Lara Logan “Ukraine Zelensky is a Puppet”

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Don’t follow me for Russia-Ukraine information, I’m just making notes for my own perspective & contemplation. I only know the mainstream corporate misledia is lying to us, and there’s always another agenda, and I like to get all points of view – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that opposing views is truthful either. War is a globalists game. Only the globalists win in war. My notes are just for contemplating the differing view points and evidence. See posts tagged ‘Russia‘ for other notes.

Lara Logan Claims ‘Puppet’ Zelensky Was ‘Selected’ Linking Ukraine to the Nazis and the Occult

March 15, 2022, edition of Real America’s Voice’s America’s Voice AM
Rumble | Twitter Clip | Media Matters Transcript | Full Interview
Lara Logan: Locals | Twitter | Gettr

The interview starts with former Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry explaining the state of play in Ukraine.

Henry said, “Lara, great to have you this morning. I wanted to start with this breaking news overnight that it appears – and there you are; you popped up for us. It’s so great to see you – The Daily Mail has a very interesting story that’s saying that Vladimir Putin essentially may be running out of bullets, that it might have a week and a half, two weeks max. He’s losing warplanes, tanks, all the rest of it. He obviously went into this thinking he was gonna bulldoze his way through Ukraine. He’s obviously caused a lot of destruction, don’t want to minimize the fact there’s over 2 million refugees. But this has not gone as well as Vladimir Putin expected.

I don’t buy it for a second, and I’ll be honest with you. I really think that there’s so much misinformation. We’ve never really seen anything like it. I mean, I’ve been covering wars now for 35 years and I have never seen people with their nails done with a Ukrainian flag. Right? I mean, we’re being corralled into this box where we either have to hate the Vladimir Putin and believe everything evil that’s said about him, and love Ukraine, and there’s no in between. And that reminds me a lot of you’re either, you know, a white supremacist or you go with the Democrat narrative on everything under the sun.

Lara Logan (Fox Nation host)

So Vladimir Putin knew exactly what he was doing when he went into Ukraine. The Russian military isn’t perfect. They — for example, I’ve spoken to multiple defense specialists and intelligence specialists from a defense intelligence agency who’ve studied the Russian military for years. They do have difficulty mounting complex air operations because they do very little training hours in comparison to, for example, the United States. Air assets right now, fighter jet pilots, but Russia is not struggling.

What Russia has done from the very beginning has been very strategic. They didn’t go straight to Kyiv. They went to all those bioweapons laboratories that are scattered all over the country. Some of them they built – so they know where they are. They’ve known where they are since the Soviet Union, because under the defense threat reduction program, we went in after the fall of the Soviet Union, and supposedly they turned those facilities from bioweapons labs into public health labs.  (01) (02)

Lara Logan

“The question was, ‘does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons,’ and notice how she sidesteps this.

She doesn’t say yes or no, she says Ukraine has—’biological research facilities‘ and ‘we’re very concerned that Russian troops and Russian forces may be seeking to be control of it.’

(Have not sourced original maps or link, these are screenshots from the Reece Report video entitled “Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs in the Ukraine, March 5 2022 – embedded below)

Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs in the Ukraine
  • Agreement Between the USA & Ukraine – Weapons Proliferation – August 29, 2005 – AGREEMENT between the Department of Defense of the United States of America and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Concerning Cooperation in the Area of Prevention of Proliferation of Technology, Pathogens and Expertise that could be Used in the Development of Biological Weapons (03)
  • The Ministry of Health of Ukraine or its designated agent shall consolidate and store all dangerous pathogens at secure centralized laboratories designated in writing by the Parties that have received or. are receiving the U.S. Department of Defense assistance under this Agreement (hereinafter centralized laboratories). The U.S. Department of Defense may provide molecular diagnostics capabilities, improved electronic communications, and equipment for the safe and timely transport of field pathogen samples to the centralized laboratories.
  • … the Ministry of Health of Ukraine shall transfer to the U.S. Department of Defense requested copies of dangerous pathogen strains collected in Ukraine for cooperative biological research in the centralized laboratories in Ukraine and in U.S. Department of Defense-designated laboratories in the United States for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes.
  • According to the laws and regulations of the United States of America, such information shall be treated as “sensitive information of a foreign government”, and shall be withheld from public disclosure to the extent permitted by the laws and regulations of the United States of America. Any such information transmitted by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to the U.S. Department of Defense must be accompanied by a written declaration from the Government of Ukraine which states that it is withholding such information from public disclosure and that the information is provided to the Government of the United States of America on the condition that it not be released to the public without the approval of the Government of Ukraine.
  • Russian Embassy to Bosnia accuses US of wanting to genetically destroy Russians – 27th Feb 2022 (04)
  • “As usual, Americans are lying. Because there is no ‘invasion’. Instead, there is a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify the Ukrainian regime. Demilitarization – because it was the United States that was behind the pumping of the criminal gang with weapons, which barbarically destroyed the civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk, including children,” said the Russian Embassy. (05)
  • The Embassy accused the United States of filling Ukraine with biolabs, which were – very possibly – used to study methods for destroying the Russian people at the genetic level
  • Denazification – because the United States was the one that encouraged the neo-Nazi tactics and strategy of the Banderas from Kiev, by essentially preventing Ukraine, as a party to the Minsk Agreement, from fulfilling its obligations,”
  • The United States is not a “proven friend”, but an experienced predator, who will, without hesitation, leave his allies to his fate without hesitation. Examples in this case are superfluous.
  • Even the acronym USA is deciphered by some Americans as the United States of Anxiety. It is anxiety, and we would add a lie, that the United States is bringing to the world.

