production so that they can hand the protein industry over to their big business, corporate partners. One Nation rejects this attack on our farming community. We reject state and federal parliaments around our country continuing to demonise and isolate farmers. We will continue to oppose the UN dictating to federal and state governments. One Nation will continue to oppose ideology over humanity. We will continue to stand up for a fair society based on a citizen’s right to exercise free choice about diet, health and business. We have one flag. We are one community. We are one sovereign nation. It’s time to withdraw from the United Nations.

If it’s not bugs and beetles they want you to eat, it’s 3D printed meat – The world economic forum just posted this with the title ‘a taste of what’s to come’.

Rumble | Telegram

The world economic forum just posted this with the title ‘a taste of what’s to come’. If it’s not bugs and beetles they want you to eat, it’s 3D printed meat!

Globalists have found a way to put farmers out of business, and make billions using a 3D-Printer and harvesting cells from a living cow. They grow ‘building blocks’ of meat in petri dishes, such as muscle and fat to pass it off as a real ribeye.

Lab-Grown food in our Supermarkets

And let’s not forget to mention the Franken-Foods they have already packaged-up in our supermarkets under the guise of “healthy vegetarian options”.


Bill Gates: “All rich countries should make Bill Gates richer!


How? By moving to 100% synthetic beef (owned by Bill Gates). “You can get used to the taste difference”, says Gates.

Bill Gates is invested in Memphis Meats — a lab meat company — and praised a pair of plant-based competitors with which he also has had financial relationships. He also is now the largest private farmland owner in the United State

Farm of the Future: AI+Blockchain & De-Extincted DNA Library

YouTube | IceAge Farmer

As new $314M AgTech facility promises Blockchain + AI to track food from seed to shelf, other companies are creating DNA libraries to use CRISPR gene modification to combine kangaroo with “de-extincted” mammoths to produce the “perfect” lab-grown meat. These, according to the technocrats, are the farms of the future — and understanding the agendas behind them is imperative if you wish to be able to feed your family in the future.

The Gates Foundation – Fake Meat & Extinction Technology

Bitchute | Website | Telegram Channel

More biological warfare in this episode! A frightening cooperation between the Gates Foundation and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to deploy Gene Drive Technology, better known as Extinction Technology. A means to make entire species or races go extinct. Used in vaccines and now… to mimic meat! Let’s introduce Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods and their delicious alternatives for vegetarians and vegans: ever so tempting until you find out what’s really in it. This episode shows you what it’s like to play God… By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter

Beyond Meat

Impossible Foods

Gates-funded Impossible Foods’ CEO: “It’s game over for meat industry, they just don’t realize it yet.”

Bugs Are Coming Soon To An Australian Dinner Table Near You

YouTube | Rumble | Telegram

A panel of Australian sell-out journalists from the show “House of Wellness” dedicated an entire episode to try and convince you to eat ze bugs.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the US approved the use of snake venom in food. According to the FAO/WHO the PLA2 enzyme (snake venom) complies with the General Specifications and Considerations for Enzyme Preparations Used in Food Processing. They’re using a combination of snake venom and a genetically modified Streptomyces violaceoruber bacteria (strain pChi). In other words, it will alter your genome. (01) (02)

Notice the conflict of interest in this safety study that declares the “pChi strain is not harmful for consumption”. The study does admit that this bacterial strain modifies your genome. I don’t believe that any level of genetic modification of humans is at all safe.

The WEF is promoting lab-grown coffee to cut back on deforestation while destroying small farmers’ livelihoods.

The WEF is promoting lab-grown Pet & Livestock Food.

NWO Food:


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