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I do not think this website will last long in this corrupt upside-down world
where they have their own agenda and do not want the truth getting to the people.

Advice if using this for Legal Purposes – realize that the science is rigged right now – sold to the highest bidder – which happens to be the richest people in the world with unlimited funding, so ‘science’ is changing, and any references that are not in alignment to the current accepted narrative, is under attack. So check the date that I last verified the references (top of each post), and double-check that they haven’t “changed the science” before using.

All these facts are backed by verifiable references.

AIHW September Report: First Year of COVID-19 In Australia

Fair Work Commission on COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccines are Experimental
(says manufacturers)

There are actually no TGA-Approved COVID-19 Vaccines

Everyone taking part in a clinical trial
must give ‘informed consent’

COVID-19 has an Infection Fatality Rate of < 0.1%

COVID-19 Vaccines are not “Safe” for everyone

Highly-vaccinated countries are reporting
higher viral loads and increased risk of Hospitalizations
and Deaths in the vaccinated than unvaccinated

(How are they justifying Vaccine Passports when the Vaccines don’t work?)

Health Professionals Gagged by Government Policy
(My GP would’ve told me?)

Health Professionals vs Government Policy
(working treatments to protect vulnerable
& prevent hospitalization & deaths)

Informed consent should include this warning
prominently & individually explained (ADE)

Take Care of Your Heart
mRNA Vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna)

There are Laws against the mandating of Vaccines

What is going on with the Censorship?
What is REALLY going on?

Vaccine Boosters / Passports / Risks

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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