Although, you know, these days, it’s hard to believe anything that our leaders tell us because

  • they’ve lied about COVID
  • they lied about Russia-collusion
  • they lied about the Ukrainian impeachment trial

And there’s so much more going on in Ukraine that nobody is talking about.

You see such dishonesty when it comes to the history of Ukraine. You see dishonesty when it comes to the Azov Battalion, which is funded by the U.S. and NATO. I mean, you can find pictures of them online holding up the NATO flag and the swastika. And at the same time, their own emblem contains the black sun of the occult, which was a Nazi SS emblem. And it also contains the sideways, you know, lightning insignia of the SS. I mean, this is on throughout the Ukrainian military you can see that black sun of the occult on their body armor, even on the female soldiers who are paraded in front of the world as being, you know, such an example of Ukraine’s independence and spirit and nobility. Even they are wearing the black sun of the occult. And, you know, we want — the White House wants you to believe, well, this doesn’t matter; it’s just a small number of troops. It’s not true. The Azov Battalion has been murdering its way through eastern Ukraine.

Lara Logan

HENRY: Yeah.

LOGAN: We don’t want to admit this. This was why Crimea voted for independence. This is why Crimea wanted to be with Russia. (06) (07) (08) (09)

Lara Logan

HENRY: Sure.

LOGAN: Because we in the media, in the western media and in the west, won’t acknowledge the reality of what’s gone on: Western Ukraine backed the Nazis. It was a headquarters for the Nazis SS. The CIA under Allen Dulles actually gave immunity from prosecution to the Nazis of Ukraine from the Nuremberg trials. (10)

So there’s a long history of the United States and our intelligence agencies funding and arming Nazis in Ukraine. These are not, like, new neo-Nazi groups that sprung up. These are the actual Nazis. From the second World War who, if you go back to the Nuremberg trials, said that they were planning for a thousand-year reich. And so you have to really wonder as you look at this, when you know that the CIA sponsored the color revolution in Ukraine in 2013 and ’14, that they selected Ukraine’s leaders; go to Victoria Nuland’s leaked phone conversation where she and the U.S. ambassador are deciding who can lead Ukraine. (11) (12) (13)

Lara Logan

Victoria Nuland leaked telephone conversation on UkraineYouTube – 2014

Security and intelligence expert Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis, director of the King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies at King University, speaks to BBC News about the bugged telephone conversation between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. The interview aired live on the BBC World News on February 6, 2014.

HENRY: Right.

LOGAN: I mean, there’s as much interference here as you could possibly imagine, before we even get to Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney and all of their children who are employed — who earn millions — from Ukrainian gas companies. (14)

Lara Logan

Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden Connected To Ukraine Bio-Labs – Reece Report – March 10, 2022

HENRY: Yeah. You are pointing, pardon me, to a real credibility crisis for our leaders. I’m going to let Karyn Turk jump in.

KARYN TURK (CO-HOST): Yeah. I wanted to bring up the fact that President Zelensky is Jewish and I don’t know exactly how this factors in, but there’s some very interesting points in what you’re saying. And looking at this, you know, you could think it’s political theatrics. (15)

You, you know, made a very good point at the beginning that you think that Putin is in control. And I actually wanna play something that Jen Psaki said because seems that the White House is actually echoing that sentiment. Watch this.

TURK: He’s determining what this looks like. And I think that’s a lot of what you said, Lara. I’d love to get your thoughts on that, what you just watched.

LOGAN: What troubles me about the moment that we’re in is that we have such a selective and a narrow reading of history. You know, President Zelensky may be Jewish, but he’s not the only one in this who suffered during the second world war, whose ancestors suffered, right? I mean, look at Putin — how many relatives did he lose in the siege of St. Petersburg? People don’t know their history. They don’t know what made Vladimir Putin. And I’m not a defend – you know, I’m am not defending him. I don’t need to defend Vladimir Putin. My job as a journalist is to try to understand, what is the truth here?

Lara Logan

I don’t like being lied to. And we’re being lied to on an epic scale. When we’re told your only choices, you have to be a hundred percent with Zelensky, who’s a puppet who you can find on the internet in black stilletos and leather pants, you know, shirtless, doing a spoof Dancing With The Stars kind of entertainment video that’s a mock of a Ukrainian group that does this kind of satanic, occult type of music video.

Lara Logan

And I mean, Zelensky was selected, like so many of our leaders. And honestly, with big tech and with election fraud these days, we don’t know how many leaders all around the world have been selected for us and weren’t actually voted in. (18) (19) (20) (21)

Lara Logan

  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy Addresses the World Economic Forum, January 2020

HENRY: Yeah.

LOGAN: But what we do know is that there are increasing problems with technology and the digitization of our world. Because look at what’s happening with COVID. Look at what has happened globally. We are fighting the same battles all over the world. To pretend that this war is about Russia and Ukraine is just a bare-faced lie.

Lara Logan

“Our goal is to enable all life situations with this Digital ID” – Mykhailo Fedorov – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine – panelist at the WEF “Scaling Up Digital Identity Systems”
The Digital ID Services in “Diia”: also features sole proprietors, vaccination, electronic passport and Ukrainian Covid Certificates and Banking Digital ID-card to smartphone

The pandemic has accelerated our progress. First, people are really now demanding digital, online services. People have no choice but to trust technology. We see what kind of business is developing & this business is influencing the development of our services.”

When we allow a person to register a business in three clicks; when we allow them to pay their taxes in two clicks — no matter how sceptical a person is about the technology, they will start using our services.”

Our goal is to enable all life situations with this digital ID,” – Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation.

Diia ID 2.0 allows Ukrainians to access 9 digital documents (ID card, foreign biometric passport, student card, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance policy, tax number, birth certificate, IDP certificate)

Diia City, a large-scale project which would establish a virtual model of a free economic zone for representatives of the creative economy. It would provide for special digital residency with taxation regimes.

HENRY: Yeah.

LOGAN: If Putin has been warning for 15 years that he is not going to stand by while the globalists take over the world, build bioweapons facilities, and whatever else they’re doing in Ukraine, Ukrainian oligarchs. Ukraine has been a center of money laundering for, you know, many of the leaders in this country for how long? Billions of U.S. dollars have been laundered through Ukraine and we say nothing about it. These are our tax dollars.

Lara Logan

I mean, before the impeachment trial had you ever heard of anyone in the United States, I mean, us bringing in foreign governments to the White House for anti-corruption training. I mean, does nobody question these things? Why do we not question them?

Lara Logan

HENRY: Well, Lara –

LOGAN: We have an idiot, like Lt. Col. Vindman, who goes at the impeachment trial and sits there as a lieutenant colonel. He didn’t even make colonel, and he’s telling the president of the United States what his policy should be? You have a traitor in the former of Marie Yovanovitch, who was Obama’s ambassador, who’s telling Ukrainian government officials, don’t listen to the will of the American people, don’t listen to the election result. We are the true leaders of America. I mean, and then people object when the woman isn’t even fired, She’s given a cushy job for life at Georgetown University at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer and we’re told that the president of the United States cannot say to his foreign counterparts, you know, that we want you to look into something, but Joe Biden can withhold as much aid as he wants to.

Lara Logan

HENRY: I got it.

LOGAN: I mean, there’s so much hypocrisy and dishonesty here and Ukraine is at the center of it all.

Lara Logan

HENRY: Well –

LOGAN: Go back to Russia collusion. Go to Alexandra Chalupa, go to Eric Ciaramella, the whistleblower who went to work for Adam Schiff, who wasn’t really a whistleblower, and all those corrupt people in the deep state. And you know what, the deep state isn’t a theory. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s an actual deep state. Look at the SES, the senior executive service, because when that bureaucracy was ushered into law in the United States of America, that’s when we got a bunch of unelected bureaucrats pulling the strings behind the scenes. And these are the people that keep lying to us.

Lara Logan

  • The Washington D. C. Deep State is a group of 8,156 appointed mangers in 75 federal agencies that control the executive bureaucracy and tell new political appointees what they can and cannot do. Yes, that’s right, the Deep State is an official government program, well-organized, comprehensive, and “in charge.”
  • Out of the 8,156 Members who make up this deep state of ensconced bureaucrats, Over 7,000 were appointed by Obama. Obama expanded the existing program of Deep State managers and appointed over 7,000 of the 8,156 bosses who are called the Senior Executive Service. Some call it the “Shadow Government”, and it is true that this federal cabal works in the shadows. (26)
This emblem is worn by employees of SES so that they can identify one another.

HENRY: Lara? Absolutely. And pardon me, We’ve got a livechat where we’re streaming on GETTR, for example, and I’m watching it as you’re talking. People are talking about how you’re dropping truth bombs and you’re a real journalist, and I know that, having worked alongside you for many, many years when you’re at CBS and many other places. And maybe they didn’t want to hear the truth but you’re dropping those truth bombs now.


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